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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#good morning

İnsanların, senin hakkında ne düşündüklerini önemsemeyerek, ömrünü uzatabilirsin mesela..!

🌼Always be happy 🌺

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Time is a lie and schedules have no meaning and there is no uniform nature to my life but that most certainly will not be keeping me from saying good morning and providing flowers for y’all to look at. Todays flowers are the really weird but kinda just vibin Bird of Paradise flowers, also known as Strelitzias, of the Strelitziaceae family


Look at how weird these fellows are. They’re just like that. I love it.

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Wishing an amazing morning to all average card collection enjoyers, those who hate cheese, aces, those who do digital art with their finger and phone, John Koviak stans, mosh pit missers, those who prefer door handles over door knobs, virgin Weezer fans, my dad and those who have a deadpool poster on their wall. The rest of y’all gm ig

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Good morning/afternoon

*Sighs* I just want a freaking breakfast from Chick-Fil-A…. I need to eat cereal and watch Pluto Tv to calm my anger. I also need to clean the bathrooms. I’ll role play and post later ok?

@yellowninjaleopard @leo-does-things-101 @saphirafoxgirlspost1 @hoshi-neko-hikari @ellaisrad-766 @drawing-animatorvafan @skittle-brain @gachasposts

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Good morning only to those writing fanfiction in Celtic languages


[image description: a series of screenshots of a search on Archive Of Our Own. The first is for 63 pieces listed as written in Gaeilge/Irish, the second image is for 33 pieces listed as written in Cymraeg/Welsh, the third for 13 pieces listed as written in Gàidhlig/Scots Gaelic and the fourth image is for 2 pieces listed as written in Scots.]

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