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#good noodle

“Arthur was a good man.”

— Everyone ever

Good noodle club,

Lifetime member.

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🌹 “I’m finally old enough to join all my friends at school. I just hope Spinel’s adjusting to school better than me. She may not like it as much.”

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Like I said before. I’m not sorry-

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Yes you are good too Stardust. *smooches tiny derg*

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“But he’s a good noodle vape-douche.”

– Dara Z

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I don’t want to be a good noodle anymore. Until further notice, I will be a bad noodle

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Finish your homework before finishing on the back

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Never change Barnaby

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I’m gonna let my snake make a text post

M . uhh bunny creed x yee Dr 4th the HO3 rn ngst das Texaco fh n ft brad

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interviewer: so on your resume you say you are a certified “good noodle”.

me: correct

interviewer: certified by who?

me: my cat thinks i’m a good guy.

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keith: good job, pidge. you’re a good egg noodle.

lance: it’s not egg noodle. you’re either a good egg or a good noodle.

keith: i’m korean, it’s egg noodle.

lance: you’re texan.

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