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naniiebimworks · a day ago
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What does the Serpent of Eden dream of?
Zines available : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/naniiebim
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silence--boy · a day ago
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season two when
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gingerhaole · 2 days ago
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May is for mangoes! Sure;y there are mangoes in the garden of Eden 🥭
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mielpetite · 2 days ago
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Feral Friday!
Some lucky folks who have been able to see Neil speak on his tour have said that he said of season 2 that we are “not prepared“ for what we were going to get. So I decided to doodle a few things I would not be prepared to see 🤣
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hanz-xd · a day ago
you know, there are certain moments where crowley absolutely calls aziraphale “angel” just so people will think they’re together.
for example: the scene where crowley suggests running away to alpha centauri. when crowley finds aziraphale, they’re surrounded by people, yet crowley decides to get aziraphale’s attention by shouting “ANGEL!!!” as loud as he can. simply hollering “aziraphale!” would’ve worked just as well, but ofc he had to say angel. bonus - that’s the scene where the stranger mistakes them as a couple by telling aziraphale that he’s “been there before” and that he’s “better without [crowley]”.
same with the scene where crowley and aziraphale meet anathema for the first time. specifically in the book, after crowley says, “get in, angel”, anathema’s POV literally says that she mistakes them for a couple.
crowley has a thing for people assuming that they’re together and honestly, who can blame him
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anxietycheesecake · 2 days ago
Ok, PSA for people who are being peer pressured (affectionate) into watching certain shows and aren't sure how hyperbolic the fandom is being about the gay shit™
Good Omens
Highly queercoded to say the least. Canon nonbinary characters. Your bigot uncle might miss the queerness, but you most likely won't. The angel and the demon don't kiss. Ambiguous, word of god love story (the a-spec community loves it! Though specific terms are never used). It makes t*rfs angry. Definitely a great show, just don't go there for specific gay representation.
Our Flag Means Death
Just as queer as everybody makes it sound, but you already know that, don't you? Your bigot uncle will complain about how they never let two men be friends. It also makes t*rfs angry. Now stop staring at that gifset and go watch it now. Great show.
What We Do In The Shadows
All the vampires are confirmed pansexuals. The hot fat guy is most likely gay, and we expect explicit confirmation from season 4. It's not just word of god, characters regularly express their attraction to the same gender in very horny and ultimately inoffensive ways (not a single fat joke on sight, btw). If anything, there might be a bias between showing straight-passing relationships as romantic and same-gender relationships as occasional sex jokes, but again, it's not distasteful and it will most likely change in season 4. Nothing mean-spirited here; your bigot uncle might insist on all those being gay jokes™. It's not meant to be representation™, it just has it because she's a badass bitch. The men haven't kissed yet and there's a 50/50 chance that they will. Even if they didn't, it wouldn't be queerbait, but they kind of wrote themselves into a corner here, ngl. Still room to backpedal, but what will you put there? If you're watching for those sexy guys with adorable height difference, watch with discretion. Enjoy the homoeroticism but don't get your hopes up or you'll end up like me. This is purgatory.
The Magnus Archives
Not a show, but I couldn't help but put it here. Canonical ace representation, yay! You have bis and lesbians and gays and everything you need. It's all very naturally integrated. The men kiss once. Don't put it anywhere near your bigot uncle.
Killing Eve
Haven't watched this one, but from what I could gather from other people's angry posts, it is in fact queer. For years they thought it was queerbaiting, then it wasn't, then it was worse. Quality dropped significantly due to constant changes in the writing room, according to fans. The ending ruins it all. Your bigot uncle will be glad that nice lady is finally free from sin. The women do kiss and it made me gayer. Watch at your own risk.
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lookitsstevie · 2 days ago
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aazel-art · a day ago
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cassieoh · a day ago
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Oh 1940s!Crowley, what mischief did you get up to?
(The AU is pilot Aziraphale, mechanic Crowley and is from a discord group brainstorm. This moment in particular is predominantly @liquidlyrium and @puppy-bums fault)
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justmori · a day ago
Ugh. I spelled Aziraphale wrong on this and only noticed it now? And haven’t finished it either. Thank you for liking it anyhow.
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Demon Angles and Angel Curls (wip)
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embrose · 13 hours ago
Listen. Good Omens the series is overall gayer than the book, right? At least in my opinion. I mean, in the books we didn't get the compilation of scenes across history (aka. that wonderful church scene when Aziraphale falls in love with Crowley) and their attitudes towards each other were not as intimate. But! If you combine the book and the series, which I do in my head, bruh. It's beautiful. The little details and worldbuilding from the book, the beautiful looks and hints and extra scenes from the series, and you get the extra gay Good Omens
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I just think he’s neat :)
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clairedelune-13 · 2 days ago
I love that the combination for Crowley’s safe is the date he first met Aziraphale....
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bluezest · 2 days ago
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My Crowley, long time no see 💜
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garnetgoblin · a day ago
Compare these pictures
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fakemichaelsheen · a day ago
*the revenge, 1717*
crowley, groans: do I have to?
aziraphale, fixing crowley’s hair: yes! you’re perfect for this sort of thing. you’re a very tempting being
crowley, smirks: yeah?
aziraphale, rolls his eyes: there’s no time for that now *gently shoves him* go!
crowley, sighs, smiles wide: hey, there
stede bonnet: oh, hello. lovely day, isn’t it?
crowley, nods: sure. far too hot to be wearing this *running his hand along stede’s arm* what’s that, silk?
stede bonnet, oblivious: yes. it’s one of my favourites, rather light and airy actually
crowley, leans in: I reckon it’d look better on your bedroom floor
stede bonnet, confused: I'm not sure about that. it’d ruin the material
crowley: ...
*across the deck*
aziraphale: *watching intently*
blackbeard, annoyed: oi, you! *roughly taps aziraphale’s shoulder* tell your weird hip-wiggling boyfriend to back off or I’ll start feeding him his teeth
aziraphale, raises his hands: it’s nothing to do with me. perhaps you should do something about if you don’t like it
blackbeard, glares at him: fine *stomps away*
aziraphale: *pleased*
*outside the captain’s quarters*
stede bonnet, thoughtful: well, we don’t have bunk beds aboard so I guess it doesn’t matter who’s top or bottom
crowley, at his wit’s end: sure, sure
blackbeard, appears, pissed off: what the fuck is going on?
stede bonnet: ah, ed. mr crowley here was just wondering about the sleeping arrangements. he wanted to throw my clothes on the floor and be on top *smiles innocently*
blackbeard: ...
crowley, rambling: okay I’d turn into a snake right now but I heard what happened to the last snake you met so-
blackbeard, cold: fuck off
crowley: gladly *runs away*
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dramatic-lesbian · a day ago
my absolute favourite genre of media is when you watch a show and you see two same sex characters being ~close friends~ and then you’re kinda like “where they supposed to be gay??” expecting to be queerbaited and the writer/creator of the show is like “yeah didn’t i make that obvious?”
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aziraphales-library · 2 days ago
Hi! Do you have any fix’s where they are internet famous?
Hello. We have several posts with loads of fics like this on our #social media tag. We’ve pretty much exhausted this trope now, folks. But I’ve scraped up a few more that fall in the same category...
Slang and an Angel by KaytheJay (G)
Aziraphale gets a Twitter and starts learning some modern slang.
Get Connected by AgentStannerShipper (G)
Crowley signs Aziraphale up for social media. Even if it's a slightly outdated one.
Hastur And Ligur Become Tik Tok Famous by a-waste-of-time-and-hot-glue & ReaperDuckling (T)
Hastur and Ligur become Tik Tok famous. Crowley over-reacts, and Aziraphale vague-tweets.
Coffee by ZephyrOfAllTrades (T)
Crowley gets the angel a phone. He discovers Tik Tok. And tried to do the "Kiss Your Best Friend" challenge.
Fan Base by CopperBeech (T)
Post Armageddidn't, Aziraphale and Crowley each encounter some unexpected blowback.
“Can I help any of you find anything?” said Aziraphale mildly.
...He couldn’t keep a store of Hellfire in the same way Crowley had preserved an emergency Thermos of Holy Water, and good job he had, but he had a little illusionist’s trick left over from his tenure as the Amazing Mister Fell, and could create an impressive eruption of some kind of flame that ought to at least catch them off their guard. It was a little insulting, really, that Heaven could have detailed such a clutch of junior-looking angels to lower the boom on him, but it helped his chances.
“You, actually.”
Aziraphale’s hand tightened on the Inextinguishable Fire Illusion.
Bodywork Inspection by AppleSeeds (T)
Crowley takes his car to the garage to work out what's causing the strange noise he's been hearing, and can't cope when the mechanic is the hottest person he's ever seen in his entire life. He immediately takes to TikTok to squeal about the hot mechanic to his millions of followers. What could possibly go wrong?
- Mod D
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ralsky · 3 days ago
We got
Murder Husbands
Ineffable Husbands
I'm just throwing it out there...
Golden Age Husbands ??
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tarekgiverofcookies · 2 days ago
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Minotaur Aziraphale and Gorgon Crowley just relaxing in some sunbeams on a broken column.
For the weekly sayf prompt "never grab a minotaur by the horns"
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