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Ineffable husbands roleplay?

I’m a currently stuck inside and very bored, so I was wondering if anyone was up for a ineffable husbands roleplay! I have a few prompts but I am always up for new ideas. I’m not picky with response length, just give me something to work with. I usually play Aziraphale, I am really looking for a Crowley. Dm me if your interested! :)

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Dagon gets away with anything she wants because she can always just say to Lucifer "Don't make me tell your sister!"

Tbh anon I don’t think she’d play this card because she respects her Boss but Lucifer, on the other hand, is terrified and therefore lets Dagon get away with whatever she wants.

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Some days I randomly remember that Crow once very very lightly karate-chopped Az on the head (in front of the three junior demons), and that Az just gave him a look of utter exasperation like, "really, my dear, that's the best you can manage?" That single frame fills my heart with such joy and love I can float out of the atmosphere.

that is a blessed moment, i look back on it fondly as well! tbh it’s probably the most in character content i’ve ever drawn for Good Omens 😂 i’m glad you love it too!

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Absolutely in love with your version of book Aziraphale, absolutely perfect the way you make him 😭💖

aw thankyou! glad to hear it ^-^ 💙

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