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Never hesitate to rec me fics! Even if you know that I know them already and just want to yell how great they are, please do! When I read a good fic, I want to tell people about it, too!

In that case I know the fic, but still am glad you recommended it because it is not on my Dark!Crowley list yet.

Until I did that, for those interested:

“oh, i’m gonna be your bruise” by @oabsalom

Mind the tags!

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Lord, Have Mercy! A Highschool AU Aziraphale x Crowley

If you would like to be updated please follow me on Wattpad

Sunday was always an extra special day for Aziraphale, considering it was another day of Mass and he played a somewhat significant part in it.

He and his friend Gabriel sang in the church choir together and were the leaders of their High School’s bible study club.  Aziraphale couldn’t wait for Monday to have another meeting and to inspire new people wanting to know more about God and The Holy Bible itself, he loves the feeling of helping others and to share his insight with everyone interested.

After Mass, Gabriel races outside to find Aziraphale,  he taps him on his shoulder.

“Hey Aziraphale! I believe that Mass went quite good..” He puts his arm around his shoulder and smirks.

“A-ah.. yes I believe it did..” Aziraphale begins to stare off into space and his eyes start to focus on the side of church where this tall slender redheaded teen was slouching on the white wood wall, smoking a cigarette with a petite tomboy with scruffy black hair. He knew exactly who they were, the school grounds were basically their mini terf war when their gang and the bible study club clashed. His eyes meet yours and your face starts to heat up a bit, perhaps the weather has shifted a bit.

“Hey..? Hey! Azira!” Gabriel waves his hands in his face as to snap him in out in this trance he seems to be in.

“Are you okay?” He says concerned.

“Huh…? O-oh! Yes I’m okay..”

“You sure? You seemed to have spaced out for a little.. What were you looking at anyway?”

Aziraphale almost shoves Gabriel to walk foward so they can go home, frantically .

“It was nothing at all Gabriel! Let’s just go home! I believe my mother is making fresh biscuits, I can fetch you so before you go home!”

Gabriel looks at him a bit concerned the shrugs and starts to walk foward.

Aziraphale looks back and it would seem the two both left while him and Gabriel were talking.


Aziraphale wakes up bright and early and bikes his way to school , for his bible study starts right at 7:00 am sharp. He turns the corner, past his favorite book shop, and all of a sudden, a loud rumble starts to get closer behind him and speeds past him. A huge puff of smoke from a black Bentley hits him directly in the face and leaves, leaving black tire marks across London’s narrow roads. But again, he knew exactly who that was.

The bell rings after bible study was over, Aziraphale grabbed his bag and darted out the door, going to his calculus class. He sits at his respective seat and takes his textbook and binder out and begins to take the notes the teacher is providing on the chalk board.

Aziraphale gets a sudden tap on his shoulder and feels a hot breath and a soft whisper meet his ear.

“Hey..Do you have the homework from last night?”

He decides to look behind him and lo and behold,  it was Anthony J. Crowley. The same tall slender redheaded teen we mentioned before and Aziraphale felt pressured to give him his homework out of the goodness of his heart. He sighs and takes out last night’s assignment and tries secretly hands it to him.

“Mr. Francis and Mr. Crowley!”

Their teacher has spotted them doing a one two switcheroo and she was not having it. She walked to their desks and grabbed the homework from his hand.

“Aziraphale..I’m, well, very disappointed in you..I excepted better things from you. Except you Anthony.. I except things like this from you. But unfortunately you both will spend after school in detention.”

Aziraphale Angel Francis, yes that is his name and Mr. Aziraphale Angel Francis had never been to detention in his eleven years of school and this would be going on his school record, his precious clean school record now tainted because he is too nice and decided help Anthony J. Crowley…

What does the J stand for anyway?

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I’ll give it a shot! Since it’s a little vague I think I’ll make a exposition lol.

When God sent me and the others out of heaven it was easy at first to take it out on Her. She didn’t like anyone else opposing her reign of thought! Good riddance! I thought laughing and denouncing Her as we plummeted. But truly it was more hurt and sadness I felt then anything else. Everything we said was all in good fun! Perhaps Satan meant it more than then rest of us did but I never expected to be shunned from the being I thought was supposed to unconditionally love us, me. That day my heart hardened. I wanted revenge I wanted Her Almighty to feel the pain and loss that I felt when She without remorse abandoned me! I thought as my heart had turned black so had my wings this my deeds followed suit. I was the first to volunteer for tempting God’s humans. If God cared so much about them how would She feel if she lost them as well! The twinge in my heart as I watched this younger woman bite from the apple did not fill my pain like I anticipated. Looking towards the ridge of the garden I see one of God’s angels watching the scene unfold. Grinning with delight I slither my way to his perch and return to my human appearance. This angel was not as Ridgid as the others, his frosty white hair tousled on his exasperated head. His rosy face anxiously mumbled a few “oh dear"s. In a second he had flown to the two humans and given the very flaming sword he had clutched dearly. Now as far as I know that was not something they were handing out at the gift shop! This angel was different. My curiosity punched my resentment out to left field. This angel was gentle and kind they even bothered to introduce themselves to me treating me as a equal. As far as I was told we were always supposed to treat the other switch distain and we were seen as below lowlifes. But as it started to rain he extend his wing and gave me shelter. As if by design I took his offer surprised at myself for my behavior. Aziraphel, his name is Aziraphel.

I never denied an opportunity to be with the humans and bestow upon them the temptations they would so easily consume. But even between assignments it was difficult to not become saddened by their choices and effectively delivering the punishment by God. In some but not all cases, "miracles” as the humans called them would put a end to the deeds I was tasked to complete a part of me was not completely upset at these ocurances. “Crowley, It’s you again.” Each time with a soft sigh. The almost halo wearing angel looked on me with a rehearsed disappointment. As I would play my rehearsed scoff and eye roll. But each time we seemed to be drawing closer to one another, not just by location but hearts as well. 

It was easy for me to see that Aziraphel was not as quickly to sway from the rules and regulations of the “kingdom of heaven”. Perhaps it was because what seems like only a millennia ago I was cast out of that “prison.” Why couldn’t there be more interaction with humans why test them and give them the free will to do as they please if it will only displease you? These were a few of the grey area questions that got my cohort the boot. I could understand Aziraphels nervousness for the last 100 years to barely talk to me let alone consider running away with me. The thought of friendship as much as I tried to deny it was a definite yearning sensation I had never known. Living amongst the humans it is easy to forget how the will of these people can create such beautiful and long lasting connections. I secretly wanted that too. Frustration and quiet hurting only made it all the more painful when Aziraphel refused to acknowledge that the rules and the organization that he was a part of was not as perfect as they claimed to be. “Can’t you see that we are no better than these humans?! What harm does it do to look for companionship from opposing sides?” Aziraphels silence told me I already knew the answer. Until he surprised me. Not outwardly but through his actions the very subtle reaches for help and assistance. The tentative listening and undeniable desire for a good meal we all part of the bond we shared flourishing. He was showing me that he wasn’t ready but that didn’t mean he didn’t care. 

So I waited. Patiently. For centuries I happily waited as  he bloomed. Death defying circumstances, corporal punishment, the end of the world, these can really highjack and hyperdrive that blooming process. In those brief moments I went from having something, to thinking I lost everything, to walking away with more than the world could ever provide me. But in my case, the world had provided me the angel I needed the most and a place neither heaven not hell. But a true home.

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I know some people like to claim that Sandalphon is hated because he isn’t as traditionally aesthetically pleasing as the other Archangels, but really the reasoning (for me, at least) is much more along the lines of the whole Sodom and Gomorrah thing.

Like yes the reason I dislike him is his face and not because he turned a city full of people into salt in an incident that had long lasting repercussions on the gay/LGBTQ+ community. Yup. You got me. 🙄🤷

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Can we just talk about how fucking scary Crowley made himself look just to mess with a human because he was annoyed that the man hit him and Aziraphale with paintballs??

Like holy fuck, this wasn’t even for real revenge or anything, it was a joke, it was for fun. Crowley enjoyed this. He laughed about it afterwards, just stepped over the guy on the ground after fixing his husband’s jacket because Aziraphale made puppy eyes at him for 0.5 seconds.

He made a man faint in pure terror because the human was annoying him and Aziraphale and blocking their path. Like. Crowley literally, without hesitation, snarled with a full demon face at a man for a minor inconvenience because he thought it was fun and would help them move along faster.

Crowley enjoyed doing this.

Let me repeat that.


With that in mind, let’s take just a moment to imagine how terrifying (and sexy af) a real, fury-fueled Crowley would look over something that actually makes him 100% truely angry… 👀🥵

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do you ever get roped into a fandom you aren’t even in? I have never in my life watched an episode of good omens but I just finished my third however tf you spell the angels name/crowley fic and i gotta say i am living life to the fullest

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Fallen Archangel (4/?)

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I don’t have self-control to wait and uptade this every week hahaha

New foe has appeared! (?)

My internet died but that won’t stop me from updating this 💕
I made a little changes in the color and panels because it was easier to upload to IG hahaha

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Wrote this piece to deal with some things.

Aziraphale and Crowley break up. In my heart, they have a happy ending. But real life isn’t that way, is it?

I’ve heard so many stories about how people have met their best friends or loves through the show. I hope this gives a voice to those who have more complicated relationships with Good Omens.


Aziraphale stares out at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Behind him, the Amalfi coast stretches out in a jagged line of rocky hills, blanketed in a coat of emerald green. The sky is clear and bright and blue and the sun hangs high, just past zenith. There is a gentle breeze off the water, cooling a fine beading of sweat along Aziraphale’s hairline. It is warm, harsh under the full brunt of the sun, but inviting in the shade.

He has been here for some many months and the current time of year does not escape him unnoticed.

It is July. By the end of August, it will have been one year since the end of the world had been averted. Since he’d donned the skin of a demon, fooled all of Heaven and Hell, and dined with his best friend at one of his favorite restaurants.

He sits back in his rocking chair, uses the weight of his own body to gently coax it into a sway. His hands curl over the ends of the arms and he realizes his nails have gotten long when they scrape against the weather worn wood.

There is a gentle chuckle that escapes his chest, puffs past straight white teeth in a ghost of mirth.


He is surrounded by so many these days, he muses to himself. They take the shape of memories, little picture shows he replays in his mind when the grief is its strongest. Despite being an ethereal being, his corporeal form is still prone to the same follies as his human companions, for good and for bad. He’s always been good at lying to himself, living in a state of denial, and his corporeal brain did not fail him in the way it repeated, “This isn’t real. It’s not happening. There is something you can do, something you haven’t tried yet, to change things. Make it better. You can fix this. This isn’t real.”

Read the rest here:

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