#good thing they're funny enough to make up for it
vocallywritten · 2 days ago
Fic idea: Benedict/Penelope investigative team up.
Benedict and Eloise are on the swings, both bummed out for various reasons.
Eloise because of Penelope and how she misses her friend but is still so angry with her and has no idea what to do about this secret she now has and it's eating her up inside. Especially because the person she would usually talk things out with IS Penelope. So she's just feeling incredibly sad and mad and isolated with this rift.
Benedict is moping because he wants to find his Lady in Silver, who he has had no luck finding on his own, and no one seems to be taking him seriously, thinking his desire to find this woman is one of his passing fancies.
Eventually, Eloise just bursts out with, "PENELOPE IS LADY WHISTLEDOWN."
And at first Benedict is like, "What???!!! Penelope? No, you can't be serious."
But Eloise needs to tell someone because it's been killing her, not having anyone to talk to, so she confides the whole story and how she's so furious with Penelope and she has no idea what to do.
And Benedict is like, "Huh."
We think that might be the end of it, until the next day, when Benedict goes to Penelope for her help. It's occured to him that, as Lady Whistledown, Penelope might actually be his best lead to help him find his Lady in Silver. Penelope reluctantly agrees to help and Benedict makes it look like they are courting so they have excuses to spend more time together.
Eloise is shocked and dismayed, even though Benedict and Penelope both straight up admit what they're doing to her. Mostly because when Eloise told Benedict about the Lady Whistledown stuff she didn't think he would, like, DO anything with it, and now he's hanging around her BFF who she's still on the outs with and she still has no idea what to do.
Meanwhile, Colin gets word that Benedict is courting Penelope and he's very much not happy about it. After no one he writes to seems to be very bothered by this news, and Penelope herself ignores his letters, he cuts his travels short and comes home, sure he's rescuing Penelope from getting her heart broken by his philandering older brother. Unfortunately for him, Penelope and Benedict have spent enough time together to become pretty good friends and Benedict is more than happy to play up their "courtship" in front of Colin to mess with his brother.
Bonus points if Colin confronts Penelope with the information that Benedict is already in love with another, mystery woman, and Pen is like, "Yeah I know." And doesn't elaborate. Just lets Colin believe she's cool with Benedict courting her for real while being in love with someone else, just to watch his head implode.
I just think it would be very fun to have Benedict come to Penelope and be like. "Listen I know you're Lady Whistledown, that's whatever, honestly pretty funny if you ask me, but I have a problem and you're a literal collector of secrets so maybe you can help me out."
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ew. Erected. (requested by @deanorum)
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forcearama · 3 months ago
...I wonder what thing people are mad about this week is going to be a thing my kids do not even notice nor care about at all (or actively enjoy).
#Things People Have Said To Me On This Subject:#'well someday your kids will grow up and realize what horrible taste they had as children'#'can't believe you don't point out to them how awful this was'#'yeah well kids like stupid shit'#actual accusations that I am a horrible parent for not telling them they're wrong for liking something in star wars#yes I am guilty of#the crime of allowing my children to watch Star Wars#I'm a monster#also always love the people who miss the point entirely and get all mad because I'm insinuating that the shows are for children#which they ARE#but they get all defensive and are like 'well just because they're for kids doesn't mean adults can't have an opinion or criticize it!!!!!!#which is always funny to me because uhhh...I literally never suggested that adults CAN'T opine on it?#I'm just saying that the shows ARE made with kids in mind as a target audience?#and that kids are often not going to give a shit about your Ultra Serious Meta?#because they're liking the setting or the lightsabers or the cute baby Yoda or whatever the fuck?#and they just like the Jedi Good Guys and the Sith Bad Guys?#I always assume these people are secretly embarrassed#that they are adults who care enough about star wars to rant about it online#and so they feel like they have to make it sound like this is Actually Serious Business#so that it's NOT embarrassing to be an adult passionately commenting on a kids' show#meanwhile I'm over here like 'nah man you gotta OWN that shit'#I love talking about Star Wars and I am not ashamed#but a healthy dose of 'this is dumb and not that big of a deal' is something#more than a few people could stand to keep in mind
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spookyshai · a month ago
lane change i stan og charlotte now
#i used to find her boring and one note as a villain but now i think she is fun 😌#and i think it's cool how halores is an evolution of both charlotte and dolores and has such a funky little identity crisis thing happening#very looking forward to seeing more of that#anyway i think i just. idk i love how she vibes with william i think it's funny that they're so similar in a lot of ways#(sickeningly wealthy and appear to have everything but their personal lives are utter trashfires that they failed at entirely)#(also their ambition and ruthlessness which is hollow at the core <3 in williams case a trauma response but charlotte is just like that)#i love the little hints of their dynamic we get sprinkled in the story here and there. they basically get along#and have something akin to respect for each other but also they're too similar to really fw each other and have no loyalty whatsoever#e.g. william immediately picking up on the fact that charlotte might be the mole the literal second it came up in conversation#and even just like. the fact that he basically handed control of the company over to her bc he didn't really give enough of a shit just then#i just think it's fun! it's a fun dynamic#and like obviously i prefer the dynamic of willores and i really hope that the way they interact in s4 speaks more to that relationship#but even if they take a hard left on halores and make her try really hard to just be charlotte the dynamic will still be really fun#god their interactions in mother of exiles are just so good. it's so good it's so fun#so incredibly entertaining both to see the shades of the authentic dynamic that used to exist between william and the real charlotte#and to also see halores having to mask both her identity as the mole (bc charlotte was) and her identity as herself (dolores)#in front of the person who arguably knows her best out of anyone. and then when she succeeds to get to smugly reveal it to his face#just. chefs kiss#idk what these tags are anymore but ANYWAY#i love this show <3#westworld
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aristone · 8 months ago
aw shit spirit halloween is on instacart. I want all the foam swords and daggers and funky drinking utensils.
#I'm actually looking to see if I can get someone to pick up a couple copies of 'wreck this journal' from chapters#my mom's really reluctant to push too much and make anyone feel uncomfortable so we've been kinda hovering#but I think if I get some journals that are meant to inspire creativity or vent feelings would be good#and just saying 'hey I got your kids some journals 'cause this year has been hell and they could be fun'#i basically journal with this blog but it is not a good idea for kids to do something like that#it's not even a good idea for me to do it honestly I just have a compulsion lol#but I KNOW that journaling is really good for dealing with things and a journal that's fun to play with might be good?#there are a few more in keri smith's series that look like they'd be interesting for inspiring creative thought#starting with wreck this journal will probably be best to see if they like it at all?#maybe I can find some fun novelty pens so it seems more fun to play with#it's kind of funny that they're in this middle age where if you get them crayons and a colouring book they'll be offended#young enough kids and old enough adults will receive colouring books with glee but at 10 you're embarrassed to be associated with kid things#I have to restrain my desire to just be like 'hey I think I would have liked these 80 things as a kid here'#and then run off into the woods like some kind of horrible idiot#talking to my mom about we had a kind of 'when you know you know' conversation about like... being able to tell#in this care being able to tell when a child (especially daughters) are in tense home lives and put their needs aside to avoid problems#when you know you know#like you remember saying the same things and dismissing the same feelings#you hear 'and of course I forgave [the german shepherd that bit me]' and realise that her fear and pain has been invalidated#because you know describing a traumatic event and framing it as your problem. I've been in enough therapy to know I do it and why.#but I am worried about being paranoid. I do not think they live in an abusive household. but I do feel like divorce is hard?#and being in a single parent household where the parent is working hard labor and is tired and stressed for totally understandable reasons..#can still be super stressful and it's like... I don't want the dad to think he's doing a bad job#i just want them to feel like in an emergency they can knock on our door you know?#I think it helped when his son stayed with us while he took the daughter to the hospital... I was up all night anyway#though he just went to bed and fell asleep. it probably means at least a little he felt safe enough falling asleep?#honestly in general I just wanna help people and in front of my eyes there's something I can do?#and I do keep thinking things like 'what if someone had seen me? what if someone had helped?'#and like there's not a lot that could have been done the world was different then but.. that just means NOW is different#and NOW I know what it looks like and I can do something...
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lily-of-the-eyrie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Everything will be all right.
#⟪Portraiture 🎨⟫#⟪✠ The Virginian Rite ✠⟫#⟪✠ Honour and Loyalty ✠⟫#okay ship rambling time#so as you probably already know I consider these two to be the local Back-to-Back Badasses™ team#but another big HC I have about them is that they're also each other's greatest moral support#There was that line in [3.3 Circumstances] where Gist said he used to wonder whether he was doing the right thing until he met the Colonel#and let's be real here /nobody/ says that unless there's some deep shit going on back there#On Gist's end I have this idea that despite that trademark boombox voice and jolly good banter he's actually a really cynical fellow#in the sense that he often drinks for fun but also often enough he drinks to forget#when you've traveled all over the place and seen the same conflicts crop up time and again in all of them it's hard to deny any of it#It was so bad that when Lawrence first scouted him out and eventually told him about the Order he could not even#be arsed to think of it as different from any other paid job bcs eh another party jockeying for power in the world is business as usual#But then he met the Colonel—the first Templar he'd seen who emphasized the Order's role and responsibility in creating a more peaceful world#At first he finds it rather funny in a ”did u hear this man lol he can't be serious” sort of way#but as time goes by he just...fell in love with that idealism#Gist is a very pragmatic fellow and tbh he wouldn't really buy any dreamy talk easily#but with this one guy he's willing to /try/ and take the shot#and being someone who sees the world with whatever the opposite of rose-tinted glasses is#Gist knows more than anybody how hard it can get to be someone trying to make a difference#And despite the Colonel's immovable stoicism he /does/ have those moments where he feels a bit worn out from all that trying to do good#And well Gist just made it his job to catch him when he falls#It works out rather well bcs the Colonel's a bit of a...klutz when it comes to showing any vulnerabilities#Leaning on people simply does /not/ come naturally to him#But after all that time talking to Gist about what he's trying to do and /knowing/ that he can trust the man to stick by him until the end#Well...it makes leaning on his shoulder just a bit easier#(the other reason has something to do with how Gist is the only guy in the entire Rite who's noticeably taller than him but shhh)#I mean it's no accident the Colonel asked Gist to be the guy who plays Shay's first mate#Aside from the fact that Gist is described as a great actor#who better to set as the ex-Assassin's handler than the guy he can trust the most? :^)
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parf-fan · a year ago
OKAY so y'all remember Michael Stahler (Horace Tanningrove, 2019)?  You should, his character was extremely popular and I've been recently screaming at you to read the story I wrote about said character.  Well, he's in a couple projects for Philly Theatre Week (the actor, not the character), which is a thing I now know exists.  As of this moment, I can only vouch for the one I've seen, a series of four short workplace comedies called "Business Casual".  They're extremely cool for several reasons, one of which is that the remote aspect is a feature, not a bug, with the Zoom stuff as blocking.  Each of the four short plays demonstrates a different variation of absurdist humor, and I'd honestly love to write a whole-ass essay analyzing those different variations, but they're only available to watch yet for two days, so that is absolutely not happening.  These short plays -- WHICH ARE FULLY CAPTIONED, BY THE WAY, but not automatically, so you have options -- total at about 50 minutes altogether, and are free to view.  Should you desire to help the performers eat, you can donate whatever amount you want through the company's gofundme.  Failing that, here is the streaming link.  I definitely recommend these li'l shows, they're quite funny.
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the-improbable-one · a year ago
Man I wish I had enough time and talent to finish my tf2 fanguide holy fuck
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beholdthemem · 3 months ago
I started watching The Legend Of Vox Machina with no experience with the original podcast (not out of dislike, I've heard great things, but I unfortunately do NOT have a four-hour-episode attention span at this point in my life) and am fascinated to see where this goes.
Thoughts thus far:
-Vex seems... definitely not antagonistic to the others, I don't think she has anything against them... but I kind of get the vibe that if she had it her way, she'd just be travelling with her brother and her bear. Interesting.
-In the bar fight, she definitely seemed to work best with Vax and Señor Bear-Bear specifically. She and Vax know each other's movements, patterns, fighting styles, and can make plans without having to actively ask each other to do something- they each know the other will intuitively know what's needed. Gorgeous choreography.
-Kind of curious if the bear would also come when Vax whistled? Is he loyal to both of them with Vex as his favorite, or is he only willing to listen to Her, Specifically?
-Also kinda curious how long this group has been travelling together. The only person Vex initially trusted with the I Am Telling You, SOMEBODY In That Throne Room Is Dragon Affiliated knowledge was Vax, and I'm not sure if that's because she doesn't know the others well enough to trust them yet, or if she just has a very small group of people she trusts Ever, Period.
-I love Grog. He has all the grace and diplomacy of a sledgehammer, but frankly, not everybody's EARNED grace and diplomacy. I love that the first person he snaps at in the bar hasn't actually done anything to HIM, he's pissed that the guy insulted KEYLETH.
-After watching the preview clip where Vax watches everybody try and fail to get a door open before disgustedly having them stand aside and picking the lock himself with minimal effort, ("Amateurs.") I was kind of expecting him to have a similar 'Can we PLEASE just go back to only working each other' attitude to his sister- but it turns out that he's closer to being the social one?
-Like. Relatively speaking, of course. He'd still definitely pick Vex to hang out with over anyone else, I think- but it seems like he does genuinely enjoy hanging out with the other Vox Machina members? He has friendships beyond her. Idk how much he actually trusts em, though.
-Also might actually qualify as being The Soft Hearted Twin, which is so funny because he is every bit as casually stabby as she and Grog are, but also encourages Keyleth when she's nervous and does coin tricks for little kids.
-Actually, come to think of it, Vax straight up GAVE that little boy a silver piece when he and his sister have been established as the party members keeping closest track of how much (or little) money they have and how deep in debt they are. A SOFTIE.
-No clue if he's canon bi or not, but in my mind he completely meant his back-and-forth flirting with Glorious Gilmore. Probably not after a serious relationship, but knows that Gilmore gets that and they're both happy to enjoy something casual.
-Pike seems like she might not be on the best of terms with the rest of her Order? I could be wrong, but she seems pretty confident in her abilities as a cleric fighting-wise. It doesn't seem like she's new to adventuring. It's when she's asked to perform duties as a holy woman, like blessing houses and whatnot that she starts getting nervous.
-Curious about what that implies regarding her 'Maybe... we could try doing some good this time?' suggestion in episode one and how defeated she looked when told 'Ethics are a luxury we don't have right now, Pike.' Did she have those luxuries once? She seems to have a solid sense of right and wrong, and a conscience that's regularly nagging at her, but doesn't live her life strictly driven by it. Also doesn't appear to feel super great about that.
-What secret past are you hiding, Pike?
-Percy was introduced holding a glass of red wine in a room where everybody else is chugging from tankards like it's the end of the world, refereeing as his co-workers try to out drink a giant, and then pulls a fucking gun on the person holding him at knifepoint with a pleasant smile like he's here to engage in civil debate before having one of his teammates bodyslam him. I am fascinated how he manages to simultaneously be the only person there with his shit even slightly together and yet still COMPLETELY DERANGED.
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inkskinned · 3 months ago
"you seem nervous," he said.
"i'm pretty worried." and then i laughed, high and weird and strained.
he nodded at me and i nodded at him and i pressed my hands very hard together, which is what i do when i want to be politely still but i'm nervous and want to move.
"so there's a lot of ways to think about this test," he said, "but for what i'm about to show you - well. let's picture the test is out of 100."
"okay," i said. i had begged him to give me a "half test"; one i could afford out-of-pocket. i had good insurance; behavioral health wasn't offered for me. i'd been paying for a therapist by working 3 jobs; a situation that stressed me out enough i joked she earned her keep. if i took the whole test, the pricetag began at nine hundred and thirty.
robert the learning specialist is nice. robert was referred to me by a friend. i like all his books and his nice chairs and the warm browns he decorates with.
this is a funny story. i think this story is very fucking funny.
he places his hand on the side of the monitor and looks up over it at me. "so, there are diagnostic requirements for each condition to be considered medically significant. nobody really scores lower than, in this example, 30."
okay. i was 25 and ready for this - that all the self-care, self-treatment... it was pointless. it had always been possible: i don't have adhd, im just fucking stupid. im lazy. im the worst student and a terrible friend. everyone was right about me. this was a personality kind of a thing. i was pretending. i was jumping on an internet trend.
"at 60," robert continues, "and - again, these aren't the real numbers - but at 60, we would consider that to be significant enough for diagnosis. after that, we tend to think of it as increasing in severity."
his brows are knit. he looks strained. so i probably got a 14. i probably didn't take it right. im probably the first person on earth to waste three hundred dollars just to be told i broke the test. fuck. they're going to cancel my meds.
robert turns the screen around. there's a graph on it, a bunch of lines and numbers too small for me to read. "here's the diagnostic line, this 60 i talked about". he points to a yellow band, a little bouncy wave close to the middle. "here's the average citizen, at a 37". this is a red one, closer to the bottom. then he points to a blue. "at a 75 to 78, we would consider the situation to be severe. it's not marked, but 90 would be extreme. does this make sense?"
"yes. definitely." more nodding, more hand pressing. i skitter my eyes around the grey shape, trying to find where my results are. maybe along one of the control lines?
"out of a possible score of 100," he says, "you scored ninety-eight."
he points up at the top, a sparkling lime green wiggle. i hadn't seen it; it was too close to the border of the graph. he gently points back-and-forth from yellow to green, like he is breaking bad news to me.
"well," i say. "so i won the test? or is that a bad thing."
"i've been doing this work for over forty years," he tells me, "and never in my whole career have i seen someone score so highly."
"i have adhd," i say.
"well, these are preliminary tests, and it would be unprofessional for me to confirm until we continue to -"
"i super have adhd," i repeat.
he turns the screen back around. "i think it's - i would be remiss not to say that i find it extremely impressive you've been able to structure your life around this in such a way that you have remained undiagnosed until now."
"well," i say. "i did have a feeling." let out a little laugh again. sharp like a bark. "sorry. oh my god. sorry, i don't mean to laugh. it's just. i have," i repeat, "like super severe adhd."
robert rests his hands on his desk and looks at me. he looks sad, even though this whole thing is hysterically funny. "yes. i think that i can confirm that, but, like i said, i have to encourage you to take the whole test and to -"
"i thought," i say, and for some reason i think it's funnier than anything i ever said - "i literally thought i was faking."
"well." he moves the monitor so it isn't between us. "if i might say something? if you're experiencing these symptoms so frequently that your entire life has been structured around preparing for their inevitability - my question is always; why would you be faking? when you are alone, when you are struggling, what is the point of faking? wouldn't you be able to turn it off? once you received the attention or the accolades, wouldn't you stop? you've talked to me about how much you feel this - and i'm quoting you here" he looks at his notes. "... ruins your life. why would you submit to that, without any actual payout?"
"oh my god." i have to text everyone i know about this immediately. "i have adhd. like big. like the biggest. severely."
"well," robert's brows are creasing.
"sorry," i can't stop laughing, "you just - i mean. i just had the stray thought - what if i've faked this so well that the test can't tell that i'm lying?"
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
omg!!! i really loved the ‘drunk haikyuu boys says something offhand’ and i was thinking if you could do pt2 but with suna, kenma and tsukishima? :]]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kenma + tsukishima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: suna was in part two <3 don't know how i feel about this but here you go!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
kenma's eyes were barely open as kuroo led him to your shared apartment. he had a slight stumble to his walk but he'd had fun tonight. he normally didn't like to drink and let loose, especially not without you, but you convinced him. and now he was more than ready to come home to you. well he was, at least.
they had just made it inside to the apartment when kenma's eyes widened a fraction and he suddenly stopped. "no––"
kuroo looked up to see you walking towards them, still a little far into the room (it was a spacious apartment) and looked back to his friend with raised a brow, "huh?"
"don't wanna see y/n..."
kuroo laughed awkwardly, glancing at you for a brief moment, tension suddenly rising in the room. kenma hadn't seen you yet so you slowed down uncertainly. "what do you mean, man? why not?"
kenma blinked sluggishly before mumbling back a response, some of his words muffled in his hand, so quiet neither you nor kuroo could hear them. "can't see...don't wanna look...y/n's face..."
you were only a few feet away now, the hurt obvious on your face and it made kuroo's heart clench for you. "ken–"
his friend suddenly looked up at the ceiling, letting his eyes close, a look of almost anguish on his face. "just know, y/n'll be in pajamas––" he rubbed a hand on his face, muffling his words. "too cute. g'nna say somethin' stupid."
kuroo's face broke out into a grin. "well i don't think y/n would mind."
kenma simply groaned and glared at his friend when you finally spoke up, making him turn to you with wide eyes. "yeah, i don't think i'd mind."
you looked at him with a knowing, teasing smile and he groaned again, immediately coming over to you and wrapping his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"can you forget what i said?"
you laughed, kuroo staring at the two of you with a smile. "not a chance."
Tumblr media
tsukishima's gaze looked as bored and critical as ever, even tipsy. the one thing that gave him away, was the constant blush on his cheeks that you'd normally have to work hard to see, normally with a teasing comment or a flurry of kisses.
but his stare, that was the same as ever. as he looked down at you, arms by his side, almost like a child, you couldn't help but wonder what was on his mind. it could have been anything, something good, something bad, something funny––
"what are you wearing?"
you looked down at your sweats––the pants were yours, but the sweatshirt was his. you knew he knew that, so why was he asking?
"um..." you looked back up at him. "pajamas?"
he sighed, the look in his eyes now more clearly exasperated. "why are you wearing that?"
suddenly you felt anxious, did he not want you to wear his clothes anymore?
"i...i just wanted to? they're comfy. and i missed you while you were out..."
something flashed in his eyes briefly at your words but you couldn't decipher it fast enough.
his eyes scanned you from head to toe and you couldn't help but feel like you were being scrutinized. "you just... you look..."
"what?" you wrapped your arms around yourself. "what is it?"
he clenched his jaw and looked to the side. "you look...cute."
the tension left your body but you were still in shock, silent as you looked at him for a few seconds. "...what?"
he clicked his tongue, "don't make me repeat it."
your lips quirked up into a smile and you stepped closer to him, wrapping your arms around him as you propped your chin on his chest. "aww you think i look cute?"
he looked up at the ceiling, despite his arms slowly moving to hold you. "i take it back."
"nope. you can't." you laughed when the blush on his cheeks spread, obviously from your teasing this time. "i think you look cute too, baby."
slowly, he gave in and looked down at you, his eyes much softer than before. "not as cute as you, though."
Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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sargeant-bxrnes · 3 months ago
fezco | nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warning(s): definitely +18. this one is nasty. [my english is a warning on its own, as always]
requested: yes !! thank you anons ;)
my masterlist!
my requests are open
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they're like after sex)
Fez is the GOD of aftercare. He is so sweet, no matter what. If you want a bath, he'll get it ready for you, if you wanna eat, he'll order something and take it to you, so you don't have to move.
If all you want are cuddles, then he's down for it. He really loves to hold you in between his arms, caressing your skin and whispering how good you were and how much he loves you.
If he didn’t love the sex so much, aftercare would probably be his favorite part.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner's)
Ask him this and it will legit take him hours to answer. Fez wouldn't be able to choose just one thing about you because in his eyes you're flawless. Utterly gorgeous. He loves all of you.
His favorite part of himself... he'd have to say his hands. They bring you so much pleasure, and he uses them to keep you safe. It sounds odd, but it makes perfect sense to him.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically... I'm a disgusting person)
He is pretty responsible, let's state that. He knows that getting you pregnant is literally the last thing you two need at the moment, so normally he'd use a condom.
And even if you happen to be in the pill, he doesn't like to take much risks, he may cum inside you once or twice, but most of the time he does it on your chest, your thighs, your back, or your mouth. It’s hotter that way.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Since you two are really secretive about your affairs, he can't help but wonder how thrilling it would be to fuck in a place where you can get caught.
He’ll never admit that, though, he respects you too much to put you out in the open like that.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they're doing?)
Fez hasn't really had the time to go fucking around and having lots of sex, but he knows enough to have you moaning his name.
Still, he's a quick learner, it didn't take him long to pick up on what you liked and get really good on it.
Like really, really good at it. Fez has positively ruined you for other men.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying)
Any position that lets him look at your face while he fucks you, it feels more intimate, and yes, it does wonders for his dick to see your eyes rolling to the back of your head while he thrusts into you.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Fezco being Fezco will definitely say a funny thing or two, but wouldn't turn the whole thing into a joke though. He likes the intimacy of it, it's very important for him.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
Being honest, he doesn't really care. He'll trim it just so it won't bother you.
He has no problem with body hair. It's natural. He likes natural. So all it matters to him is that you’re comfortable.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect...)
Your lives can be pretty hectic at times, so when you are having sex is one of the few moments where you two are completely alone and able to enjoy each other's company. So it is a pretty big deal to both.
He's not sweet to the point you cringe, but he is sweet enough to have you blushing the entire time.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He's never had much time to do it. Before he met you he did it to blow off some steam and relax after a long day.
He doesn't do it so often now that he's with you, he knows that if he's ever in the mood, you'll welcome him with open arms. Or legs, for that matter.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Fez is kinky, but not too much, y’know? He doesn't consider himself a freak, but he does have some kinks he's afraid to voice in case you get too freaked out.
He's into praise, both giving and receiving. It makes him feel even better when he knows you like what he's doing to you.
And on a more... kinky side, he's slightly into overstimulation or orgasm denial, having complete control of your pleasure drives him crazy. Marking your body with hickeys, also a bit of bondage, but that one is reserved for when you've been teasing him for too long.
And for sure, he can really turn into a teasing bastard when he combines bondage with orgasm denial, to then switch to overstimulation.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
No matter what, his bedroom or yours will always be god tier to him, nothing compares to the comfort and privacy you have there; it allows him to truly do whatever he wants to you, to not hold back.
But if the urge presents, he's willing to fuck in other places too, like his car, a bathroom during a party, an empty room in the store if things are really heated. May Ash forgive him.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It's not hard to turn Fez on. It goes from little things like biting your lip, to doing a whole show, like striptease.
Simple things get him going, like knowing you want him as badly as he does. Seeing you wearing his clothes.
Also, knee socks really do it for him, especially when you’re wearing nothing but his shirt and a pair of knee socks.
But truth? The one thing that will make him give in no matter the situation, is neck kisses. Fez lives for neck kisses, those are his kryptonite.
N = NO (Something they wouldn't do, turn offs)
Sharing. He really, really doesn't like to share, especially not you. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, the answer is still no. You’re all his, he’s all yours. That’s the end of it.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Fez loves to receive, but more than anything he loves to give. He's simply a giver and that's it.
If it were up to him, he'd spent the rest of his life between your thighs, making you cum again, and again, and again, until all that leaves your mouth is his name.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
It depends a lot of the mood and the type of sex.
If he's making love to you, then he'd be slow and deep, whispering softly how much he loves you and how good you make him feel, caressing your skin.
If it's jealous/angry sex, then he'd be rough most of the time, pounding you to the mattress or whatever surface you're on, while reminding you you're his and his only, marking your body with little love bites and hickeys.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He'd rather have his time with you to do things right, but if the opportunity presents, Fez will never turn down a quickie. At least not when it's on a decent moment.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He's willing to experiment as long as you're not at risk, if it involves harming you, he's not really down for it unless you promise you're completely okay with it.
And yeah, for you, he's willing to experiment. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover new kinks together.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last...)
Fez will last for two rounds, three when he's feeling restless. But do not worry, those two rounds will last a loooong time, rest assured, you'll be completely worn out & satisfied by the time he's done with you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn't own any, but if you do, then he'd be down to use them only with the purpose of teasing the life out of you, but he'd never, ever let you cum because of them.
He'd tease you until you're begging for release, and he'd help you finish by burying himself deep inside you and finishing the job himself.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
As calm and innocent as Fez looks, he can be such a teasing little shit. He knows exactly what to say, where to touch you and what to do to get you turned on. And all while pretending to be oblivious to what he's doing to you.
If you're into that, then he can tease you until your begging for him to fuck you senseless.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He's not loud. But he'd whisper things in your ear, whether it's praise or dirty talk, and would often let out a groan.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Fezco has like... the dirtiest mouth ever. The first time he talked dirty to you, you genuinely let out a gasp, getting caught off guard.
And ever since that moment, Fez knew dirty talk got you going, and oh boy, doesn’t he enjoy making you blush and wet your panties left and right.
X = X-Ray (Let's see what's going on in those pants, picture or words)
He's a good 7.5 inches, which is really impressive. He doesn't really like to brag about it though, he's the type of guy that only smirks when asked.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
It's pretty high, there's no point in lying. There's days where he wakes up and the only thing he can think about is fucking you.
And even on normal days, the thought of having sex with you is on his mind at all times. After all, he's still young and his hormones are all over the place.
Z = ZZZ (... how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He never falls asleep before you do, he wants to make sure you're comfortable and happy before sleeping, and mostly, watching you asleep in between his arms—most of the times with your head against his chest—, is what eventually lulls him to sleep.
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fezcosbluntroller · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Possessive much? Fez x reader drabble
summary: After finding out another girl tried fucking your boyfriend you show a side you never saw before
warnings: nothing really, fluffiness, cussing, talks about guns
Y/n was not a very possessive person especially with Fezco, you knew he could handle himself, but you also know damn well Fez wouldn't fight a girl if she fucked with him, so whenever you found out from Faye that a cilent of his tried fucking your boyfriend then insulted and belittled him after he rejected her.
You had went over first thing next morning, Fez sitting at the table in the living room counting his money, you start looking around, under couch cushions, behind pictures "What the hell you lookin for this early?" Your boyfriend asked, it obvious he had been awake alot longer than you "One of your guns" You said, focused at the task at hand, Fez threw a small mini lighter at you "What you worried about my guns for?" He asked leaning back giving you his full attention now, you weren't a violent person so why the fuck were you currently looking for a gun "Is someone fuckin with you" He asked a few seconds later "No. I'm not gonna let some woman come up in my boyfriend's house, try to fuck him then disrespect him! especially when you're doing the bitch a favor!" You ranted, your face getting redder with every word that left your lips, Fez's response was the opposite of yours though, he sat there looking at you chuckling to himself "What the hell is so funny!? I'm not gonna let some bitch disrespect you!" You yelled but he just still sat there and giggled, eventually he reached out pulling you up on his lap "You this upset about that mama?" He laughed looking at you, you huffed looking at him "Yes!" You yelled crossing your arms "I'm gonna be the fucking bitch's ass!" You threatened, your rants being silenced by Fez pressing his lips against yours, you still huffed but cupped his cheeks, running the pads of your thumbs over his beard, pulling away taking a moment to admire him, Fez somehow doing the same thing to you. He was like a dream, like a dream you never wanted to wake up from, the type of dream you wake up from and spend most of your time trying to go back to that dream or thinking about said dream. "It's cute when you're mad...epecially whenever it's about standing up for your man" Fez teased resting his hands on your hips, You sighed looking at him "it makes me upset knowing someone is a dick to you..you've dealt with enough shit.." You explained, not feeling his hands slowly running up and down your back until his thumbs tucked themselves into the waistline of your pants. "Mr. Fez...your hands are getting very risky" You giggled resting your hands on his shoulders, he smirked at you "Can't help it..You look good wearin my sweats" He smiled glancing at his sweatpants you had stolen "What're you talking about?.." You asked looking down at your sweatpants "These are mine?" You added on grabbing the fabric "Nah mama, these are mine" Fez whispered leaning up ripping the tag out of the back of the sweatpants holding them up "You don't wear no large in men" He smirked watching your face heat up "well they're mine now" You huffed kissing him one last time before standing up "Now seriously, where the fuck are your guns?" You deadpanned looking at your now shocked boyfriend who laid sprawled out on the couch "It's not happening" Fez said shaking his head looking at you "You ain't shooting anybody, or fightin anybody, you're gonna sit your cute ass back down on my lap and watch this movie with me" Fez demanded holding onto your pointer and ring finger "You're lucky your cute" You grumbled sitting back down on his lap laying your head against his chest "I love you mama" He whispered kissing your forehead.
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kinanabinks · 4 months ago
Not For Me
Tumblr media
Your best friend, Steve, has good intentions. He's just really bad with words.
Content Warning: Frat!Bucky x Reader, mutual pining, angst, Frat!Steve x Best Friend!Reader, idiots in love, misunderstanding, miscommunication, insecure!reader, fluff.
Tumblr media
A typical Thursday night looks like three rounds of beers at Coco Poco, where they don't check for ID and the drinks come cheap. Watered down, sure, but cheap.
As usual, you're hanging off of Steve's arm while the guys talk about how basketball practice went. Torres is making fun of Wilson who just glares at him, before they burst into argument using basketball terminology that you can't be bothered to try and decipher. Even after three years of being the captain's best friend, you can't find it in you to try and learn whatever the fuck an alley-oop is.
"The sports gala is next month," Thor announces, which gets your attention. Finally, something worth listening in to. You love hearing about who they're gonna take to the ball and how they're gonna ask, and you often chime in with some romantic advice- as if you've had so many successful endeavors in love.
"You just gonna take Y/N again, Rogers?" Tony asks him, to which you scoff with offence.
"Just?" You repeat with narrow eyes. "He'd be so lucky."
"I don't know; I haven't narrowed down the list enough, yet," Steve replies arrogantly, patting your shoulder. "If I get desperate enough, though, sure."
"Prick," You grumble, nudging his chest.
"You two fight like a married couple," Torres comments with a smirk. "I'm surprised you haven't-"
"Don't even go there," You cut him off with a glare.
"Yeah, come on; Y/N's not my type," Steve comments, making you frown.
"What do you mean?" You ask, a little taken aback. He hasn't been shy to flirt with you before, but now you're not his type?
He just shrugs nonchalantly. "Meh, you're just not for me."
Meh? You feel like dying.
"Nice," You whisper, before looking away over at the TV which is showing an episode of How I Met Your Mother, doing your best to seem unaffected.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Steve asks, concern in his tone. "Are you upset, bug?"
"Of course not," You confirm, lying through your teeth. "Why would I be?"
Here's one reason: Bucky fucking Barnes. He's sitting on the other side of Steve and he's barely said a word all night, but he's always been quiet. Ever since freshman year, you've had a crush on him, but he's never seemed interested. And last week, at Sam's birthday party, his lack of interest became painfully obvious.
During his turn in Spin the Bottle, it landed on you. Instead of doing the normal thing and kissing you, Bucky instead elected to mutter, "Nah, I'm not doing that," while you feigned being overly drunk before spilling out some excuse about needing to pee and rushing to the bathroom. It was rough.
That's why you're upset. Because if you aren't the tall, hot, funny, basketball player Steve Rogers' type, then why would you be the tall, hot, probably funny (but never really showcases his humor), basketball player Bucky Barnes' type?
It's all too much. Bucky's flippant dismissal at the party combined with Steve's crass wording tonight swarms in the cauldron that is your mind, creating an ugly mixture of insecurities. Tears collect in your eyes but you blink them away, not prepared to let Steve - or Bucky, for that matter - know that you're upset.
You're just one of the boys. They find it easy to get along with you because there's none of that pesky sexual (or otherwise) attraction in the way. Do they even know you're a woman? Do they even really notice you, or are you just an extension of Steve? Another one of his limbs? His third arm that talks about current affairs and the weather sometimes?
"Bug," Steve whispers in your ear, stealing your attention away from your nasty inner thoughts.
"What's up?" You ask him casually while the other guys have their own conversation.
"Are you upset?" He repeats, making you roll your eyes.
"Oh, my God, Steve, no," You insist, wondering if you're a good actress.
"Okay, good," He says, confirming that you may indeed one day win an Academy Award. "Can I take you out for dinner tomorrow?"
Leaning your head back against the seat, you run over your mental calendar. "Uh, I have rock climbing tomorrow."
Steve snorts. "Nerd."
"It's a sport, just like basketball!" You argue with a frown.
"Is it even competitive?" He asks, sounding like a complete asshole.
"Sometimes, when we race to the top," You tell him with a shrug.
"Oh, God, you're such a nerd," Steve mutters under his breath, making you glare at him.
"I don't like you today," You admit flatly. "You're being mean."
"Mean?" He repeats, confused. "So, you were upset earlier."
"Yes, I was upset, because what you said upset me!" You burst out, making the others give each other wide-eyed looks. They all mumble some lame excuse before getting up and leaving you and Steve alone at the table.
Steve takes your hand in his, his eyebrows furrowed together. "You mean what I said about you not being my type?"
"Exactly that," You mutter, looking down at the table. "When you say things like that... it makes me feel ugly."
Immediately, he pulls you closer, shock on his features. "You are not ugly, bug."
"But don't say things like that, then," You tell him with a pout. "I just feel like a freak. Like I don't fit in with you and your friends, or something. You've never said any of the other girls aren't your type."
"Oh, come here, buggy," He sighs, pulling you in for a tight hug. Stroking your hair, Steve lowers his voice. "The reason I said that stuff was because..."
"Because...?" You trail off expectantly.
"I have a friend," Steve says suddenly, his eyes downcast and his hands fidgety, as if he's saying something he shouldn't be saying.
"Right," You reply with a raised brow.
"Who likes you," He continues, making your eyes widen.
"Oh," You squeak, taken aback.
"But he isn't making a move because he thinks we like each other," Steve reveals slowly.
"What?" You sputter, appalled at the idea.
Steve nods, waving his hand. "I know, I know. There have been many heated discussions behind your back- not in a bad way, but just... behind the scenes. A lot of arguments. He's sure that I like you, and I'm trying to convince him that you like him and I don't like you, so he should just fucking go for it before he loses his chance!"
"He... thinks I like you, and you like me," You repeat lowly, trying to make sense of the situation.
"Exactly! So, I'm just trying to prove a point to him, you know?" Steve goes on to say, gesturing with his hands. "Trying to prove that you and I are just friends."
"But you and I are just friends," You utter, wondering who the fuck could be stupid enough to think otherwise. In the three years you've known each other, there's been nothing more than platonic love between you and Steve. All of his friends know that - or so you thought.
"Well, he doesn't believe that," Steve says, rubbing the back of neck.
"Who?" You question, having had enough of the speculations going on in your head. "Who is it?"
An awkward look grows on his face. "I'm not- I can't say. It's not my place."
You think it over, analysing every interaction you've ever had with all of his friends. It's pretty obvious that you should narrow it down to his friends that are here tonight, as nobody else would feel obligated to respect Steve's nonexistent crush on you besides the five boys closest to him. Tony is a write off; him and Pepper are basically married. Sam and Torres are too obsessed with each other (whether they'd admit that or not) to notice anyone else. Thor could be a contender - but wait. You're leaving out the most important part.
Steve's been trying to convince the mystery man that you like him? But you don't like Thor. You like-
"Oh, my God," You whisper, your heart skipping a beat. That's why he didn't kiss you during Spin the Bottle. Before Steve can ask what you're thinking, you get up and storm over to the pool table the boys are standing around. With a huff, you grab Bucky by the arm and drag him over to the side. "I cannot believe you."
He looks utterly baffled at your words. "Uh... what?"
"Why didn't you just tell me you liked me?" You ask him, sick of playing coy.
His cheeks flush pink and his eyes widen. "I-"
"I'm literally in love with you," You admit, throwing all subtlety to the wind. Shyness be damned; you've already wasted three years and you won't waste any more time.
"Oh," Bucky says simply, raising his brows. "With me?"
"With you," You confirm. "So... will you just give me a reason to skip rock climbing tomorrow?"
"Absolutely," He agrees, wonder and delight in his eyes. "Skip rock climbing tomorrow; I'm taking you to dinner."
"Okay," You reply, feeling tingles up and down your body. "I'll see you tomorrow then, I guess."
He nods, a smile breaking out on his lips. "Tomorrow."
You give him a smile in return before walking back over to the table, where Steve is waiting with a wide grin.
"Holy shit," You breathe out, the weight of what you just did finally crashing into you. "I just-"
"You literally just-"
"Steve, what? Who am I?"
"I don't know!" He exclaims excitedly. "What are you gonna wear?"
"Fuck!" You whisper, giddy at the thought of it. "I don't know!"
Tumblr media
Bucky Masterlist
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also, if you are willing and able, i would appreciate if you buy me a kofi - even the smallest of donations help me out so much! ❤
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saltylandland · 4 months ago
Into the Lion’s Den (NSFW)
Word Count:  4718
Warnings: dubcon (no explicit consent), unprotected sex, heat/aphrodisiac (it gets explained in the fic), light bondage, inappropriate things used for bondage (there’s a reason there are specific things sold for bondage), brief choking, overstimulation, dacryphila, praise kink(?) It's kinda like condescending praise, biting, implied somnophila, breeding kink (reader does not end up pregnant), I probably forgot to tag something idk
NSFW masterlist
Commissions info
Notes: so there is this thing that some animals do that when they mate they bite their partner to keep them still,,, yeah. also! this was 10 pages on my google docs lol
Tags: @mangacupcake
Running through the halls became harder and harder to keep up. But everytime I think my legs will give out, the shouts from the beastmen chasing me rejuvenates me. The need to find somewhere to hide was essential, but finding a good hiding spot wasn’t easy. Even with this big ass school, there weren't many places to hide. Especially when you have three or four beastmen on your tail, drooling like hungry dogs. Especially when those beastmen are constantly catching you, only having sheer dumb luck keeping you alive. Just a minute ago those beastmen had caught me, keeping me pinned to a wall. 
The one in front seemed to be a fox beastmen. He’s the one who found me first, but it only took a couple seconds for the other three to catch up. The rest were bigger than the fox, letting him have the advantage of trapping me sooner. Any hope of finding an escape from them was smashed into pieces the moment I saw the fox share a smirk with the rest. They were working together. They all surrounded me, ripping at my clothes as they did. I could only close my eyes, hoping they would just quickly kill me instead of eating me alive. Although a quick flash made my eyes flutter open, there's… no one there… Did someone just take a picture?
That was enough to make my eyes burn, trying to look away from where I saw the camera flash last. The beastmen didn't seem to react, but I know for a fact there was a camera flash. Waiting a couple seconds I gather whoever the cameraman is, they're not going to be my knight in shining armour.
I felt so embarrassed, not only will I be eaten alive in a magical world I was dumped in, but now some sick fuck is going to document it! While I’m crying through it all! That thought at least renewed my struggles a little, but through the beastmen’s chatter I realized they were cooing at me? ‘Is this a sick joke? Are they really trying to comfort me before they eat me?’ 
My struggles started to cease more and more as I tried to figure out what has changed, why I am being hunted like an animal, but I was only confused. Listening to what the beastmen we’re saying was difficult, they were talking quicker than I could process, cutting each other off and starting new conversations.  “you’re going to look so cute as I- we should take her to- everyone with higher senses can smell- I don’t know where but it's only time bef- the leech twins- even that damned hunter-”. They then started to bicker, who would get to go first. As the 'meal' in this situation I couldn't help but find this a little funny, like a really morbid joke. I felt like crying, one of those hysterical laughing crying fits where you couldn’t tell if they were happy or sad, but they’re definitely losing their sanity.
Everyone’s talking was interrupted by a growl, shaking everyone to their bones. Or, at least that was my experience. The growl did catch everyone's attention, the beastmen all paused, some of them backing away from me to approach the sound of the noise. My first thought was ‘oh wow, yay! Another fucker who's coming to rip me to shreds!’ but looking towards the noise I see a flash of white fur. it’s Jack! Everybody freezes, even the beastmen were looking uncertain for a moment, but seeing a white wolf sprinting at you tends to snap some sense into you sooner rather than later. Charging towards the group he lunged at us. Surprisingly, the beastmen let go and backed away causing me to fall on my ass narrowly avoiding being body slammed by Jack. Deciding not to think twice, I used the small distance made between us and quickly booked it for the nearest hallway, trying not to trip as I go. Sadly, this wasn’t even close to the end. The short pieces I caught of the beastmen's conversation confirmed a couple things. Somehow my scent is affecting them and it’s strong, making this whole island dangerous. But I need to find somewhere safe before the boss characters start to show themselves. I quicken my frantic running as I think of what would happen if Floyd caught me, or god forbid Jade, I can’t even tell which is worse. I need to find a place where I can barricade, thinking over my options I quickly decide that ramshackle and the other dorms are definitely not suitable. Ramshackle is too rundown and the most obvious place I could go. Plus, I would only get caught immediately trying to get to the mirror room. That leaves…!
Finding an abandoned classroom somewhere in the school can be rare, most classrooms are stretched around the campus, making foot traffic almost constant. But one highlight of this, is the fact that there are abandoned classrooms all over campus, making a lot of those classrooms be barely looked at twice. Not that would matter, it’s late into the evening so the only ones still on campus are the ones currently hunting me. Those hunting me… can smell me, so stealth isn’t important here, barricading is the only option. But I can do that in an abandoned classroom.
After running around with no direction in mind I finally see a potential abandoned classroom. Quickly running over to the classroom door I slide it open and look around. ‘So far, so good’ just as I feel my heart start to feel lighter with hope, I start to hear some noises in the distance. It’s not exact but any noise means they’ll be here soon, so I need to be quick. I quickly close the sliding door but I can’t lock it. Great. Looking around frantically I spotted some really big closets, I ran over and started pushing it towards the door. On a normal day, this never would have been possible, but I must still have some adrenaline left after all the running. After I finished pushing the first closet I immediately started working on the second one. Trying to pick up the student desks was futile, as they were bolted into the ground. But I did find some spare chairs stacked in a corner. In fact most of the chairs were not bolted on the floor so I used them to create a wall of sorts. The legs of the chairs sticking towards the door look like very sad and blunt spikes. 
Only after stepping back did I realize that one good magic trick could easily dismantle this little blockade, and if anything, I only trapped myself in here. Falling onto my butt, I feel the exhaustion and creeping melancholy wash over me as my adrenaline finally starts to run out. While they were chasing me, any one of them could have caught me with a spell. So maybe my scent had them too focused on catching me. ‘Well, I’m going to have to bank on that, I guess it's really my only hope.’ looking up at the looming closets, I feel a little spike of fear. ‘I really am trapped, I don’t think I can get out on my own again… at least anytime soon’. 
Trying to distract myself from the impromptu isolation and almost being, ya know, mauled by my classmates, I look around and take in the scenery. The abandoned classroom looks the same as the other few abandoned classrooms I had briefly seen, minus the displaced closets. Grey walls, grey floors, there were some windows leading outside, luckily none leading from the hall that someone could break to get in. The windows leading outside only had very little openings for air, so climbing out isn’t really an option, even if you were willing to risk possibly breaking something to jump off of the third floor. I shudder as I pull my legs closer together, the feeling of entrapment washing over me. There was a massive teachers desk at the front along with an equally giant chalkboard, it stretched across the whole wall. It almost reminded me of classrooms in normal non-magic schools back home. Although the abandoned classrooms look identical to each other, they could not look more different to the used ones. The actual used classrooms have been renovated to fit the particular subject being taught, that's probably why these classrooms are abandoned like this, they're not really useful. 'Useful until now' I laughed quietly at my depressing joke. The last time this classroom got any action was fifty years ago at least. The room is spotless though. The classroom almost lets me imagine that I'm not even in Twisted Wonderland, like I'm back home.
Nope, nope, I just can’t. Although the threat is relatively handled I can’t ignore the fact I was now stuck in this place for the unseen future. I guess I can finally get some peace and quiet? No murder beastmen, no grim, no ghosts. It could be worse? I could be dead. Unfortunately, before I could dwell on this issue further I quickly ran into another problem. Like a cold bucket of water dumped over me I realize, not only did I lock myself away from the beastmen, I locked myself in with one.
Arms circle around my stomach as a face nuzzles into my neck. A pair of fluffy ears tickle my face as they do so. A growl builds up in their chest before they speak “Damn, don’t you smell delicious” instinctively, my arm swung out and hit the person on the chest. Luckily that was enough to make them let go, which I immediately used to get away, jumping to my feet to put some distance. Unluckily for me, as I backed away from the new threat, I finally realized how fucked I was. Sitting a meter or two away was none other than the lion bastard himself, Leona Kingscholar. Even in the evening moonlight he looks beautiful, damnit. 
He slowly gets up, the carefulness of his actions are very unlike him, and seem down right predatory. With every move he makes I take a step back, keeping my front towards him all the while, as if the sign of my back retreating will spawn a chase. Tilting his head with poorly concealed amusement, he starts to snicker at my obvious fear. “I’ve told you, over and over again, to be very scared of me, yet you only walked with confidence, what’s with the change? Is the fight all gone?” Leona looked to the side, eyeing the blockade. I didn’t move when he went to inspect it closer, but I kept my eyes fully trained on him. I wanted oh so badly to speak, ‘the others were chasing me’ or even ‘please don’t eat me’. But nothing can come out, my mouth feels like cotton has just grown rapidly, nearly suffocating me. Instead he speaks for me.
“You had no idea I was in here” he didn’t ask, he spoke the truth and I remained quiet, which only made him smile more. “Awe baby, you tried oh so hard to keep the monsters away, and look where that got you”. I only had a second to feel the rush of emotions that Leona calling you ‘baby’ would create before he started to charge. Somehow squirming out of the way, I ran under his arm across the room. This little chase sequence went on for a while, he’d go in one direction, so I would go the other to avoid him. Even then I could tell he wasn’t giving it his all, I could tell he was just fucking with me before he really starts to chase. But there is only so far to get away from him.
“Awe, is the cute little herbivore trying to run away? Don’t you know that running only excites me more?” That sentence only caught me off guard for a second. A second. But it was all Leona needed as he quickly tackled me to the ground. I managed not to hit my head on impact, but my lungs weren't so lucky. While gasping for breath from the fall and the little chase sequence, Leona looks me over and laughs at my helplessness. Dick.
Weakly pushing at his chest I dry heave as I push through my words. “Don’t eat me” grabbing both of my hands he traps my hands above my head, presumably for safe keeping. My legs kick out but I can’t do anything because Leona is already settled in between them. Leona only laughs more, enjoying playing with his food a little bit too much- 
“Why? I thought women liked being eaten out” as if I couldn’t short circuit sooner, Leona punctuated those words with a grind of his hips against mine. At that I froze, OH.. oh… Leona leans down and leaves open mouth kisses on my neck as he speaks. “You’re the dumbass for stepping onto campus smelling like that, that damned crow should have stopped you, he should’ve known better” Leona only gets more agitated as he speaks, only making him grind against me harder, making my body jump with the force. Leona doesn't even notice how he's easily bouncing my body against his, too occupied with cursing out that crow between kisses and bites. “Wouldn’t that raccoon smell anything? You should’ve-” his grip only tightens as he speaks, his voice dissolving into a growl as he- “wait, wait” I look at him incredulously “are you mothering me right now?” his head rises from where he was leaving hickeys to stare at me unamused. “you’re ovulating idiot, you’re making every predator on campus act like dogs in heat."
Trailing fingers down my body, Leona hovers over the shredded clothing that despite barely hanging on, covers most of the important bits. “and she somehow found her place underneath me.” The sound of clothes ripping rings out, my clothes ripping. Banging my hands against his sides and chest, still not daring to aim at his face, I protest “Hey! I still need to leave here! Those are one of my VERY few clothes!” and like that he shredded pants and underwear. In response to my squirming he nuzzles the juncture between my neck and shoulder and bites down. Really not expecting this turn of event, I stopped squirming momentarily, the pain eventually numbing down. There was a quick sting after letting go, Leona barely lifted up his head, instead starting to kiss along my shoulder. Content with my complacency, no matter how short lived it'll be, He starts to push my body up, quickly gathering my hands above my head again with one hand. 
Ripping off his tie with his other hand, I look up and quickly figure out what he’s going to do. Less than a couple inches away are the bolted desks. More importantly, one of the bolted legs looked really close to where Leona gathered my hands. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what he's trying to achieve. And this renewed my struggle, but it was pathetically futile. Leona only looked down when he finished tying my hands to the desk leg, giving my hands a tug I realized I'm fucked in more ways then one.
Leona starts to paw at my breasts first before leaning down and taking one of my breasts into his mouth. His tongue is rough like sandpaper, not as intense as a cat's but it still makes me jump. An undignified squeak escapes my mouth at the sensation. Everytime he circles his tongue around my breast he drags his fangs along the skin around it. I can’t help but to buck onto him. The sensations are too much and they're causing me to squirm, even though it makes me grind against Leona more.
Thinking of a last ditch effort, I try and yell as loud as I can "JACK!" Leona promptly sits up, any amusement or mischief gone in his facial expressions. Just as I was about to call again, Leona wrapped his hand around my throat, and squeezed hard. Hearing my wheeze Leona chokes out a forced laugh. He continues to grind his hips against mine as he hisses out “You think Jack would save you from me? Bold of you to assume he wouldn’t bend you into a breeding bench if he was in my shoes." Even as black spots fill my vision I tried to weakly protest. "Jack helped me." Although I was anticipating another punishment for defending Jack, Leona loosened his grip. While keeping his hand firmly around my neck, I noticed that same predatory look on Leona's face. "Oh, did he now? What makes you think he was doing it for your benefit? He was trying to get you for himself, do you really think he’s one for sharing?" Seeing me shiver at his words made Leona smile again, I got his message loud and clear.
His patience finally wearing thin Leona quickly moves down my body, I try to close my legs on instinct. But instinct can only get you so far when they’re already between your legs. As soon as he settles between my legs he immediately finds my clit and flattens his tongue against it as he drags his tongue up and down. Pricks of pain were surprisingly stimulating, sending my body mixed signals. Delving his tongue into my core as deep as it could go, never staying in one place for too long. My constant moans nearly drown out everything else but I can still clearly pick up Leona’s occasional groan, sending shockwaves through my body.
My hips keep bucking into Leona's eager mouth yet desperately trying to twist away from the sensation. The more I moan, the harder Leona presses into me. Every twist of my body Leona chases to keep his tongue on my heat. The loud sucking and slurping noises become deafening in the classroom. My body’s jerking becomes more frequent and erratic, feeling my orgasm near is bringing stinging tears to my eyes. It’s too much!- 
Suddenly there is banging on the door and walls facing the hallway. My body jerked away from the sound but Leona seemed unbothered. It was only until the beastmen started shouting that Leona seemed to notice their presence. I felt the deep growl Leona released before I heard it. It probably would have been louder and more scary… if he had lifted his head from where it was buried between my thighs. 
There was barely a falter in the shouting. The closets moved to keep them out were shaking like crazy- drowning out Leona’s growl even more. He only huffed, after barely looking at the doors he turned back to continue. Leona was ruthless this time around, during the quiet moments Leona already figured out what makes me squeal and moan the loudest. The ruined orgasm had quickly returned as Leona held me down. The stinging feeling of unshed tears returned just as a wail rips through my throat. As the pleasure keeps mounting I yell Leona’s name in a garbled sentence. Leona brought my clit into his mouth and sucked, my back bowing as my orgasm hit me. Leona still wouldn’t let up, continuing to thrust his tongue into my heat and lap at my clit. 
I shake and cry as I feel my second orgasm already starting to build up in my tummy. Leona slowly sinks his fingers in my heat which lets his tongue torture my clit in the best way possible. Way too quickly he finds that bundle of nerves and abuses it, forcing me head first into another orgasm. I chant Leona’s name as I climax trying to get his skilled fingers and tongue away from my overstimulated pussy. Garbled sentences trying to tell him it’s too much get lost in translation. All I could see is white, my thrashing body had little effect on Leona, as he continued to nurse on my clit, making my orgasm last eons longer. I gasp for breath as I start to come down from my high, I blink rapidly but I’m still a bit out of it.
But then I notice how quiet it is. It’s not as quiet as before but the chaotic banging and yelling has subsided. I jerk in shock as I hear Leona laugh next to my ear- wait, when did he? He must have moved around while I was still out of it, I reasoned. My attention is grabbed back to him as he hitches my legs around his hips. Pressing the tip of his cock at my entrance. At the slightest pressure my body seizes up, which makes Leona pause his actions. Despite the situation Leona immediately goes to sooth me, petting my hair, kissing my face, and cooing at me. “Come on pretty baby, you can take it.” The endless compliments make my eyes go misty as Leona slowly pushes into my gummy walls. I’m crying, not from the pain or the feeling of Leona pushing into me but the continuous praise that he showers me with.
When Leona bottoms out I almost expect him to start thrusting soon after considering the unhinged look in his eyes from before. I assumed he wouldn’t be able to hold back, but he stayed still. As I get adjusted I listen to the beast men outside. I hear the banging on the doors be replaced by scratching, the shouts with whining, begging to be let in. “They want to watch.” Leona’s voice near my ear makes me jump a bit but he continues on. “I can hear them-“ his ears twitch “-they’re begging me to let them watch. But they won’t get that. They’ll have to make do with listening to get off.” Leona slowly pulls out, then pushes back in a little faster. Taking the breath out of my lungs. He starts to slowly thrust at a steady pace as he speaks again “if I had it my way they wouldn’t even get that.” With the arm that wasn’t holding himself up he trails that hand down your body to your stomach briefly pressing down. This causes Leona to narrowly hit my g spot making me choke on a sob. “Oh? Did I hit something good? Come on crybaby, use your words.” Heavily overstimulated from my previous orgasms I couldn’t respond. I just shook my head while I whimpered gibberish.
Pounding away trying to hit that spot again Leona uses the hand that was on my stomach to rub at my clit. All the while I am losing my mind from the sensations. All I could do was watch his facial expressions through bleary eyes, my hands twisting in their bondage needing something to hold on to. Leaning down, Leona lightly ghosts his mouth along the skin of my neck. The tips of his fangs dragging across, making me shiver against him. Soon Leona lost all control, needy thrusts knocking the breath out of my lungs, but neither of us noticed how he was pushing my body away. Digging his legs underneath mine in order to reach deeper, and get a better angle to bounce me on his cock. With nothing to keep me still, my body was being pushed forward towards the desk. 
Not being able to process any words I resort to clinging on to the chair leg for dear life. Unintentionally making my body push back into Leonas. After pushing myself back a good inch away from the desk, I suddenly have all the breath pushed out of my lungs. Leona starts pushing harder than before, reaching even deeper than before, making me cream around him. Despite the rapid fire orgasms I feel the familiar feeling in my belly, telling me another one is on the cusp. Leona must have felt my body's reaction as he chokes out a laugh through his own moans. “Already? You’re so receptive to me baby, or do you like knowing people are getting off to you, hm?” Hearing Leona speak into my ear was all I needed, my body seizing up as I reached my third orgasm. Each orgasm becomes more intense then the last, dark spots dance across my vision. Leona doesn’t seem tired at all despite all of this, instead keeping a keen eye on your facial expressions and how they change as you’re cumming over and over. Finally feeling his climax creeping up, Leona litters your neck with little kisses before he sinks his teeth in again like last time. Hammering his hips against yours as he chases that feeling of euphoria. 
Feeling Leona sink his teeth in and cum in you has you shrieking. Even after he orgasmed he was rock hard and still humping into you slowly, making you reach your fourth orgasm quickly. You felt so full, so warm, it was a little gross how his cum was being pushed out with every little movement of Leona’s hips. His body is still trapping me under him, so all I could do was take it. My whole body feels clammy from sweat. The tile floor is warm from my body heat, yet the air is still so chilly against my skin. 
Basking in the stupor my orgasms left me in, I’m shocked back into reality as I feel Leona’s still rock hard cock pull out before pushing back in frantically. Whining out my body weakly protests by squirming but my pussy still squeezes around him in a vice grip. “You’re already tired? awe, I still wanna cum just more than once, aren’t you being a little selfish?”
At my continued whining Leona scoffs, rolling his eyes dramatically, Leona briefly pulls out, pulling my legs up on his shoulders so he could press back in. At this angle it lets him hit that bundle of nerves all the more easier. Leona of course took advantage of this, setting a fast and brutal pace. I can feel every ridge and vein on his dick as he chases his next orgasm. Leona leans his face down to mine, licking off my tears from my cheeks- “come on baby, you can handle one more, just one more and I’ll give you a break” hiccupping between my little sobs I try and prepare myself for my last orgasm, drool escaping my parted lips and I close my eyes. 
Leona growls above me, the calm façade long since lost as he goes a little crazy. His hand returned to its place on my clit, it didn’t take long for me to reach another orgasm. With a shrill cry I cum with tears streaming down my face, my body feels electric shocks running through my system. My body finally relaxes a bit, as I hiccup I try to regulate my breathing again. As my pussy flutters around his cock, Leona loses his composure. “mmn fuck- I’m gonna- fuck-“ he releases one last growl before he stalls, hips jerking erratically as he cums deep inside me. Hips keep moving as he cums, trying to hump his cum further into me.
Leona’s hips slow until they finally stop, I am gasping for breath while trying to fight off the urge to sleep. Leona goes and unties the tie from the desk leg, finally letting my arms go. After rubbing at my wrists a bit Leona takes them gently and starts to kiss along the fabric burns from his tie. Slowly kissing me everywhere I start to nod off but then I remember that we’re still in an abandoned classroom. An barricaded classroom too. As if sensing my rising panic Leona starts… purring? Nuzzling against my sweaty neck trying to kick away the anxiety. Either way it does its purpose in calming me down, slowly relaxing back into his hold. “Just go to sleep and save your energy, when you wake up we’ll be in my room.” Lifting his head up to properly look at me, I suddenly realise that his cock is still inside me. “Get as much sleep as possible, I might have to fuck you while your still asleep if you’re too tuckered out.” The way my stomach flutters at that I honestly don’t think I’d mind.
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hotch-stufff · 6 months ago
Hey girl, I hope your having a good day
I was wondering if you could write a Hotch! fem reader where they're married and have been for like year's but the team doesn't know about it and one day Morgan calls out Hotch and they both answer! I hope that made sense. Love your blog💕
Hotch? Which one?
Tumblr media
Gif by hqtchner
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Wc: 1.7k
Warnings!: fluff, kissing, mentions of a child case, not.al criminal minds things, maybe kinda suggestive, playful and soft Hotch, but seriously super fluffy
Description: You are secretly married to the one and only Aaron Hotchner, what happens when Morgan yells out Hotch, and you both answer?
A/n: awe, thank you 💕 seriously loved this idea, hope you all do too! Sorry it took me so long to get out! Anyways, here is some Hotch fluff for your Saturday night ;)
Your eyes flutter open as you feel a warm pair of lips on your neck. You sigh contently, but bury your face in your pillow, not ready to get up yet. A deep chuckle fills your ears and you smile to yourself as his arm wraps itself around your waist.
"Goodmorning sweetheart." He whispers into the morning air.
"G'morning." You murmur sleepily. The kisses start up again and you giggle at the ticklish feeling, turning around in his arms. He pulls back slightly, and he just stares at you. 
"God, you're beautiful." He says and leans forward to place his lips on your own. You kiss him passionately as your heart warms at the compliment. 
"Dont wanna get up." You mutter against his lips and he chuckles again. 
"You have to sweetheart." He sits up on his elbow peering down at you. "We have that conjoined case today."
"Oh, don't remind me." You roll your eyes as Aaron softly tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear. "We have to pretend, again." You whine and he sighs. "Do you know how hard it is for me to pretend that I'm not in love with you?" 
"Probably just as hard as it is for me." He pauses, thinking for a moment. "We could, just tell them." He suggests and you freeze, a little shocked by his words.
"Honey, are you sure? I know we're in different departments, but you said you wanted to be professional. And I mean it keeps us safer. I guess it doesn't matter, up to you. Maybe we should, I mean my team knows, but yours doesn-" He cuts off your rambling with a searing kiss and you freeze for a moment. He pulls back and it takes you a few moments to process words. Your husband's kisses usually have that effect on you.
"So do you want to tell them?" You ask after you catch your breath.
"Yes. As soon as this case is over." You smile and nod.
"Okay. But we aren't ever going to finish the case if we don't get up." Aaron rolls over top of you holding himself up with his arms on either side of your head.
"If you insist." He starts, placing a kiss on your nose. "But maybe… a… few… more… kisses…" He places a kiss on your lips after every word, already forgetting that he was trying to get you up in the first place.
* * * 
After several more kisses, you and Aaron finally make your way into the office, just in time for your two teams to meet together in the bullpen. You are eternally grateful that no one finds it suspicious that you both come in at the same time. Probably thinking you just had a meeting together before the case. Your teams head to the conference room after seeing you walk in not noticing Aaron's hand on the small of your back.
Little did they know of the wedding rings resting on your necklace under your blouse and Aaron's on a pin under his tie. 
When you think about it, it wasn't really your plan to hide your marriage. You never thought you would be one to hide the love for your husband. But then you had met Aaron Hotchner. Funny enough, it had been a conjoined case similar to the present case. Aaron being the unit chief of the BAU and you the unit chief of the Child Crimes Unit, you clashed. A lot. 
Never getting along, your teams dreaded cases where you had to get together. Of course, one case in particular hit a little too hard, and Hotch had found you curled in a chair, crying in one of the break rooms. He had rushed to your side in an instant, comforting you through your tears. That night you had seen a whole different side of Aaron Hotchner. 
Of course that one moment turned into a beautiful new friendship. Which had led to dates and kisses and a secret relationship. A marriage was soon to follow, and you both wanted to married so bad, you had just eloped. Only Rossi, Jack, and Jess by your sides. Rossi officiated the small ceremony and that was about six months ago. 
You had told your team after a month, fining it too difficult to keep it hidden. They had all agreed to jokingly call you Hotch, after hearing Aaron's own team do it to him.
You had already talked to them about avoiding that in today's case.
Aaron had found it harder to tell his team. They were his family. But he wanted to protect you as much as possible. Especially after Haley. 
Your thoughts are dragged away from a small kick under the table. You turn to your left, and spot your husband with a slight smirk on his face. The meeting continues, Garcia presenting the case.
"Alright lovelies, and guest lovelies! We have three murders, all local, all 10 year old boys." She begins and you take a deep breath preparing yourself. As much as you loved your job, it was always hard to hear of all the horrible things people did to these poor kids.
A hand finds its way to your thigh and squeezes to ground you. You shake away your wandering thoughts again and focus. 
"They were all killed the same way, strangulation. Coroner says it was a pillow over their face, while sleeping." She takes a deep breath before continuing. "Local police have no leads, and are desperate for help." Hotch looks up at his team and yours listening for ideas.
"Could be remorse." Davis, one of your agents speaks up first. Jj and Reid nod along.
"It's almost peaceful. He doesn't want to hurt the kids, but he feels he needs to." Morgan adds.
"I suggest looking into people who have lost a child." You suggest.
"You got it babe. Got more for me?" Garcia asks and the teams continue to go back and forth with ideas, nothing really building up the profile. Idea after idea is passed around. Everyone was beginning to grow frustrated, the tension building in the room.
"What about a sick kid? A kid in pain?" Prentiss starts rattling off. She stands and begins pacing. Wilsom, one of your best agents, stands as well.
"Yes. The remorse, the peaceful killing, it all makes sense." He starts.
"When did the killing start?" Aaron asks.
"Three months sir." Garcia answers.
"Check out parents, male, early 30s, who recently lost a child to disease, an accident, anything." Hotch speaks and Garcia is instantly typing away.
"Two hundred seventy four hits." 
"Try limiting it to the victim's profile, men with a ten year old boy." Jj pipes up.
"Thirty seven hits." 
"The child would have been in pain, he believes he is stopping the pain. He doesn't want the kids to hurt anymore. He thinks he is helping them." Garcia shakes her head, that doesn't lower her search at all. You think and think. 
"There has to be something else. I want everyone to look into the jobs of the suspects. I know it's a lot, but there are a lot of us. The quicker the better." You say and Aaron nods.
"What are we looking for?" Rossi asks.
"He would have needed to blend in. Parents couldn't have been suspicious of anything. Repair men, plumbers, electricians. Anything. Get to work." Hotch announces and everyone stands moving around. You and Hotch begin discussing more of the case, trying to find different angles when Morgan speaks up.
"Hotch?" You and Aaron both turn around at the name, ready to answer.
"Yeah?" Two voices ring out and it takes you a moment to realise you and your husband had both answered. You freeze and so does he. The room is tense and silent. Your team stares at you with smirks on their faces, and Aaron's with shock. 
"What?" Spencer is the first one to say anything, case seemingly forgotten for the moment, his brows furrowed, and you giggle at the situation. Aaron looks at you and smiles softly. 
"Alright. I guess we have some explaining to do." He says and Rossi chuckles patting him on the back. 
"Hi guys, I'm Agent Hotchner, nice to meet you." You say with a smirk and wave slightly. Garcia's mouth falls open and Morgan lets out a loud laugh. 
"Im sorry. What?" Emily looks more confused than you have ever seen her and you can't help but begin laughing again. You leave it to your husband to explain. But he himself looks like he is barely keeping it together.
"We may, or may not have gotten married." Hotch says way too casually for anyone to process. Its only silent for a moment more before the room erupts with questions and shouts of congradulations. You catch money being exchanged between Wilson, Rossi, and Davis and they each shoot you a wink. You roll your eyes as Hotch tries to calm his team.
"Alright! That's enough." He says sternly, but you see the twitch in his eyebrow and the smirk threatening to break out on his face. "Yes, we are married, yes we eloped. No, we aren't talking about this now. We can discuss it when the case is over. Please get back to work, I will be in my office if you need me." He finished with an official tone and he swiftly walked out of the room. All eyes fall to you and you take that as your cue to follow your husband. You smile softly at the team and quickly walk out of the room. 
As soon as you shut the door to his office, Aaron has you pressed against the door, his face buried in your neck as he laughs.  
"Did you see their faces?" You asked, amusement filling your voice. He nods and presses a sloppy kiss to your neck. Pulling back, he gazes at you and shakes his head. 
"God. They are going to kill me." Aaron whispers. "Seriously. I think Garcia was planning my murder." You roll your eyes at his dramatics.
"Oh please. You'll be fine." You say and he smacks your ass playfully. 
"Yeah, you don't have to deal with the wrath of Penelope, so shut it missy." You giggle and wrap your arms around his neck kissing him gently. 
"You are ridiculous."
"But you love me."
"That I do."
"I love you too sweetheart." And he kisses you, or at least tries to through your giggles.
Thanks for reading!! <3
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jackjackharlow · a month ago
Where you see Jack on a magazine cover with a model and you feel really insecure around him afterwards
"Babe?" Jacks voice comes with a quiet knock on your dressing room door, and you check to make sureit's locked.
"Yes? I'm almost done."
"Wait, what? I haven't even seen you in anything yet!" You frown as you push the too-tight pair of jeans down your legs and begin to place them back onto the hanger, pulling on your own pants roughly.
You open the door to a surprised looking Jack, looking you up and down when he sees you in your own clothing and holding a heap of clothes from the store.
"Nothing fit right? I thought that sparkly shirt would look good on you..."
"It didn't." Your response is curt as you hang the clothes on a nearby rack. "None of them did."
"Well, do you want to keep looking?"
"Can we just go home?" Jack blinks at you, a frown appearing between his eyebrows as he tries to figure you out, but you avoid his eyes. You feel like you could burst into tears at any second and you don't need to be making a scene in public.
Outside the store, Jacks waylaid by a couple of enthusiastic fans, and you step aside so that he can sign things and take pictures. You can't help but discreetly take in the girls' appearance; one of them is fairly tall, with a shiny sheet of long beachy blonde hair and a cute, sculpted face. Thin and willowy limbed, she's dressed in very fashionable clothing and accessorized to the nines as she grins and flashes a peace sign at the camera while pressed up against your boyfriend's side.
You take a glance down at yourself, comparing your leisurely outfit that was very much chosen for comfort rather than style, seeing the swell of your belly pooch over your pants. It all makes the words you'd unwisely skimmed in that tabloid this morning at the grocery store even more cutting; the fact that they're true.
"Sorry about that," Jack says quietly, giving you an apologetic smile as the two of you slide into his car. You shake your head.
"It's okay." You don't offer anymore words for several minutes as Jack drives, your focus solely on making it home to take a hot shower and hopefully wash away some of the burning inadequacy that you feel.
"You've been acting a bit funny today..." Jack muses from beside you, glancing at you quickly, one arm perched on the top of the steering wheel.
"Have I?" you reply distantly, not looking at him.
"Yes. Are you alright? Feeling okay?" His fingers come up to brush the side of your face, presumably to feel for a fever, but you shy away from his touch. The hurt that flashes over his face almost breaks you completely, but at the moment you don't want him to even look at you, let alone touch you.
By now Jack knows something is wrong, he's casting you worried looks and continuing to ask you if something happened, if he did something, what he can do to help, but you stay silent. You know if you open your mouth the dam will burst.
He finally parks in your driveway and you're out of the car like a bullet, speeding for the door but Jack's legs are long and so are his arms as they reach out to you, and you're stopped just inside the door.
"God, Y/N what is it?” He looks scared, actually scared, like you're angry with him or thinking of leaving him. Like he's the one that has to worry about not being good enough.
"Jack..." You can't get the words out, the lump in your throat growing by the second, and the first couple of tears leak out before you can stop them. His face grows even more stricken, his hands floundering, hovering in the air around your body as if he can't decide where to place them in order to cure whatever is wrong.
"Baby," he whispers, defeated. "I don't...I don't understand…”
"Why are you with me?" You burst out, turning from him and pacing away, pressing the heels of your palms to your burning eyes. "What are you even doing with me? You have models, actual super models that want you! Actresses and singers and they're all just..they're all fucking beautiful and I can't- I can't fucking compete with that, Jackman!" The words are spewing from your mouth without even fully thinking, and it feels like they're flowing out of some dark pit in your chest where you had tucked away every insecurity you'd ever felt while being Jack Harlow’s very ordinary, less than famous and glamorous girlfriend.
"I don't even know what I was thinking. I don't know why I ever thought I'd be good enough for you..."
"Oh my God, ma, stop it!" His hands come down on your shoulders and stop you from pacing. "Do you hear yourself?"
"Yes, I do hear myself! And I also hear what everyone else says, about how I'm basically worthless and I don't belong with you and you need to ditch me and find someone who's worth your time!" Jack tries to interject but you barrel over him, every word accompanied by fresh tears.
���Everyone says I'm too ugly for you. I'm too fat. My body type is all wrong and I'm not tall enough and-and..." Your bottom lip trembles and you clap your hands over your mouth for a moment, eyes squeezing shut. "and that you're just cheating on me with all those other beautiful women you're always seen with. Th-that you're too nice to just dump me."
"Who's been saying that?" Jack 's voice is oddly quiet for the situation.
"Everyone. All the…people that work in the business, I know what they say behind my back when I go out with you. And all the magazines, and the papers..."
"And you believe them?" You sniffle and look down at your hands, suddenly feeling so drained that you could collapse.
"I don't know what I believe anymore. I know that I feel like shit sometimes when I see you with other girls that you could be with-" You're cut off suddenly by Jacks mouth on yours. He holds your face in his ands and presses his lips to yours so hard that you know they'll be swollen afterwards. Your first instinct is to struggle, to push against him because you don't understand, but he doesn't let up. You melt against him, fingers fisting in the fabric of his shirt as you clutch at him.
"How many times?" he breathes against your lips once he releases you enough to look at you, his eyes a mix of frustration and sad longing.
"How many times have I told you not to believe the horse shit that they print in those papers?" You open your mouth to speak but it's him that refuses to let you speak this time. "I don't fucking care what they say, and I don't fucking care what they think. I absolutely hate that they hurt you, and if I could do anything, anything to make them stop I swear on my life that I would. But I can't." His voice is hollow, like he's admitting a shortcoming that tortures him. You raise your hands and cup his face, watching him shut his eyes and lean into your touch.
“There are a lot of beautiful girls in this world. I'm friends with many of them. I've dated some of them. And right now, I'm looking at the most beautiful of them all and I don't know how to make her understand that she means the world to me. No one else has made me feel like you do, no one else gets me like you do. It doesn't matter how pretty some other girl is that I'm hanging out with, they're not you and they couldn't ever make me happy like you do. They couldn't replace you." He shakes his head ruefully. "I guess I thought that you knew that."
You don't know what to say to him. Although you know your insecurities haven't disappeared, your heart feels full and you've never thought it was possible to love someone like you love Jack. You press your face into the crook of his neck, feeling him lean his head down onto yours and wrap his arms around you to hold you tight to himself.
"I'm sorry," you whisper against his skin.
"Don't be." He pulls away so you can look at him. "Just forget everyone else. Think about me. Think about us, right here." He takes your hand and places it on his chest, over the spot where his heart thuds a strong beat beneath your palm. "What we have is real and wonderful and people are going to try to destroy it but we can't let them."
"We won't let them," you agree quietly, nodding and raising on your toes to kiss him softly. Jack rests his forehead against yours and sighs.
"Can't believe you ever thought you weren't pretty enough." His hands splay on your back, spreading heat through you. "I'll show you, pretty girl. I'll show you just how perfect you are to me."
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heich0e · 2 months ago
the text you sent to your not date has MASSIVE suna energy
id do anything to make out w him fr
the things.... this did to me... (and apparently two other ppl in my ask)
Tumblr media
a man starved suna rintarou/f!reader (haikyuu!!) word count: 2.2k tags: MINORS DNI, making out, fwb, heavy petting, edging (kinda), suna being a malevolent agent of chaos, also i think i accidentally wrote him a foot fetish :) my bad!
Tumblr media
Practice is out just need to shower and change
U still good for dinner?
You stare at the two new messages as you hold your cellphone up over your face, body splayed leisurely across your bedspread. You sigh lightly as you read the text, eyes flickering up to the time in the upper left-hand corner of your phone screen.
It's already past seven, and Suna likely won't make it to your place until a little after eight. You still aren't dressed, meaning you'll have to haul yourself out of bed and put on something half-decent in place of the comfortable clothes you've spent the day lounging around in. And to top it all off, your roommate is in Tokyo for the weekend, meaning you have the entire place to yourself for once and you hate the thought of wasting the monopoly you so rarely have on the space.
You purse your lips, pulling yourself up on your bed and typing out your reply.
'I don’t really feel like going out for dinner but do you wanna come over and make out a bit or whatever?'
A few seconds pass before his reply comes through, as brief and to-the-point as ever.
Suna shows up at 8 on the dot--a bit earlier than you'd anticipated--but his hair is still damp so you guess he decided to forgo drying it after he got out of his post-practice shower. It makes sense since the two of you aren't planning on going anywhere for the night.
"How was practice?" you ask as Suna drops his bag in the genkan, toeing off his sneakers.
He shrugs a bit.
You've been hooking up with Suna for long enough to read the subtle lift in his shoulders as clearly as a verbal response: practice was fine, same as always.
You lock the front door behind you and follow him into the living room where he's flopped himself down on your sofa as comfortably as he might his own.
"Are you hungry?" you ask him as you stand at the edge of the sofa and peer down at him, curling your toes idly in your fluffy slides. "I didn't go to the grocery store but I probably have something you could eat."
"We could be eating at a restaurant right now," he replies back dryly, digging his phone out from the pocket of his hoodie. "But someone decided they didn't feel like it."
"I forgot how grumpy you get when you're hungry," you huff, shuffling into your kitchen. You pull open the first cupboard and scan through it. "I have... granola bars? And half a bag of rice crackers!"
You pull the bag of tiny, salty crackers down from the shelf and dig out a few, popping them into your mouth. They're so hard you're surprised your teeth don't crack.
"Ok scratch that last one," you say through the mouthful of food, chomping painfully on the stale crackers before swallowing them down.
"How do you live like this? It's pitiful," Suna remarks from his position on your sofa.
You peek at him from around the cupboard door and find his eyes on you, his head propped up in one hand. You stick your tongue out at him petulantly.
“Fine. Starve," you sniff, pulling open the door to your second cupboard and continuing your search for something at least half-edible.
"I ordered donburi while I was on the train here. Should be delivered in a bit," Suna says, putting you out of your misery as he watches you check the expiration date on a can of soup you don't even remember buying.
You shoot him a look. "You could have told me that before I almost shattered a molar."
"It was funny."
"You're a dick."
You pluck a granola bar from the mostly empty box in the cupboard before you, toting it back with you to the living room. You crawl into the corner of the couch, tucking yourself under Suna's long legs, and rip the reflective wrapper open with your teeth.
"Can I have a bite?" Suna asks, shifting his phone where he's holding it up in front of his face to look at you.
"No," you say, taking a spiteful bite out of your snack just to punctuate the reply.
Suna pulls himself upright in a display of core strength you could never hope to accomplish, casting his cellphone aside and leaning forward so he's closer to you.
"Just a bite," he goads, eyes locked on the chocolate covered treat in your hands. You shift your body away from him (though you don't really have anywhere to go, trapped in the corner of the sofa and pinned under his legs) cradling the bar protectively.
"Your precious donburi will be here soon, you wouldn't want to spoil your appetite with my pitiful little granola bar," you say, but the words are quieter thanks to how near Suna has gotten to your face.
You can smell the scent of the shampoo you know he keeps in his training bag and the bar soap he favours clinging to him from his post-practice shower mingling with the spearmint gum on his breath. Noticing the sweet smell, your eyes flicker unconsciously to his lips, quickly snapping back up when you see the way they quirk at the corner in recognition of your wandering gaze.
He leans forward, caging you into the corner with one hand on the armrest and the other on the back of the sofa beside your head. Something troublesome flickers behind the hazel hue of his eyes, and you know it means absolutely nothing good for you.
He moves impossibly closer, his lips almost on top of yours, spearmint mixing with the lingering taste of chocolate on your breath.
"I didn't say anything about wanting your granola bar.”
Suna Rintarou is infuriating.
And a great fucking kisser.
You’re so distracted by his talented mouth, in fact, that you can hardly keep track of his hands.
You only distantly register the way he maneuvers your body exactly how he wants you, dragging your hips down the sofa and pressing himself between your thighs as they fall open for them willingly. You don’t notice his hand on your ankle, pushing your knee up towards your chest--and if you do feel the burn in the back of your thigh from the stretch as his fingers rub slow circles into the arch of your foot, you pay it no mind.
You’re too preoccupied with the way you can feel spit spilling down your chin from how sloppily he’s kissing you. The wet, indecently slick sound of Suna trailing his tongue along your skin to catch it and force it back into your mouth again. The little puffs of Suna’s breath against your parted lips, a laugh you think, at the way you writhe when he grazes a spot on the sole of your foot that’s ticklish.
A roll of his hips, and the unmistakable press of something stiff against you in the process, is the first thing that catches your attention.
“Rint’rou,” you slur his own name desperately against his mouth.
He hums inquisitively, rolling his hips again.
“More,” you plead, trying to pull your foot back from his hold.
He pulls away from you instead, his grip still tight on your foot.
“I thought this was what you called me over for,” he pauses as he presses a kiss to your calf, dragging his lips slowly up towards your foot. “Just making out a bit.”
“You’re being mean,” you whisper, but it breaks into a whine as he nips at your ankle.
“You’re the one who asked for it,” Suna replies easily, placidly, like you can’t see how hard he is under his EJP Raijin track pants. “I would have been happy to fuck you exactly how you like it, but…”
Your eyes narrow, pulling your foot back harshly from his hold and letting it fall to the couch beside where he’s resting on his knees between your legs.
“You can’t seriously be that mad I bailed on dinner.”
“I had a reservation,” Suna says, crawling up your body until he’s got you caged in underneath him again.
“No you didn’t,” you call him out on his blatant lie, trying to roll your hips up against his—against anything for a bit of friction—but failing because he’s holding himself up just out of reach.
He lifts his brow challengingly, whether at your words or your efforts you’re uncertain, though it’s probably both. “You don’t know that,” he tuts.
“Rintarou,” you say his name softly, beseechingly, craning up to brush your nose against his.
He repeats your name back to you, still slightly mocking, but there’s something heavy under the deceptively breathy way he says it.
You reach up to wrap your arms around his neck, wrists crossing behind him.
“Please touch me,” you request—as nicely as you can given your fraying patience.
“I am touching you,” he says, but he dips down and presses a fleeting kiss to your mouth afterwards.
You can’t force back the whine that slips out of you as he withdraws once more.
“Baby.” Suna laughs.
Not the pet name, the insult.
“What do I have to do?” you ask him exasperatedly, and something in his eyes shifts.
His gaze travels down your face, shifting back on his knees again so his hands are free from holding him up. His touch trails down your sides, over your ribs, settling at your hips.
“Let me take you out to dinner.”
You blink at him.
“What do you mean?” you ask him quietly.
“I mean,” Suna’s fingers dip under the hem of your oversized sweatshirt, his touch cold on your bare, flushing skin as the material rucks up over his wrists, “let me take you out to dinner.”
Suna’s hands creep steadily upwards under your shirt as you process his words. You don’t know what to say, how to respond, what the implication of his statement means.
"When?" you ask, confused. But theres a quiver in your voice as you say it.
"Anytime," he replies easily, his touch ghosting along the underside of your chest. You hadn’t bothered to put a bra on before he’d arrived, expecting it to be quickly shed anyway.
“Where?” you gasp out the second question at the exact moment Suna’s fingers pinch down on the buds of your breasts in tandem.
“Somewhere nice.” Suna’s fingers loosen their grip to a gentle brush, thumbs stroking upwards against the sensitive peaks of your nipples as they stiffen further under his attention. “Just the two of us.”
“Like a real date?” you asked him breathily.
You and Suna don’t do real dates. You do drive thrus, cheap takeout, cafes, and bars. You do late night showings of horror movies in empty theatres where you end up in his lap long before the first jump scare even happens. You do 2AM trips to the convenience store to buy condoms and ice cream, only to leave both items forgotten on the table in your entryway when he ends up fucking you against the front door the minute you stumble through it.
You don’t do dates, because you aren't dating.
“Yeah,” Suna leans forward, his lips ghosting just over yours, his hands still underneath your sweatshirt. “Like a real date.”
Your heart knocks noisily, tangibly, against your ribs; your throat feels too small for the breaths you’re trying to pull through it.
Suna blinks at you slowly.
“Okay,” he agrees, and then he’s kissing you again.
He doesn’t hold back this time, doesn’t stop you when you wrap your legs around his waist to press your hips against his. He groans into your mouth at the friction between your bodies, a simmering heat pooling in the pit of your stomach at the sound. You let your fingers tangle in his dark hair, almost entirely dry now, tugging lightly against the strands as he drags his lips down the sensitive column of your throat.
A sharp knock at your apartment door startles both of you, your grip on Suna’s hair tightening and a yelp tearing from his throat in response.
Both of you freeze.
“Your donburi,” you laugh, almost disbelievingly, as you realize who’s at the door. You shift, moving to sit up.
Suna places a hand on your shoulder, keeping you pinned down beneath him. You look up at him quizzically, watching as his pink tongue darts out to moisten his kiss-bruised lips.
“They’ll leave it at the door,” he says, his hands reaching for the waistband of your shorts, fingers dipping underneath as he begins to tug them down.
“Aren’t you hungry?” you protest weakly, but still lift your hips so he can drag the garment down your thighs—your panties along with it.
Suna looks down at you, your shorts dangling from two of his long fingers, a smirk playing at the corner of his mouth.
He tosses your clothes away, never breaking eye-contact.
“Yeah,” he replies, and a tremor of warmth shoots through you at the deep, salacious lilt in his voice. “Starving.”
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𖦹 this reading includes why you will fall in love with your person, why they will fall in love with you and a playlist of songs I picked up on while doing the reading.
𖦹 so each pile will have 2 paragraphs, you can definitely choose more than one pile. ex: you can choose pile 1 for why you will fall in love with your person and you can choose pile 3 for why they will fall in love with you.
𖦹 how does this work? close your eyes and take deep breaths, pick the pile you are most drawn to. If you aren’t drawn to any pile then that’s okay, these messages aren’t for you.
𖦹 take what resonates!
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oh wow I’m getting a lot of earth energy here and air, mainly mutable signs. perhaps you are mutable dominant or your person is. ohmygod I just realised the picture you chose is a picture of the moon and I was going to say that you will love your person’s ability to change and adapt. ok, this is strange, this is supposed to be about what you will love about your person but all I’m getting is what your person will love about you. oh I know, you will love the way your person loves you. your person will love you even on your bad days. are you a moody person? do you feel like you’re too much to handle at times? even then, your person will still love you AND you will love them because of that. they won’t leave you pile 01, it’s okay to have bad days and it’s okay to show them your bare face, they won’t leave you. I just heard “the moon is still the moon in all its phases”. I feel like your person is also quite a moody person and feels like nobody understands them but you will understand them. you both will understand each other. I feel like you both are homebodies. If not, you both will spend a lot of time at home together, just cuddling and letting each other in each other’s world. funny enough, I’m also getting cancer energy here. your person is mature and wise enough to understand that not every person is perfect and is bound to have bad days. with them, you will feel safe, understood and comfortable which is also what you will love about them. I even think your person at one point will tell you that they won't love you less for showing them your flaws (or atleast something along those lines). oh wow I also just heard "I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow". this is random but do you like quotes? I'm getting a lot of them right now hahaha. your person will probably be good with words and reassure you a lot because I feel like you need it. words are important to you, aren't they? did you also choose pile one in my previous PAC? because I'm getting very similar energy. back to what will make you fall in love with your person, you will love your person's hardwork and determination. for some of you, your person may work from home and you will see their hard-working nature which you will love and admire. and for some others of you, you may work at the same workplace as your person. either way, you will love your person's hard-working nature and work ethic. your person takes their career seriously and can separate love and work so they may appear like a completely different person at work/in their uniform. they're cuddly, soft and nurturing at home with you but at work they're stern, demanding and cold. this duality about them is one of the things you will absolutely love about them. all of these qualities about your person will make you fall in love with your person and I feel like it will be quite a slow process. like, you both eventually warming up to eachother and you loving your person a little more each day until BAM! you realise you've completely fallen for your person (and landed) and would take a bullet for them. even then, you will still continue to love them more and more. gosh, that was cheesy, I blame this energy!
I'm getting strong pluto energy here, also fire (especially sagittarius) and libra. I'm also hearing scorpio, maybe scorpio moon. you may have these placements or maybe your person does but I'm feeling strongly that you do. there is something about pluto here, your person will love your plutonic traits. you could be quite an intense person, your emotions may also sometimes spiral out of control. you are a very deep person, there's so much depth to you and your person will absolutely love you for that. they will enjoy listening to you talking about your problems. even if you're not the type to talk about your emotions, your person will greatly appreciate you opening up to them, even a little bit. they will be patient. I feel like you are the type of person that rarely shares anything about yourself and hates being seen as weak and vulnerable so when you start opening up to them, your person will realise that you do trust them and that you do feel comfortable with them. this will mean a lot to your person, this is something they take to heart. trust. so it isn't only just your intimidating persona but rather your trust and ability to open up to them is what will make them love you. continuing the pluto themes, I feel in your relationship with your person, you will transform a lot throughout it. your person will see you through all your cycles and changes and still continue to love every part of you. your person will also transform a lot in your relationship because of you, they will realise that you make them a better person and will see a future with you. perhaps they've been in relationships that were stagnant and were also not good for their growth, they might have been quite immature or cold or flaky before meeting you because of their last relationships (specifically the one before you). they might not be the type to commit because they've always thought that they weren't capable of that but you will show them otherwise. now moving onto the next card (yes I wrote all of that from one card hahaha), the next thing that will make your person fall in love with you is how you always speak your truth. you are unbiased and are the type to tell people to sort their shit out. they will really love this trait about you because this will help them grow and be a better person, they will want to grow with you and stick with you through thick and thin. with you, they can see the future. you give them hope and motivation. definitely not false hope either, because with you, they know anything is possible. you aren't the type to lie to make people feel better. because of this, your person will be able to trust you and rely on you too. I'm also hearing they will ask you for advice especially on their work. your person may have been surrounded by fake people all their life but you're definitely not one of them. you are real, you are you. they will love you. another thing that will make them fall in love with you is your sense of humour, enthusiasm and adventurous energy, perhaps you know a lot about other cultures or perhaps you both are from different cultural backgrounds. they will learn so much from you and I feel like they will be interested in your culture (your person has this cute childish like curious energy like aries or gemini haha I love it). I'm also seeing celebration. there may be a time where you both will be at a celebration/party and your person will look at you communicating with other people (people of your community is what I'm getting) and they will be so astonished. they will feel very proud to have you in that very moment and I think that moment will play an important part of your lives. It could be one of the first moments they realise that they love you?
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I’m getting strong pisces energy here, along with cancer, leo and taurus. I’m also getting venus in 12th house and venus/neptune energy. perhaps you have those signs in your chart or your person does. we have the romantics in this pile! right off the bat, you will absolutely love your person’s romantic side and their sweet gestures. your person (maybe even you) seems like a hopeless romantic, you both will watch a lot of romcoms together and say cheesy shit to eachother. you will love that you don't have to feel ashamed for liking romantic stuff or being a softie when it comes to that stuff with this person because, in fact, your person is like that too. you will love how they're affectionate with you and how they give you butterflies when you see them and when they compliment you. they have a youthful energy, perhaps they could be younger than you but I’m feeling for a lot of you that you will love their energy. they will bring you something new to the table everyday, there’s feelings of excitement here. they will make you feel young again, perhaps you have dedicated your life to work without relaxation and this person will 100% change your perspective and definitely teach you that there is more to life than just working your ass off. this person will take you to many places and show you the places they love. back to the excitement part, I feel like your person will make you keep wanting more, they’re very romantic, funny and charming and I feel like you will go to sleep each night just thinking about your person all excited and wondering what they will do the next day. this gives me very much teenager in love vibes hehe. do you have aries venus? your person is so flirty pile 02, especially with you.
they are also attractive and they know it. you will love their confidence and you will also love that they are okay with public display of affection, the way they make you feel loved and proud of having you will make you love them a lot. they don’t shy away from pda, in fact they initiate it. they want to show the world that you’re theirs. I’m also getting that you will also love that they don’t pretend to be someone else when they’re with their friends vs when they’re with you. for example, when they’re with you they’re sweet and say nice things to you. when they’re with their friends with you, they’re not the type to suddenly act cool infront of their friends and treat you like you’re not important to them. I feel like that is a turnoff for lots of you, maybe because you have suffered from this. but don’t worry, they will be so proud to have you. think of leo venus. I’m also hearing that their friends will know that you are someone their friend (your person) really loves because your person will speak fondly of you to them. this may cause some jealousy especially if your person has girl friends but it can also be guy friends (from their side). I also see that the way your person will handle this jealousy from their friends will be so attractive to you. I'd also like to add that your person is someone who is very popular and probably has admirers but they will still choose you out of everyone. all of this will make you realise that this person is very serious about you and doesn't want you to worry or feel uncomfortable. you will love the way they make you feel protected and their considerate nature. you will love their physical appearance, I think they will be your ideal type, I'm seeing messy/curly hair. is that what you like? for some of you, your person will have brunette-blonde curly hair. I see you playing with their hair a lot. I also feel like you will love their eyes and the way they dress, perhaps their eyes are 'moon-like'. another thing you will love about this person is their artistic and creative side, I feel like they're talented. for some of you, they write poems or they paint or they play guitar and sing. are you a sucker for artistically inclined people/musicians? I feel like at one point, they will make you something. like painting a portrait of you, writing a poem about you or writing a song about you, they will tell you that you're their muse. It will be a very special moment for the both of you.
I'm getting gemini, pisces, aries and libra energy from this pile. I'm also getting venus in 1st and 7th house. perhaps you have these placements or your person does. first of all, your person will love the way you respond to their affection and the way you give them affection. maybe you are a touchy person or physical touch is your person's love language. I know this may be weird but they will love the way you touch them. I'm also getting that whenever you randomly give them backhugs, you make their heart go crazy. your person loves backhugs, felt like you should know that. your person is a physical person, felt like you should know that too. are you a clingy person? I'm just seeing a picture of a couple and one of them is just coming closer to the other person to hold hands with them in public. I just heard "mignon/mignonne". your person will love your cuteness, you kinda remind me of a cat. I'm also getting that whenever you wear their oversized clothes, you make their heart melt. your person could be french or you are, but I'm mostly getting that they will love that they can romance you like never before. pile 02, your person may have never romanced anyone before because they were afraid of not getting the same love/energy from their partner. but with you, they don't have to worry about that because you show them you love them just as much as they love you. they don't have to worry about being disappointed and the relationship being one-sided. you reciprocate and return the same love. you are fair, you both will be on the same wavelength, that's what they will love about you. another thing that they will love about you are your habits, I'm hearing for some that you have a habit of scrunching your nose, walking on tip-toes? maybe you have a habit of whistling? I'm also hearing that you will have a habit of touching them when you walk past them and holding their hands whenever you can. your person will find your habits adorable. I have a feeling that at one point, there will be a situation where you feel jealous for some reason but you won’t act immaturely. this will be very attractive to your person because they may have experienced their partners getting jealous and completely doubting your person’s loyalty and love because of that tad bit of jealousy. you won’t though. I just feel like you will trust your partner but maybe not other people that surrounds your partner. a lot of you could be younger than your person but very mature. you are very mature but also not? serious but also knows how to have fun. there’s some innocent energy here, maybe it’s just because of your cute face and habits hehe. your partner will really love this balance about you. you will also be financially secure when you’re with your partner but because of your own hardwork and you will also be independent. you’re not the type to ask your partner to buy you something or expect your partner to be the provider. you both will be the providers, again, there’s this equal energy in this relationship. a lot of you look innocent and easy to take advantage of, you look like the damsel in distress to other people but you’re not. your person will be a sucker for you, pile 02. there will also be a time where they pretend to still be asleep in the morning while you’re getting changed infront of them without you knowing. you will fulfil them in so many ways, even in the bedroom (I won’t get into detail tho). they get a lot of inspiration from you. I feel like you will help them get out of a rut and they will experience new beginnings with you, you will come into their life and make it better. you will finally be the person who will be good for them, the moment you step into their life, they sigh of relief. there’s this feeling like “yes finally”. number 1 is quite significant here, some of you could be your person’s ‘first’ for something, or vice versa. I feel like your person will be immediately attracted to you and It will not take them long to fall in love. for a lot of you, your person will fall in love with you the first time they sleep with you.
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TW: body, scars, obsession, sex
I'm getting scorpio, capricorn, leo and cancer from this pile. also venus in 8th, pluto in 7th. perhaps you have those placements or your person does. how does it feel having a person who is exactly my ideal type, pile 03?. right off the bat, you will absolutely love how they will be protective of you. they will be so whipped for you, maybe even possessive and obsessed with you but I feel like you like that. you will love the way they make you feel special. I feel like when they see you for the first time, they will 'claim' you and do anything to make you theirs. I can just imagine them fantasizing about you late at night because I feel like they will find you so attractive, you could be their ideal type. they would die for you, they’re a true ‘ride or die’. they feel like a very intense person, I’m getting an intense energy. however, this will be something you will love about them. this obsessiveness from your person will kinda make you feel, secure? they will be so loyal to you and the fact that they show you by displaying this protectiveness and obsessiveness will kinda calm you down. you won’t feel like they’re being unfaithful to you and that’s what you will love about them. another thing you will love about them is how they’re so certain and direct, they know what they want. and what they want is you. like without a doubt in their mind, they will choose you. you’re on the top of their ‘I want’ list. your person is honestly powerful and leader-like. also dominant? that’s what I’m getting haha. you will love those traits about them anyways. I’m suddenly smelling something really nice but I don’t know what it is? I feel like your person will give you flowers. I’m also getting that you will shower with them a lot, your person will love your naked body. you will love the fact that your person will love you bare, you feel comfortable being seen by them. are you insecure of your body? your person will kiss all over your body and your scars if you have any and they will also wash your body too. although they may be known as someone who is dominant, you will love that they can be gentle and loving with you. for a lot of you, I feel like this person will be the first to show you ‘love’ and what love is. have you not received a lot of love in the past? this person will love you so much and kiss your wounds. I heard “bandaging wounds” and “kissing the pain away”. you will love how they care about you so much. when you are hurt, they will stop everything and just come to you and get the first aid kit. It’s so adorable. you will be in disbelief because I think you won’t think anyone could possibly care about you that much. for a lot of you, at first you may dismiss this person because you will think they only like you because of yours appearance and nothing more but you are wrong. I’m also getting major “makeup sex” vibes and healing each other through sex and intimacy. maybe that’s something you like. you will love that this person can bring out another side of you, a side of you that you kept hidden inside for so long. your person will make you feel so comfortable that you feel like you can be reckless, unleash this ‘dark’ side of you and your desires, be yourself. do you have intimacy issues? I think this person will make those issues disappear. I know that you ‘should’ solve your own issues but it’s good to have other people help you too.
I’m getting scorpio, aquarius, aries, virgo energy here. also pluto and uranus. perhaps you have those signs or your person does. so one thing your person will love about you is your mind, perhaps you have a complex mind. do you have aquarius moon/mercury? whatever, your person will love getting to know you and wanting to walk around in your mind. they would love getting to know every little thing about you, including your thought processes, the ins and outs of your personality, why you do things, everything about your past and your goals, literally they’d want to know your whole being. you’ll love that they’ll find you so interesting and fascinating, perhaps you like attention (especially attention for your mind and ideas). there is a feeling of distance here though, your person may like to observe you at first. kinda stalker-ish vibes but not creepy, more like the type to look through all your Instagram posts from years ago. your person will love you because of how you’re so different and unpredictable. like I’m getting that they will love you because of the random shit you say at times, they’ll find it so funny. also they’ll love catching you doing weird and suspicious things and tease you about it later. you’re like a mystery, a puzzle waiting to be solved to them. they’ll find you so intelligent and fascinating, pile 03. they’ll love you because you never make them feel bored, you make everyday an adventure for them, you make going to the grocery store fun to them. they will love love love your energy, this love literally goes beyond the physical. It is hard to find someone whose energy and presence just feels right, that’s what it’ll feel like to them when they meet you for the first time. there’s this feeling like “where have you been my whole life? why are you only just coming into my life now?!”. I’m seeing some sort of delay, they may be slow at first or you will be. but when they make their mind up they will be coming to you asap with clear intentions. It’s like they will immediately know that you’re the one for them but they won’t come to you right away, they will take their time observing you and slowly come towards you. by observing I mean just watching your every move when they get to see you and then secretly smiling. I don’t know how to say this, to put it simply, you will just make them smile. they may not be the type of person to smile often but damn, with you, it’s all they do. you bring excitement and joy into their life, you’re the missing piece they never knew they needed. I feel like your person has everything (career, house, money, etc) except love. they’re probably not even the type to care about love but you will change that. It’s also why I think they will be obsessive and possessive over you and hold a tight grip on you because they won’t want to lose you, lose their happiness. another thing that will make them fall in love with you is how you change because of them. a lot of you have intimacy issues that will be helped healed by your person. I am also getting that they will love you giving in to them, they love power. maybe you hold grudges and get pouty a lot but having you give in to them and forgiving them is what your person will love about you. the look of you submitting will make your person weak haha. they will love your facial expressions too.
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moonlight-in-the-sea · 2 months ago
random things arcane characters love about you
ft. viktor, jayce, silco, vander, vi, jinx, caitlyn, ekko, finn, grayson, local cuisine
viktor loves the way your presence lights up the room. his love is bigger than him, he knows, as you walk into the lab and suddenly, all the stress of ''why is it not working?'' and ''what am i doing wrong?'' just dissolves into nothing. it feels like his mind has finally stopped working overtime when you take his head and press it on your bosom, threading your fingers through his hair, and he realizes he doesn't feel the pounding headache he's been battling with for days. he leans into your embrace, curls into it even, and maybe, just maybe the situation is not as bleak as he makes it out to be. you give him the strength to keep going, not with the rush of knowing his spark is about to go out, but also with the hope for the future, of all the things the of you could do, of the life you could live together.
Tumblr media
jayce loves it when the two of you banter playfully. flirty banter is a personal favorite of his, but can take any subject and turn it into a mock argument just to rile you up. he loves it when you don't back down or let it blow over, he finds it insanely attractive when you defend your point of view, even if it's later proven to be objectively false. your relationship is the embodiment of ''did it hurt? when i told you to google it and i was right''. it's funny how competitive he gets even over the smallest of debates, but he loves nothing more when you put him in his place. pay no heed to how sulky he gets afterward, the first time you proved him wrong he considered dropping down on one knee for a solid second.
Tumblr media
silco loves how well you can read him. it's an unconventional trait for someone around him to have due to his position, but it makes him oddly happy to know that someone knows him and cares for him well enough to deduce how he's feeling. most people know of silco to be this stone-cold boss who is always one step ahead, who has everything under control at all times, but they're wrong. silco isn't the omnipotent evil mastermind everyone makes him out to be, and it's pretty easy to read him if you just look at him. you think you're subtle when you cater to his needs, but silco is anything but oblivious, yet he appreciates the effort you put into making his life easier, warmth blooming in his chest despite the little voice in the back of his head nagging him that vulnerability is a weakness.
Tumblr media
vander loves the way you fit in his family. the kids could use another parental figure, and having you in the picture really set the dynamic right. vander is a phenomenal father, but it eases his mind when he has you to check on the kids when he needs to keep a firm stance for some topics. he loves to see you interact with his kids, even dote on them, and to have you around in the last drop, his eyes flitting over to you frequently. the patrons find it quite charming, as it only adds to the warm atmosphere of the bar. whenever he goes to sleep at night with you by his side, he makes sure to gather you in his arms, angling his body so he's almost draped over you, internally thanking whoever sent you his way. he thinks you've slotted right into his found family, like the missing last piece of a puzzle, each member a piece of broken glass but together they merge into a breathtaking mosaic.
Tumblr media
vi loves your caring nature. being the eldest, she has always been the one looking after people, all the responsibilities on her shoulders. she is a natural leader, she leads and cares and provides, but she finds all the walls she's built up crumbling when you cup her face and tell her to rest. it shouldn't come as a surprise that she likes being doted on, to let go for once, and she trusts you enough to bare herself before you. the part of her that worries that she's never good enough because there are always consequences to her actions that hurt those around her, the part of her that wants to isolate herself because she thinks she deserves everything that's happened to her, you will see all of it. if you sit her down and tell her how much you love her and that she deserves to be happy, she will break down. even she didn't realize you're the support she so desperately craved.
Tumblr media
jinx loves it when you stick your nose into her business. she is as unhinged as it gets, and it makes her infinitely happy to see you accept her for who she is instead of trying to mold her into something she's not, but that doesn't stop you from pulling her from the back of her collar like holding a kitten from the scruff of its neck if she has the look of ''i'm totally gonna do something dangerous'' on her face. people might think she hates it and only tolerates you, but she's actually elated when you stick your nose into her business because it shows that you care. you ask where she's going because you care about her wellbeing. you ask if she needs someone on the lookout for her bomb experiments because you don't want her to get hurt. outsiders think she listens to you begrudgingly, but in reality, she's been waiting for you to tell her off because it makes her feel loved.
Tumblr media
caitlyn loves it when you express yourself openly. she has long since put her feelings under lock and key, being raised as a daughter of an aristocrat, she has always been taught that she shouldn't show how she feels, no matter how strongly she feels. it's a weakness that will get exploited, people will use it against you in a world run by false pleasantries and useless charades. it feels like a breath of fresh air when she's with you when you honestly tell her how you feel. whether she's hurt you without meaning to, or how she has made you incredibly happy with a gesture that she didn't think twice about. you give her the courage to express herself openly and to go out of her shell. maybe, she thinks, maybe it's time to feel with my whole heart.
Tumblr media
ekko loves the way your eyes light up when you see something you love. the tree in the firelights base, the kids running around, something new to tinker with, ever since he's seen the way you light up at those, he has made it his mission to keep that look on your face at all times. he keeps you by his side most of the time, soaking up in your laughter like it's the sun itself, always finding something new and interesting to show you. it's almost expected to find the two of you attached to the hip at all times like you come in a package, and ekko is so focused on making you happy that he has yet to realize that your eyes shine the brightest when you're around him.
Tumblr media
finn loves your empty threats. he thinks it's endearing how you hide your soft feelings behind harsh words, plus he thinks it's just... cute. look at you all lovable and charming compared to him and you're yelling at this big bad chembaron to not leave his knives all around the house or you'll make him sleep on the couch--the very couch you don't let him nap on because you don't want him to get neck pain since his body is way too big to fit on it. no matter how mild or violent your threats are--ranging from cooking his least favorites for the rest of the week to punching a hole in his gut because he isn't listening to you, he reciprocates them, and it makes a funny sight because everyone and their mother knows that the two of you would suffer eternally rather than hurt a hair on each other's heads. he wants to kiss you so bad.
Tumblr media
grayson loves the fact that you're her safe haven. some might think the sheriff has it easy, being on top of the chain of command, but between the politics and her trips to the undercity, grayson rarely has time to enjoy the fruits of her labor. she finds he doesn't mind that as much as she should when she comes home to the delicious aroma of your home cooking wafting through the air, your chipper voice welcoming her home. sharing a drink with you late in the evening, she remembers that yeah, this is what i work for. this is why i endure. she looks at your head resting on her shoulder, pressing a kiss on your hair, solemnly promising that despite the council's mind games and the turbulence in the undercity, she will make sure that nothing disturbs this peace.
Tumblr media
local cuisine loves how understanding you are. his line of work isn't exactly... ideal, for relationships. he is shunned and looked down upon, despite his services being in high demand. he is a one-time thing, a fling, at most. he knows it can be hard to be with someone from his line of work, let alone trust them and stay loyal to them, and it's utterly baffling to him that you managed to love him all the same. he used to open the door to your shared apartment with shaky hands, steeling himself to find it empty, only to see you curled up on the sofa with a blanket draped over your legs, almost tripping over it as you make a beeline for him, gently pulling him into your arms as you welcome him home. he watches you as you get the healing salves from the cabinet, his eyes crinkling with the smile pulling at his lips as he giggles, ''i'm home''.
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