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× More nature cuz I think mr.Miyazaki should get a summer home here 😤~💨×

People ask if its boring but I don’t see it? Lots of nature and minimal small talk with hoomans. But not so rural that it’s boring. Still some civilization, everyone assumes things are far away? But remember, no traffic so it’s a “country mile”

Give me urban or rural, but I hate the in between /suburbs. Just a personal opinion, but I wonder if that a lot of creative inclined ppl have that in common? 🤔

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Don’t know if anyone would be interested but if you are…

I’m a card reader for over 6 years now. I love doing this so I can help others out & to show them maybe what there not seeing or they are struggling with something & need light to some how guide them.

PayPal Only - Message Me, Thank you


Here is the list of readings I offer:


$1 - “The Element” ($1 per Question) (NO questions on Unborn Children or Children in general, Deceased Loved One, Health Related like Cancer, Pregnancy, Broken Bones) 


$2 - “Conquer Your Life”


$3 - “What’s Coming, How To Prepare”


$3 - “Inner Guidance”


$4 - “Unlock Yourself, Key To Self Discovery”


$5 - “Path To Miracles”


$5 - “Good Vibes”


$5 - “Love Life (Past, Present, Future)”


$5 - “The Future”


$5 - “Rose Petal” (May show: Love Yourself or Love Life)


$5 - “New Moon”


$10 - “Basic Card Reading”


$10 - “Life Portrait Reading”


$10 - “Animal Spirit Reading”


$20 - “36 Card Reading”

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White Supremacy Curse (A.k.a curse those that support white supremacy)

Written in support of the BLM movement

I will perform this spell on Friday during the full moon at around 9 p.m. since that is when the moon will be rising in my state and add to the power of the spell.


  • Incense or candle (a black candle)
  • A spicy seasoning (I will use cheyenne or chili pepper, or both)
  • Lemon juice
  • Paper and pen/pencil
  • Optional: white candle
  • Optional: tears (if you can, to add power)


  • Cast your circle and ground yourself
  • Write the groups you are targeting on the paper (for example I will be writing KKK, Donald Trump, white supremacy like in the spell name, but you can also write cops, especially the cop the killed george floyd, or any others you can think of)
  • Sprinkle the seasoning in the middle of the paper and fold the paper (keeping the seasoning in the middle)
  • Squirt lemon juice on the paper
  • Burn the paper along with your candle/incense while saying the incantation below:

“Let those that suppress others because of the color of their skin feel the pain they caused. Let those that have been oppressed rise up and take back what was stolen from them”

  • If you have a white candle light it with the intentions of helping the suppressed rise up and win and add power to them

I have signed petitions and supported the movement in a lot of other ways, so I will use my craft to add to this. I hope many of you will join me and make this spell even more powerful!

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