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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#good vibes

I’m so overjoyed. They broke up! The guy who broke my heart, used me, and chose another girl over me, broke up with his girlfriend/fiance (her). 

It’s like my prayers have been answered. A weight has been lifted from my chest. I told him a girl won’t fix him, he’s to messed up.

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Good evening, everyone. ❤️ It’s 9p here in NY.

How is everyone doing?

Feel free to start a conversation with me- tell me what’s been bothering you.

Follow up with telling me something good that happened to you today. 🙂

Reminder: Your attitude changes your altitude. Reframe your perspective and you will see how beautiful life is.

5 things i’m grateful for challenge still going strong, here’s some that I wrote in my journal today if you need some inspiration⬇️:

  • I’m grateful for having good health.
  • I’m grateful for having food.
  • I’m grateful for having a source of income.
  • I’m grateful for having an incredible hiking partner, aka, Lacuna. 🐾
  • I’m grateful for having clothes to wear.

Your turns. No gratitude is too small.

I have to catch up on some school work, some cleaning, and my nightly routine (tonight is core day!) but I will check back and engage shortly. ✨ Don’t wait for me to be here and don’t be shy! Literally, if you see this post feel free to engage.

-4/6 - 8:58p.

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