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bibliophilic-ace · 15 days ago
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I just adore every single one of the Madrigals! And Isabela's new dress is *chef's kiss*
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justpastryvideos · 4 months ago
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dkettchen · 8 months ago
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Love to celebrate their reunion after 311 EPISODES of agony and educate the people on historical gay piracy while I’m at it
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pitter-patter-esikars · 4 months ago
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impossiblysporadiccreation · 6 months ago
okay listen
if you’re going to bury or hide or keep away something that’s dangerous so that no one will be messing with it
the sign that you better put up in front of it better have a super detailed description of what exactly is in there and what it will do to you if you mess with it
if all that warning sign says is danger don’t look
human beings
every single time
will be like
ooh hoo ~dangerous~ is it? well color me curious time to look inside!!
and then the planet blows up or whatever
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hella1975 · 9 days ago
can't bring painkillers into clubs so i'm rawdogging my cramps tonight AND i have been spending the past hour coming to terms with the fact i am unavoidably going to get frisked with tampons in my pocket that i will have to get out and show the whole queue so the bouncers can confirm i am not in fact bringing a weapon inside. hope everyone else has a lovely night
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jordanpickford · 2 months ago
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what fucking kind words is Prince William giving John Stones in 2018 like
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tenshindon · 9 months ago
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if you know :)
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udog · 9 months ago
which is your favorite great fairy?
uh I kinda.. tee-hee... I don't. know enough about them to choose a favorite... BUT GUESS WHO WAS THE FIRST RESULT ON GOOGLE
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apologies... BUT THANK YOU ANON
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kaiowut99 · 4 days ago
Me casually playing Master Duel with a slightly modified starter deck while running into people with entire themed decks already, unable to taunt them ala Duel Links while they take three+ minutes on one turn 😩:
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also if you wanna add me my ID’s 999-767-712 lol
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hootpoop12 · a month ago
Shout out to all the other people who love poopin on the clock
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certifiedceraunophile · 8 months ago
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Love Letters Never Write Themselves  by @lalainajanes
She hears the horse first, the patter hooves on the grass. Caroline walks until she can see around the side of the house, lifting a hand to shade her eyes.
For a second, Caroline wonders if she’s hallucinating because Klaus Mikaelson, of all people, is coming her way. On horseback.
She quickly realizes that she’s firmly planted in reality - her heels are sinking into the grass, and she’s sweated off her foundation. If Klaus were a figment of her imagination, she’d appear flawless and collected to make him regret how he’d left things.
He’s wearing a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, again managing to look like he’d be right at home on the cover of a romance novel.
God, he’s the worst.
Why had no one had bothered to tell her that the gifted alchemist was Klaus? She might have had time to worm her way into another apprenticeship placement. And she definitely wouldn’t have bothered with the cloak.
He appears to notice her, moving to slow the horse. His expression doesn’t indicate recognition. Caroline’s going to chalk that up to how she’s dressed, how neatly her hair is pinned up. Klaus is used to her in her school uniform, had seen her a few times in casual clothes when they’d snuck into the woods around the school so they could talk without dozens upon dozens of prying eyes following them.
He’d even seen her best bra once, had gotten a peek of the matching lace panties before he’d abruptly rolled off of her and fled with muttered apologies.
He hadn’t bothered with another sorry when he’d left the school.
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sneez · 8 months ago
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my greatest source of inspiration: my own extremely silly posts on twitter dot com. they are professionals
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#thomas fairfax #oliver cromwell #artwork #ooooo look at fairfax with his fancy long name. get in your normal tag young man #fairfax #that’s better :-) cromwell doesnt have an individual tag sorry mate #this is very very silly but i kept laughing about it so i decided i needed to Visualise......to Manifest #given how often fairfax was stricken with Fevers and Agues i can imagine this happening at least once. cromwell trying his best to organise #the troops whilst fairfax keeps up a steady stream of Utter Nonsense in the background #it makes me sad that their relationship ended so acrimoniously given how close they were before :-( regicide will do that #there is speculation amongst historians (or one at least. hi mr hopper) that cromwell promised fairfax that the king would not be executed #if he went on trial and fairfax (who seems to have been quite a gullible person) took his word for it and was subsequently traumatised when #charles actually Was executed #he seems to have spent most of the trial (which he conspicuously did not attend) praying for the king’s life which alas did not work :-( #and then much later (1658) cromwell had fairfax’s son-in-law arrested and fairfax went to try to get him out and he and cromwell ended up #having a big barney and fairfax stormed off and a week or so later (if i recall correctly) cromwell was dead. so they never made up......sad #but they were good chums in the 1640s! by the end of the decade cromwell was using secretaries to write all his letters except the ones to #his family and the ones to fairfax :-) besties #at least cromwell never found out fairfax helped restore the king immediately after he died! hooh boy #fairfax dies and wakes up in the afterlife and Immediately cromwell is like You Massive Bastard. You Wanker. You Cock #(alive cromwell would never say that because swearing is very un-puritan but i like to think he loosened up a bit after being dead) #what on earth am i talking about. stopping now
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procrastinationonvacation · 9 months ago
Listen I just find that Tauriels existence makes my headcannons go haywire. Her interacting with any First Age elf is insanely funny to me because in my mind that’s the equivalent of a Gen Z kid meeting Chaucer.
Also I like to think that her first meeting with any of the Feanorions was like those animae scenes were they make eye-contact with their soulmate for the first time (but platonic). Just *choirs singing and cherry blossoms blowing in the wind as the camera zooms in* except instead of meeting in a park or something it’s over the bodies of the elves who lost the bar-fight they were both just in.
OH MY GOSH SHE AND THE MURDER FAM PROBABLY ALL SHARE NIHILISTIC HUMOR!! (I always thought that the family has kinda nihilistic and gallows-ey humor) or even better - the same nihilism just a little to the left! And it can have some rather jarring results! Like I’m not saying fingolfin’s 1v1 with morgoth is a big mood but like...
Tauriel: Life is pointless and god is dead.
Maedhros: It’s true, he died along with all our hopes and dreams.
Manwe: I’m,, right here,,,
Seriously, you’re a genius. But. May I propose. They make eye contact above the bodies of the fallen in a State Dinner fight that they were just in (exactly the same as a bar fight but with chandeliers and champagne plus Maedhros doing a face palm in the back ground).
In conclusion, Head cannon anon is now  my favorite. 
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dontwanderoff · 3 months ago
covid rules are too confusing and i give up, simply will just shift to the more important problem of finding a way of getting dan murphy’s to my front door
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jaguarracing · 4 months ago
my joints make waaayyyy to many noises for it to be healthy…
…also I miss my physio and osteo
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modernday-jay · 5 months ago
dude i love your blog so much and admire your work immensely - i was wondering if you had any advice on keeping up an art blog while attending law school?? you seem to do it so well and i'm starting law school next year which is making me worry about being able to keep up with my art (something that i love)
hey there! first of all, thank you sm im glad you enjoy my content :D and second of all, congrats on getting into law school!!
honestly im probably not the best person to ask this since im actually… terrible with time management, but i can talk about my experiences!
tbh i think im really active on here rn because im currently in lockdown, so i’ve been off work and all of the uni stuff is done online through zooms meaning i’ve had a lot of time to just sit and draw. normally during the semester im a lot more busy and don’t update here as frequently, but the circumstances im in rn allow me to go a bit crazy with art.
buuuut that aside, when it wasn’t lockdown, i just tried to draw whenever i had spare time or felt like it. i think the worst thing you can do is put pressure on yourself when it comes to art (unless you have deadlines lmao) because that really takes the fun out of it. plus, i won’t lie - the workload of law school is kinda tough by itself.
im not sure where you’re from so it might be different, but you’ll probably have to dedicate a lot of time to reading and work. australian law school is heavy with this and im sure it’s the same in most places, but over time you’ll figure out how to skim read the useful stuff and filter out the rest. i suggest watching eve cornwell on youtube! she was a law student in britain and she has tons of videos with tips and tricks on how to study effectively. this one in particular is useful. work smart not hard! 
also! don’t forget to focus on your social life too. uni’s a really fun opportunity to meet people and go to events. when everything was in person, the best part of uni was trying out new restaurants and drinking with my friends lmao. it makes the whole experience worth it honestly! 
now... this is getting really long so i’ll finish up here: you might have to sacrifice your time for art here and there but it’s definitely possible to keep it as a hobby, at least from my own experience! you’ll just need to find that balance with some trial and error but everything will work out eventually! 
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gogogy · 3 months ago
elenaaaa <33333
how are you bestie?
i'm listening to bts and writing at work (im cheating on dnf its snf hours around here)
georgenap means everything to me this is based <333
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spacecadetwench · a year ago
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I've been seriously shit at responding- so please forgive me! I know I've been tagged by loads of cool cats - @birdamnesiadetective @theashenone @cultivate--saplings @isthistruthordream @bats-in-my-pants @beatasticband @icalledyoudumb and a few more (I can't remember 🥺).
Here I was this morning at work ✨
I tag everyone and then some 🖤
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sunshinehighway · 7 months ago
found the courage to say no to plans with my friends for the first time in my fucking life today and they p much just laughed at me and belittled my feelings x
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