quantumarvel · 11 months ago
in case you missed it
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I'm in love with Noelle
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secret brought from the stars
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Remember when Percy Jackson invented every good romance trope
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hunkydorybaby · 8 months ago
behind the scenes photo released of viv brainstorming helluva boss villains
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deanwinchestergf · 8 months ago
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doemons-blog · 12 days ago
there's an acceptance in cas' confession in despair, but there's this defiance in it, too, and it's just that much more powerful because of that, i feel? like the empty's intent was to rip cas away from the thing that makes him happy - it was about vengeance. about snatching something away from him. but cas is standing there, proud and happy, and he's not forgotten the consequences of that happiness. he's bearing it willingly, and he's doing it with his head held high, a smile on his face. the empty might have taken his life, but it did not win, because he got to keep his joy, in his own way. he got to wear it, and then he gave it up willingly. even in death, he wasn't defeated. and, well, isn't that something.
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gilearfaeth · 10 days ago
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worstloki · 3 months ago
Tess: Loki inspires me to be a better part of the universe every day, to improve on what I can and help those who require it. He brings out my humanity.
The Avengers: he’s literally trying to take over the planet!!
Tess: And that is teaching me leadership skills, self-esteem, strategy, manipulation, and most importantly, love.
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frograinart · a month ago
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cant believe he said this💔
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sugarsana · 5 months ago
i didnt even think i needed intimacy until i started watching young royals
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olympiansally · 4 months ago
People saying Light would have been humbled by his looks when he grew older have a bit of a point they just forgot about how Soichiro looks and like? Dilf? Is it hereditary? Would Light be that much of a dilf too? Would that maybe make him even crazier? Thoughts and questions about this?
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soft-pentagon · 11 months ago
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beekatef1 · 2 months ago
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catboykechi · 10 months ago
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Based on a discord convo sjkwhwkw
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bluntjustice · a month ago
Hi, I really need a shot. Some cute fluffy stuff, with a dash of idiots to lovers and pining, served with a first kiss. Thank you.
Alright, a fluff shot idiots in love style, served with a first kiss coming right up.
George and Dream sat on the couch in their living room. Doing that thing when your in the same area enjoying each other’s company while doing your own thing.
It’s a pleasant thing but Dream felt as if it might be a bit better if he could actually focus. He thinks it could be maybe a bit better if he could actually work on this idea he got an hour ago and forgot to write down so now he’s actually doing it.
But he really isn’t. Sure there’s words down on his notes app. But Dream’s eyes keep flicking upward to look at George.
George sitting there looking at his phone, position causal as he sat there limbs loose and relaxed. His face trained downward not paying any attention to Dream.
And for all that Dream liked George’s attention on him at all times in any way possible… he was kind of glad it wasn’t on him now.
Looking back down at his phone Dream tried his best to refocus his attention on his phone. Tapping out ideas then deleting them again. Half done ideas, rewritten and left half done again. He couldn’t finish anything. None of it was coming to that conclusion. To that point of finality.
Tension under his skin growing and Dream found his gaze coming back up to look at George. Meeting brown eyes looking into his own. Adverting his eyes quickly.
“Your stressed.” George said plainly, like he just knew how Dream was feeling. He said it like there was no question to his words. With that kind of finality Dream sought.
“Yes,” Dream responded simply, unsure of what else to say.
George shifted around opening his arms, “put down your phone.”
Dream set his phone down scooting over into George’s arms. Settling down against his chest. George readjusting to cradle Dream lightly. Bringing his phone around in front of them.
Some silly video was playing from Tiktok. It embodied a sort of George feeling. Chaotic and confident. Dream wanted that type of thing. To be so assured in his own actions. To not double guess everything he did.
Both of them settled into their new positions watching videos on George’s fyp. Laughing and giggling at them together. A small voice in the back of Dream’s head told him this felt more than platonic. Just a bit. He ignored it.
There was a certain comfort that came with being in George’s arms. A sense of security. Dream liked it, he could get used to this.
George laughed at something Dream said making a subconscious move down kissing the top of Dream’s head while scrolling to a new video.
Wait, kissing the top of Dream’s head? George did a mental backpedal processing what he’d done. Had Dream noticed? George glanced down at Dream’s face.
A full array of color gracing Dream’s face. He’d noticed.
George sighed, at least it was kinda cute how flustered Dream got. But he couldn’t actually like George right? It was just the surprise of being kissed by your best friend. “Sorry about that,” he apologized.
Dream proceeded to get more flustered, “It’s, it’s okay.” George watched Dream get a better hold of himself, “I liked it.”
A smile made its way onto George’s face, “I like you.”
“I like you too.” Dream admitted.
“That’s good. Baby.”
The color returned to Dream’s face at full force. George laughed fondly.
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cyber-phobia · 7 months ago
i wasnt aware that afo was even relevant to lovetap???
He literally hasn't been mentioned once for this au.
A new record for me!
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ghost-go-roasty-mctoasty · 2 months ago
Notice how supernatural is so much better when it's about sam? S1 and 2 is about sam being a demons favourite, that was amazing, s4 was sam being sexc and powerful, amazing. S5, Lucifer being creepy and obsessed with sam, amazing writing. S6 and 7 would've been good if they cared more about sam (further proves my point) s8? Sam walking around looking like he's about to die, top tier television. Now imagine if they did the rest of the show right.
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hollowsart · 2 months ago
when a risky tag comment goes unnoticed:
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