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hey, mod kyoko here! i wanted to write some headcanons for hiyoko because she is so adorable and i think being in a relationship with her would be really wholesome and fun! so here are some hiyoko x reader dating headcanons (gender neutral).

caution, the picture below may strain your eyes!





•hiyoko has a lot of energy, so she prefers dates away from home

•like getting ice cream!

•if you take her to get ice cream she will be the happiest girl ever

•other date ideas include roller skating, swimming, picnicking and camping

•i think hiyoko would be the type to do age regressing (in a nonse*ual way of course)

•meaning she would tap in to her inner child self and do activities that bring out that part of her

•so i think she would absolutely love camping

•she would like to lay under the stars with you and make silly pictures out of the stars

•other than actual dates, your relationship will be very affectionate

•hiyoko will climb or pounce on you from out of nowhere for cuddles at least 8 times a day

•however i don’t think she will be very affectionate in public, it’s just not her thing

•but she will brag about you to mahiru and anyone else who will listen

•also someone said that hiyoko would call her s/o gummy bear and i just think that is the most adorable thing

•aside from all that, i think hiyoko would still be a bit of a brat in your relationship (and again, i don’t mean this in a se*ual way)

•meaning she would tease you, but it would mostly be harmless

•and she would also like to defy you just for fun


this concludes the headcanons! i loved writing for hiyoko :)

thank you for reading this far and have a nice day!

-mod kyoko <3

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Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair Partner Pokémon

  • Hajime and Linoone
  • Akane and Breloom
  • Twogami and Ditto
  • Chiaki and Porygon-2
  • Fuyuhiko and Scrafty
  • Gundham and Dedenne
  • Hiyoko and Oricorio (Sensu Style)
  • Ibuki and Exploud
  • Kazuichi and Aggron
  • Mahiru and Watchog
  • Mikan and Audino
  • Nagito and Absol
  • Nekomaru and Machamp
  • Peko and Gallade
  • Sonia and Gardevoir
  • Teruteru and Pignite


  • Izuru and Silvally
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Hey!! Thank you for requesting me! You seem like a great person! I hope you like this!!

I match you with …

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Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Did anyone else take advantage of this?? Cuz I sure did.

There were a lot of games on my wishlist that I just couldn’t pass up because they went on sale for a super good deal. Like unbelievably good.

For instance I got the entire Danganronpa Trilogy for like $25!! Something around there. It was like 75% off and thats massively good for 3 games. I had originally bought the set in physical form…


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hi ive been having some despair mikan brainrot

rbs > likes

[id: a digital drawing of Mikan Tsumiki from Danganronpa. she is wearing her remnant of despair outfit, which is covered in blood. she has a crazed look on her face and is drooling. her left hand is touching the side of her face and her right hand is holding a syringe full of blood. she is standing against a bright pink background with the lyrics “surely you can understand? haven’t you been in love to the edge of no turning back?” in white/end id]

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