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Ahhhh, you're so pretty and talented and nice? I'm going to cry?? How are you so perfect????

omg, stoppppp!

you are so sweet and kind, i am literally flailing and shrieking! i’m really not perfect, trust me! but thank you, i truly don’t deserve such a gorgeous compliment! <3

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Napoleon Solo[’s] father was an Irish janitor in America. And [Solo] went over to the UK and snuck his way into European high society and sorta fell in love with it, and lived in that world for a while. And then he got into the black market, and he was dealing antiques in the black market, and he became very, very good at it. So good, in fact, no one could catch him and he sorta took pride in the fact that he was this master of evasion. The CIA desperately tried to catch him and eventually he was given up by a jealous mistress….”

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सभी तयार हो जाओ आज रात कॉरॉना को जलाओ

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#india #indian #indians #indianstates #indianpeople #indianarmy #light #goodness #gocorona #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy #night #mumbai #delhi #all #happy

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“Why it doesn’t loves?

I give kisses, okay?

Loves now?



Sweet baby bunny was full of love and kisses when I was cleaning out their houses and room.

My ankles are so old now that I can’t turn them to scritch a bunny!

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The internet is filled with a lot of stuff right now. So much stuff, especially anger, discouragement and a lack of kindness. Most of the time, it’s easy to remind yourself “it’s just the Internet doing what the Internet does,” but last night I had had enough, so, I turned it all off and went on a walk with Scout and the DH.

As we walked down a street a few blocks from us, we heard music on the wind.

We looked over and saw a guy, all alone, sitting in his front yard, back against the house, playing a guitar.

I stopped in the middle of the street and yelled, “I love your music!”
He smiled and yelled back, “Thanks! It’s a nice night, isn’t it?”
The DH yelled, “It sure is. Take it easy, buddy!”

As we walked away, he started to sing.

A guy, sitting in his front yard, by himself, singing to no one. Just filling the air with music.

And I started to cry.

My friends, the Internet will do its best to make you forget the beauty of life and the goodness of people.

Step away now and then
And remember…

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You say the good that the Devil once played cat and mouse with has been caught in God's trap, yet it is undeniable that YOU are the good that lights up my life. Perhaps, God's trap is life itself and that's why I can even speak to to you. Despite that, I am grateful that the Devil lost his playmate for he he hadn't I never would've met you. I wish to show you, even as a mere mortal, how beautiful you really are.

Holy shit fam

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The thing I love most about good art – like love – is that it never takes away.  It only magnifies.  You read a beautiful story and it makes you want to go out and do beautiful things.  You see a work of art and want to create something just as moving.  The highest compliment I can think to give another writer is this: your art moves me so much it impregnates me.  I go away and gestate it and birth more beauty into the world.

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On an empty panel floor I lie here for communion
Just waiting for one more
In the quiet, empty hours of my afternoon
What am I supposed to do? What was I supposed to do?

But if I want them to will they come to me soon?
Will they fluctuate between midnight and past noon?

Was kinda banking on a future that’d be involving you
But I couldn’t ask this of you, I couldn’t ask that

Two Deliverances - The Hotelier

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