he1ian · a day ago
can't stop thinking about scar's totally mysterious, impossible to guess, absolutely surprising mega base plans since yesterday's stream
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+ entity wheelchair because uuuhh, um, i can
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cocoabats · 2 days ago
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the story of monopoly mountain as told by different kinds of hugs they shared
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time-slink · a day ago
saw that ur requests were on .. if you're feeling up to it maybe some mumbo and scar content? hugging / chilling maybe? feel free to ignore or do smth else related if you're not feeling up to that :]
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baby time!!
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majickth · 2 days ago
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Escape from the World Eater
No one asked for a steampunk space pirates AU, but by the gods am I going to deliver anyways!
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ink-ghoul · 19 hours ago
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I'm manifesting, casting, vouching, materializing 🙏🕯️
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aofikofi · 2 days ago
vine quote
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theminecraftbee · 20 hours ago
concept: cub is vex but scar is not vex and just lying his ass off. however, cub just goes along with whatever scar says about vex work and doesn't bother to actually remember how vex work so scar is the real vexpert between the two of them (and by real vexpert i mean entirely fake)
this is amazing. I’d like to think that on kingdomcraft and during season 4 scar is like. oh god. cub’s an actual vex. what if he catches me. but by midway through season 5 he realizes that cub will just go along with and confirm to the others basically whatever wild shit scar wants so he starts being like “and vex only eat cakes or lick diamonds” or “and sometimes we eat people” or “did you know our wings are our souls” or “so there’s a vex god who has the infinity gauntlet” and every time. without fail. cub’s like “yeah sure you’re more of an expert than i am”. scar’s been doing this for years now. he has no idea how much more he can get away with or if he’s somehow just REALLY GOOD at guessing actual vex things.
meanwhile, cub, who never grew up around other vexes and therefore doesn’t actually know this stuff for certain is like: i’m pretty sure all of this is lies but it would be really funny if it’s true and therefore i will treat it as 100% gospel for the rest of my life
fantastic concept a+
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sharkfight32 · 11 hours ago
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hellooo i’m just going to empty my pockets real quick
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urocissas · a day ago
Aqua Axolotls
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H and his Hermits :)
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mcytthings · 22 hours ago
Foosh and Scar moment!
tw// swearing
(Foolish is not talking to Scar in the VC, just in the game chat)
[Video description: Foolish is playing Ace Race on the MCC practice server with Tina and Quackity in the call. While racing, Foolish checks the tab and sees that GoodTimesWithScar is online. Foolish writes "hello" in all caps in the game chat. Scar sees that and comes to the start of Ace Race. Foolish greets him by shifting in game, Scar greets him back by jumping once and writes in chat "Hey :)". Then Foolish slowly approaches Scar until they are almost merged together. They stay like that for a second and then Scar starts a new race and leaves. End of description.]
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wassup-its-e · 2 days ago
put your thumb on the red circle!
[double tap the scrunkly basically]
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he's politely holding your thumb!
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skitter-kitter · 2 days ago
His feet sunk into cold sand. Scar blinked once as he looked across the desert he called home.
It was a wasteland. There were deep gashes in the earth; the center of the holes was glass. Had they blown up the desert? Had Grian..?
No. No, this wasn’t his world. He hadn’t remembered right. He had to find his world. He had to find his Grian.
His hands were shaking. He could barely breathe.
Scar looked up to the place their home was supposed to be. There was nothing. Only a circle of cactus and two figures slowly dancing around each other.
In the distance, he could hear sobs.
Scar began to run. He knew how fast executions could be here. He needed to be there before it was too late. He needed to save Grian.
He’d come too late to save his best friend. He’d been gone too long.
The sand was cold, bereft of life. His feet alternated between pushing on smooth sandstone and grainy sand as he climbed up the Grian’s stairs. The explosions had destroyed everything.
Ren must have done it. He must have destroyed Monopoly Mountain.
Fury burned in Scar’s throat. That familiar bloodlust came back to life. His hands itched to hold his sword and push it through the Red King’s chest. He wanted to bathe in his blood.
As he ran up the final steps, he could finally hear what was happening.
“I’m— I’m so sorry, Grian.”
Was that his voice?
Scar paused on the final step, watching in horror as Grian hunched over his other self.
“It’s okay. It’s okay, Scar. Just… close your eyes.”
A moment passed before he went still. It wasn’t long before Grian was sobbing, the sound tearing through Scar’s chest. He didn’t want Grian to cry like this. He didn’t want to hurt him.
Scar just wanted to go home.
He stood there for what felt like an eternity until Grian stood up. The first thing he saw was his gray wings, with their tips dyed red. Scar glanced at the body with the pool of blood around it.
His blood had done that. Grian had… it had to have been an accident.
Scar blinked back tears as he took a step toward his best friend. “Grian,” he whispered, breathless. Those wings, that voice… it was like coming home. “Grian!”
Grian turned to him, tears pouring down his face. His numb expression shifted to one of horror. “Scar?” He glanced to the body. “Sc— Scar?”
Scar felt the same horror wash over him as his eyes met Grian’s red gaze. What had happened to him? Who had hurt him? Ren? Bdubs? Cleo? Scar..?
Grian took a step back, then another, until he was stood near the edge. His friend put his hand over his mouth, holding back sobs. “I’m— I’m sorry.” Scar took a step toward him, eyes wide. Grian inched his foot behind him until it hit the edge of the cliff. “For everything.”
Grian tipped himself back and fell.
Scar ran forward, a scream tearing through his lips. He watched with wide eyes as Grian fell. It felt like an eternity. It felt like mere seconds.
Grian’s wings were spread wide. His feathers, clumped and bloody though they often were, looked… beautiful from afar. As he fell, all Scar could think was: he looks like an angel.
And then, he hit the ground. The crack reverberated through Scar’s body. His legs, his hands, his face. He felt numb even as his tears ran down his face.
He’d just watched Grian die for the first time. He never wanted to see it again.
Below Monopoly Mountain, on the sands they’d first declared home, laid Grian’s body. Still and lifeless.
Scar cried until he didn’t have tears left in him. Then, he inputted World 72 and was torn away from this cold, empty world.
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whisperedwars · 2 days ago
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time-slink · 2 days ago
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late night assorted drawings yet again <3
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hollowghosty · 2 days ago
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Early post this week! Anyways, I did some experimenting with shading and depth and am really happy with how this turned out!! Anyways, have some Convex!
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 12 hours ago
Scar’s Elven Kiss cookies taste like “The Flavor”(tm). No one has been able to properly identify ”The Flavor”(tm) yet. It tastes very different to different people, but most say its a pleasant taste. It seems to mimic the eater’s favorite food, the smell of their childhood home, and at least two soft drinks at once.
Because of the subjective nature of The Flavor(tm), there is inevitably some disagreement as to whether it actually tastes good or not. The Hermits whose favourite foods involve meat tend to be a little unsettled at the meaty-ness of the cookies, and of course a few of them are unprepared for the nostalgic part and don't take too well to the emotional surprise. However none of them have realised yet that the cookies taste different for everyone. Watching the Hermits be so confused about how everyone else could so love a cookie that tastes like mac and cheese is very entertaining for Scar!
~ Mod Shade
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theminecraftbee · 21 hours ago
thinking about joe losing all of his gear to lava and scar just deciding to replace it for free, refusing any payment when joe tries to give it to him. scar knows what it’s like to lose all of his stuff and has to replace it huh. paying it forward
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samwasneverhere · 2 days ago
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Bro I am so sleepy!!!!!!!!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5
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dragonsson15 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Aqua Axolotls! This is going to be delightful to watch, I can’t wait! I guess see you all on Scar’s stream, whoever will be watching his pov.
Lovely skin propositions from @ink-ghoul, not sure if they posted it here on tumblr, but they are on twitter, you can found them on their page at @/_InkGhoul. Loved the summer vibes, this is my first mcc piece!
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flyingfish1234 · 16 hours ago
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Hellooo my felloww miners and crafters good mines with scarr heerrreee-
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