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#google forms
fishylife · 7 hours ago
Lmao there is a subreddit for those 20 cm custom plush dolls and all of the posts are from one person who is also the mod. Wish there was more traffic there because those dolls are cute af.
I want to buy some cute dolls but they’re all sold through Twitter and I don’t use Twitter and the one store that I like to follow has this not streamlined process to place orders and that just seems like a chore.
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mollypollykinz · 9 hours ago
Piece by Piece Readers
I have this very important poll that you have to participate in /lh
But seriously it will change the way the story ends. 
So if you’re invested feel free to do the poll. 
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t4tfaramir · a day ago
thinking about making a post detailing how to draw archers... hmmm i have no art skill but i might be able to use reference photos? idk, I'm just really tired of seeing goofy assed drawings where emulating their form irl would be a BAD idea
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techtipsnreview · 2 days ago
How to insert a poll from Google Form into an email
How to insert a poll from Google Form into an email
Creating an online survey and sending it to hundreds or thousands of different email addresses sounds like a daunting task. However, Google Form can solve this problem with just a few simple setup steps. With Google Forms, you can easily create a real, interactive online survey that recipients can fill out directly in their email client. In this article, we’ll learn how to create and embed a…
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antoineroussel · 4 days ago
One person expressed interest in being added to a tag list if I created one?? Is this something other people want?
I don’t post fic very regularly so I never felt the need but because I post so irregularly it might not be a bad idea?
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summerotakuchan · 4 days ago
The disease called despair official 1st victim vote!
Hey guys! Summer-chan here with an announcement to make!
Right now, I am currently working on a Dangandetective fanfic called: "The disease called despair" on Archive of Our Own (AO3) and have decided to hold a vote for who should be the 1st victim to catch the despair disease!
The voting will end on June 18th, so get to voting right away, everyone!
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zhaozaipalooza · 4 days ago
Regarding the post about the voting and the addition of picking at most 7 options, you can actually choose for your poll in Google Forms to have an upper limit (unless you aren't all that concerned about people potentially voting for more)
Ah, thanks Anon!
We’re a trusting bunch here at the Palooza, and we’re sure if we really wanted to we could figure out if someone voted for more than the requisite seven prompts. But we know for next time, should there be any need to make another poll!
Thanks for letting us know!
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tenemily · 4 days ago
i am going to learn how to gif things and sign up by june 14th 11:59 pm <3
ahh im so excited!! and dw you don't have to fill out the form to participate(if was just to kinda see how many people were participating/when the best week was to do it), you can just tag your creations with the tag and i'll see it! if you need any help with gifs just lmk i had a bunch of trouble at first lolll <3
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notjustalibra · 4 days ago
So I've created a Google Form to track my readings. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea on how to work on Excel.
I see people doing stats and graphs, but I have no clue on how to do them.
Somebody kind enough to explain it to me?
Every little tip is extremely appreciated.
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tenemily · 5 days ago
btw i’m going to be posting an info thing abt the appreciation week later tonight once responses stop coming in as much! it will have all the info you need:)
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macheeze · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
i literally made this google doc 3 months ago how tf did i predict this
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prettyboydream · 5 days ago
I had a dream that dnf was officially dead and Dream started a contest for his new homoerotic bestie and just had to share this with you because I can't stop laughing
hfbsjcbdbfjdhcjd oh my god thats so fucking funny who do you think he’ll chose? political commentator hasanabi? alex quackity? logan paul?
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dedealamsyah · 6 days ago
Review Tugas dan Kehadiran Siswa di Google Classroom (Pertemuan ke-1)
Video ini menyampaikan review tugas siswa pada Google Classroom sekaligus mengecek daftar hadir siswa pada pertemuan sebelumnya dan pertemuan yang sedang berjalan. 
Video ini sebagai informasi tambahan bagi para siswa agar dapat mengetahui bagaimana alur proses penugasan hingga penilaian yang dilakukan oleh guru di Google Classroom. Disamping itu juga video ini sebagai simulasi / demonstrasi proses penggunaan dan pembelajaran dengan Google Classroom (Google Kelas). 
Semoga bermanfaat, tetap jaga kesehatan, maju terus pendidikan Indonesia! Playlist Video Review Pembelajaran : 
1. Review Pembelajaran Pertemuan Ke-1 = 
2. Review Pembelajaran Pertemuan Ke-2 =
#GoogleClassroom #GoogleForm #Quizizz #pjj #daring
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lavenderlilahs · 6 days ago
my queendom poll says ten people applied but there’s only 9 trying to do smthing here
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