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encanto17 · 12 days ago
I hope this is my legacy. I took We Don’t Talk About Bruno and put it through all of the languages featured on that video via Google Translate, then put it back into English. And I didn’t fix the weird spacing. I left it exactly how Google Translate gave it back to me, punctuation and all. Here’s what happened. Good luck following along.
[Chorus: Paper]
I don't mean Bruno.
We're not talking about Bruno. we are talking about him
[One. Poetry: Page and Philis]
it's my wedding day (Today is our wedding)
they were made
and no clouds in the sky (No clouds allowed in the sky)
Bruno (Toner) laughed happily.
Are you talking about that or are you talking about me? (Sorry, my life goes on)
“It's going to rain,” Bruno said. (Why do you say that?)
It filled my brain. (Grandma, buy an umbrella!)
Marriage Confusion (Fortunately, But Still)
[See: Page and Felix, Dolores]
I don't mean Bruno.
Don't talk to the brunettes (hello)...
[2. Poem: Dolores and Camilo]
He began to worry that Bruno would stumble.
I can still hear your moan
Compare the sound of falling sand (ch, ch, ch).
I work hard with such humble talent.
He is looking for his grandmother and his family.
dream interpretations
Do you understand?
A seven-legged skeleton with a rat on its back.
Everything goes black when I call your name.
Yeah, dream dreams and fall in love with your screams (hello)
[See: Page and Felix, Dolores]
I don't mean Bruno.
I don't mean Bruno. (I don't mean Bruno)
[Father. Parties: Seth, Citizen 1, TP2 and TP3]
He said the fish would die
The next day he died (no, no).
He said he would grow up
as he said (no)
I lost all my hair
Look at my head now (No, no)
When your prophecy is read Your destiny will be determined.
[Four. Poem: Isabella Papua Dolores]
He said this was my dream life.
You promise that one day you will be mine.
He said that my power will increase.
While the vines were growing in the vineyard (hello Mariano on the way)
He told me he was the man of her dreams.
I can't use it, he promised someone else.
How can I hear your voice? (Hello Hyun)
I don't want your voice (as I feel now)
i feel now
[Five. Text: Mirabel, Camilo, Abra, Isabella]
Hello Bruno
to bruno
Here's what I really need to know about Bruno:
Tell me the truth and all the truth, Bruno.
Isabella, this is your boyfriend.
[6. City]
[Camiro] Skeleton Hexapod Rat
[Pepa] Today is my wedding.
[Felix] Today is our wedding.
[Isabella] She said life was my dream.
[Dolores] I'm alive because I'm afraid Bruno will trip.
[Camiro] When I say my name It's all dark
[Pepa] Yes, in the cloudless sky.
[Felix] In the Cloudless Sky
[Isabella] She promised to be mine someday.
[Dolores] I can still hear your moaning and laughter.
Reminds me of the sound of sand falling w-w-ch
[Camille] Yes, he has a dream.
[Pepa] Bruno laughs happily.
[Isabella] Increase physical strength.
[Dolores] Work hard for devotion
[CAMILLE] She likes you to cry.
[Felix] Dietary Supplement
[Pepa] Are you talking about me or are you talking about me?
[Felix] I'm sorry for my life. please keep going
[Isabella] The grapes planted in the vineyard are beautiful.
[Dores] He always challenges Grandma and family.
dream interpretations
Do you understand?
Hello, this is Mariano.
[Pepa] Bruno "It looks like it's going to rain"
[Felix] Why do you say that?
[Camiro] The skull has seven legs and the back is a rat.
[Isabella] I said my dream life was promised. and one day it will be mine
[Dolores] A dreamer will never come true.
[Pepa] My head is flooded.
[Felix] Grandma brought an umbrella!
[Camiro] When I say my name It's all dark
[Dolores] You're engaged to another guy, another guy.
[Pepa] I got married in a hurricane.
[Felix] Today is a good day.
[Dolores and Isabella] ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok oh K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok k ok ok
[Everything here
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uptownseblaine · 4 months ago
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pillbug-in-a-jar · 5 months ago
I! have google translated the little Amazon previews for the first arc of WoF- hope you like it, cause I haven't slept yet.
Book 1
The death of his feet and friends grew on a mountain wall hidden by the Peace Coupons to fulfill an incredible monotony. Five shrunken heads are ready to begin the war between the Tumeric tribes - but in a squid leather jacket.
Book 2
The missing hair to the SeaWing throne is finally returning home. He can't believe this is finally happening. Anonymous dragon squads follow their destiny underwater in the great kingdom of SeaWing. Stealing eggs from the royal nursery, the shameless man longs to meet his future subjects and reunite with his mother, Queen Boring. But the triumphant return of the tsunami is not what he expected. Queen Boring meets him with severed legs, but the mysterious statue of a whale kills the Queen's Hair Womb for many years, and the next target may die during the tsunami. The wings of the Sea guard the dragons, but this ocean hides secrets, betrayal, and possibly even death.
Book 3
When dragonflies hide in the rainforest, they discover that the Tratop is full of shots that the dragon will never call dangerous. They remember all day and know nothing about the rest of Syria. But the Guts and Dragons are determined to find a peaceful art kingdom that can KILL without fighting.
Book 4
Aha, Mr. Churchill, my car, keen warrior tally is high! If you have been Outbid, you have the opportunity to continue browse the NightWings website for more information. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. NightWing is one of the hpyitsai. (I think this one is the most messed up so far)
Book 5
One will have the power of fiery wings. ... ... Sunny has always taken the Prophecy of the Dragon very seriously. If the dragons of Pyrrha need her, Eye, Maelstrom, Guts and Mr. Churchill to end the war, she is ready to try. She even has some good ideas on how to do it if she is being listened to. But the horrific news from My Boneshire shook Apollo's faith in his destiny. Can anyone mourn this terrible war and free the new queen of SandWing? What if what, what, what, if what, what, if what, what, what, what they experienced was in their veins? Privacy, deadly surprises, and an unexpected turn for the Velosyraptors - everyone is waiting for him in the desert quicksand, where Artemis has to decide once and for all: is his destiny written? Or the five dragons could change their destiny and save the world. ... ... How do they choose?
ok I'm going to bed now gn
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trepverter · 5 months ago
I put the quote “I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with a glorious purpose.” into google translate several times and this came out: “I am Asgard from Loki and have been accused of being a monk”
Stay tuned for more google translated Loki quotes. Maybe. If I can be bothered.
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yangxiadehua · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As much as I love making fun of Google and its weird translations, I am impressed that it was able to translate my handwritten work from both English and Chinese to Spanish. My handwriting is sloppy as hell.
Translations are still weird.
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commandersnips41 · 5 months ago
So I used Google Translate on a Star Wars scene... Part 1
Angel for you
Queen Amidala;
Angel. Heard there are astronauts. I tell Yego live on satellites. They are all beautiful creatures.
Queen Amidala;
You are such a fun kid and what do you know
We must listen to everyone's opinion: they took off into the skies, brilliantly illuminated by the sunlight, and the merchants are their pilots, their servants, whom I will pass through Macedonia, because it was Him. You know, I am a pilot, sometimes I am not here. .
I did the same lines a second times with different languages
are you an angel
Satisfied with Amidala:
The angel we have heard and gossip about Paul, the dreaming man, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip.
Satisfied with Amidala:
Who are you talking about?
We all love, we all love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love, we love.
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dbseamz · a year ago
The hardest I have ever laughed at a Christmas song. Yes, even the other ones this channel has done!
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caprice-files · 11 months ago
Google Translation Fails: Demon Slayer (Devil’s Blade) Edition!
Google Translate Failing to Translate Names Part 1 (Pictures from the JP Aniplex Store that made me cackle)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Beak Inosuke, the fearless kokeshi doll, now with Abs
Tumblr media
The Kamon Siblings Strike back!
Tumblr media
Of course we can’t forget Purgatory Anjuro! 
Tumblr media
Everyone’s favourite Character! GOOD LUCK WITH MY WIFE! 
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shyfandomfan · a year ago
Google Translate Fails/Hetalia part 2
Original Lines~
Italy: Germany, Germany, a stranger said he would take me to a tasty dinner so I went to go get the pasta, but it turned out he only had hamburgers the whole time!
America: Yo Britain, I totally just caught Italy.
Italy: Please, but, but, oh.
England: Nicely Done. Let's hit him violently and get what we can out of him.
Italy: No need, I'll tell you everything I know.
America: This dude is lame. Maybe we should make him work
Italy: [Crash] My bad, oopsy
America: Okay, so what now.
England: I wrote a letter to Germany. This is what he said 'Please prepare him good food, a cute girl and a foot/soccer ball. Also, he will die if he accidentally learns French, so be careful'
Google Translate Lines~
Italy: German food sent by foreigners is delicious, I buy bread and hamburgers.
America: In England he defeated the Italians. 
Italy: Honey but hey
England: Well done. Press hard and do what you can.
Italy: Many people try to increase their energy levels. (What?!  is it me or did that seem a little threatening?)
America: This is bad. And work is possible
Italy: [] Rghaṭaghaṭaghaṭa] shit  (A slight malfunction?)
America: Who am I?
England: I wrote a letter to the Germans. He said: "Make delicious food, beautiful women and soccer shoes / socks, be careful not to die unless you learn the wrong French."  
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cassandra be like
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The time I put the 4Kids Theme Song through google translate
Close your eyes And it really opens your heart Feel This is the beginning!
My dream came true Wait a minute Because it's magical And the magic is in me!
We were in the middle We were in the middle Go to the club! We were in the middle We were in the middle We are on the beach! Go to the club! We are on the beach!
Beautiful flowers Digital Power Supply Vol Search for songs The sun and the moon The spell is set and the waves come and go Distracted!
It has its style. It also has its style Find what you need Don't touch your head!
We were in the middle We were in the middle Go to the club! We were in the middle We were in the middle We are on the beach! Go to the club!
We are on the beach!
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gthebumblebee · a year ago
Tumblr media
Don’t translate Russian SpongeBob episode names into English using Google Translate
Tumblr media
The same thing also applies to Dutch
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wolvesandvoices · 2 years ago
Heroibus nebulones ceterisque: Worthless people, to/for/by/with heroes, and the others.
The actual Latin for "bums and other heroes", which is what Google Translate claims this says, is "nebulones et heroes alii", or "nebulones heroesque alii". If you were trying to say "heroes, bums, and others", it would be "nebulones heroes aliique".
Don't use Google Translate, kids!
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blankie-greenie-anon · 3 years ago
I used Google Translate to interpret Sarazanmai’s synopsis.
Tumblr media
Let’s stop saying “shirikodama” and start using “ zombie sluts” instead.
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paralegal-activity · 3 years ago
"When 'Havana' gets translated into Spanish and other languages by Google Translate your heart isn't in Havana anymore..."
Please watch this; it makes me cry with laughter every time I watch it
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yangxiadehua · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Google Translate, you're stupid. Rapunzel and Cassandra are girls.
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superficialkatelyn-blog · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Google translate... Just...
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shyfandomfan · a year ago
Because I’m curious and wanting to try something new, other then Hetalia I might just do Google Translate Fails with Yuri On Ice.
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exisntidonot · 10 days ago
Saw a fic on ao3, t'was in chinese, and I decide that it's okay, I'll just google translate it. (There was only 26 works in the pairing and rating so I was willing to google translate it.)
Google offers to translate the page. I click on yes.
First thing I see, Sonic is the main character. I am confusion. I am quite certain that this was not a crossover fic. I double check. Not a crossover fic.
- Turns out that Sonic was a mistranslation of Soundwave.
- There's a character named "Black Widow," I think google meant Airachnid. (Since a black widow is a type of spider)
- Knockout was mistranslated as Knockdown, and I will take this as proof that google ships kobd.
- There's an odd sentence:
Tumblr media
- Judging by context on whose speaking, Shockwave was mistranslated as Sasser once.
I still don't understand the fic after reading it.
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esstudiesmessy-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Why not to trust google translate!
It’s weird though cos we wrote these sentences in class so idk what went wrong but I remember the tutor looking at us a bit strangely and I wasn’t sure what we did wrong. 
He said that it could make sense but it looks like there’s a few grammatical issues in there, whoops. 
To be clear Google translate is not entirely to blame for this cos our sentences were a bit iffy in the first place. 
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