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I was a little taken aback by all of her knives, but I quickly got over it. I picked up a smaller kitchen knife from the counter and made sure it was clean. “Honey, what I’m about to do may seem crazy, but don’t stop me. This isn’t a suicide attempt.” Before she could respond I started cutting into my wrist. Blood poured out, but I kept cutting. My breathing became ragged and I started sweating, but cut I did. I looked at my work. JoJo. Perfect. I collapsed, my vision going dark. -JoJo

“hm.. okay..” She watches Jojo cut into his wrist with no emotion on her mask then catches him as he collapses.

A few hours later, Jojo wakes up on a couch with a bandage over his wrist.

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A glimpse declare of love (Ace x Reader)

Ace loved Y/n very much. His unhealthy obsession with them had been beyond unsettling beyond days, weeks, months, and possibly even years. Things had gotten way out of fucking hand, obviously.

The h/c moaned loudly as Murdoc astronomically fucked them nonchalantly. Moans of approval and pleasure weren’t just heard from Y/n, but Murdoc included in the act. “You’re so fuckin tight, sweetheart. Sweet Satan.” The bassist yelled, awhile stimulating Y/n’s clit in the entire shagging process. The two of them were so close to their climax. Just a few more stretches inside Y/n and their liquids would be everywhere.

“OH FUCK YES! I HAVEN’T HAD A GOOD OF A SHAG IN SO FUCKING LONG! HAIL SATAN!” Murdoc nearly screamed as he squirted his warm liquid inside of Y/n. He collapsed next to them, and kissed their lips before they both slept peacefully. Little did they know, Ace saw them shagging. This made him jealous as hell, as bloody and draining thoughts of what he wanted to do to Murdoc filled his head. That’s what he gets for messing with his sexy Y/n, at least that’s what he thought.

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not a request, but what do you feel about platonic crack with the DJD. Like you (idk maybe a cybertronian!reader) keep running into the murder boys for some reason and the universe keeps throwing all of you into shenanigans and situations, then sometime in the future you realise that you somehow accidentally befriended the scariest group of cons in the universe and are still alive. primus save you

I think it’s very silly but I’m a fan of goofy scenarios involving characters who are irredeemable bastards in canon so this is right up my alley.

You have either very good luck or bad luck because you always happen to be around whenever the DJD finds someone in athe List but they largely ignore you since you are no enemy to the Deceptions as you are too busy curling in the fetal position and trying not to cry to interfere with their work. Eventually you’re so used to it you stop crying. After a while you’re so accustomed to these encounters you walk around with an umbrella just to shield you from the inevitable gore showers of spilled energon.

Next thing you know they’re showing up at your place in between hunts to raid your pantry of energon goodies and run-up your cable bill by ordering pay per view movies.

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She was beautiful. She was a deathless diva with skin spotless and thriving hair slicked black and glossy. Each strand shining beneath the eastern sun as it curls around her prey.

The mole on her cheek was glorious. A dot beneath her eyes, her blazing black eyes, her long lashes lacing her dazzling long face. The eyes that blanch a stormy grey when chaos comes.

The face spellbinding. The face enchanting. A face veiling lies and deceit and death and a devilish tongue. The face that glows even when torn to ribbons and left to bleed. The face that smiles when sliced and scarred. The face undying, the face that splits to two through every lens. Brows bushy, skin stretched. Spittle webbed down her chins and her second face staring blankly with glistening teeth.

Her name was Tomie, and she was beautiful.

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