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A redraw from my old halloween prompt that looked like garbage. This is Blitzwing undergoing the triple changer upgrade. Apologizes for the many light sources I couldn’t resist. I’m in those nemesis lighting vibes.

Anyway I had some interesting ideas came up while drawing this, my take on some headcannons. What if the surgery wasn’t quite a surgery, not the kind that takes a day or two. What if Blitzwing was kept in some nemesis clinic for months, constantly floating in and out of consciousness. Everytime he woke up something new was added, something else removed. Stuck in a constant limbo of fighting to stay awake yet always falling under, Blackarachnia always hovering close by. She works slow yet precisely, adamant she perfect her craft regardless of her patients well being.

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The Deacon

“We think the very first one might have been a televangelist gone rotten. Or it might still be a televangelist. It’s hard to tell if he’s one of the ones where headshots don’t take, or if new ghouls keep recycling the same look because they know it’ll get the dumber ones to follow them. The infected all start to look like each other after a couple years, so it’s hard to know.

“Either way, any time you start having sightings of a ghoul with an analog tv for a helmet, you’ve got maybe a two-day grace period before it’s rallied every ghoul in a five-mile radius on a crusade against the closest settlement. It’s got more enthusiasm than martial competence, and it’s never pulled anything smarter than wave attacks, so we usually weather it okay. But it chews up a ton of ammo each time, and we always know we’ve never really put the issue to bed….“

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Brain: You know you could draw that scene from the book/Audio drama.


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i wanted to draw some blood, and some angst, and this was the result and it looks terrible

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Revenge of The Two Weeks (3)- that’s right. We named it, folks.

Continuation of this original story.

Continued directly from here!

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If anyone would lile to be added or removed from any tag lists, plz let me know! I don’t mind either way!

Heed the tags.


The flaps of Hero’s tent flapped in the wind, distracting him slightly from the task at hand. The commander was testing his strategy; he was testing all of the mens’ strategy, trying to figure out who might gain his own title when he retired- if he ever retired.

Hero picked the tip of his finger up off of the map, replacing it with another finger on his other hand while he moved his first to the right side of the parchment. The commander was wanting to expand to the eastern part of the lands. Problem was the number of geological obstacles: craters, hills, ponds, and mushy swamp-like areas galore.

Sighing, Hero threw his head back. It seemed impossible. He eyed the blue flag closest to his right finger, picked it up, and threw it over the shoulder. There, he thought, Get rid of the bloody pond. If only it worked that way.

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Sam: *is sick and confused, spent 14 hours in the egg, has holes in his arms because he was fucking EATING HIMSELF*

Tommy: anyways, about that hotel,,,,

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A brief drabble featuring one of my OCs, Jonathan, and an acquaintance’s vampire Sehema. I would have loved to have these two interact more, but never really got around to it. Sehema is an absolute fave though, she’s so unashamedly a powerhouse and I adore her.

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Redraw!!! The one on the left is probably made in 2019?

I think you might be able to tell it’s me but gorey version ( don’t worry I’m actually a chicken 🐓 I like to sleep with my mum )

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