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ex0skeletal-undead · a day ago
Tumblr media
Golem by DustyRayPaints
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avesdraws · a day ago
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butterflies in the stomach
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shirecorn · 3 days ago
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I like studying from video rather than photos because it gives context and flow to the gesture and makes it easier to remember where the legs are.
It doesn't have to be amazing video either. In fact blurry vids are better for gesture than clear ones because you can't get stuck on details. Your brain has to process the movement and therefore the bones.
I used this random one from youtube (mostly after 4:35) and let myself draw a sequence in a snakey pattern that makes sense based on where the deer is in space.
it's hard to make it look pretty when all chopped up, but this is about learning, not being pretty. There's some gore-ish macabre death happening in the video but that's where skeletons come from!
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potato-simps · 2 days ago
If Only...
Villain Reader AU
Contains the following;
Blood, borderline obsession, yandere like behavior, gore, angst, hate upon characters and slight/some spoilers
Characters Mentioned:
Venti, Zhongli, Ei, Raiden Shogun, Jean, Amber, Albedo, Kaeya, Aether, Lumine, Ningguang, Ayaka, Thoma, Diluc, Klee
➪𝙰𝚌𝚝 𝙾𝚗𝚎 | 𝙰𝚌𝚝 𝚃𝚠𝚘 |
Tumblr media
Act One - Agony
All it took for all of the citizens of Tevyat, was to step into their Homeland.
You, who adored the game ever since you've gotten the game. Became an enemy to the eyes of the people.
"Please, I didn't know!" you pleaded, hands shaking as they were clasped in front of your chest as you pleaded mercy.
Jean, the acting-grandmaster, merely eyed you like you were the scum of the Earth. Maybe you were, in their eyes.
"You dare claim innocence wretch? You have broken Tevyats sacred laws regarding our sovereign. And for that, you're sentence is execution.
"No, Jean! Please, I didn't know I looked like your god! I can change! Please give me another chance!" You cried, scrabbling to the blonde.
Your injuries had left you unable to walk, the running, the arrows and the slices, all the damage left intense scars to the point it ruined the muscles.
Jean backed away, a clear look of disgust resting on her face, "Do not touch me vermin. Repent for your sins in front of our god."
There, standing amongst the crowds was a majority of the characters, watching.
However, standing at the front of the statue that looks exactly like you, were the Archons.
Raiden Shogun was standing at the side, however it was Ei that was standing next to the retired Geo Archon with the Anemo Archon at the other side.
"No, no, no, is it wrong to look like someone from just genetics alone!?" You looked around, looking at everyone in the eyes.
Ayaka merely closed her eyes and unfolded her fan.
Amber watched with narrow eyes.
The Traveler was no where in sight.
Ningguang had her arms crossed, her expression blank, but her eyes held distain towards you.
Thoma, who was beside Ayaka, continued to hold his small smile, but his eyes were frigid.
Diluc had his jaw clenched, his blood red eyes glowing with anger, directed at you.
Strangely, Albedo and Kaeya were also not there.
"Anyone could look like your god!" you tried to reason them, hoping to at least gain someone on your side.
"Enough! We do not have any more time for this nonsense. The sooner we deal with it, the sooner our god would be pleased." Ei ordered sharply.
All resolve within you broke.
You screamed, shrieked, struggled, going into hysterics as you were dragged closer to the statue, your injured legs leaving more blood behind.
"Please.. Please.. Please..." You wept, continuing to ask for mercy, but it was all in vain.
Zhongli stood at the side, holding an executioners axe. His expression was dark in contrast to his bright gleaming eyes.
You always saw them on the screen, amongst all characters, Zhongli had the prettiest eyes.
But now, they looked at you with scorn.
"It is time." His deep voice rumbled out.
Raising the axe above his head, the blade then made it's decent towards your neck.
Before it made contact with your flesh, an ear piercing shriek was heard from a distance, "...Dvalin?" Venti spoke out in a hushed tone, but it caught Ei's and Zhongli's attention.
The sky dragon came flying, and then landed, taking you in his jaw gently, while a voice rumbled, "You dare... CALL OUR GOD A FAKE!?" the ground shook in rage as Azdaha's voice came from below.
"No, this can't be, he shouldn't be able to-" "Break free? Sorry to.. Burst your bubble Morax.." A sickeningly sweet voice cooed, a figure appearing on Dvalin's back.
"Osial..." Zhongli growled, grounding himself.
"I'd say sorry about crashing the ceremony, but that'd be a lie. Thankfully we were released from our prisons thanks to your dearly treasured outlanders.." Osial gestured towards a small group of people.
"Klee?" Jean's voice called out towards the child that was with the group.
The girl bit her lips, tears welling in her eyes while her tint hands gripped her dress, "Why did you hurt our god? Why did you try to force them away?" Klee's voice broke.
"Klee, you're not supposed to be here, Albedo, Kaeya, Honerary Knight, explain yourselves!"
Jean tried to bring Klee back to her side, but ultimately failed when Albedo held Klee's shoulder, who cried and turned away from her old caretaker.
"I cannot sit still and allow you all to kill them, not when our god is right there." Kaeya spoke, his usual mirthful tone gone.
"Impossible, our god hasn't returned in millennia! How can you prove this!?" Diluc shouted.
He should've killed the rat while he had the chance.
"Because I am from Khanri'ah who was the closest to our god!" and then a battle broke out.
Various monsters broke in and sided with the 'imposter' while Dvalin and Osial went out into the sky whilst then others were occupied.
Klee and Albedo made their way out to avoid any damage to themselves as, Klee is a child, and Albedo is to nurse you back to health.
You woke up, clutching the sheets tightly, staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling.
Where were you?
"You're grace! You're awake!" A small, familiar child-like voice exclaimed and a small red figure came onto the bed and peered at you.
" ..Klee..?" Your voice cracked, blinking several times to rid of the blurriness, the child beamed brightly, "I'll go tell Albedo you're awake!" And with that, Klee hurried out of the room.
You continued to stare at the ceiling before slowly sitting up, wincing then threw the blanket off yourself.
Your legs were healed, but still carried scars, you hand several bandages around your body too. You moved to the edge of the bed, place the toes of your feet on the cool wooden surface, taking a deep breath, you pushed yourself off the bed.
When you fully stood, a sharp jagged pain shot through your legs, causing you to collapse.
A broken cry escaped you.
Why did you come here?
Why are you even in this stupid game if they were going to treat you like this.
The door opened and Albedo slowly entered the room with a clipboard and papers, writing on them before looking up.
He dropped everything he was doing and rushed to you, "You grace!" He exclaimed, worry was evident in his face and tone. He gingerly lifted you up and placed you back on the bed.
"Why.." You uttered out as you watched him fret over you, "why did you save me?" You questioned.
He paused, before slowly taking your hand in his own, "Because you're our god."
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srutisjay · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ko-fi doodle request for a 'blood thirsty bovine'
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artsydudejude · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
commissioned piece for @oathofoaks‘s DBD oc, Geo!
feat. the Wraith just lurkin’ in the bg
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ex0skeletal-undead · a day ago
Tumblr media
Donut Face by Luke Starkie
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andstuffsketches · a day ago
Tumblr media
[image description: brightly colored digital drawing of Kris Dreemurr ripping the Soul out of their chest, one glowing red eye visible. The Soul, a bright red heart, is still connected to the hole in their chest by gory red strings. Kris is leaning backward as their knees buckle, grimacing. the background is split red and blue with radiating lines, with the words “Give it up/ give it up/ give it up for lent” written partly over Kris in all caps. end id]
take a break, pack it in, take it out to the bin
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tokaritoo · a day ago
Tumblr media
(horror) my work for the “Yorknew Art Auction”! Thank you for hosting this great event
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crimsowon · a day ago
I want to cut someone, lick off the blood and then kiss the wound, while telling them, how much I love them ❤
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koinotame · 7 hours ago
you get isekaid to teyvat but instead of meeting some Actually Important (the archons, albedo, one of the harbinger, etc etc) first, you meet klee first. and she immediately recognises you and the warm feeling you bring, so she takes you fish blasting and spends the day with you. perhaps it’s not a super grand welcome, but it’s most definitely a warm one (klee beams when you tell her that; that’s how you make her feel and she should return the favour!!!). you practically gain a little sister from how attached she is to you, and as overexcited and stubborn as she can get, she’s super sweet and eager to get along well with you.
then you come across some haphazardly thrown together shrine in dragonspine while she’s taking you to meet her brother, something that wouldn’t make you think twice if it wasn’t for the severed arm offered up. it takes childe a couple seconds to recognise you since he doesn’t until he’s closer, at first accusing you of stealing his offering, which ??? you do not want the arm, thanks
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jayvha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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lostcryptids · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pics from the 2011 thing movie show some amazing effects im so sad that movie didnt turn out good 
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pluviofleur · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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emperor-kumquat · 7 hours ago
Overlord.... Real summary of that bath scene
Alright, so some people are getting really concerned after seeing the jokes *ahem* @cuppajj . What did Emperor Kumquat write? How thirsty am I?
So rest assured, I didn’t write anything sexual (I never do). It’s a funny death scene I snuck in for laughs. It’s called “Trolled by Vehicons”
First things first, Overlord is established as obsessively hygienic. There are clues in the story that Overlord highly values his appearance and it’s important for his sense of comfort. Knowing his backstory, you would understand he didn’t have luxuries before, and when he did, when he looked good, people at last cared about him. Overlord wants to look good to be loved more and doesn’t expect to be noticed or cared about otherwise.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He has impenetrable armour when you meet him, so all he has to worry about is washing. Your first hint that he does this is when you meet him and there is no smoke or blood on him after he attacked the warship. 
Tumblr media
When you play correctly and don’t die, you notice at another point Overlord is particularly shiny and smells fresh. This is before Overlord is going to check Bumblebee’s memory to figure out what happened to Megatron. That’s right, even though Megatron isn’t present, it was so important that Overlord wanted to look clean just for something Megatron-related. 
Tumblr media
That’s just two confirmations that Overlord had a wash in your time on Elba. He does it more often than you know. He always cleans himself after battle and just daily to clean off dust and such. Now the bath scene is when instead of catching Overlord after the second mentioned bath, you walk in on him.
Predaking is trying to find Sixshot. He wanders around then asks some Vehicons guarding a door if they know where to find him. The Vehicons tell you Sixshot is in the hallway behind them. Now these Vehicons, they are assholes. The editor of Mercy was quite vocal in her hatred of them because she trusted them. No, these Vehicons want you to die because they don’t want Overlord to make them fight you for training in the future.
If you believe these bastards, you walk into the wash hall. You hear water running and you can smell the chemicals, but when you open the door, you just find Overlord chilling in a huge hot bath. Predaking is terrified of him, has been since the start of Part 5. Overlord doesn’t immediately attack him, but asks if he came here to assassinate him. Predaking claims that he is lost. It’s believable enough, and so Overlord decides he’ll figure out the truth by checking on the guards outside the hall. He says none of this to Predaking. All Overlord does is get up and make Predaking walk with him back to the door. @lady-and-robots drew this part already actually!
*The scene notes that Overlord’s eyes are pink for some reason when they weren’t before.
Overlord opens the door, and these FUCKING VEHICONS are on the floor pretending to be knocked out in order to frame Predaking. Now believing Predaking was stupid enough to fight the guards and try to assassinate him, Overlord tears off Predaking’s head without hesitation.
Tumblr media
So what is so steamy then? This scene is special because Emperor Kumquat was overly dramatic with the wording in a way I’m not in the other chapters. Although all Overlord did was get up from the bath and walk over, I describe all those damn sparkles and the water dripping off him. I don’t focus on the terror, but things like the smells and the light, so it’s not about describing what Predaking feels but it’s about the reader’s entertainment. It’s like Overlord is in a shampoo commercial; it’s like Overlord is gliding forward with the self-confidence of Moto Moto. 
Here is the difference in writing and why this scene stands out.
A description of Overlord touching you from the special scene uses softer verbs and omits personal fear for more descriptions of Overlord:
Tumblr media
Normally, I use quicker and harsher verbs to present how scary it is to have Overlord touch your neck:
Tumblr media
And I like to describe how shocked and helpless Predaking feels whenever this happens:
Tumblr media
It’s only 500 words and no, I’m not handing out the link. It’s a gem to find buried in the rest of the game!
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