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Goretober day 28:Skewered 

“Father…how could you do this to me??”

Oh boy another new OC.  His name is Firestorm.  He’s the son of the Fire Prince Ukara and the cloud peasant woman Drazi.

For obvious reasons, an affair between a prince and a peasant is strictly forbidden, especially since the Prince was expected to marry one of the many royal suitors presented to him.  Prince Ukara could not bring himself to marry any of the suitors over the woman he loved, and they attempted to run away together.  However, the couple had been spotted together fleeing from the castle, and the royal guardsmen were catching up to them fast.  Prince Ukara attempted to distract the guardsmen by transforming into a demon while Drazi fled on a grey pegasus.  While Prince Ukara had transformed into a demon before, it was a very unstable form, and it would quickly consume his mind leading him to destroy his own kingdom and engulf it in flames.  Drazi traveled far from the scene, and eventually traveled between planets and stars until she was sure she wasn’t being followed.

She birthed and raised her son, Firestorm, on a small farmstead on a small planet covered in various flora.  Drazi taught her son everything he needed to know, and many things one wished they knew.  Firestorm knew the tragic history of his father, and vowed to one day return him to his original form.  He diligently prepared and studied many magics until he felt he was ready to take on this task.  Once he was sure he had everything he needed, he left early morning in the shadow of an incoming storm.

Since that fateful night of escape, Prince Ukara was now known as Fire Demon Ukara, and had a firm, tyrannical grip on his entire planet and many of those that surrounded it.  When Firestorm arrived on the planet Ukara inhabited, he met a mantid warrior, whose family and village Ukara destroyed.  The mantid warrior had trained his whole life to finally vanquish the demon and avenge his family.  Firestorm and the mantid warrior befriended each other, and traveled together to Ukara’s lair.  When they arrived, the mantid warrior fought Ukara until he was weakened enough to be vulnerable to Firestorm’s spell.  Ukara was aware of the duo’s plan, and faked his defeat, causing Firestorm to sing his spell too early.  When the spell failed, Ukara impaled firestorm against the sides of his lair with one of his black claws.  After Firestorm uttered his last words with all the strength he had left, he slumped over and became lifeless.  Ukara had suddenly realized what he had done, and his demon form melted away to reveal his normal self.  Ukara then cradled his son’s corpse in his arms, and wept.

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Quote of the year

(not an actual quote)

Roman in a disagreement with Remus about which movie they are going to watch: what are you doing with that?

Remus in a calm yet agressive tone: well, I’m going to take this long spoon and scoop out your eyeballs and eat them. Then I’m going to puke them up and eat them again.

Janus and Logan used to their antics: pft- what did we just hear.

Remy: ok ladies, I’ll pick the movie.

Roman and Remus turns on Remy: no! We choose.

The night continued in chaos.

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Silent as the wind, and using naught but the moon’s pale light to guide him, the assassin slipped his blade underneath the latch holding the window locked. Skillfully, he shifted his blade to undo this latch, allowing him to slide the window open and slip into the stuffy, dingy bedroom where his target lay sleeping. Footsteps yielded no sound as he moved over the floor to the bedside, and neither did his clothing as he positioned the blade above the man’s sleeping neck.

The man, who’d stepped into the wrong building at the wrong time earlier that day, couldn’t know that this was coming.

One swift movement of the assassin’s arm, and the sharp edge of that blade flashed in the moonlight. A splash of red followed, and the man’s head rolled and plopped to the floor. There’d been no time for him to loose a scream before his brain’s connection with his body had been severed, but the terrified look in those eyes, and the gaping mouth was plenty to indicate the horror he’d felt at the moment of his demise.

Tears brimmed in the assassin’s eyes at the sight of his handiwork, but there was no time to get remorseful. Lingering at the site would mean getting caught. Getting caught would mean the end of him. And that would be…

With a deep exhale, Nyb wiped the bloodied blade onto the blanket adorning the bed. Then, sheathing the weapon, he slid back out of the window and lowered himself onto the pavement below. His technique, mastered through so many years of practice, left him without so much as a bloodstain on himself.

Regardless, he felt the man’s blood coating his hands, combining with the blood of so many past victims to form the shackles binding him to this fate.


Muttering this, quiet enough so as not to stir up any trouble, Nyb continued on, down the street towards his next job. Manacles, that more often felt just as real as the blade he carried or the bracelet tightly bound to his wrist, dragged at his feet. He wanted to stop. No more he wanted to say. No more blood.

But of course life wasn’t that simple.

And unfortunately he’d made a minor miscalculation.

On his begrudging way to the next victim, he ran into a man. Stern-faced and with pink-ish hair. It wasn’t Nyb’s first time seeing him, and he knew vaguely that the man had something to do with Scepter 4. Part of him wanted to give everything up and turn himself in right there, but the self-preserving part of him disputed that and swiftly took to the shadows of the nearby building.

If the man saw him, he would have to talk his way out.


Wind gusted, and Nyb felt a wet trickle on his face. He didn’t remember coming into contact with anything wet.

He swiped at his face with a finger, and then brought it in front of his eyes to examine.



The miscalculation he’d made had gotten some of the man’s blood on his own face, and he hadn’t noticed until now. Too distracted by the weight of his sins to notice such a small detail.

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The Marquise can locate where some of the parts came from. The eye from the body with both arms. The throat cut apart, clearly missing her vocal chords. The one… with… a heart removed. Ah. So something happened? Who took all of these corpses or living Mindfangs from their respective timelines to put them here? Who put her together again? Is her brain even her own? Does she have another Mindfang’s memories?

Maybe more pleasant ones.

It’s careful, detached observation. The mechanical arms are broken and rusted–she takes a picture to send to Dhanus. It explains the state of her own arm–not as bad, but enough that she fears she needs a replacement.


She might as well loot the place, taking pictures of some complex tools. Might as well try to find payment.

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A key goes into the keyhole. It turns with fluid ease, as if the locks are broken in, and not stiff, or rusted and old. There’s a moment to wonder about how long this has been here, or the set-up. If… this is the same, but modified manor she knew when she was young or was this something else?

Does it matter?


The room is dark, not a source of light to see–but then? Then, oh, she wishes she never opened it.

There are eight tubes with bodies. HER body. Her. Parts of the arm missing from what she can see. Arms. Legs. Eyes. Horns. All of them disfigured and dismembered… but the eighth one is empty. Not a corpse in it–or at least she assumes.

Slowly, she enters further, looking to the left to see a table covered in her hue, dried–dried blood. It…

Her breathing, she has to remember how to do it as panic shoots through her because for the moment she can’t process what it means. Slowly, she shakily ventures in with fear in her heart and horror, no, terror at what has happened here. The implication is there. Someone had her. Someone put her back together–or–or tried many times with these bodies? Her? Alternates? Clones?

As she approaches the table she sees that someone has cleared away the blood in the form of letters.


She dare not repeat it aloud, and slowly takes out her device to take pictures and send them.

What is this?

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