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Late Rattobers: 15 (ACAB), 16 (stimming), 17 (dread), 18 (inside), _____, 20 (metamorphosis)
19 is "wrath" but for that I'm just gonna promo my Redbubble shop, queer-wRATh
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Purchases are loved and cherished and you can commission a custom from me if you want, just DM me
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octetsica · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
END OF EPISODE TWO. "Please don't go, I love you so, my lovely." - Alt J
Transcript: "N-no... No... P-please... Please don't go..." [heavy rain] "Stay with me... Come on, little rabbit." [Silence] "Please don't go... I love you."
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featurefilms · 7 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Train to Busan (2016) Annihilation (2018) Get Out deleted scene (2017) Hannibal (2013–2015) The Ritual (2017)
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the-real-numbers · a month ago
Tumblr media
Whoa guys, real life color theorist sighting in South Africa
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bartholomewillustrated · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lady D did make him slink down to the village immediately after and take it down. The villagers are already a nervous bunch they don’t need That in their lives as well.. Could I have made this non-joke in like.. five panels? Yes absolutely. but where’s the fun in life if you don’t put in a  little extra effort where it’s absolutely not needed? also as a bonus here’s my favourite panels from the pre-sketch:
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peepsburt · 3 months ago
Adrien: *gets his arm cut off*
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endverse · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖓 𝖜𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 ✬ 𝖔𝖓 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖕𝖎𝖓 𝔰𝔢𝔞𝔰𝔬𝔫 𝔣𝔬𝔲𝔯, 𝔢𝔭𝔦𝔰𝔬𝔡𝔢 𝔰𝔦𝔵𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔫
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Tumblr media
"Maybe we both die. Probably. But maybe not. Maybe, maybe everything works out, and we end up somewhere else."
"One way or another. Together."
Click for better quality! I was too distraught to make any art for the finale when it came out, so I'm finally getting around to it now.
[ID: Digital painting of Jon and Martin as the panopticon collapses around them. Martin is a fat Polish-Mexican man with dark brown hair that's partially turned white at the front. Jon is a thin British-Indian man with greying long black hair. Martin sits on Jon's lap, hunched over him and hugging him tightly to his chest. Jon's arms are wrapped around Martin's neck. A knife sticks out of Jon's back and he and Martin are sitting a pool of blood. Their clothes are splattered with blood and Jon's visible hand is dripping with it. Behind them, a colorful stained glass window depicting an eye surrounded by many geometric shapes shatters as the panopticon explodes. Shattered glass and rubble rain down on Jon and Martin, but Martin appears to be shielding Jon from the worst of it.
End ID]
Version without debris under cut:
Tumblr media
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dudeiwannasleep · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
another nikola because can’t stop thinking about the Skin Mask
[IMAGE ID: a digital left-facing profile portrait of nikola orsinov from the neck up. she is an off white mannequin with a mask of grayed human skin fastened to her face with hooks and string. the edges are bloody, and the plastic of her face is visible through the holes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. her cheeks and lips are painted red with blood, and she has black lines over her eyes like a clown. / END ID.]
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inhuman-obey-me · 3 months ago
The brothers finding out that their s/o was allmost kill by a lesser demon.
content warnings: blood, gore, torture, body horror -- especially Asmo's and Lucifer's. Those two are especially not for the faint of heart.
Please don't be scared of us because of this. Or do? Maybe. Uh. We're nice we promise.
Follow up post with the side characters here.
Tumblr media
He notices that you're acting a bit strange, spacing-out more than usual, not responding when he calls your name a few times -- so he asks what's wrong.
You hesitantly tell him what happened, and before you know it he's got you spilling out the details on just who this lesser demon was.
You insist that it's fine, trying to calm him down, and he seems to eventually give in.
...until you're asleep.
He finds Beel in the kitchen, and tells him everything, hoping he'll join the plot to get back at the demon who dared touch you.
They march on over to the lesser demon's house, and Belphie slams the door open.
"You pathetic piece of shit. You really thought you could go after Y/N like that?"
The twins rush in to grab hold of the demon before they can run away, and Beel holds them up while Belphie pummels them with fists and spiky tail.
The spikes of his tail rip jagged slashes across the demon's face, spraying blood everywhere before it drips all over their body.
When the demon is good and bloodied and Beel suggests maybe it's time to go home because the night is almost over Belphie wraps his spiked tail around their throat and pulls it apart with a single flick, their head rolling along the floor from the rough tear.
By the time you wake up, he's cleaned up and cuddled back up with you in bed, a peaceful expression on his face.
Tumblr media
When you get home, you don't mean to act like anything's wrong, but well, you nearly died today so maybe it's a bit reasonable that you're visibly a bit shaken.
Beel rushes to you and asks what happened, face full of concern
When you tell him what happened, a serious expression comes across his face.
He swore before that he'd protect you, and he meant it -- he's not going to let some lesser demon get away with this.
For the next few days, he insists on walking you everywhere, staying by your side constantly to keep an eye out for that demon.
When you do next cross paths with the demon at RAD, he locks eyes with them from across the hall.
With his athleticism, he's rushed at them before you or they know what's going on, and has picked them up by the scruff.
"You're going to pay for trying to hurt Y/N."
He hits them with a series of punches and kicks, launching them into the air with probably more than a few broken bones.
In a desperate attempt to get away, they quickly try to change to demon form for wings to fly away on, but he grabs them by their wings and tears them right off their backs.
Their eyes widen as he proceeds to rip them literally limb from limb, flinging their arms and legs down the hallway, as blood spurts onto any passing demons who didn't clear a wide enough distance from the scene.
With his own powerful wings, he lifts the remaining torso into the air, bites their head off, and throws the rest back to the ground.
He comes back to you, apologizing that you had to see that, but promises that no one will ever come after you again.
After that very public mess, certainly no one does.
Tumblr media
Before you even reach the front steps of the House of Lamentation, Asmo is standing in front of you with a serious expression.
Being the gossip king that he is, he's heard all about your run-in with the lesser demon before you even got home.
But he wants to hear it from you.
So, you cave and explain what happened as he fusses over you, checking over every inch to see if you're okay.
Biding his time, he arranges for some of his fans to invite the lesser demon out partying with them sometime.
When the demon arrives, they're surprised initially by his seeming hospitality, as they were well aware that you are his s/o, but with his looks-obsessed reputation around the Devildom, they assume he doesn't want to get his hands dirty and that maybe he's sucking up to ask them politely not to do it again.
Joke's on them.
Asmodeus pulls them onto the dance floor with a flirtatious smile, but before the lesser demon can react, they find themself staring right into his hellfire eyes.
"I know, you're sorry for trying to kill Y/N, aren't you? Why don't you show me just how sorry you are, hm?"
The demon immediately bursts into tears, throwing their body to the ground against their will and begging for forgiveness before the words actually reach their brain.
To their horror, their hands move on their own, tearing deep gashes into their face and neck before moving on to twisting their toes clean out of their sockets.
They rip several more gashes along their torso and watch as their hands shove the toes deep inside, pulling out their own organs to make room for them.
Asmo merely smiles at them as he watches the bloody scene he's orchestrated play out before him.
Once they're done tearing themselves apart, Asmo turns to the rest of the crowded club and declares shots for everybody! Party!!
When he gets home, he can't help but brag about what a wonderful time he had out tonight -- and by the way, that lesser demon will not be bothering you again, don't you worry, sweetie 💖
Tumblr media
He senses that you're not feeling too great, quietly studying you from across the room.
That's when he notices the cuts and bruises on your skin, even though you tried to cover them up to the best of your ability.
He's on his feet and asking you what happened, making sure you leave no detail out.
His green eyes are glowing with anger, and he assures you he's going to take care of this problem right now.
He storms out of the House before you can even try to stop him, his Wrath simmering and ready to explode the moment he sets eye on the lesser demon who dared lay a single claw on you.
It doesn't take long for him to find his prey, his lips splitting into a malicious grin as the lesser demon catches sight of the Avatar of Wrath.
In a flash, Satan has his claws tearing right through the lesser demon's torso, soaking his own top with blood.
"You really thought it was a good fucking idea to go after Y/N? Hah!"
He continues to plunge his claws in the demon's torso, grabbing one of their organs and pulling it back out, then diving his claws back in.
His tail, meanwhile, is stripping cloth and skin off of their legs with its sharp ridges, tearing through sinews and creating ribbons of flesh and tissue.
Anyone who is witness to Satan absolutely mutilating this lesser demon's body has learned a new meaning of fear.
They're dead long before he realizes they are, and he's still destroying their body long after they've already died.
When he's finally done, he returns home, leaving a thick trail of blood dripping off him straight to the bathroom. Once he's cleaned himself up, he returns to you and gives you a tight hug, reassuring you that everything's okay now.
Tumblr media
You're gaming with Leviathan the day after, and you realize his gaze has been lingering on you for a bit.
He's noticed some of the bruises on your skin from the encounter, and he won't stop staring.
So you mention that you had a rough run-in with a lesser demon, but he starts muttering about how of course some demon thought they could get away with hurting you, his partner.
He basically guilts you into telling him all the details, a frown plastered on his face the entire time.
The next day, while walking to class with Mammon, he runs into the despicable demon in the hallways at RAD.
He hadn't exactly planned to do anything to them, but now that he sees them, rage bubbles up in him, and he's turned to demon form before it even fully registers in his mind.
He grabs them by the throat and slams them against the wall, fangs fully exposed as he hisses angrily at them.
"Did you think you could get away with trying to kill Y/N even though they have me?"
When Mammon hears that, he quickly goes to usher other demons away from the area, wanting to ensure that his little brother will have a wide open space to thoroughly punish them for their transgression.
His claws dig deep trenches into the lesser demon's chin as he presses them harder into the wall, daring them to say anything to him about what happened.
When they just whimper in response, he wraps his tail around their legs and thrashes them around on the floor, occasionally bringing them back up in front of him again to slash at their body.
Eventually, his tail muscles get tired out, and he leaves the demon twitching helplessly on the floor.
He taunts them a bit, telling them to get up because he's not finished with them yet, but their eyes are glazing over, more venom than he'd maybe intended having entered their bloodstream through his claws.
Not that he's sorry about it, either.
When he meets up with you as usual for lunch later, you notice he seems unusually hungry, but he's also in a better mood than he was that morning...
Tumblr media
He thinks you're acting weird, like unusually weird, so he starts pestering you about it.
He won't stop until you tell him, so you eventually spill all the details on the lesser demon that nearly killed you.
Oh, Mammon is livid, and starts going off about how he's going to beat the shit out of the dumbass who dared attack you.
At the sounds of his shouting, Asmodeus pokes his head from in the next room.
Mammon is already out the door to take care of this lesser demon right now, and when you explain to Asmo the reason he stormed out, he's right behind his older brother, determined to go help.
Which is good, because when the demon sees the pissed-off second most powerful of the brothers, they try to bolt, only to be met face-to-face with the Avatar of Lust, who charms them into turning right back around to meet their fate.
"Yo, you motherfucker! Ya really thought it was a good idea to go after my human like that, huh?"
Mammon rolls his shoulders back before rushing forward, head down so that his sharp horns impale the other demon's chest.
He quickly flies up into the sky, using his incredible speed to get frighteningly high before doing a spinning drill-like dive directly into the lesser demon, practically grinding them into the dirt.
Blood gushes out as he removes his horns from their body, and then he goes to grab at them with his hands, claws ripping off their face to expose the muscles underneath.
His fangs go for their throat, ripping it out in one swift move, yet more blood spurting from the cavity.
Before dropping the now-corpse, he fishes into their pocket for their wallet, which earns a laugh and teasing "You scumbag!" from Asmodeus.
But as the younger brother finds out, the money isn't actually for himself.
The two return to the House of Lamentation a while later, and Mammon presents you with a beautifully wrapped gift, saying he wanted to get you something special to make up for what that lesser demon did to you.
Tumblr media
Lucifer takes one look at you and he knows. You can't hide it from him, and he gets you to tell him exactly what happened.
When you describe the lesser demon, his crimson eyes narrow -- he knows exactly who they are.
They've always been a troublemaker and as Lucifer is basically second-in-charge of the Devildom, they had received several warnings from him before.
But now they've really fucked up. :)
He calls them to the student council room the next day, and while they're not terribly surprised by the summons, they are surprised to see that Lucifer is standing alone at the center of the room.
Before they can question why no one else is there, however, he begins reading from a single sheet of paper, describing the previous day's attack back to the demon.
"As you have injured and endangered one of the human exchange students, and thus put His Highness's exchange program at risk, you are hereby sentenced to eternal imprisonment."
He steps forward then, and whispers into the demon's ear.
"But since you went after my partner, this is personal. So you'd better hope Barbatos finds you to imprison you, because I don't intend to let you live to see tomorrow."
The offending demon turns to run, but manages only one step before getting caught in an invisible trap of ropes, which yanks them immediately up to the ceiling, splaying them out in an upside-down X.
Lucifer smirks as he steps forward to the array of controlling ropes hanging downwards, pulling on one agonizingly slowly, which serves to squeeze one of the demon's fingers until he hits bone, then slides the flesh of the finger down to the tip, like a round lollipop.
Casually, he breaks the finger off and shoves it into the lesser demon's mouth, instructing them strictly not to chew on it -- not that they really want to, anyway.
He proceeds to repeat the same with each remaining finger, until the demon's mouth is fully stretched and stuffed with their own digits.
Now they can chew. And they better. Go on, eat up.
The demon hesitates a moment at the command, so he grabs their chin and roughly moves it for them, and reflexively they swallow.
As they're about to vomit at what they just did, he forces the demon's mouth closed, making sure they have to swallow back down every last drop.
Not to worry, they won't have to keep it in their stomach for long, as Lucifer takes one of the clawed bones from the fingers and uses it to tear a surgically thin gash into each of the demon's four stomachs, allowing the fluids inside to drip slowly down their upside-down body back to their face.
Next, he grabs the demon by the forehead and floods power from his own body through the demon's, forcing their demon form out so he can get at their horns, wings, and tail.
Again using the clawed finger bone, he shreds apart their wings, purposely targeting the parts with the most sensitive nerves.
Then he yanks hard on their tail, before sending a line of flame up along it.
Now, for their horns. Lucifer conjures a swirl of magic in his hand, and uses it to grind away at one of their horns, all the way down to a little stub. He then repeats this action on the other.
Finally, for one last touch before he goes, he brushes his fingers across the demon's forehead, sending veins of slow poison through their body and horrifying visions through their mind.
He returns home that night in a very good mood, though he assures you it's just because he's happy to have been able to free up extra time in his schedule to spend with you. But in the coming days, you notice you never see the demon who attacked you ever again.
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