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#goretober 2020

goretober day 31: freeform (happy belated halloween!)

once again, the hot take of the evening is that romantica and hannigram are the same couple :) you are not allowed to disagree with me. so here’s act one interpreted to habal universe… in a different way!

i hope you guys enjoyed this series :) i’ll write a longer note of my sorrows on ao3 but im glad you guys stuck with me through this disaster lolol. please enjoy this final one! ty!! <3

Will stands in front of Hannibal Lecter’s house, feeling quite out of place. Something about the juxtaposition of the grand, dark, Victorian exterior and Will’s fly-fishing jacket, plaid shirt, and discount-shelf khakis didn’t sit right with him. Yet, this was somewhat of a requirement to enable him to save lives, catch killers. So, he proceeds.

To give Will some peace of mind, Jack assured him that Will wouldn’t actually be Hannibal’s patient—there would be no exchange of anything of monetary value. Out of guilt, though, Will brought a pot of homemade chicken soup with him, maybe the only homemade thing he makes that he thinks tastes good. Lecter is one of Baltimore’s top psychiatrists, after all. It felt wrong to get his services completely for free.

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