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#gorgug thistlespring

bad kids but that one episode that had an arcade and instantly made me think of cabinet man

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i just remembered that when boys night came out and the reason the boys were there and the girls were on a quest was because men weren’t allowed within so many feet of this one domain i FULLY thought “oh but gorgug’s not a man?” like. truly gorgug anbmpatbn. (Assigned Nonbinary By Me Personally At Boys Night)

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d20 alphabet day three: c (cooking)

[the bad kids’ semi-disastrous attempt at baking cookies]

read here! ( @dimension20alphabet )

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What is it with Gorgug and people kissing him on the mouth when he doesn’t want to date them but cant go on Zelda.

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Fig and Gorgugs friendship: Friends supporting each other through and through.

Fig and Fabian friendship: Fuck you. Fuck me yourself coward/ look at my friend, their a bitch but i love them

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the idea of a sword that actively doubles as a speaker is really funny and i love it. good for them they deserve to be friends

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Having more thoughts on the Kristen and Gorgug being the two sides of the coin thing and 👀👀. Anyways Zac and Ally definitely know what they’re doing and they’re doing it to give me emotions personally. 

Kristen and Gorgug are both the protectors of the group but in different ways, Kristen the healer who makes sure no one goes down, but Gorgug is the physical protector, the one who makes sure the healer and other magic users don’t go down. He’s the one who tackles a full fire elemental out of the sky, and takes the hits when no one else can. They’re also the ones who have died, who died on their first day of high school and will always be connected by this (shoutout to when Kristen immediately tells Gorgug that she died again and it was different this time).

Kristen is self sacrificial out of love for her friends and her girlfriend and her found family, she heals Riz instead of herself and yells at her friends to run despite knowing that when they run Kalina is going to kill her. Kristen is the one who knows what death feels like, time and time again. She throws herself into saving other people so they don’t have to die. She revifies her friends no matter the cost. Even in the face of horrific circumstances she reaches out with empathy, always making perception checks before she reacts with violence or defensive magic. 

Kristen loves hard, and hates when other people are upset because all she wants to do is make sure everyone is happy, probably as a result of how volatile her parents were, as long as everyone is happy everyone is safe. Seeing other people upset makes Kristen upset. Gorgug is the same way, he’s so attuned to other people emotions and is constantly trying to help his friends. He’s also the one who probably makes the most perceptions checks before fights to make sure that this is the right thing to do. All he wants to do is be there for them as they go through horrible things. I get the feeling that if Gorgug could’ve taken all of his friends fears on himself he would’ve. 

Gorgug takes the hit for everyone else because he can, he has the highest amount of HP and hits for the most damage. He’s the one who chopped a whole wall down to get to Kristen to try and save her. He throws himself on top of the bad guys in order to make sure they don’t get to his friends, and make sure he takes the hits instead. Gorgug knows (thinks) he’s the least smart member of the party, so he has to take the hits in order to protect his friends because he can’t outsmart anyone, fighting is the only thing he’s good at.

The reason Kristen and Gorgug are two sides of the same coin is they’re both protectors who have to draw on their deepest insecurities in order to protect their friends. Kristen has to dig deep into her religious beliefs in order to heal other people, when she casts spirit guardians she has no idea how they’re going to appear, or if they’re even going to. She is suffering under the weight of her questions and religious trauma every time the Bad Kids get into a fight. In order to do max damage and make sure he doesn’t get fear attacked so he can keep fighting, Gorgug has to drop into Mindless Rage. He fights like a madman which is another one of his fears, losing control. 

So these two teenagers who have literally died before face their deepest fears every single time they fight and they do it in the name of protecting those around them no matter the cost. Anyway!! Kristen and Gorgug besties rights and Zac and Ally definitely know what they’re doing.

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I’m emotional about a half orc boy named Gorgug T-T

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