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#gorou x reader
sidemariana · 3 days ago
• Voicelines about you pt.2 •
Characters included: Gorou, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None, it's only fluff.
Art: I found it on Pinterest, it's from a donghua (chinese animation) called "Heaven Official's Blessings"
Tumblr media
Part 1: Here!
Gorou 🐾
About (Name): Uh, (N-Name)? Uh, she's... She's nice, I guess. Oh crap, I'm way too nervous to talk about her... She isn't just 'nice', you know. The truth is that I crave being around her because she makes me feel safe. Whenever she's around, she always gives me head and ears scratches and plays with my tail carefully. Ah, the shivers that her caresses send down my spine... W-What?! I can't help but feel cared about every time she's with me, is all. Her scent is so inviting and so tender... Oh man... I'm catching myself missing her once again. Where could she be by now?
Kazuha 🍁
About (Name): Oh, the talkative and gentle girl of Monstad? I met her during my time on Beidou's ship. She's sensitive and empathetic, always so attached to the little details of things that most people don't even notice it amused me. My day always turns out to be brighter whenever I have the opportunity to spend some time with her, since she has such a comforting aura. She always paid attention to my words when I recited a poetry for her... Oh, talking about poems, I made a sonnet about her. Could you perhaps help me to improve anything of it?
Scaramouche ⚡
About (Name): Um, excuse me? Why are you asking me about her? Tsc, so random. Well, all I can say is that in the beginning I hated her. I hated her voice, her personality, her strength... But soon I noticed that hatred could be admiration towards her instead. Once I gave her a chance to be closer to me, I grew up attached to her presence. A curious fact is that she think my haircut is 'so sick' and whenever she sees me she keeps playing with the hair from my nape. Argh! I didn't want to show this soft side of me, so stop asking about her to me and go search for another fool out there to do so. Tsundere, me? As if.
Thoma 🎋
About (Name): Ah, yes! The kind and friendly girl that helped the Sangonomiya Resistance! She's awesome! She nurtures adoration for animals out there, did you know that? Mhmm! She once hangout with me to take care of some stray dogs of Inazuma and those puppies couldn't be happier around her, haha. When she was here still, we often went out to drink some tea while I taught housekeeping skills to her. Sometimes I miss her presence here way too much... I guess I'll pay her a visit on Monstad, so I can see my native land once again and be around my favorite person.
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bluexiao · 3 days ago
#i know you, i walked with you once upon a dream
—scenarios of first time meeting—or were they not really the first?—and talks about past lives
CHARACTERS. Abyss!Aether, Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli
THEMES. First meetings, Fluff, Slight angst, Mostly hurt with comfort. (except xiao’s), mentions of past lives (ofc)
NOTES. It is mostly not noted if it’s modern or in-game setting. Also, this idea is quite difficult to write, not gonna lie. It took awhile for me to finish but I hope you liked it and I did justice to the idea hahaha. Let me know what your thoughts are on this one okok? I personally liked Albedo’s and Diluc’s on this one hehe
Writing Commissions || Send a Kofi!
Tumblr media
ZHONGLI’s life far exceeds humans or probably any other kind, that he knew and was aware of. Each life comes to an end, but fate decides that he, amongst others, was one who shall be “blessed” with years more than he could imagine. The days had been long and the nights were not too far away, yet he persisted. With time in his hands, he knew he needed something to do, to distract himself and to merge into the society of humans.
“Good morning, would you like to avail Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s new promo?” that voice, oh, of course, he knew, he just knew. Tone like a melody heard from the mountain tops and by the rivers, where he’d want to stop and drink tea with the peace overcoming him.
You—he knew it was you and he confirmed it when he turns around and sees your eyes, your face—it really was you.
Memories come flashing in like it was just yesterday, but he held his face—still calm despite the turmoil on the inside. He was taken aback, but no one can notice it, not even you.
“The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor,” he repeats, clearing his throat, “I heard they are trying to hire a consultant, is the job still vacant, perhaps?”
XIAO, the sole-surviving yaksha, had seen many things, defeated many demons or enemies anyone else could count, even himself. Yet one thing he dare not want to witness again was what happened to you. Of course, he knew love—knew it like the back of his hand, but now he rejects it, pushes it away before the same thing repeats again like a neverending curse he couldn’t run away from.
When he saw you, it was like the air had been sucked out of his lungs, his throat clogged up, and flashbacks he wished he could never visit again came on his mind as his eyes widened slowly, gaze focused on your form not too far away from Wangshu Inn. He wanted to go away, to flee before he gave in, but he was magnetized by your pull—or more like destiny wills it to happen.
He unconsciously reaches his hand out but as soon as he realized he did, he pulls away; his hand, his gaze, and himself; disappearing into that one place you and him used to go to when you were once alive before, convincing himself that this was not you that he knew before. This was another you, one he would not want to hurt anymore, not after what happened.
VENTI had questioned himself far too many times; what was his purpose? Why does he still walk among the lands, as if he was waiting for something, or someone. Right. He was waiting for you. This was what had been on his mind that maybe the other gods above granted his wish to lay his eyes on you once again, to hear you voice that he had missed so much.
He would never let you go again, not anymore.
“You must be new here,” he muses, hands on his waist, relishing in the way your eyes landed on his and they were connecte again—finally, “a pleasure to meet you! Outlanders are very much welcome here in Mondstadt, allow me, your humble bard, to tour you around if you’d like!”
THOMA is the neighborhood boy who had always given you a welcoming smile despite not knowing each other that much. He has this aura that you’d want to have in your life, to suck in the positivity he has, almost like the sun—a beaming smile, a warm voice.
“Have I met you before?” one day, he decides to talk to you, like he does to others who are in your neighborhood. You, for one, thought it was just his way of trying to befriend you, but you didn’t know how much he had been longing to have a conversation with you, how much courage he had mustered to walk and talk to you—this had never happened to him, not to anyone else.
It must be why he said those words and sparked a new kind of connection that he just had the feeling that this was not new… you and him. If past lives were true, then he’d believe he was with you.
SCARAMOUCHE has a knack of getting into your nerves each and every time you see him. Yet when others try to do the same, he’s angry at them.
“What’s your problem, even?” you called him out when the same thing happened all over again; others trying to tease you until he comes and glares at them and says “Have you got no better else to do?”
“Shouldn’t that be my line?” he hisses, “I drove them away, what’s your problem?”
You scoffed, “It’s you, Scaramouche—or should I say lord Harbinger?”
He huffs out a breath, “How courageous of you to talk back to me, tsk, why have you always been like this?”
You were left alone as he walks away without another word, leaving you to wonder what his last statement might have meant.
It’s weird, how you felt like you had known KAZUHA even way before you two had met when you were children. Your connection was like gravity, pulling you his way and him to yours, one that he admitted as well.
“Kazu… do you think we knew each other in our past lives?” you questioned him as you both gazed upon the sky, littered with stars as you held your hand out as if reaching out to one of them, searching for their glow. As you do this, KAZUHA reaches out to your hand, grasping it on his own before pulling it on his side and landing soft kisses on each of your knuckles.
“If it’s you, my dove, then I don’t think such an idea would be absurd.”
KAEYA intrigues you, probably just as much as you seemed to him as well. Something in him makes you curious as to if he hides secrets behind that masked eye of his behind his eyepatch. Fleeting glances, flirtatious remarks, sly smiles.
“Who knew I’d find you here, Y/n,” he says that one time you sought solace beside the Cathedral, eyes lingering on the waters around the city of Mondstadt, deep in thought, “A Mora for your thoughts?”
You giggled, averting your eyes his way, “How about we exchange secrets then?”
“Secrets?” he laughs, “If you want one, then I’ll tell you.” he pauses, “Have you ever heard of reincarnations?”
When GOROU met you, he was in the middle of a fight—sort of. You were calling his name and for some reason, he knew yours. By the time he had woken up, your face came into view but he didn’t find you familiar at all, except by the uniform you wore that indicated that you were part of the medical team for the soldiers of the Resistance.
“You called them by name, sir,” one of them says, “do you know them?”
“You know, it’s a rumor that you say your past life’s lover’s name when you’re on the brink of death… maybe…”
“Stop that,” he scolds, “rumors are rumors, you should all focus on our mission at hand.”
He may have dismissed his soldiers but the thought of their words lingered in his thoughts until he saw your eyes again and a single name crossed his mind. Yours.
DILUC had always been intimidating for you, he had this aura that pushed most people away, especially those who dare not want to receive his silence and the glare of his eyes. He was a man full of walls, but it was still a curious thing how you had brought it down.
“I feel like this had happened before,” you said out of the blue one day when you were out with him, waling into the fields that littered all over the city for one to explore too freely.
“What did?”
“This,” you raised your interlinked hands, him with his signature glove that still radiated the warmth of the skin beneath it, “it’s like… we’ve been lovers before.”
He was silent for a little while, and you half expected he would think it was such a stupid idea, but he lets out a chuckle. For those who knew DILUC, they know how difficult it was for him to smile and react like that—only you were probably one of the only ones who could.
“What made you think of that, my love?” he finally speaks, to which you answered,
“I don’t know. It just feels like it. Don’t you think so too?” you peeked into his expression and your heart skipped a beat to see the small smile on his face, especially when he gazes at your way as well.
“I do admit I do feel that as well.”
CHILDE’s enemies had always been those whom he felt were stronger than him, ones that would make him look weak compared to them, against them. When you came in and defeated him in a game of wits, he knew he just had to defeat you one way or another. It was not too long when he realized that you two were like puzzle pieces that were far different but fit each other nonetheless. You two were meant for each other, to fight? Whatever it was, he just knew this was a far too special connection than any other else.
So he decides to beat you in one way he knew that could effectively do so.
He brings his knee down and he could see how you froze in your place, eyes widening in surprise and realization of what he was about to do and what words he was about to say.
Deep blue with the velvety texture of a box on his hand, he opened them and presents the ring in front of you, “Y/n, I don’t think I can hold onto this any longer without seeing it on your finger. The moment I met you, I knew it felt like I had already known you for a very long time. Will you marry me?”
The fallen blossoms get flown away by the wind far from its tree branch, but AYATO knew that two souls could never wander away when they were meant to meet. He believed in soulmates—how silly, isn’t it? Such were just fairytales from their grandparents but it was kept in his heart, even more, reminded by it the day he met you.
“It must be fated for us to cross paths, don’t you think?” were his first words, a knowing smile on his face as he anticipated for what you’d say—would you pull away? Raise a brow at him?
Your giggle resounds in the air, a soft curve on your lips as you replied, “It is quite a pleasure to meet you as well, Master Kamisato. I did not expect a person such as you would believe in such beliefs as well.”
“Well then, do you not?” he questions further, yet that look in your eyes made him think that he knew what the answer was.
“Why should I not when my supposed soulmate is standing in front of me?”
ALBEDO knew he could never impersonate the life in your eyes, to draw them on paper and paint their same hues, same shine. He tried far too many times but never were they ever enough.
His fingers graze over his new drawing of yours and just then, he did not realize someone was already beside him, gazing onto his sketchbook with curious eyes.
“That looks beautiful.”
He dare not speak but the moment he turns and glances at you, his chest tightens for an unknown reason, frozen in place as he waited for you to go away—was he hallucinating? Surely this image is far too perfect to imitate-
“Oh, I apologize if I frightened you. I’m from Sumeru Academy, you must be Mr. Albedo? The Genius Alchemist they’ve been talking about. I came here to meet you.”
Little do you know that as you reached out your hand to him and he reluctantly shook your hand, ALBEDO was breathless.
“Yes, that is me. To what do I owe this pleasure… Y/n?”
It had been so long since he mentioned that name. He might have to tell Klee not to say a word before you and her cross paths or else the past will unravel itself before he could even control it.
AETHER is not unfamiliar with both separation and death. When he lost you 500 years ago, the world crumbled around him and he thought he could never see you again, to have more time with you. Why must this happen to him, he questions far too many times. Yet the answers to them seem to be nonexistent—or more like he did not wish to dwell on it any further, not now that he had met you once again. The stars have finally aligned for him to gaze upon your form and be given the time that was robbed from both of you when you fell along with Khaenriah.
“Y/n… it’s you,” he says, and he remembered wishing that if he was asleep, he did not want to wake up.
“Who… who are you?”
His chest tightens at your words but a smile forms on his face—forced upon, more like.
“Did you really wish you’d like to know more about me?”
Tumblr media
Reblogs are very appreciated<3
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rushipedia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Their Pet names for You - Genshin Impact
Tumblr media
A/N: I have not written this much in ages. I’ll keep writing these random prompts until I start getting requests again… prepare for chaos. Kiddies excluded bc pet names are usually… between couples idk…tjeres an eyelash in mueye
Requests are open! (Please send some I’m like begging u but not rlly pretend I’m not begging that’s embarrassing but literally I’m begging)
Gender neutral reader as always!
Tumblr media
Likes cute and romantic pet names like 'sweetheart' or 'dove' and calls you them often. They feel like having a special name for each other it strengthens the bond of your relationship a bit. They don't mind if you don't give them a pet name, but please don't stop them from holding you close and calling you their sunshine!
Boys: Bennett, Gorou, Thoma, Zhongli, Kazuha
Girls: Barbara, Ganyu, Ayaka, Lisa, Eula, Xaingling
Probably calls you either more mainstream or something completely outrageous and long to piss you off. One time they started at 'babe' and ended at my little cabbage'. Probably only calls you by pet names, which means you know something is off instantly when they call you by your actual name.
Boys: Tartaglia, Kaeya, Xingqiu, Venti, Itto
Girls: Xinyan, Beidou, Yanfei, Yoimiya, Hu Tao, Fischl
Doesn't use pet names at all or doesn't know what they are. If you use a pet name on them they probably won't respond unless you make it clear to them that it's your special little nickname for only them. It might make their heart flutter a little bit, but they probably still won't give you a pet name. They either think your name is beautiful enough, or they're just too proper.
Boys: Albedo, Diluc, Xiao, Razor, Chongyun
Girls: Ayaka, Kokomi, Rosaria, Ningguang, Sucrose, Mona, Ei, Sara, Keqing, Jean
Tumblr media
rushipedia ☆ 2021
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"Are you in love with me?"
They hear the words, oh...there's no doubt they have. However, a planned reaction, now that they don't.
Tumblr media
Gorou immediately drops whatever is in his hands. He sputters, clearly caught off guard.
"Uh," you mumur, the temperature in the room has changed drastically; you can feel your cheeks gaining heat quicker and quicker, "Sorry, I just...I wanted to know."
Despite the silence, you wanted to guess you were correct. With his tail swishing back and forth, his ears twitching as if he heard the most delightful news. However, it was easy it get ones hopes up.
Your heart swiftly plummets to your feet after more silence follows, you assumed this was the case. There was no way the general of the resistance would give you his heart the way you had given up yours.
"Nevermind then," you tell him, choking back the tears threatening to fall, "I'm sorry to bother you, General."
You surprise yourself with how quickly you turn around. It is fast enough to create a creaking sound in the floorboard.
"W...Wait a second," Gorou's voice instantly pulls you to a halt.
You yell at yourself not to look at him, but you do. What you're welcomed with leaves your mouth agape.
He's blushing. The General, who has always had a serious look on his face, who actually growls at anyone who dares to approach him, is flustered. Red.
"We should p-probably talk in private about this."
Thoma almost forgets to take a breath when he hears your question. You can see it in his face, in the way his eyebrows have skyrocketed up his forehead. You have to bite your tongue to suppress a giggle.
"Are you?" You question, now curious. Though, the longer you wait in anticipation, the harder it is to keep up the casual facade. In theory, you should've known if he held romantic feelings for you; you worked with the man, traveled with him. You began to wonder if you were really clueless.
"I...uh," you watch as he scratches the back of his neck, "I guess you got me."
"Wait," you lean back, careful enough to prevent yourself from falling out of your chair, "What?"
His laugh is nervous, and your heart flips.
"Like I said, you got me."
Itto actually spits out his drink. However, he is thoughtful enough to avoid splashing you with the green tea wave. Immediately, his face is red, awfully close in color with the horns on his head. "Huh?"
"What do you mean, 'huh'?" You ask, chuckling afterwards, "I just am curious."
"Who told you?" He's standing now, fists closed, as if he's fully prepared to punch someone.
"Who?! Was it Kokomi? I knew I couldn't trust her with this! She's always so honest!"
"Or was it Thoma? Oh, pretty boy is going to get it later if it was."
His attention is grabbed the minute you say his name so firmly. "I No way! You're just..." He stops himself from saying more.
He struggles to say more, hesitating as if what he wants to say is physically painful. "Just a friend?"
A twinge of pain strikes your heart. "Oh, I's fine if that's how you actually feel."
Your pain must have shown itself on your face, because his expression instantly softens.
"Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe I do feel that way. What about it?"
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vampventiz · 2 days ago
Can I request a short prose for Gorou with the reader accidentally petting his ears (plz don't ask me how that works)? Idk I just.
accidentally scratching his ears !
Tumblr media
pairings: gorou x reader. reader is gender neutral.
content warnings: slightly suggestive but nothing too serious.
au: canonverse.
hey everyone i’m back at it again with yet another gorou fic. hope you all enjoy. i’ve been wanting to test the waters with something really intimate and relaxing and this prompt gave me the perfect opportunity for it ^_^.
every now and then, when you both desperately needed a way to relax, you and gorou would wash together in your big bathtub. it was a rare occurrence- he was often too embarrassed at the idea of seeing you naked and both of you were often too busy for a long bath. however, when you did bathe together, it was nothing short of pure bliss.
taking a deep breathe in, you let your whole body unwind. the water was just the right temperature and gorou had lit a candle or two, filling the room with the most magnificent of scents.
he sat the front. he was in between your legs with his back facing you. you two had been lovers for a long time and yet, he insisted on being a gentleman. he let you have your privacy even when it wasn't necessary. it was endearing how much he cared. you were positioned behind him, allowing you to see his full back. various scars littered his skin like stars across a galaxy.
you two were quiet mostly, too busy washing your own bodies. it was only once you were done that the silence was broken.
" do you want me to wash your back, sweetheart ? " it was a question that truly didn't have to be asked. gorou always said yes without fail.
" hm ? oh, ah. . yes please. . " his ears perked. to him, your voice was like a childhood melody. gentle and familiar. he often got lost in how pleasant it sounded. " i wish i could wash yours in return. to show my gratitude. "
when you received confirmation, you got to work, starting with his shoulders and working your way down towards his fluffy tail. you let out a chuckle at his final words.
" you could if you really want to. but i'd rather not ruin the calmness of the water. if you really want to show that you're thankful. . you can let me wash your hair when i'm done with your back. "
" my hair ? " he raised an eyebrow, not that you could see it.
" that's what i said, yes. i'd like to wash your hair. " you messaged his shoulder muscles a bit, which helped release some tension. then you lightly ran your hands down his back.
he shivered at your touch. " mm. . if you really want to then i'll allow it. "
" thank you oh so much, general gorou. your benevolent behavior is most appreciated. "
that seemed to please him. he straightened his posture a little in pride. you quickly finished the rest of his back and started to get ready to wash his hair. you had a pitcher nearby, some towels, and shampoo.
you hummed, finding some scented hair oil on the side of the tub, close to the wall. you opened the bottle and let some ooze out onto your fingers before gently rubbing it into gorou's hair. it didn't take long for you to make it to his scalp, all the while trying to avoid bothering his ears. your fingers gently rubbed and caressed, lovingly making sure all his hair was coated. then you let it soak for a while.
" does it feel good ? "
" mhmm. "
" great. now lean your head back and hold still. "
gorou did as instructed, now looking up at the ceiling. you filled the pitcher with some freshly drawn water and poured it onto his hair. once again, you tried your very best to avoid his ears, knowing how sensitive they were. once the hair was thoroughly wet you went back in and repeated everything you did with the hair oil. this time however, you used shampoo.
in the end, his hair was thoroughly washed. you combed through it with your fingers and messaged his scalp once more. you were very cautious with your hands, trying to avoid hurting him by messing with tangles. you were so focused on this that you completely lost track of exactly where you were messaging.
that was until you heard your lover let out a small whimper. you quickly realized that you were scratching at his ears. the whimper must've been a response to it.
you let out a tiny laugh. " is that the general i hear whimpering ?  "
" i have no clue what you're talking about. "
" i see. . must've been the wind. " you knew better than to press further. if you teased him to much, he may never let you wash his hair again.
you stepped out of the bath first, grabbing a towel and drying off with it. gorou faced the wall while you dried yourself. it was only after you wrapped your body with the towel and kissed him on the cheek that he faced you.
" next time i'm washing your hair. " his voice was annoyed in a way but both of you knew he was just hiding embarrassment.
you looked back at him with a small smile." i'm looking forward to it, my love. "
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xyliope · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Boys As Unhappy Endings
Tumblr media
♡ aether, xiao, zhongli, kazuha and gorou
⚠︎ angst
✍︎ rather short but it'll do :D this is inspired by this post by @leekfl and i got permission from her to do it :DD ( am I getting better at emotion? )
Tumblr media
Oh how AETHER loved you, every smile, kiss, hug, every minute spent with you was pure bliss. Your smile gave him comfort and your hugs gave him warmth, yet with every moment spent with you invisible claws dug at his skin, itching for him to go. Because every moment spent with you was a moment wasted, was a moment he could've spent finding his sister. Every second of delay clenched at his heart, the inkling of urgency and longing spreading and spreading.
“[name] I-”
Your hand gently caressing his cheek cut him off, your wistful smile and comforting gaze telling him that you knew.
“I understand.” You say, “Your sister... is more important. I hope that when I see you again — when I see you again, you'll have her by your side.”
XIAO doesn't believe he deserves you. How could he? How could someone like him, someone with a tainted, blackened heart, someone with a river of blood on their hands, how could he deserve just a beautiful, angelic soul like yourself?
So even as you were here, choking on your own river of tears, he only beat himself up more. How could he deserve you? He made you cry.
You didn't understand why Xiao was being so stubborn. How could he blatantly refuse to see that it was him, that he was the one you wanted?
“[name]... I don't deserve you. You best find someone else.”
“Guizho— [name].” ZHONGLI says, the name slipping out of his lips once again. And like always, your smile falters, your heart dropping lower than hell itself. But unlike the last ( probably ) billion times that that happened, you didn't laugh half-heartedly and brush it off as nothing, because it wasn't nothing.
You knew it from the start, that Zhongli didn't actually love you like he claimed he did, that was using you as a coping mechanism because you were just so similar to his late friend Guizhong, the god of dust. You knew it, you knew it. You just refused to accept that fact, instead opting to live in a delusion that just wouldn't last.
“Zhongli, we're done.” you say, swallowing the lump down your throat and blinking back tears that stung at the corners of your eyes. And he frowned slightly, confused but he nodded silently.
Your heart seemed to be burnt to crisp in flames, the agony stabbing you with a thousand knives. Why did it hurt to hear him being so casual about it, when you knew he didn't love you either way — why?
“Kazu, come home with me?” you say softly, tugging at his hand gently, a pleading undertone in your voice while your eyes begged him to follow you — to go home with you.
“[name]..” he whispers, clasping your hand tightly and bringing it to his lips. “I can't.”
KAZUHA's heart belonged amongst the vast lands, wandering Teyvat forevermore, while yours belonged to your nation, your hometown. If either followed the other, one would be discontent either way so how — how would you last?
“WE'RE NOT MEANT TO BE, GOROU!” you yell at him in frustration, your face flushed with anger and dried tear stains down your cheeks. You bite the bottom of your lip, clenching your fist in hopes of not breaking down and sobbing again.
His ears droop, and GOROU reaches out to grasp your shoulder, which you flinch away from. “I don't understand... why?”
“Why? Why? We were on a DATE, Gorou! And you just left because Kokomi needs you? How many times has this happened? Tell me honestly, if Kokomi needed you right now, would you leave?”
And he falters, because he knows, he knows that he'd leave without hesitation, because to him, his job is most important.
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genshingarbage · 2 days ago
Hello, I'm not sure if I understood well but are your requests open?
I would like to ask for breeding scenarios of Xiao and Gorou with their fem s/o (separate)? Thank you so much!
Hello~ Sorry this took so long Anon!! Yes, requests are open! We just only take a select number when we’re having burnout or are really busy to prevent the ask box from overflowing but it’s a free for all right now >:D, I had a bunch of fun with this one and I hope you will too!- Mod Kaeya
Tumblr media
He couldn’t have children, he has always known this. He wasn’t an adeptus born of animals or the elements destined to simply walk the land as any other living creature was to. He was born of war, he thought he understood more than anyone he was more forged than birthed by anyone, like a weapon to be wielded by any who proved their worth to him. He thought his own body understood that, carrying the burden of karma and the ill will of long slain gods was its only purpose and things like children or lovers weren’t something it would ever have to deal with.
And yet here he was trembling beneath your touch, your lips so close to his ear he could feel your breath graze across it’s tip whispering temptations that he didn’t even know he could succumb to.
He couldn’t tear his widened eyes away from your hand- barely touching his length as you teased him with a cruelty he couldn’t find a comparison for- caught between trying to stay stoic and uncaring when he could feel his cheeks scalding, his hips straining with the compulsion to move into the direction you were guiding them, his mind starting to become muddled and confused with only the thoughts of what you were serenading him with left- and simply pleasing you like you wanted. What would be the point though? Lovemaking- lovemaking would be fruitless for him.
“Please make me yours- please, Xiao, please…claim me.”
He sucked in a harsh breath when you began to suck on his neck to leave a dark mark. What were you doing? Ho could you of all things, a mere mortal leave marks and wind him up so horrifically that he was thinking- hoping so many silly things about the both of you. Then you eagerly straddled him on the bench you both had found after wandering away from the inn, making him grip all the more on to your shoulders, eyes roving over your body like an animal examining something too good to be true. He didn’t need to do something like this- he knew that so why was he so responsive? Why did he ache so much when you slid your thumb across the head of his prick? It was pointless, a waste of time.
Any answers he could’ve drawn up mentally were thrown out the window when you began to steadily slide him inside which in turn caused him to make a high pitched noise he likely would be embarrassed about for the rest of eternity if not for how you shuddered around him once you heard it.
“Please breed me Xiao, I want you so much, please-“
Breed you? Just when he believed his thoughts were beginning to clear from the fog he felt himself fall into an smoldering ocean of arousal, drowning in your lust filled scent, his chest began to heave as he picked you up and pressed you against the bench to give you exactly what you wanted, what he needed.
Nothing would come of this but he so badly wanted it to, if anything the thoughts of it being useless to fill you to the brim with his seed somehow dissipated behind overwhelming urges to fuck you this way and rail you another until sundown to sunup because surely if he keeps trying come morning you’ll be carrying his child like you wanted. Your keening moans were a gratuitous encouragement as he spread your legs as wide as he could and caged you underneath him.
You weren’t leaving his side, he decided with fluorescent golden eyes boring into your blissed out expression, he would take you again and again until he was certain you were to bear his children.
Something that was understood widely was that Goro was a busy man, even in the confines of the decently sized camp tent he shared with you. He was not to be disturbed by troops or rookies willy nilly. If you were one of those few that were sent to fetch him after he had retired for the day, god help you. It wasn’t so much he was irritated or angry, it simply hurt to watch him drag his exhausted limbs back into action, away from the warm arms of his lover.
His mind was almost always on the resistance, on Kokomi and on the war. He was constantly on edge, surveying his peripherals or even testing the air for new scents or sounds.
What was rare for him was time with you. Let alone private time lasting so long he got to properly spend it bonding with you or taking care of you as there was always something to be attended to even in Sangonomiya. He was immensely sweet, that was something you’d known since the nerve wracking bittersweet confession you both had shared one night after an invasion from the Kanjou commission.
However he wasn’t so gentle when it came to matters of the bedroom.
Should he ever find that he has a rare day off to recuperate, he’s never one to resist your charms like he usually can. He needs the whole day if he’s to indulge. A single, long, taxing day that leaves you wrecked and sore. That’s when his ever sharp ears become blind to all but the tiniest of shifts from your cot, his meticulously trained eyes only zero in on the sweat dripping down your collar bones whilst everything around him melts away. He can hear the sound of your heartbeat spike again as you shift your hips upwards to meet him more frequently.
Goro swore if he could do nothing but replay the sounds of your bodies moving against one another, the grunts and moans that you gave for him so musically for the rest of his life would be content.
The ginger was so so pent up, so needy, so thirsty for your touch and you were taking him so well over and over again, he pressed himself closer so that he was laying against your chest. His teeth met your neck not long after, just pressing barely enough to avoid puncturing the skin but running along the straining veins underneath regardless as he began to loose himself. He had you, he had you and he wanted nothing more than to have you again and again until you could think about nothing but him. A passing thought, truly minuscule at that, caused him to dig his claws into your thighs and snap his hips a little harsher.
…what if the two of you had children because of this? Hm?
He flushed darkly, deep cherry hues spreading down his chest as he mouthed at your neck in appreciation for you, for the fact that your body seemed to be thinking the same as it did nothing but wring out his cock and tighten and grip him so deliciously.
What if you were swollen with his…his pups? So that everyone knew you were his and his alone?
A gasp left him as you canted your hips at some angle he hadn’t thought of just yet. He doubled down at that angle, feeling his ears swivel to zero in on the change of pitch in your voice like he’d targeted some legendary prey. He felt criminal thinking all these things, feeling borderline like his teeth were going to sink into your neck to hold you in place while he pressed you into the mattress and bred you until the electro archon herself could hear you groaning his name. But that feeling made him throb all the more harder inside you- want nothing more than to drown himself in the feeling of that amazing thing you do with your hands. He couldn’t think? Couldn’t breathe anymore, too good too good-
And then he was blindsided by a feeling of euphoria that had him whimpering into your skin, claws digging into the sheets underneath you as he pressed his hips against yours almost in an effort to pin you to the bed with them.
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bitchgirls · 23 hours ago
ʚ♡ɞ misc genshin hcs
𖥔 thoughts abt some of my favs that i like to keep in mind, just how i see them ig =w=
#.characters.Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Childe, Ganyu, Zhongli, Xiao, Ningguang, Beidou, Kazuha, Itto, Gorou #.tags.N/sfw, dick piercings, size kink, pegging, biting, dacryphilia, hair pulling, public sex, masochism/sadism, ment of double dicks, knots and barbed dicks lol, breeding kink, ough that's most of it
Tumblr media
Has at least one dick piercing
Ok, ignoring his in game model, in my head he has the thickest thighs like how else is he wielding that big ass claymore
will NOT fuck in the Angel's Share its a.. moral thinking i think maybe you can push his buttons enough he'll agree
Suck his flat chest saturday
Love him love him mwah mwah
He screams when he cums don't ask questions i can tell just looking at him
I feel like he has some kinda super fucked up kink that no one knows about other than Diluc and Rosaria ONLY bcs he brought it up when he was almost black out drunk once and they just acted like it never happened
He gets pegged
Likes to hold your hand during sex but doesn't any other time??? it's not like he will ignore you if you try to or that he isn't physically affectionate but the only time he reaches for your hand first is when something is rubbing against his prostate
He's infertile sorry there will be no creation of live between the two of you :(
Has at least two dick piercings
He's into pain, surprising no one, both giving and receiving
Does NOT trim his pubes it is a sea of orange down there you're gonna need to push it back with banana clips or something if you wanna suck him off sorry
2nd biggest dick in Liyue behind Zhongli (she's shy abt it ok)
She's ok if you pull her horns just be gentol...
Crys when she cums, its more like just her eyes watering from being overwhelmed but it's still,,, allot
Biggest dick in Liyue
He has two dicks +w+ like this
And a dragon tongue too bcs i said so ok? ok.
Insane stamina btw, old man fucks long and hard
3rd biggest dick in Liyue
He cums so so fast im sorry
Bites and hisses and scratches when he does btw
Good luck finishing a sesh without bleeding
Would slip up and call you daddy/master and then get embarrassed about it
Fucked in the Jade Chamber
Got fucked in the Jade Chamber
Writes haikus about how much he loves your pussy
Passes out after he cums and he sleeps like a rock so um good luck with that
Again idc abt cannon models idc idc he's 7'6 and buff as hell and he has big sharp teeth and a forked tongue AND-
Oh and a barbed dick like this
Super viscous cum like its kinda concerning and a bit hard to swallow?? it gets caught in the back of your throat like mozzarella cheese basically
HE HAS A he has a knot
And a breeding kink he wants puppies <333
That is all <3
Oh also he'll put on the miss Hina outfit if you ask very nicely maybe... he will think about it
Will fuck you long dick style and then get up to finish mopping the kitchen or some shit
Ok not sure how to word this but he's the type to let you spit on him and say thank you, that is all
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plotti · 7 hours ago
How they ask for your attention: a sequel
Characters: Kaeya, Kazuha, Xiao, Gorou, Lisa
Headcanons - fluff, suggestive on Kaeya and Lisa
Will have his finger frozen and lay in on your neck. It’s guaranteed, it will happen multiple times and it won’t even always be because he wants your attention either.
Always makes you jump and drop whatever you had in your hands. Although he tried to be mindful of what is in your hands, you have dropped and broken several cups and other dishes.
In private, or in leas populated areas, he’ll go in and kiss your neck, even give you hickeys. He’ll grab your waist too and push himself against you. Doesn’t happen all the time, but he does it whenever he feels needy. You gladly reciprocate.
Going on with the last point, he’ll just whisper the dirtiest shit in your ear to fluster you. You’ll completely forget what you were doing and basically “break”.
He won’t do this all the time, but I can definitely see him making a snowball and throwing it at you if you’re far away.
He’s one of the other ones who’ll admit that they want your attention. He would cup your your face and bring it closer to his, giving a kiss to your forehead. Very gentle.
Since you both get separated for long periods of time, his attention will fully be on you. But if there’s something occupying you he’ll try and distract you with poems and haikus. Even tries to convince you to put whatever you need to do aside.
You miss him, and depending on how urgent it is, you’ll be out and about with Kazuha in the mountains or have him humming behind you while you finish your thing.
He would start playing with your hair too. Put all sorts of braids and flowers in it to make it pretty (make it prettier in his eyes).
Won’t ever admit it, but he really likes your attention. Having someone insisting on staying with him even after he warns them about his karmic debt will make him annoyed and appreciative. More of the latter.
Behind his seriousness he can be quite mischievous, he’ll blow a bit of wind towards you and when you ask him about it he’ll just deny it. Doesn’t knock stuff over, more like turning the pages of your books a few pages back.
He’s a little more impatient too. You would notice it when he glares and stares at you more often.
You’ve come to associate that with him needing some of your attention. If you tease him about it he will disappear on you, too embarrassed to say anything and won’t want you to see his bright red face. He’ll come back once he’s calmed down and lay his head on your shoulder.
Sometimes when he just wants to be with you he’ll take you up on the roof of the inn. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll just pick you up bridal style and fly up there.
As the General, he usually doesn’t have much time for quality time with you. You’re always on his mind tho.
He’ll usually request your presence in his tent, using the excuse of “preparing more plans”. With that usually ending in cuddle sessions, you now associate “preparing more plans” to “I need cuddles and some time with you”.
You wouldn’t have it either way, time spent with Gorou is time spent fully. You’ll usually lay down together and catch up, talking about whatever came to mind.
As for scratching his ears, he’ll lay his head on your chest and push his head up under your chin, almost rubbing you. Another physical indicator would be his tail getting twitchy. It would also wag almost violently when around you.
Another way would be tickling your sides with the end of his tail, only in private tho. Will act like he didn’t even do anything.
Will just come up to you and hug you tightly, even brings your head down to her chest sometimes. Will chuckle a bit when you stutter when talking to her.
She can be a bit like Thoma, she’ll sometimes come up to you and slump over while hugging you.
If you’ve been overworking yourself or haven’t been taking care of yourself as much as you need to (no sleep), she’ll try to get you to have some fun ;). It works all the time.
She’ll want you to assist her with her librarian duties. You know she’s perfectly capable, but you also want to spend time with her so you always help her out and stay by her side.
If it’s quiet, she’ll ask you to read to her. She likes hearing you talk and half the time she’ll fall asleep to your voice. You end up playing with her hair while reading.
Part three perhaps? I want to do more characters 👀
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windywooshes · a day ago
Gorou x Reader (short)
Tumblr media
The urge to brush his finger tips over your sleeping cheek. Gently and quietly like a fleeting butterfly kiss, afraid of ripping you away from your dreams and little imaginary adventures.
Peace. Peace was the only thing he felt. Peace was the only thing he ached for.
Discovering every tiny centimetre of it whenever you blessed him with your presence.
Ears perking up when he heard a stir from your presence, your arms, as if by instinct, wrapping around his upper body. Pulling his head to your chest.
The quiet thuds of your heart, capturing him, pulling him in with you.
Breaking him out from the chains of fear and embarrassment. Acceptance and undying love, replacing the demons which covered inside his head.
The cage which held your heart. He loved it. The eyes which shined on him. He adored them like the ocean.
Giving your chest a kiss, right above the heart, he accepted your invitation to join the quiet and simple adventures coming up in his head.
Gorou found peace in all of you.
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shellfishmuch · a day ago
Bestie you still owe me those genshin neighbor hcs 🙄😒
Crying, shitting, screaming, projectile vomiting on my kitchen table
HOW DID YOU EVEN FIND ME ON MY STALK ACC WTH 😭💔 but whatever I’m not posting this on my main so here u go you retard
and also you never specified WHICH genshin men so I chose them myself :)
Genshin neighbor AU ft. Gorou, Childe and Thoma 😒
Was the neighbor who was never home so it surprised you when you first saw a hint of light in the house that you always thought was completely vacant Apparently he was apart of the military and was sent home as the war between a certain part of the city you guys lived in had recently just ended You brought it upon yourself to introduce yourself as you didn’t really want awkward tension to be there between somebody you would probably see daily Albeit a little shy when first meeting you, he was really sweet! You helped him clean the place after being empty for so long and unpack/move his stuff You could’ve sworn you saw God when you tried to carry just one of the many boxes he was holding He couldn’t thank you enough and even promised to get you some desserts as thanks later on At the end of the day you two were beat after all that work but you two ended up exchanging numbers for him to contact you for the dessert he promised You got a text the day after from Gorou who was inviting you to a local cafe, Gorou had ordered some nice cake but the tension there was.. more than thick You talked about mundane things like how the weather was, you guy’s favorite colors, and well basically it really wasn’t too much of a good time if not for the cake It had a completely different vibe from when you were at his place yesterday talking about stories from the late and recent past like two high school students meeting someone of the opposite gender for the first time The next day you couldn’t even say your greetings to each other as it was just too awkward for the both of you Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, not a word was spoken between the two of you, and eventually, you were nothing but strangers again Back then, Gorou was too nervous and thought he messed up, and you were too insecure and thought that something was wrong with you. Cutting off what could have been a blossoming friendship or even a relationship just because of a single awkward interaction was stupid, it had been a long time since you both realized this but you had already moved away to another apartment which wad nearer to your workplace “If only I could go back in time..” was the last thought you could think before bumping into the shoulder of a certain.. light ginger haired man who ‘coincidentally’ looked like Gorou
Was just your average 40 yr old dad trying to be hip by blasting trending music so loud you could hear it from your house Or so you thought Childe’s job took place during the night and like most normal people, your job was during the daytime so you never really got to see him upfront before His loud music was basically your alarm clock as it would wake you up at around 5 in the morning, which you were kind of thankful for as you would be late to work without it, que you slamming your phone on the wall begging for your alarm to stop As much as you appreciate these wake up calls, one day you’ve just had enough. You were given one break day and you just wanted to sleep it out, but the infamous music strook again Finally going towards your neighbor’s house after some contemplation, you knocked on his door expecting a middle aged man to answer, but to your surprise, it was just a young adult in his twenties?! And he was just around your age?! WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT YOU DARNED WORLD You shrugged your shock off for another time, and explained to the man whom you now know as Childe or Tartaglia that his music was a bit of an annoyance and told him to please turn it down a notch He understood and apologized with a sheepish smile, he said that others who had come to him seemed to be bothered as well but told him that it was fine when seeing his face, turns out they were charmed and rightfully so, he was quite good looking After that, your days became nice and quiet, a bit.. too quiet.. After all the months you spent dealing with that loud music, it turned out that now you found some comfort in it, and you were also late for work many times because of this As much shame as it brought upon you, you went back to his house and explained your situation, he laughed. Obviously. But now that he knew that the music was indeed bothering his neighbors, he didn’t exactly want to be a bother so he proposed that he could come to your house in the morning to wake you up and play some of his music before you left for work You basically had no choice but to accept and your relationship was simply began just like that. He comes over to your house early in the morning, wakes you up, you guys exchange yours music tastes together, and then you leave for work You guys would have many conversations and although his flirtatious behavior and constant teasing were a bit of a hassle, it was bearable, you couldn’t say it wasn’t fun being with him as well after a while of this going on, you started to think maybe.. just maybe, this relationship could turn into something more? “Childe speaks fondly of his family, he loves them for sure, I wonder, if I was part of his family, would he love me just as muc- Ah wait, what am I thinking?! No way I would want to be part of his family!.. Right?”
Was the sweet boy whom everybody knew and loved When you first moved into your home, it was him who you first met, he welcomed you with a warm smile and even helped you unpack He introduced you to his friends, got you settled in, made sure you were comfortable and was undoubtedly the nicest person you had ever met From outside your window you would often see him running errands for the elderly and doing favors for literally anybody, it was crazy how you haven’t seen him exhausted even once! He made time for everybody including you, he would come to your house (with your permission of course) and make you some tea or even breakfast/lunch/dinner if you haven’t had it, he would never leave if he knew that you haven’t had a proper meal, he would even go as far as to cook your favorite meal and spoonfeed you himself During these visits he would ask ‘how’re you doing’, ‘how’s work’, ‘do you need any help’ yada yada that kinda stuff If not he would make some ‘small talk’ which would go on for hours on end and you would both have so much fun together talking about a plethora of things ranging from what specific colors would taste like to the meaning of life It was safe to saw that it didn’t take long for the ‘platonic’ feelings you had for him turned into something more, I mean this man can cook, socialize AND is handsome, who can blame you? Just what else could you want from a man However, as time went on, you felt like you had to suppress these feeling for him, as Thoma, well Thoma seems to just not be into you Day by day, your feelings grew stronger for him, he greeted you everyday with his iconic smile so there was just no way to catch a breath It’s not like he even gives you special treatment, he treats everybody the way doesn’t he? Out of all the people he’s met, surely, surely there must already be somebody who’s a perfect match for him Surely.. you can’t win And sure enough, you were right. You don’t know what had gotten into you that one moment he took you to a park to walk Taroumaru, he had extended his hand to you and the feelings you had been keeping hidden just spilt out like a dam that had been on the verge of exploding for a long time “..Oh, well I kind of guessed that you felt that way about me, that’s not to say I wanted to lead you on of course! I just haven’t been able to find the right moment to tell you but, I’m so sorry, I..already have a girlfriend.”
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genshinarchives · a day ago
I had a thought.
When you sleep with Gorou, make sure that you won't sleepwalk to his side and hug his tail the way he do.
When you have a dog, let Gorou talk to the dog and your dog will say what you feel about him. Though you didn't know what they're talking about.
On your birthday, share him some of your cake since he likes sweet things.
When you see Ms. Hina cardboard poster.....
Ask Gorou about it. Don't hesitate.
Ask him about it and continue to fluster him until he decides that the only way to shut you up is by kissing you HAHA
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the-daiz · 18 hours ago
Oblivious mess | Gorou
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff, crack(?)
Pairing: Gorou x reader
Warning(s): -
Side note: I don't normally write this kind of stuff, but I'm bored sooo (probably should use my free time to study but oh well)
Posted on: 1/ December/ 2021
Tumblr media
"Ah, yes, you and (y/n) have grown closer as of late." The infamous Yae Miko mused, plotting a hand on her chin as she looked deviously at Gorou.
"I also couldn't help but notice how your tail sways whenever you're around them" She smirked. Gorou tensed up at her words, oh no, there it was again, that terrifying smile, that knowing gaze that bore holes into his soul.
"Wha- I- that's not true! You're just seeing things!" His ears pointed down in anger, a frustrated snarl on his face. Yae laughed in amusement.
"It's normal for people like you to hide their feelings," the fair woman said, causing Gorou to tilt his head.
"Hide their... Feelings?" He was confused, hide what feelings? She already knew everything about him from the looks of it.
"It's alright to admit it Gorou, I'm not going to go around telling people" That bone-chilling grin again, oh how it haunted him in his dreams.
"I don't get it.. admit what?!" He exclaimed. Growing more and more frightful by the second. Yae Miko chuckled
"You like (y/n), don't you?"
"Of course I like them, why would I hang out with someone I dislike?" Gorou said, obliviously. She shook her head with a sigh, she's starting to think he was much denser than she thought.
"I don't mean it like that, I'm saying that you have a crush on them." He blinked a few times, processing her words before his cheeks heated up and his face contorted into one of pure horror.
"WHAT- I- THEY- NO I DON'T!! I DON'T LIKE THEM LIKE THAT!!" He yelled, his face as red as a can be. People turned their heads at the flustered general, concerned and frightened looks on their faces.
Gorou couldn't get that interaction out of his mind, everytime he thought he had finally forgotten it, it pops back in his head at the most inappropriate of times. Not to mention, hanging out with you now felt awkward, in his perspective at least. 
It didn't help that while you two were walking around Inazuma you happened to pass by her, and she wasn't planning to give Gorou a rest.
Gorou stood beside you, fumbling nervously with his hand as he sent a weary gaze at Yae Miko. She was complimenting you, kept bringing up your good qualities and such, just a friendly conversation she would call it, but it seemed like a bit too much, even for her. She glanced at Gorou, a mischievous look in her eyes causing chills to run down his spine. She looked back at you and opened her mouth to speak.
"It's a miracle really, how all the animals in Inazuma are so fond of you" She fussed. 
"Oh come on now, I think you're giving me too much credit, just because I get along with a few stray animals then and there doesn't mean all Inazuma animals like me" You chuckled, folding your arms in front of your chest.
"I only speak facts, dear." She placed a hand on her chest "I'm sure the general of the Watatsumi Army can agree with me on that." She glanced at him, you turning to look at him as well. 
"Don't you like (y/n), too?" He was caught off guard, he thought back on the interaction he had with her a few days ago "You have a crush on them" a pink hue spread across his face.
"N-NO I DON'T!!" He yelled, mostly directed to Yae. ouch. You mentally deflated, weren't you two friends? what does he mean by that? When Gorou looked at you and saw the absolute hurt and confusion written on your face, he panicked.
"wait- no! I didn't mean it like that! I-I like you! but not like that- No, I mean-" He sputters. Yae Miko silently giggles to herself, watching the boy-dog spit incoherent words while you just stood there, lost.
"-I'M SORRY!!!!" He cries before running off, one of his hands covering his face in embarrassment.
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mikachuchu · a day ago
Gonna throw a random Modern Gorou idea out at you, mootie. Gorou decides to go into the military after highschool, and we (his highschool sweetheart) proclaim we'll wait for him. It's hard keeping your long-distance relationship alive, but you somehow make it work with face-calls, presents, and letters. Then, one day, a few years later, you hear stones being thrown at your window. You look out and are shocked to see Gorou standing there, done with his service, with flowers and a smile.
*inhale* the urge to turn this into a fic *voice cracks*
Gosh just imagine how his face lights up as he notices your brain's gears slowly starting to turn and you slowly understand that the Gorou currently outside with a lovesick expression is the real thing, he's home.
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genderfluid-insomniac · 2 days ago
genshin impact masterlist 2
btw I do take genshin requests!
Fluffvember materlist here!
genshin impact masterlist 1 (Scaramouche, Kaedehara Kazuha, Xiao, Tartaglia, Thoma, Arataki Itto, Gorou, and Kaeya Alberich)
༻Diluc Ragnvindr༺
Fluffvember Day 1: Pillow Forts Fluffvember Day 2: Painting Together When they hear you sing When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents What they call their S/O and what their S/O calls them HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Fluffvember Day 9: “I wanted to stay up with you” How they react to their S/O self-harm scars Fluffvember Day 14: Slow Dancing
Fluffvember Day 1: Pillow Forts Fluffvember Day 2: Painting Together When they hear you sing What they call their S/O and what their S/O calls them HALLOWEEN SPECIAL How they react to their S/O self-harm scars Fluffvember Day 20: Secret Crush
When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents part 2 Fluffvember Day 22: Flirting at Work
Fluffvember Day 1: Pillow Forts Fluffvember Day 2: Painting Together What they call their S/O and what their S/O calls them HALLOWEEN SPECIAL How they react to their S/O self-harm scars Fluffvember Day 12: Sleepy Kiss Fluffvember Day 27: “I’m cold” - “Here, have my jacket”
When they hear you sing When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents
When they hear you sing When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents HALLOWEEN SPECIAL
༻Ei (Raiden Shogun)༺
When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents part 2 Fluffvember Day 25: Cuddling & Snuggling
༻Yae Miko༺
When they find out you have toxic/abusive parents part 2 Fluffvember Day 21: Knuckle Kiss
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xiaowhore · 8 days ago
yours truly,
Tumblr media
premise: as a friend of the most attractive students in school, you're more than used to acting as the middleman between them and the people vying for their affection, often tasked with delivering presents or handing out their love letters. however, when you chance upon a small bouquet of flowers on your desk without a note indicating the sender or who you're meant to give it to, you start to wonder if this one's supposed to be yours.
includes: childe, xiao, diluc, kazuha, albedo, thoma & gorou !
a/n: hahaha why is this so long... anyways this is a college au + reverse harem of some sorts. enjoy. i really don't want this one to flop so likes and reblogs are appreciated thx
“Do you think it's a prank?”
“Why is that the first thing that pops into your mind?” Keqing sighs as she fixes her makeup in front of a compact mirror, smacking her lips to spread the color evenly. “You're really cute, [Name]. why wouldn't someone like you by now?”
Your face burns at the offhand comment. “You're only saying that because we're friends.”
Ayaka giggles, twirling a lock of your hair with her finger. “Of course not. You're very adorable! If anything, it'd be more surprising if nobody likes you.”
“Who do you think it's from, though?” Ganyu quietly asks from beside you, observing the handful of carnations laying on your desk. Scanning the students currently present in the room, she thoughtfully adds, “maybe someone on the shyer side since they couldn't give it to you directly?”
“Or someone who did it to be romantic,” Kokomi suggests, scrutinizing the flowers with keen eyes. “That's quite nice of them.”
You hummed in contemplation, trying to figure out who placed it on your table. “Are you sure it's not a prank... or a mistake? You all sit beside me, so maybe they mistook my seat for yours-”
“You're the only one who faithfully sits there, [Name]. We don't even have assigned seats so most of us sits wherever,” Keqing clarifies, staring at you with a disapproving look. “Don't deny it. You know it's yours.”
“But I can't think of anyone who would like me!” you exclaim in defeat. “I am curious about who gave it, though... I should try to find out who it is...”
“More importantly...” Ganyu smiles at you, noticing the blush dusting your cheeks. “Who do you want it to be?”
Tumblr media
in all honesty, he's your first guess.
not because you think he likes you or anything! he's just a huge flirt.
at the beginning of the school year, you hardly got along. you know he's a friendly guy, but it's in the way that... intimidated you. he's part of the “mood maker” clique, attracting attention wherever he goes, and you're not sure if you could handle his energy...
you preferred to stay away from the spotlight though that's a bit hypocritical considering you're friends with the prettiest group of girls in your year, and he relished in it. you didn't know if you could get along.
you didn't become friends until you were assigned partners for a project that meant a lot for your grade, and you vowed to yourself if you couldn't be close to him, you should at least be close enough to work together without trouble.
in the end, you surprisingly hit it off, childe easing the awkward air between you with jokes and random stories to tell about his weird friends. your friendship didn't end when the project did, and you continued to hang out outside of school. you're sure he didn't approach you to get closer to your friends, either; though you had some doubts at first, he was nothing alike with the jerks who tried to use you.
you're no stranger to the pranks he pulled, nor were you unaware of his flirty nature; he occasionally entertained the lot who fancied him when he attended drinking parties. so it made perfect sense if it was childe who gave those flowers, along with the gifts that followed after. it would just be him messing around again, right? oh, definitely! it wouldn't be the first time he spent his money in reckless abandon, bragging that he has the cash to spare for it.
but unexpectedly when you bring up the topic, his expression darkens, showing no sign of joking around. he looks a little shocked, too, to know someone was pursuing you.
“it's not from me,” he admits, gently taking your hand. “but it's true that i like you.”
xiao is one of the people you deliver presents to lol
due to his intimidating disposition (and the endless amount of nasty rumors swirling about him, thanks to said intimidating disposition), hardly anybody would dare to approach him, daunted by the perpetual scowl etched on his face. he remains as eye candy, but an entity no one could reach.
you avoided him at first, too. his face is admirable, you can say that much, but you've become somewhat desensitized from having been surrounded by pretty faces 24/7 so you can't really say it's anything new... and yes, you are scared of him to a certain degree. you could never guess what he's thinking.
you weren't sure if he's as scary as people make him out to be though, since people tend to exaggerate gossip for the sake of shock value. he once defended a middle schooler from high school delinquents (through persuasion and not with fists), but the story somehow twisted into another tale entirely detailing how xiao had brutally wiped the floor with their faces and painted the concrete floor with blood...
but as intimidating as he might seem, you don't think he's that kind of character. if you overlook his piercing glare and sharp tongue, he's quite decent.
... you thought that way until you caught him tailing you on your way home.
he crept up behind you, maintaining a natural distance, but after numerous twists and turns in hopes of leading him away, he had yet to cease heading towards your direction. you wouldn't be so suspicious if you hadn't purposely gone in circles around town, leading back to where you came from — which meant he didn't have a particular destination in mind, and fully intended on being hot on your tail.
tired of having bated breath waiting for his next move, you gathered all your courage and confronted him directly, cornering him to the nearest wall to assert dominance. xiao seemed startled by your forwardness, and you took his moment of vulnerability as an opportunity to interrogate him.
unexpectedly, he sheepishly confesses, “i'm not a stalker, i got worried since you're going home this late. haven't you heard about the crime rate these days...”
from there on, you suppose you could say you understood him better. though he's snappy and stern, he's not that terrifying, even sweet at times. when you become proper friends (and you stop suspecting him as your stalker), he saves you a seat next to him, or brings you coffee that you like when he notices you're sleepy in class.
it wasn't long until everybody came to know you were friends and a girl finally — you guessed it — asked you to send a love letter to xiao in her stead.
when you gave it to xiao, he was unusually flustered, flushed pink to the tips of his ears. his expression falls flat once you tell him it's from someone else, badly containing the disappointment to show on his face.
nevertheless, you continue to be friends, and xiao has learned not to expect much from you.
he's the earliest to arrive in class, so you ask him if he'd seen the person who gave you flowers. with a cold, hard look, he says no.
he's acting kind of weird, isn't he...
the barista in the coffee shop near your university that has to put up with so much bullshit flirting everyday.
he has to reject people in a roundabout way, and you know he hates it, but of course he has to provide great customer service if he still wants customers right... directly breaking their hearts would only make problems.
but he takes no shit from rude customers.
no, you weren't one of them. in fact, diluc quite liked you a bit. first of all, you don't have any romantic interest for the staff, you genuinely enjoy his drinks (he knows because your face is like an open book), and you mind your own business. he tolerates you enough that he can make small talk with you and it doesn't upset him in the slightest.
so it really ticked him off when some idiot was bothering you in the cafe, starting an argument over a trivial matter that shouldn't be fussed over.
in normal circumstances, diluc would've done the usual protocol — reason with the angry customer, offer free products, and let them leave the premises peacefully. but the moment he saw the man grab your shoulders and you winced in pain as a result, he didn't even have to think of what to do next.
cold coffee rained down on the ill-mannered man's head, evoking a surprised scream out of him. his fingers left your body in favor of patting away the sticky liquid from his clothes, and you stared blankly at the seething figure behind him.
“your order,” diluc announced, his voice tinted with rage. then he pretended to remember something, looking at the empty cup in his hand. “oh, i apologize. you ordered it hot, didn't you?” he forced a smile on his face. “would you like me to brew another one for you?”
the man erupted to a new screaming fit, but he was promptly dragged aside. diluc immediately questioned if you were hurt anywhere, his voice a total 180 from before and turning into a soft tone you nearly didn't recognize.
“that stunt you pulled...” you nervously said. “will you be okay...? won't you get, er, dismissed because of it?”
“ don't know i own this place?”
in any case, you've become good friends ever since that incident. so when your secret admirer gives you your customized drink from diluc's shop (that even xiao doesn't know the recipe of!), you ask him if there's a customer who ordered your exact drink that morning.
strangely enough, he changes the subject.
“he only gave you coffee?” diluc wrinkles his nose. “he's not fit for you.”
he proceeds to shove you a plate of pancakes for breakfast and won't let you talk about that topic again.
the soft-spoken boy working part-time as a florist. as one would expect, his good-looking features attracted customers left and right, just like how a flower allures bees with its colorful petals and sweet nectar.
he studies in a different university from you, but it's relatively close by and you run into each other a lot. you could say you're pretty good friends; you exchanged contact information and text every other day, phone each other up to have a meal together whenever you're both free, and hang out over the weekend.
he stirred up some drama with you once. on a rainy day, he invited you to eat lunch together, but you've forgotten to take an umbrella before leaving for school so you told him you'd be a little late 'cause you had to run to the convenience store first. however, he told you not to worry about it and abruptly ended the call.
fast forward to the afternoon: the glass doors to leave the corridors had a few people lurking by, covering what was beyond. you cocked up an eyebrow in question, confused over what was all the fuss, but then you see that familiar pale hair streaked with bright red.
kazuha stood innocently by the school gates, a crimson umbrella in hand, and a small bouquet in the other. he checked his wristwatch every few minutes, seeming to be waiting for someone. he completely ignored the gawking stares pinned on his frame, busying himself by humming a quiet tune.
you hesitantly pushed open the doors, approaching him with wary steps. he immediately perked up once noticing you, beaming brightly to greet you with enthusiasm. he offered you the bouquet, telling you it's nothing more than a small gift the owner had let him craft for free (who mistakenly thought kazuha had a lover, since he was always on his phone texting someone).
you might have known the reasons behind the present, but nobody else did. and what general implications could gifting a bouquet of flowers have?
thus, the school's online forum exploded with questions, asking for the identity of the pretty boy standing by their university, and the lucky person he'd given flowers to.
needless to say it was hard to convince your friends that no, he isn't your boyfriend.
but that was another issue! the issue NOW is the other bouquet you received, much more recent in nature. after suspecting childe, your next thought was to ask kazuha if he had any buyers who purchased the same flowers you had.
his lips twitch for a moment, faintly looking displeased. but he flashes a flawless, award-winning customer service smile, covering his initial expression easily.
“no such customer ordered for those flowers that day. but i am curious about this matter... could you humor me and explain more in detail, by any chance?”
the med student fawned over by students and teachers alike. he's simply brilliant, idolized by the entire student body. though he's mainly studying science, he's been praised for his art as well, his paintings hung in the art room proudly.
you're not very familiar with him, only knowing him through hearsay. you don't know what he looks like, so you've never confirmed for yourself if he's as beautiful everyone says he is.
he's well-known but you haven't heard anything bad about him, which is an impressive feat. his name is only ever mentioned in concert with endless compliments.
you meet him by chance in exam season. unsurprisingly, the library is filled to the brim, tables stacked high with books and each chair occupied by agitated students sipping energy drinks and coffee to stay functional. amidst all the chaos, one student remains radiant and carefree, leisurely flicking pages through his notes. he's situated by a corner table, unbothered by the mindless zombies despite having plenty of free seats beside him and everyone else is squished together like canned tuna.
and you, carrying binders, books and stationery, are visibly desperate for a place to rest. his eyes leave the words in his notes briefly, beckoning you to come closer. and you, still unaware of his identity, gladly plop on a chair and heave your heavy supplies atop the table. it shakes for a moment as it bears the new weight, rattling his items, and the zombies gape at you in question. ironically, the person you've been bothering is not offended at all.
you sneak glances at him when you need to freshen your eyes from studying, nauseated by the letters that never seem to come to an end no matter how many paragraphs you've read. you're at awe by his fair skin, not a single blemish in sight, and he doesn't even have dark circles under his eyes. truly mysterious. either he has a magical skincare routine or he's not human. if anything, you'd think he just came from a relaxing vacation, not in the middle of hell week.
you snap out of your trance, and you scold yourself for being bewitched. you have more pressing concerns, and so you grill more information into your brain, oblivious to the turquoise eyes that begin to stare at you.
the next encounter comes when exams are finally over, and you celebrate by buying the pricey food set in the cafeteria. the crunch of golden breading is rewarding for your taste buds and you shovel more food towards your mouth, minding your own business.
the seat next to you is pulled back, and you pause from chewing. it's that guy again, his refined beauty easy for you to recognize. he places his tray on the table, smiling amiably as he asks if it's fine with you should he sit there. you nod, but there's plenty of vacant tables around. it's also pretty weird that he sat next to you, not across...
well, strange as it is, that's how you befriend albedo. you've yet to learn why he came on so strong, almost aggressive. like he really wanted to talk to you. but whatever.
the more you learn about him, the more his image of “golden boy” withers away. picture of elegance? the standard of sophistication? sure. but this guy doesn't hesitate to do the weirdest shit sometimes.
he doesn't fear anything. he puts anything edible in his mouth. one school trip to the countryside taught you a few things. if he's offered fried bugs, he'll eat it. if he's given frog legs, he'll eat it. he doesn't care. he'll eat seemingly anything. because of this, you worry his admirers will put something strange in the food they give him, but that possibility doesn't cross his mind at all. (well. not that he eats it. he rejects gifts most of the time. exceptions are when they come from you.)
you're starting to think he really doesn't fear anything. when you start to scream in fright like a headless chicken while watching a horror movie, he calmly studies the anatomy of whatever horrifying creature is on screen, questioning their ability to walk when half of their body is split apart. why is he questioning horror movie logic. “ghosts are supposed to be transparent and can pass through walls, how come she can grab the main character's hair and drag him to the incinerator?” “albedo, please.” (he comforts you when you get scared, hiding your face in his shoulder as he wraps his arms around you. he softly whispers in your ear to tell you when the scary parts are over.)
he's also an overprotective older brother. for good reason, actually. his little sister, albeit cute and outwardly harmless, is an explosive child who likes to make trouble. if he takes his eyes off her for more than two minutes, she will undoubtedly set fire to his little garden.
but aside from being a pain in the ass, his observation skills can help you — surely albedo can make a few guesses for your secret admirer's identity?
she's the reason why he's so observant. he can tell you trimmed your hair because he's all too used to klee chopping off her own hair with craft scissors. he also notices when you feel a bit under the weather. klee is the type to hide her sickness so she could play outside, and albedo would often have to forcibly tuck her back to bed. you're no different. he will, quite literally, drag you to your house and make you rest.
albedo blinks at you, uncharacteristically silent. he purses his lips, and gives you a small smile. he asks a few unassuming questions, things like what traces your secret left behind, or if they'd sent a love letter and he'd check the penmanship to see if he found it familiar.
he's not the most eager to help, you know that, but you're still slightly disappointed when he says, “sorry, i can't help you with something like that. it'd be better if you figured it out yourself.”
the cute neighbor living in the apartment next door. just like kazuha, he studies in a different university, but you run into each other a lot because... well. obviously.
you find him rather silly. he'd signed the lease not knowing pets weren't allowed in the premises, and tearfully waved taroumaru goodbye when he moved in. to cope, he started staying at the park near the apartment building, playing with the dogs there and getting hit on by their owners in the process, but let's not talk about that.
despite being a newcomer, he fit right in with the tenants. he made effort to learn everyone's names and chatted with them whenever presented a chance, thus winning their favor. it isn't a strange sight to see him with middle-aged ladies and looking at home, listening earnestly to their complaints about their husbands or rowdy children. (his hard work pays off when they give him their special recipes and inform him of supermarket deals lol)
he seems to get along well with old men too, invited to their drinking parties. except thoma isn't good at rejecting alcohol from older adults, so when you save him from such situation — pulling him away from the old men prying into his love life, because surely a good kid like him would have someone to love him dearly — he's become eternally grateful.
he's honestly too good for his own good.
exhibit a: thoma is prone to cooking too much food for one person to eat in one sitting, so he tends to invite you to eat his hotpot with him or bring you packaged food you can easily pop into a microwave. after your one act of goodwill, he's become strangely attached to you, pronouncing you best buds. he then admits he used to live with a larger group of people (hence his cooking habits), and he's thankful for your company. (you'd argue you're getting the better end of the deal, receiving free food like this)
exhibit b: he's always available to help you in your troubles. need a hand with heavy groceries? he's on his way! ran out of soy sauce? just wait a bit, he's gonna grab some from the cupboard! forgot your key inside your apartment? then stay at his place for the meantime before the locksmith comes! your shower isn't working well?... he promises he won't peek in the bathroom, so feel free to take a bath h a h a h a. need someone's opinion on what outfit to wear for a date? sure, he's- wait.
his face twists weirdly as you showcase two different shirts, asking which one he likes better. you raise an eyebrow when he doesn't dare to utter a single word. “are they both bad?”
he blinks rapidly, then shakes his head laughing. he half-heartedly points to the shirt in your left hand, but you can tell he doesn't really think much of it. he excuses himself fairly quickly, saying he had chores to do, and scurried back to his own home.
(you were only going to a date with ayaka's older brother because she insisted you both needed a love life, but it's not like you actually feel anything for him.)
it doesn't end there. thoma acts weird sometimes. he's strangely cold when he sees you inviting kazuha to your apartment to hang out. he also stiffens when he spots xiao walking you home.
but by far, he acted the weirdest when your phone number called him, but when he answered, he heard a different voice respond.
it's childe, whom you went drinking with. he doesn't know where you live, and you're not nearly sober enough to return home on your own, and it's not like you'll agree to staying over childe's house. you also refuse telling him your address, so childe is left with no choices but to call for someone he knows.
he uses your fingerprint to unlock the password in your phone, heading straight for your contact list, and dialed thoma.
it doesn't take long for thoma to arrive where you are, panting after running for a while, and childe is almost impressed. thoma hoists you up and you obediently wrap your arms around him.
“sorry for the trouble. [name]'s dead drunk as you can see,” childe comments, chuckling to himself. thoma doesn't look amused and replies with, “it's no trouble at all. i'd be glad to help [name] anytime.”
then in a way that almost seems possessive, thoma leaves childe behind.
so now when you arrive home, bouquet in your arms, red dusting your features, thoma is displeased once more.
(yet he is envious of those who can freely profess their affections, because he's certain if he were to ever admit his feelings to you, things can never be the same.)
you first suspected childe because you thought the bouquet of flowers was a joke, but if it wasn't and it was real with the intentions of sweeping you off your feet...
then you might have another suspect in mind.
gorou is... a funny guy. can you put it like that? you don't know what to think of him. he's nice, you already know that very well, kokomi's good friends with him and told you a few stories about him, all of which are sweet and amusing. your first impression of him was that of a pure-hearted boy that can do no wrong.
he's younger than you by a year, and kokomi was fairly excited when she first told you he would be attending the same university soon. she promised to introduce you to him in hopes you'd be friends as well.
and okay, you could get behind that. there's nothing wrong with meeting new people. gorou sounded like a great guy too, and it'd be nice to take care of someone younger. you've been coddled by your seniors the past year as a freshman, and you thought it would only be right if you did the same to the new batch of students.
so you attended the welcoming party kokomi dragged you into. it was just a small gathering to get the freshmen familiarize themselves with older students, and she told you you'd get to meet gorou there, her eyes carefully scanning the crowd in pursuit of a specific face.
just as you were reminiscing over the past where your sadistic seniors encouraged you to drink a lot in the last welcoming party, shuddering in fright, kokomi tapped your shoulder and gestured to the brown haired boy standing before you.
it must be him. per courtesy, your lips curled into a practiced smile, exuding an amicable air. kokomi briefly exchanged a few words with him, but it looked like she was doing all the talking, the male frozen in spot as if he'd seen something strange.
he stared at you blankly, eyes slightly widened, and you slowly became unnerved with his vacant gaze, your smile faltering. you made eye contact with kokomi, silently questioning her, but she gave a subtle shrug of her shoulders, also confused by his behavior.
then, completely out of everyone's expectations, he'd dropped to the floor.
gorou had knelt on the ground with one steady knee, solemn in his endeavors. in an instant, your hand was seized, fingers enclosed in his warm palm. his piercing stare was impassioned, sincere at its core. heat shot up to the tips of your ears.
“marry me!”
his voice resounded in the entire room, earning unwanted attention. the chatter halted immediately, all eyes dedicated to the spectacle that was the both of you, and your mind began to spin, cold sweat dripping down your forehead.
your voice was caught in your throat, not knowing what to say, and all you could formulate was a garbled string of incoherent mess. undeterred, the grasp on your hand was unrelenting, gorou committed through this act until the very end.
everyone was thinking the same thing: we haven't even started drinking yet, but this little guy is drunk already??
shameless. crazy. a head with loose screws. you're probably the only one who'd describe gorou that way.
but what kind of sane man would say that upon first meeting???
kokomi quickly tried to mediate the situation for him, pulling him away and patting his back to knock him out of his dazed stupor, and pushed you to the farthest corner.
she vouched for him when she saw your puzzled expression, thinking of him as a weirdo, and she insisted he's normally not that odd. she swears he was never interested in dating before, and she isn't sure what changed for him to... propose... all of a sudden... to you, who he'd barely seen for ten seconds, no less.
naturally, it feels strange for you to see him. after that disastrous encounter, gorou — who did feel embarrassment for what he did, horrified at his own impulsiveness — tried to make amends, backtracking steps (he skipped way too many and immediately went to propose lol) and treating you normally like a friend of a friend, slowly trying to make the atmosphere between you casual instead of a freezing blizzard that kills off the amicable mood.
in spite of all that, however, you do feel as if his feelings are actually genuine. he can be clumsy, and incredibly so, you don't know who else could propose to another person within a span of a minute meeting them for the first time, but he means well! you started off on the wrong foot, and maybe this bouquet of flowers is him trying to curry your favor... or something...
yet all he gives is a disbelieving look, and that's enough to provide a clear answer: it's not from him, and he's upset.
it,, probably wasn't a good idea to ask someone who likes you about another person who likes you.
but if it isn't him, who else could it be?!
Tumblr media
drop your guesses in the comments but im pretty sure it's already obvious lol
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primofate · a month ago
Genshin [All male characters] When you ask “What would you do if I disappeared?”
Notes: Feeding everyone.
Characters: Aether, Albedo, Bennett, Chongyun, Dainsleif, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Scaramouche, Tartaglia, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Xingqiu, Zhongli, fem!reader
Warnings: not proofread, hints of death, implications of dying, mentions of death, bit of crack, bit of angst, bit of fluff, bit of everything
Personal Favourites in this work: Venti, Diluc, Albedo, Xiao
His sister is already missing. What do you think he would feel if you ask something like that?
The fear in him is real. It seems endless, all this looking around for his sister. Adding you going missing into the mix, it was like torture. Like an endless spiral down into an endless hole.
“Aether? It’s just a hypothetical question, you don’t have to think about it too mu--” you were really just blurting out thoughts and nonsense.
He pulls you in for a hug, one arm tight around your waist and the other behind your head. “Please don’t” he whispers. “I don’t have anything else,”
He’ll become a shell of himself if you disappear. He’d look for you, but he’ll shed tears every night. 
“Disappear?” Albedo asks, curious. There’s so many different meanings of disappear. 
“Is it of your own accord? Or unwillingly?” You scratch your head cause you just meant in a general way and Mr. Alchemist here has decided to break your sentence down and analyze it. I mean, what did you expect gurl.
 “If you’ve been taken against your will, then I simply must take you back. If you leave on your own accord, however,” he puts a hand under his chin, looking at the ground and thinking a little.
“I suppose I would still bring you back and figure out what it is that made you leave,” he tilts his head a little and stares at your face.
He’s actually analyzing you and analyzing the past few days if he’s done something bad or weird or something offensive. 
Finally he just opts to ask you directly cause he’s lowkey worried that you might leave. “Is there a reason you might want to leave? We can discuss it and make changes,” 
Poor thing thinks he did something wrong. 
He doesn’t catch your drift.
“Disappear? I’d just follow you!” and he says it with such positivity. “I’ll go wherever you go Y/N! We’re adventure buddies for life!”
You don’t really press the matter further, it’s hard to ask Bennett such a loaded question. 
But later on when he thinks back to it, it’s like a lightbulb suddenly goes off on his head. 
“W-Wait... Are you... Are you sick of being my adventure buddy too?” his tone and mood drops so low that it’s hard to even look at him.
Good gracious. Give him a hug and tell him you’re just asking in general and didn’t mean anything by it. 
He’ll brighten up right away.
“Disappear where?” he asks, curious.
“I don’t know. No one knows. That’s the point of disappearing!” You laugh. He doesn’t.
He was eating a popsicle and now it’s just melting as he absentmindedly holds it. He tries to think of several different ways and scenarios of how to find you. Then he realizes it’s impossible. Teyvat is so big, where would he even start? 
“...I should be able to keep track of your negative energy... If anything happens then I can...” He starts to mumble to himself while his popsicle drips. 
Boy is paranoid the next few days and keeps asking if there’s anything amiss or if you’ve felt any evil presence lingering around you recently. 
Doesn’t immediately say anything because he’s mulling over the idea. 
He’s gone really silent and you’re a little worried.
The guy has gone through some rough times, he knows how it feels like for everything around him to disappear.
That’s the exact reason why he refused to get close to anyone, you were just an exception that he couldn’t let go of. 
He speaks up after a while, when you think that the conversation was already over and you thought he just ignored your question.
“...If there comes a time...” he’s looking at anywhere else but you. “...that you aren’t by my side, then so be it. But know that death is the only thing that can keep us apart, Y/N. Anything or anyone else that takes you away from me...”
There’s a very eerie one second pause. “...I’ll make sure they’re the ones who disappear,”
immediately turns towards you with his brows furrowed. The perpetual blank look on his face is gone and he definitely looks alarmed. “What do you mean? Is there something wrong?”
He jumps to the worst case scenario. Was it the Fatui? Did they threaten you or something? Or were you really sick? “Y/N if there’s something wrong, please, tell me,”
Doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s worried. He doesn’t want you disappearing under his nose. He legit thinks that someone’s out to get you, or you’re keeping a secret illness from him.
Is a little obsessive with guarding you the next few days even though you said it really was just a general question.
“You can’t disappear, I have the best sense of smell around here,”
He’s got this toothy grin on his face but is lowkey worried why you would suddenly say that.
He doesn’t usually do so but uses his position as general to get a few guards rotating round the clock, trailing you. 
Might lose sleep over it. 
Is overly attentive towards your activities the next few days. “Where are you going today? With who? For how long?”
“No one disappears on my watch! Specially you Y/N!”
Not worried at all. 
If he can badger Kujou Sara to no end you can bet your ass he’s gunna relentlessly find you wherever you are. Size of Teyvat be damned.
He says that but he gets suspicious the next few days even over the smallest things. Like the dog that’s sniffing your leg. Itto’s glaring at it wondering if it’ll snatch you away.
First reaction is to chuckle.
Second reaction is to pull you by the waist and peer down at you. “Not happening, love. I’ve got my eye on you,” 
Makes sure no one else is in close proximity before lifting his eyepatch and grinning. “Two eyes, if you really want to,” 
Doesn’t worry about it too much but has random times where he thinks back to you asking that question and he gets a little antsy over it. 
If he’s free, he’ll come looking for you if he randomly thinks about it. If he’s on the job, the first thing he’ll do is look for you when he comes back. 
“I believe I’ll always be led back to you, my dear,”
The guy is not a stranger to loss. He knows what its like to be away from the people he loves and the land he’s from.
Ponders on it a bit more, doesn’t seem like the type to think over it for too long but he actually does and takes glances at you over his shoulder just to make sure you’re still there.
He knows that you’ve only asked it as a general question and just to see his answer but now he’s a little anxious about the thought.
Will try to accompany you wherever you go.
He knows what the word means but he really doesn’t get why you’re asking it and just goes on overdrive thinking that someone’s out to get you.
Definitely doesn’t sleep at night guarding and watching over you. He dozes off eventually but snaps up at the slightest sound and growls at whatever movement he sees. 
It kinda wakes you up from time to time so you start to try and explain to him that you’re not going anywhere.
He’s even more confused, but kind of eases up afterwards. 
He’s already immensely protective of you so if there ever was a day that you go missing he’ll definitely blame himself for it.
Man scoffs
"Go ahead and try, I’ll find you and kill you,”
but is secretly keeping an eye on you and is extra snappy the rest of the day, specially towards his men who gets too close to you. 
definitely a “If I can’t have you, no one can,” type of guy
lowkey yandere and might chain you to himself
Laughs. The kind of laugh that’s challenging. The kind of laugh that says “Who dares to take you away from me?”
“There isn’t anywhere you can hide, darling. But if someone takes you away. Well, I’ll be sure to make them suffer,” 
He’s confident in his abilities in combat but is still slightly anxious at the idea that there may actually come a time where you disappear without a trace, specially in his line of work.
Will ponder on it a little more and tell you seriously “...If you feel like you’re in any type of danger, tell me, Y/N,”
“What?” why would you ask that, is his first thought. There must be something wrong.
He’s beyond worried.
Cups your face in his hands and tilts your head so you meet his eyes. “Did something happen Y/N?” His lips are in a deep frown. “Where would you go? Why would you go? Is everything okay?” 
Seriously thinks that you’re hiding something from him and is anxious that you’ll just poof away one day. 
Is so jittery that it’s starting to affect his daily life. You promise him nothing’s wrong, you just wanted to ask for fun.
He sighs and shakes his head. “You say that but I can’t get it out of my head,”
Gives his signature “ehe~!”
“Ever heard the phrase let the wind guide you? It’s cause I know where to go! I know every nook and cranny of this world. There’s no escape for you!” crosses his arms proudly on his chest and doesn’t think about it for a long time.
Until he suddenly gets the thought that you might actually disappear into another world. After all... that’s what happened to the traveller right? They jumped worlds and now one of them is missing. 
Goes quiet and that is extremely unusual for him. 
Contrary to what everyone sees, Venti has also seen loss and is someone who thinks about it from time to time. 
“...Don’t go anywhere I can’t follow, Y/N. That’s all I ask,”
Also scoffs “Impossible,”
He’s like an all seeing eye. He has knowledge of what happens across the vast lands, and it only takes for his name to be called and he’ll be there.
But what if you don’t call his name? What if you CAN’T call his name? What if an other worldly being takes you to somewhere he can’t reach?
“...Listen, Y/N, however small of a danger you think it is, call me...And if you find yourself somewhere far away... Keep calling,”
He might not hear you immediately, but he’ll keep searching, so you shouldn’t give up calling.
“Hmm... Disappear, you say?” might have the most normal response to it. 
“There isn’t much to do except to seek you out... How long would I keep looking?” He pauses again and thinks. “Why, until I find you, of course. Remember, if you’re lost, just stay in one place, I’ll find you eventually,” 
Doesn’t think much of it because he thinks the chances of someone just disappearing into thin air is low. 
He believes you would leave some kind of clue, if ever you disappeared, or he trusts that you would tell him if something was amiss. 
is the one who is most used to people coming and going in his lifetime.
“I have ways to seek people out, Y/N. It wouldn’t be a difficult task just to find you,” closes his eyes and sighs a little.
“But I suppose the world is a much vaster place than I imagine... If I was unable to find you...” he trails off, looking at his tea and swirling it around a little in his hand.
“It isn’t something that is easy to accept,” he ends his statement and looks over at you. “Is there any specific reason you’ve asked this?” tiniest bit worried that you might be in some sort of trouble.
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genshingarbage · a day ago
i think i will! hmm, Can i req Gorou, Diluc and Scaramouche with a writer s/o but it/its pronouns are used??
I’ve never written with those pronouns before so sorry if it comes off wonky somehow! Enjoy your date with the boys~ - Mod Kaeya
Tumblr media
- He’s probably one of your biggest fans to begin with, even before you two met
- He got into reading books when he became better friends with Kokomi and with a lot of long nights on watch in the resistance, camping out and just watching and waiting in silence a good book distracts you from the aches pains and horrors of war
- So when he finds out his favorite author is also his s/o?
- Head. Over. Heels.
- Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked you to marry him on the spot.
- It’s more than comforting to open up a book written by you on some long lonely night, it’s as if you’re there with him on the front lines comforting him
- If you’re going through writers block or are stuck with a specific part of a story he’ll ask if you could read it aloud to him, or even just tell him the general plot since he knows sometimes just repeating it out loud can help with coming up with what’s wrong or what you could do with things like this
- He brags about it any chance he gets to his peers
- Very fucking proud of you either way
- He’s well read that’s for sure but he’s often so wrapped up in things to do or personal vendettas that he unfortunately won’t notice that a lot of the books in parts of his library are actually your manuscripts or first drafts you're keeping safe for the time being
- He’ll accidentally take one of them to the Tavern like he usually does to pass time in between the lull of drunk patrons and will only find out about your side job when you rush in panicked
- The poor guy’s never gonna be able to fully express how apologetic he is about it as he imagines it’s something immensely dear to you
- He'll constantly be trying to make up for it with gifts of expensive fountain pens, journals and even reference material or answers to your strange writers questions
- "Luc, can Hilichurls speak Mondstatan?" [visible confusion as he tries to remember every encounter he's ever had with a hilichurl in his entire life]
- Dilic's gonna support you in anyway he can, if that means using his connections to find publishers or even threatening your editors to cut the shit and let your story fuckign br e a t h e then he will
- If it means an exotic vacation to some spot he found during his travels with Aether and Lumine then he's packing your bags and telling you what he's seen on his adventures, the intricacies of the Mondstat Aristocracy anything he can think of
- Growing up the way he did, he has a whole wealth of information he doesn't entirely know what to do with and to share it with you to help you? Well it's sort of a dream come true
- Ngl he's gonna be mean about it because that's just his nature
- "Babe can you proof read this?" "No I can't read." "I'm sorry what?"
- Though if you are a murder mystery author he's possibly the best example of an antagonist you could possibly have AND the best person to ask any murder or torture method related questions to.
- He won't admit it but he does actually genuinely enjoy your writing and defends it with a fucking vicious passion when it's called into to question at any time.
- He'll hella give you critiques and ways to fix problems if you need them and sometimes he suspiciously knows too much about your writing style but plays it off as you being annoying because of course he does
- When he can't sleep he'll often sneak away from bed purely to take a sneak peak at your notes or the next big thing you're writing even though he hates himself for doing it because it means the surprise is ruined
- He will tease you to no end if you write sex scenes I'm sorry but it's gonna happen
- Will sometimes straight up quote dialogue from your writing to fuck with you
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yeonkiminfan · a month ago
hi hi! i was thinking,, thoma nsfw hcs ?!? i feel like he’s the type to give tons of praise ahdjsjfj
that’s all and thank you 🤨🙏 take care of yourself and i hope you have a great day/night <333
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thoma, Itto, Gorou
Warnings: I am not responsible for minors reading this, Mentions of breeding kink, Size kink, Praising kink,mentions of Knotting (For Gorou), Dirty talk, Mating press, Cervix pressing, HIMBO ITTO(?)
A/n: YOU ITTO FUCKERS ARE SO FAST HELP ME- GAJSBSJ BUT IT CANT BE HELPED HE'S HOT 🤤🤤🤤 this post was supposed to be only thoma but its ok lets add them GAHAHSH
♤ THOMA ||
Soft dom!Thoma that tries to edge you but he ends up giving up to your whinings and pleas. He could never deny his baby when theyre crying and begging to cum.
He likes making you cum with his tongue, Often overstimulating you since he thinks you taste so good and he cant get enough of your pussy.
Thoma who praises you for taking him so well, kissing your tears away while he waits for you to get used to his size.
His dick is long and has the right amount of girth, It's long enough to press against your cervix however Thoma tends to ask you for your consent if you'd like it that deep
He doesnt want you to be hurt :(
Thoma tends to call you nickname such as "pretty boy/girl", "Baby", "Princess/Prince"
♤ ITTO ||
Itto who accidentally manhandles you and he doesn't realize it sometimes. You're so small compared to him and it makes Itto want to just eat you up.
He likes to fuck you in a mating press or missionary, He thinks its so intimate and its easier for him to see what kind of faces youre doing when he fucks you hard and rough.
His cock is long and girthy, And it always kisses your cervix :( his cock is veiny and you need two hands to jack him off fully
He praises you for taking him in so well, Often having to hold himself back to fuck you harshly. "Thats right baby, You can take it~ Take your time. Youre doing so well"
Itto seeing a bulge whenever he thrusts makes him want to breed you full of his cum ☹
The thought of you having kids with him makes his mind blank and the only thought it has is to breed his kids in your abused cunt
Itto cockwarms you after you cum, He doesnt want a single drop be wasted ♡
♤ GOROU ||
Gorou often gets jealous to smell other scents than himself on a part of your body so he tends to drag you home rub himself on you.
He likes to make hickeys around your body neck, Gorou likes to be messy and just rips your outfit when he's needy for your touch. Ofc Baby, Would never do this out of your consent!
You'd hear his tail slapping the ground while he fingers your cunt harshly not wanting to waste any time. He wants to feel your gummy walls around his cock :( Is that to much to ask?
Once youre ready to take him, His ears and tails are reacting so much~ Its twitching and his tail is swishing all over.
His cock isnt that long but he has the girth! Its so thick and the stretch is so good when he's in you.
Gorou is on top of you moaning and groaning your name like a mantra, Desperate to fuck you already ☹
Once he does fuck you, He goes hard and deep. His goal is to breed you full of his pups and make you their parent ♡
He might put your ankles over his shoulders so he can go deeper and feel your cunt more and more.
Once he cums, He makes sure youre comfortable because currently- youre stuck with his cum in you because of knotting-
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sidemariana · 15 days ago
• "1 character, 1 kink" NSFW scenarios •
About the game: Both characters' and kinks' names are in alphabetical order to facilitate your life. If you sent me an ask about this game I made, search for the ones you requested. Enjoy!
Pairings: Aether, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Kaeya, Kazuha, Thoma, Xiao and Zhongli [separately] x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Consensual sexual content ahead. Read responsibly.
Word count: 5k ( +/- 230 per scenario)
Art: It's not mine, I'm not sure the artist.
Tumblr media
Aether 🌼
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "Dacryphilia and Breeding" on the link of my Masterlist 3 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
The night was heated and agitated.
You thought it would be another session of making out with your boyfriend, so you couldn't tell that with more seconds and you would feel Aether's hips slamming against yours in a rapid pace, your walls involuntarily clenching around him, only making his need to fill you up completely worse.
His tip was almost reaching your cervix in such a delicious pace that only made more tears roll down your pretty face.
His hands were in your hips, squeezing it hardly enough to make bruises on your skin. Your legs went to his waist, enlacing it, as a try to calm him down, but he kept slamming himself into you, quickly.
"Aether..." You caught your breath, your hands gripping the bedsheets, trying to ease the overstimulation. "P-Please..."
"You promised, (Name). I know you can take it, right?" He kissed your wet cheek, brushing his nose against the damp skin.
You weakly assented to his words.
"You'll look so beautiful if one day you carry our child, doll. They'll be proof of our love" Your orgasm hit you hardly, making your mind foggy. "Perhaps today is the day I'll finally breed you, uh?"
"Please, Aether... Fill me up completely, I swear I can take it"
"You have no idea how much I have to control myself everyday to not simply fill you up with my cum until you're dripping, (Name). Perhaps this night will be our last try... I guess you'll be able to handle it, right?"
"Mhmm... I can handle it, please..."
His cum reached deep within you.
It felt warm.
It felt just right.
"So let's keep going until your body have no other choice than making a baby with my cum"
Childe 🌊
• Cockwarming
"C-Childe... We're in the Golden House... What if the Millelith around here catch us...?"
"I'll simply tell them you're cockwarming me inside this important place"
"I'm just kidding, geez. You're using a skirt, they won't even notice anything. I can tell them you were feeling weak and I had to sit you on my lap to make you more comfortable :)"
"Ah, fuck, Tartaglia, I wanna move... I... I wanna cum"
"That has nothing to do with cockwarming, girlie. Just keep quiet above my lap and take me inside you like the good girl you're, deal?"
"Deal..." You whimpered softly while you received his kisses and hickeys on your collarbones as you caressed his ginger toned hair in reflection.
Every now and then your walls squeezed him, making both of you moan quietly.
You both passed good minutes like that, just to have your funny moment ruined by the soldiers that were entering the place.
"Fuck! Get up, (Name). The Millelith are coming back"
Frustration covered your face while you fixed your clothes.
"Don't be moody, princess. We'll finish this once we get home ;3"
• Roleplay
"Tsk. Pathetic. You couldn't even escape from me, traveler? I told you the last time we've met that if I saw you one more time, I'd be last person you'd ever see in your life"
"Tartaglia... Please... I would never betrayal you. I swear it wasn't my intention"
His hips collapsed against yours in a quick pace while his hands squeezed your neck without hurting you.
"Making me ruin my reputation with the Fatui because you had to help your little friend? I could end your life now if I wanted, but why can't I do so? Why am I so attracted to this pathetic little girl I've met in Liyue?"
"Childe... Please, break my heart" You moaned, while he brought your legs to rest on his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper within you.
"So attached already to this 'villain' like you once called me?"
You only assented, reaching your orgasm being the only thing in your mind.
"Faster, Childe... Fuck me faster..."
"Sure, girlie. Come on, let's speed up things a little. Perhaps if I overstimulate you I'll see that as a forgiveness plea"
"Mhmm... Yes, please, Ajax!"
After that session, your lover whispered to you before you went to sleep;
"Perhaps that was one of the funniest roleplay we ever did, (Name)"
"Funniest? I... I can barely move here... I'm sore, Childe"
"It's not like you didn't get into it too, princess :>"
• Pet play
"Is my little kitten horny?"
"Mhmm..." You brushed your nose against the skin of his neck, but Ajax wasn't having much of it until you were lost in your own thoughts as Childe now traced kisses in your neck, his ocean blue eyes searching in your gaze for the right reaction.
"Ajax..." You gasped when his lips brushed a soft spot on your skin.
He smirked, and slithering his arm under your shirt the man caressed your back, his cold hand sending shivers down your spine.
Capturing your lips in a kiss, Childe's other hand went to your panties, playing with the cloth, swirling the fabric above your hips with his fingers.
"Only wearing a large shirt with panties, a cat tiara and a tail? Since when you became this bold, uh?" He teased you, gripping now one of your thighs with a tight hold, making you moan at the contact.
"Childe... Please..." 
"Please what, sweetheart?" Now the said man was massaging your clit right above the thin and damp cloth.
"Argh...!" You gulped down as his fingers stimulated your nerves. "Tartaglia, stop teasing m- Ah...!"
He had inserted his middle finger in you and without any warning, he started pumping it slowly.
"Gods, (Name)... This wet already? Such a naughty kitten, aren't you?"
Curving his finger, he brushed right against a sweet spot of yours, making you see stars.
"Ajax... Gods I... I can't even think-"
He cut you off by inserting two fingers inside your walls, right before lowering his head right at your sex's level.
His tongue now fluttered at your already sensitive bud, making you arch your back and bite your lips trying to control your moans.
"Fuck... Ah, Ajax..." Your thighs enlaced his head perfectly as you prolonged the contact of his tongue with your core.
Childe ate you out as you were the best thing he had savored in his entire life, his wet muscle created patterns of velocity just to broke them and make you shiver.
Your hands were in his soft hair, pulling it slightly, guiding him in the pace.
"You taste better than anything I've ever tasted... I could pass all night long eating you out nice and slowly, my kitten"
His fingers and the constantly fluttering of his tongue against your clit made you climax, making your lover cocky.
"Let's see how much you can handle, shall we, my little pet?"
• Power struggle
"Are you sure you can managed go for another round, (Name)?"
"Shut up for a few minutes, Childe"
You moved above him in a quick pace, chasing your orgasm as you beared the teasing of your boyfriend.
"Do you think you'll be the one in charge today?" He asked bitterly, before pushing you away from him just to get above you.
"Fuck, Childe! You almost always is the one in control! Let me be the power holder today"
"Pff. Bullshit. Last time you said the same thing. I won't fall for your tricks once again, love"
Like a curse, your back started hurting like hell, so you asked him to take the lead, even under you.
"Move my hips using my waist. I'm so fucking tired..."
"I could get you exausted with only one round? How cute..."
"Shut up, Ajax!"
He chuckled and took your waist on his hands, moving you above him. Your upper body was leaned down his abs, so only your hips were moving. Your lips met each other in a romantic kiss, and whenever you parted for air, Tartaglia marked your collarbones with his kisses.
After some minutes, you both reached your climax togheter as his cum warmed your insides a second time.
Childe took his hands of your waist to your hair, playing with it. He lifted your locks and marked your chest. After some lovebites, he could see the "A" he had done next your left breast. He had marked you as his.
You got out of him, laying down next to your boyfriend.
His seed slipped through your entrance, making your thighs slick. You closed your legs to stop his cum getting out of you and he saw it.
"So adorable like always, uh?" Getting above you, Childe's hands separated your legs as he started pounding his fingers inside your walls, playing with his cum, sliding it between your legs.
"Can you perhaps bear another round, doll?" He asked, speeding up the rythm of the thrusts, the fingers of his other hand playing with your clit.
"Yes, I think so."
"Do you want me to stop?"
"N-No, please..."
After you reached your third limit, he took of his fingers of you, licking the fluids on it, and soon his tongue licked you clean.
"Always so stubborn... That's the girl I know"
Diluc 🦉
• Breeding kink
You weren't sure how many rounds you had been through that night. All you knew was that you wouldn't stop until both of you were satisfied.
Your legs felt numb while you tried to keep them around Diluc's waist just to make him go deeper inside you.
"I could fill you up all night long if I pleased, love. But I guess this is more than enough... You're dripping already... Your thighs are sticking with my cum"
"Diluc- I'm gonna cum soon-" Your voice sounded hoarse from all the stimulation you received that night.
"Just give it all to me. Your walls' contractions will allow my seed to reach even deeper inside you, my dear. That's what we want, right?"
His warm jolt entered you swiftly, as you held onto his back to gain some support.
"D-Diluc..." You gasped once again that night when you felt his warmth.
"Shush, I'm here, my love... You did a great job..." A soft kiss on your lips. "Just make sure to not waste a single drop"
Gorou 🐾
• Body worship
The General of the Sangonomiya Resistance moved above you in a slow pace, making sure to never loose the eye contact you both made in such delicate moment.
His only focus was your own pleasure and bliss. And his lines made you feel completely loved and cared for.
"Your body must have been made just for me, love. We fit and complete each other perfectly" One kiss on your forehead. "Your eyes... Every single time I pound into you, they close slightly, letting me see your eyelashes that hold some tears of overstimulation in them... Your lips... You bit them down every time I hit your g-spot to hold back your soft noises. They're so plumpy and red due my kisses..." His fingers brushed the skin of your cheek to go forward and do the same thing on your neck and breasts.
"Gorou... I'm so close..." You whimpered.
"Your cheeks gain a pink tone every time we get intimate. Your neck always feels so soft and warm whenever I kiss your skin and your breasts... They're the perfect size, shape or whatever pattern I can think of" The praises didn't stop even when your orgasm reached you;
"Your thighs, your legs, your body curves, your voice, you personality... All perfect" He whispered before pulling out from you. "You're perfect, (Name). And I'll make sure to let you know that every single day"
Kaeya ❄
• Cockwarming
Your cheeks burned in embarrassment as you tried to keep quiet inside Kaeya's office in the Headquarters of the Knights of Favonious.
"What if... What if someone enters here...?" You asked quietly, as you felt your insides contracting around Kaeya's length once again. "Ah- I wanna move"
"If someone enters here, uh? That would be interesting. But... I'd tell them you're only sitting on my lap"
"I'm literally cockwarming you, Captain Kaeya. Someone can catch us doing this inside such an important place of Monstad"
"Captain, is it? When did you became so devoted to me, my darling?"
Another contraction of your tight walls.
"Fuck... This feels s-so good..."
"So just enjoy the feeling while I do my paperwork, will you? Also, keep quiet love. Your whimpers are getting louder... You won't want anyone to see you taking me like the good little one you're, right?"
• Mommy kink
Some tears left his eyes as he whimpered and held your hips like his life depended on it.
"Please, mommy... Let me touch you.... I need it..."
"Kaeya, what have I told you- Ah, fuck!" His cold fingers quickly started abusing your bundle of nerves, making the movements of your own hips falter.
His other hand went to squeeze the skin of your breast, making you loose your collected composure above him.
"Mommy...? Is there anything wrong, perhaps?" His voice carried a tone of teasing and irony that made you feel challenged.
"Not even under me you can stop being a jerk?"
"Well, you could have let me touch your body freely from the very beginning, right, mommy?"
Your orgasm hit you when you heard such words from him.
The sweetest sounds left your lips while your walls' contractions made Kaeya gulp in pleasure and break the character.
"Mommy, don't stop, please. I'll be a good boy, I promise. Just please, don't deny my pleas"
• Praise kink
Your body felt exhausted as you held onto your pillow as another one pillow was under your lower belly just to give you more comfort while Kaeya pounded into your sensitive hole.
"K-Kaeya... Please... It's s-so sensitive"
"Shush, doll. I'm here. Just keep being a good girl for me, okay?"
"Ah...! Be careful" You whimpered because his hands held your hips on a harsh manner.
His movements and caresses became less harsh and demanding, just to make you feel relaxed.
"Just like that, babe. You're such an obedient girl to me... Always trying to make me satisfied, always making me feel in heaven whenever I fuck you" 
Such words made you your heart race with happiness, your orgasm soon following you while Kaeya's words didn't stop at all, even when he came inside you.
"You always do so good for me, (Name)... So beautiful, so devoted... You're my everything" He whispered, but you were almost falling asleep.
Kazuha 🍁
• Thigh kink
Being only in your panties while watching a movie with your boyfriend maybe made Kazuha feel somewhat off and weak to his knees. He couldn't stop staring at your thighs, but perhaps he was way too shy to make the first move. So you decided you'd give him what he so-craved for.
Not caring about the movie anymore, you got above him, feeling his hips against yours.
"W-What are you doing, (Name)...?"
"I just wanna make sure you satisfy your desires, Kazuha"
You lowered your head to the level of his, pecking him on the lips.
"My desires? What... What do you mean? Ah- Fuck..." He gasped softly the moment you rocked your hips against his.
"(Name)... Please, don't tempt me..." Even so, you thrusred your hips against his a few more times, feeling how excited he was already. "I won't be able to stop... Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Go ahead, love, satisfy yourself"
Kazuha switched your positions right before he started distributing kisses through your breasts, tummy and lower belly. His hands went to your panties, massaging your entrance above the fabric.
"K-Kazuha..." His name slipped through your lips.
"Have you been planning this, uh? You even facilitate my job and all"
"Save it and enjoy..." He sliped your panties through your legs, geting you naked.
He kissed your entrance and you shuddered as his tonge started playing with you.
Gasps sliped through your lips and your hands instinctely went to his white hair, guiding him in the pace.
After some minutes, you felt some tension building up on your stomach.
"Awn, babe... I'm so close..."
One of his hands was gripping one of your thigh, while the other one was rubbing your clit.
Some more minutes and your high reached you and after gaining your orgasm he chuckled softly, right before marking both of your thighs with hickeys. Spending long minutes kissing, marking and squeezing your soft skin, he whispered:
"It's hard to control myself when you have such inviting thighs and body. Should I buy thigh highs for you, my love?"
Thoma 🎋
• Breeding kink
It had all started in a party, when you whispered into your boyfriend's ear such dirty words out of nowhere.
"Thoma, would you spent all night long filling me up? Or... Perhaps should I go and look for someone else to do so?"
That phrase made the sweet and collected composure of the man turn into a darker one, while hunger and desire were printed on his face as the time went by. Every little detail from your body almost driving him mad.
Some hours passed and once again you provoked him only to be cut off by him;
"Your eyes are swallowing me, love-"
"(Name)... Enough. Fuck, you've been teasing me all night long. Let's see how long it takes for you to regret your words"
Your boyfriend didn't let you rest during that long session. At that point, any stimulation could make you crumble under him.
His only goal that night was warming your insides with his cum every single time he got the chance.
Everything was a little too much by the time you whimpered:
"Too much, Thoma... I'm completely full, I... I don't even know if I can receive anything more..."
"Let's make your little pussy drip with my cum then, shall we? Or should I seek for someone else to do so?"
• Cockwarming
Thoma was playing video games with some of his friends while you stayed in your shared bedroom, the boredom making you feel somewhat off.
"Guys, wait a minute... My girl is calling me"
"Can we do that... Please?"
"Do... What, baby?"
"That... What we usually do it whenever you play video games or finish some paperwork..."
A chuckle left his lips when he heard your shy voice asking to do such a thing.
"I can't keep myself muted on the call for this long, so please, try to be quiet, alright?"
"Mhmm... I'll try my best. Promise"
"Come here" He helped you getting above his lap after he had lowered his pants and underwear. His breath was uneasy when you took your panties to the side from under your skirt and lowered yourself onto him.
"You can get me excited within seconds, do you know the power you hold, baby?" He pinched your nose, joking.
'Thoma? Turn on your mic, we need to discuss our strategy to finish this boss' Gorou's voice called for your boyfriend.
But your walls felt so good around him.
So tight, warm and wet.
The perfect combination to drive that man mad.
So good it made him loose his cool while gaming.
Involuntarily, you clenched around his length some times, gaining soft gasps from Thoma while his mic was on :)
"F-Fuck, (Name). You're... You're squeezing me so much"
'What the...?' Kazuha's voice sounded confused.
'Don't tell me... Archons... Couldn't you guys wait until the match was over?' Gorou was holding a chuckle.
"She feels way too good to wait that long, guys. And anyways... She was the one who asked to cockwarm me"
"T-Thoma! Shut up!" You slapped his arm. Poorly did you know his friends listened to you.
'There's no problem, (Name). Enjoy yourselves. Gorou and me can finish this boss easily without that horny guy'
• Orgasm denial
"You are a bad girl, you know that? And bad girls like you deserve some punishment, right?" Without warning, Thoma inserted two fingers into you, curving them in a certain angle to reach your sweet spot.
"Thoma!" You moaned.
Lowering his head to the level of your crotch, Thoma started sucking your clit while moving his fingers in and out of you in a slow but hard pace.
"Archons... So fucking wet for me, even though you made a mistake?" Stopping his hands' movements, the blonde man started eating you out. His nose brushed your clit, while his warm tongue abused your walls, the wet sounds he made turning both of you on even more.
Your hands went to his locks, pushing him against your vagina even more.
"You taste so damn good, (Name). I could eat you all day long without getting bored at all" You whined at the compliment, while your breath was uneasy.
Thoma inserted three fingers this time into your walls, his tongue making another ministrations in your core.
"I'm so close, T-Thoma... Please, don't stop" You whimpered, but your lover stopped all of his actions.
"Tsk. Flirting with other people at that damn restaurant? Really, love? It's a shame I'm not in the mood for giving you what you crave"
"I... I wasn't flirting... I was being polite, Thoma... Please, don't leave"
"You preferred being polite... So perhaps you prefer hitting your orgasm alone or not at all"
Xiao 🎆
• Breeding kink
The adeptus pounded himself into you in a slow yet hard place, gaining a whimper from you every single time he bottomed out inside you.
"Xiao..." You couldn't suppressed your moan when your walls involuntarily clenched around him as a sign your orgasm was getting closer. "Please, cum inside me... I need to feel it..."
"Tsc... Such a naughty little girl you're, uh?" His lips brushed against the skin of your ears when he whispered without stopping his movements; "Fantasizing about me filling you up completely with my cum, that's what you were thinking?"
"Ah, Xiao... Just fuck your cum inside me, I'm begging... I'll do anything... I'll be forever yours, I promise"
"A promise. Really, (Name)?" He shot his seed deep inside you, as your orgasm made him feel almost weak to his knees with the stimulation that your tight walls gave him. "I'm an adeptus, (Name)... I'll make sure you maintain your promise. There's no way turning back now, love"
Your heart skipped a beat with the tone of his voice, but you only assented to his words.
You fell asleep while Xiao was still there, caressing your hair delicately.
The adeptus somehow knew a life was being formed inside your womb by that time.
"We're bonded" He whispered before leaving you alone.
• Dacryphilia
"Please... Please (Name)" The adeptus begged with a whiny voice.
"Please what, Xiao...?"
"Please... Let me cum"
"I'm not sure... Perhaps you don't deserve it. Perhaps I should let you frustrated, just like the many nights you left before I got what I craved"
"Awn, fuck-! This feels so good... Don't stop, please, (Name)... I can do anything for you... I swear"
Your hips moved quickly against his, one of your hands on the headboard and the other caressed his cheeks.
A single tear left his eyes.
Your heart raced.
You cleaned it quickly just to watch other tears leaving his beautiful amber eyes.
That sight made you excited.
One of the most powerful adeptus there was.
So fragile.
So devoted under you.
"Please, love..." The first time he called you like that. Your heart jumped in joy one more time. "I love you, (Name)... I love you s-so much..." The tears didn't stop streaming his face while he repeated that sentence as a mantra.
He was being honest with you.
His pleasure wasn't his priority right now.
But even so, you gave to him what he needed.
His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes closed in bliss as the tears made his eyelashes glow inside the bedroom illuminated by the moonlight.
His wet cheeks looked so pretty and innocent to you that you could edge him all night long and make him a mess under you over and over again.
But you didn't need that.
You only needed him by your side.
"I love you too, Xiao... I'm here with you forever"
Xiao entered your bedroom at Wangshu Inn by that well-known open window.
• Somnophilia
The same view caught his eyes once again: your stunning body under the moonlight, with only a thin cotton bedsheet covering it.
You looked so beautiful while you slept.
So relaxed and fragile that the adeptus could spend some minutes watching you sleep and then leave you like usual to protect Liyue.
But... That night something seemed different. His heartbeat was way faster than he'd like to admit and discomfort made him restless on his spot on your bed.
The sight of your body - so appealing to the yaksha - made him consider accepting a proposal you had made long ago.
'That idea doesn't seem so bad... I don't wanna wake her up yet I can't leave here so worked up. This woman put me on a blind alley... Fuck, (Name), do you even know what you're capable of doing to me?' His thoughts runned fast inside his mind as he touched your neck, soon caressing your chest and stomach just to arrive the place that made him weak to his knees: your thighs.
Careful to not wake you up, Xiao opened your legs, pulling your panties to the side to penetrate you right there.
Even sleeping, your body reacted to his touches, as your walls clenched around him, welcoming him inside your warmth.
A gasp left your lips as he started moving, slowly seeking his high.
By the time he was almost cumming, you opened your eyes to see your lover above you, but everything was too blurry for you to keep them open.
Sleepiness consumed your mind and you could barely finish calling out his name, your own orgasm hitting you, making your body soft under him.
"Xiao...?" You whimpered, just before falling asleep once again.
"Shush, it's me baby. Everything's alright, just relax and let me finish this, please" And Xiao did finish what he had started. Emptying himself into you, he kissed your lips before going back to his adeptus duties.
"Thank you, (Name). I'll see you soon"
You'd wake up to your thighs sticking with his cum, but that way, you'd knew for sure Xiao trusted you enough to do such things by your side.
Zhongli 🐉
I used some parts of an old work of mine on this scenarios. You can read "The chosen one" on the link of my Masterlist 1 (pinned post)
• Breeding kink
You were the chosen one. So you had to obey him, right?
Sitting on his lap, you squirmed right above him, feeling his hardness. You both shared passionate kisses as you moved against his hips. Back and forth. Back and forth. You could almost hold in your hands the desire you shared for each other.
"Yes, babe. Just like that" Zhongli's lips pecked your neck with wet kisses, gaining gasps from you. Your hands went to his nape, holding his soft hair carefully to get more support.
"Ah!" You moaned when he found a soft spot of yours.
"That's one" His mouth sucked the skin of your breast, leaving purple marks that would take their time to fade away. His tongue swirled around your perked up nipple, gaining another moan from you.
"Zhongli..." You chocked out. "Don't stop, please" The devotion on your voice made his heart warm up.
He toyed with your breasts a little, just before changing positions with you. Now he was the one on top, tracing kisses all along your breasts, stomach and womb space, where he took his time loving.
"Soon our heir will be beared in here" Another kiss. "I'll made sure to breed you properly tonight, my love. You'll leave this bed pregnant or not at all" Zhongli spoke still lovingly, pure love and lust in his eyes.
Zhongli soon entered you, after letting you enjoy your first high of that night. It was as if you had been made for each other. His length made you gasp in pain, but his golden eyes reassured you.
Some seconds passed, and his hips started moving against yours in a hard pace, making it difficult for you to stay still, his cock almost reaching your cervix with every thrust of his.
After long more minutes, Zhongli reached his climax, his pupils dilating, hands gripping your hips so tightly you were sure they'd be purple in some hours.
"Argh! 'Li... It hurts" You gasped. His eyes that once carried desire were clouded with worry.
"I'm sorry, my queen. I will more careful with you. Your body is too fragile compared to mine" He kissed your forehead delicately, still inside of you as a way to make his cum not ooze off you.
You were sure his baby could be forming itself inside your womb right now, but your mind only wanted a hot bath and an entire day of sleep.
"Thank you, (Name). I looked after you not only to have your child, but also to have you as mine forever"
•DdLg (daddy kink)
Zhongli still looked imposing when his slim and cold fingers went to play with your sex right above the thin panties, your slick making the cloth wet.
"So wet for me... Such an obedient girl for daddy... I knew you'd be the right one since the beginning..." He praised you, sliding his middle finger into you with ease, since you were so relaxed for him.
"Mhmm... Yes, daddy... I'm like this just for you..." You whined for more friction, as the clothes you were using left your body.
The man took his time exploring your velvet walls, feeling every crevice you had.
A second finger was added, gaining a gasp from your now plump lips from his kisses. Scissoring movements made your back arch in pleasure and the tension in your stomach get bigger, begging to be released soon.
Zhongli used the pad of his fingers to stimulate your g-spot, only to bring your orgasm closer and closer.
"D-Daddy! Fuck! Ah, fuck yes..."
"Cum for me, babygirl. Give it all to me" His soft voice made the knot inside your stomach snap, making your walls start pulsing in a quick pace just to get slower and slower until it vanished only leaving pure endorphin running through your veins.
You both spent that night sharing your love for each other. At the end of it all, you could barely walk, your body completely worn out.
"No, daddy. I'm fine... I... I just don't feel my legs, is all" Both of you chuckled soft.
"I can always push your limits... Whenever my little girl wants"
• Quirophilia (hand fetish)
Your husband Zhongli was putting his rings for the day while you watched him with curiosity.
Such beautiful hands and fingers.
'They could fill me up right now and I wouldn't even try to stop him' You thought, soon coming back to reality whe  you heard his voice.
"Hey, my queen... Should I use this one? Or perhaps this one will look better?"
'You could use none and finger me until I can't take it anymore' Your mind told you.
"(Name)? Are you alright? You've been staring at my hands it's been some minutes..."
"A-Ah... About that... This one looks better, I guess" You helped him by sliding the golden ring around his finger, while you looked at such tempting features.
"What are you thinking about, love? You seem so distant from the reality... Is something bothering you?" You traced the veins of his hand with interested eyes, soon locking your own hand with his.
Zhongli knew exactly what you wanted at that point.
He looked at you while licking your entrance: so sensitive, squirming so easily under his touch. He found it cute.
His eyes were clouded with lust when he stopped his action for some seconds, licking two of his fingers just before inserting them into you, curving them in the perfect angle to make you see stars. It was like he had known your body for decades, even if you had gotten married only some months ago.
Rolling your eyes, you felt like you were almost there. Arching your back, his name slipped through your lips one more time, while some tears of pure bliss run off your eyes due the constant contractions of your walls.
After you enjoyed your high, Zhongli teased;
"I've put all my rings just to have taking them off because my wife seems to get excited about my hands and fingers, uh?"
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