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#gossip girl

Why did the writers choice to make Serena so damn stupid? Seriously, why is she so easily manipulated?

And in what world do people repeatedly believe the same 3 liars? They’re caught lying every chance they get but for some reason, when shit hits the fan, everyone else is like “yeah yeah, I believe the liar bc why would they ever lie to me?1?1?”

When will there be a realistic show that doesn’t write the characters as complete idiots? Lol.

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i remember when i first watched gossip girl, i shipped dan and blair and i was really excited about them finally getting together. but once they did, i didn’t feel the chemistry anymore and so i shipped them less and wasn’t particularly upset about the way things ended for them. then, a while after finishing season 6 i think, i started going through the dair tag on this app and now i’m just waiting for the day the writers will fix their mess and give these two the happy ending they deserve, together.

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it’s 2020 and i still can’t believe the writers of gossip girl made us watch ch*ck bass force himself on blair and then punch a glass that cut off her face which was probably one of the most disturbing and toxic moments i’ve ever watched on a tv show just to make her drop everything to marry him at the end. even worse, i cannot bring myself to understand how there is still, to this day, a considerable amount of people who think ch*ir is their biggest otp. AND the justifications they come up with!!!!! “blair was never a saint” really????? are you seriously gonna use the same fucking argument that people use when they’re defending a rapist????? are you HONESTLY gonna do that??????? it makes absolutely no sense. nothing that man ever did can be justified and you should just admit to it and realize gossip girl was actually a very shitty and problematic example for teenage girls and set a fucking horrible standard for its following shows. i’m never forgiving it

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