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#got spoilers
boozerman · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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snnapoutofit · a month ago
well... i did fell in love with them both so i did something
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lunasradishes · 5 months ago
When Edd shouted “He’s got blue eyes! Stay back!”
And Tormund shouted “I’ve always had blue eyes!”
And then they hug.
That’s peak himbo energy. How did anyone survive the white walkers?
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ornstein · a year ago
characters that aren't necessarily evil but are still deeply flawed and ruled by their emotions instead of overcoming them
good shit
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kylostantrums · 2 years ago
I hate this “no spoilers” culture that we live in right now. Producers and writers are so terrified of fans predicting the ending to their works to the point that they’re making nonsensical endings to their narratives. They’re messy, out-of-character, and outlandish, but, hey! at least they’re unpredictable!
Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi — completely ignored & disregarded the 3-film narrative arc J.J. Abrams has planned out for the sequel trilogy, and instead developed his own messy narrative full of subversions for the sake of subversion, and completely disrespected the legacy of Luke Skywalker’s character (Mark Hamill himself has reported several times that he doesn’t recognize the character).
Russos, MCU — give out fake scripts, actors play against green screens and are cut & pasted together in post, show fake/edited scenes in trailers, throw away previous character development (Thor, Ragnarok vs Infinity War and especially Endgame).
D&D, Game of Thrones — throw away a decade of foreshadowing and character development for shock value, not to mention they missed a whole ass Starbucks cup in a shot in 8x03 (either on set or in post, somebody should’ve noticed this).
I’m sick and tired of this. It’s not good writing, and it’s no longer entertaining to fans when the characters they know and love become complete strangers. There’s good shock value — “No, I am your father,” for example — and then there’s ignoring years of character development and turning a kind and caring character into a murderous maniac. There’s a difference, and I think writers still know what that difference is, but they’re pressured to create an ending that fans can’t predict because of this mass panic over “no spoilers”.
This needs to stop. Give me a happy ending. Who the fuck cares if we guess what comes next? That means the writers have done their fucking jobs. If we can guess what comes next that means the writers have successfully developed their characters and foreshadowed future events as you’re supposed to do in a well-written narrative.
No spoilers? Sure. I like to experience narratives without being spoiled. But don’t make the narrative unrecognizable by the ending. It’s just not good writing.
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vairemelde · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
The unnamed Prince of Dorne being true to dornish traditions
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stonerzelda · 2 months ago
I'm just saying I'm JUST saying if Drogon carried Daenerys back to her homeland Valyria like people are theorizing if only to guard her body then PERHAPS he could get there fast enough for her to get infected with Grayscale and ya ya its an infectious disease that drives people insane but if she's already nuts cuz ohhh foreshadowing or lazy writing or wotever MAYBE that's what saves her, heres how Bernie can still win the game of thrones
Tumblr media
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fearmustdie · 10 months ago
Hello wonderful humans that are still mad about the ending of Game of Thrones! I am currently working on a presentation for the Academic Conference of Comics and Geek Culture of the University of Buenos Aires, and you can help me by answering to this survey.
Thank you so much! Reblogs or just sharing it with a friend already helps💙
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