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11. 24. 20

— health education for respiratory therapy

we have Jaebeom with us again hahahahaha ineedtogooutandtrytakingsomephotosidk

well, recently ive been the one who’s in charge of laundry and heck who knew having lots of cats and being 6 in the family requires almost everyday laundry ?? as im typing this, im still doing laundry hahaha.

anywho, i reached 19th century for the history of healthcare!! i know i should give more time with studying so i wouldn’t end the year just still writing the timeline of the history of healthcare, and I’ll do my best.

but yeah, ran out of ink this time so… yep. hahaha.

hope you all have a productive day!

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11. 21. 20

— somehow this post wasn’t posted a few days ago ??

well, they’re just laundry notes and watering guide to mama’s orchid because she’s got lots of them and different kinds, so just for everything to be consistent for the plants, i asked mama for a guide just in case she gets busy or unable to tend to her plants and do laundry, haha.

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(A/N: I’m sorry this took so long to make, i was having a lot going on. But now that we’re on thanksgiving break i will be trying to have a lot of story’s from my WIP’s up. But on to the HC)


Originally posted by different-or-weird

Okay to begin:

  • I think Jaebum gives off crack energy so you guys would be up for a while, just giggling and laughing at each other’s jokes for a couple of hours.
  • He would definitely be the big spoon, or he would love for you to lay on top of him, it doesn’t matter if it’s just your head on his chest or your guys legs intertwined together.
  • He would caress your hair, whispering sweet nothings, or maybe even singing a nice little song to put you to sleep. You get well rested everytime he does that.

Another thing i have to point out:

  • He is soooo gentle with you (Not In The Bed Tho If you know what i mean)
  • But he always has to have you around him
  • He literally needs attention 24/7, and He deserves it.
  • But his favorite type of skinship would be cuddling, he likes the feeling of your warm body next to his
  • especially after a hard day at practice, all he would want to do it nestle his head inside you neck and tell you how his day was

So Overall:

  • Jaebum is a crack ball that needs attention 24/7. Hes literally a huge cuddle bug and would be down to just cuddle all day if it was up to him. But he can’t due to his idol schedule.
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