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Thank your GOT7!! You have worked so hard over seven years and now is your time to be free to choose your new life path once again. I will support your real decisions and stay tuned whether you decide to make another splash in the entertainment industry or travel a different road. I love and appreciate you all and will always stan OT7. In my heart, I will always be an Ahgase. Happy 7 years of GOT7!!!! 💚🐦


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If I could find a word that expresses how much these people mean to me. Out of all the words in the English dictionary, I couldn’t find the perfect word that describes how much I love and appreciate them, How you make me laugh, cry, smile, scream with both anger and happiness and even jump for joy. I really wish I could speak to you in person so you’d be able to completely understand and see how you make me feel. You’ve changed me as a person in so many ways, taught me how to love myself more, helped me through the tough times in my life and got me to believe in myself more. Seeing how far and successful you’ve all become and being apart of that rollercoaster of a journey was the best life decision I ever made and if I could I’d do it all over again with just as much love,anger,sadness, fears, passion and happiness. I can’t wait to see more from you all and to carry out this journey farther and higher than beforeI’ll always stay and be by your side through each battle, all the love Got7💚💜

Credits: Pinterest and Got7 accounts -A🐰💜

#7yearswithgot7 #갓세븐포에버_아가새는어디안가 #got7forever 🐥♾💚

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Description: Walking into the night shift at the hospital proves to keep you on your toes. Nights are left to the universe so you can only hope that tonight will be decent. What happens when you find out that one of your patients is THE Mark Tuan from GOT7? how do you try to deal with the chaos erupting from this chance encounter? and how many times do you have to tell yourself that you love your job?

Genre: fluff, slight cringe, smut (in this chapter)

Pairing: Black Fem Reader x Mark Tuan (though I will say there isn’t much description of black characteristics)

Word count: 2019

Warning: explicit language, SMUT!!!!!!, drinking, mention of breath play, finger play, oral

A/n: Wow we love back to back smut chapters lol. Hey y’all I’m back! sorry for the long wait. should’ve planned out posting this story a little better, but hopefully I get settled pretty soon to keep posting more chapters. I will say that this is the last chapter that coincides with my dream and at this point I’m just trying to come up with ideas lol. Also, this isn’t as proofread as it needs to be so sorry if there are any grammar issues.

*All pic collages are made by me unless I state otherwise. Individual pictures in the collage are not mine and I give credit to where credit is due.


Chapter Nine


I was sitting in the back seat beside JB and we were cutting up a storm. About what? I couldn’t tell you honestly. When you’re drunk and in a happy mood, everything tends to be funnier. The boys who joined us at dinner were Mark, Bam, Jinyoung, and Jackson. That left Youngjae and Yug back at the hotel which honestly did make me a little sad since I wanted to be able to hang out with everyone altogether, but I guess that time will come. At some point, there was a time when the whole van was in conversation with each other (even the manager). The conversation was light and joyful. Even in my drunk state, this was all surreal to me. Something inside me though did hope that they weren’t putting on a facade even if we had talked for a while now.

 As the conversation kept on, I noticed how quiet Mark was being. Actually he had been quieter than normal the whole night; only some laughs and a few inputs were added throughout the night. Though I did see him fill his silence with drink after drink and shot after shot. So I decided that so he wouldn’t have to drink by himself, we could all play a little drinking games. To say that NONE OF US were good at playing games would be accurate, but we all had fun regardless.   

When we make it back to the hotel, the manager hops out first to survey the area to see if any noticeable fans were hanging around. After it looked like the coast was clear, the manager gets back in the car and tells me to go ahead and head to JB’s room which was 720. I nod and the manager gives me JB’s second spare key for the room. I made my way up and thought to visit Key, but remembered her saying she was about to sleep. So I followed directions and got to JB’s room where I unlocked the door, threw my bag on the bed, and made myself at home. I sat on the bed closest to the door when I thought of a brilliant idea to scare JB when he walked in. I hid in the bathroom that was conveniently located by the door and waited to hear movement from the outside. 

It didn’t take long when I suddenly heard the lock pad being activated and the door knob turning. JB slightly stumbled in still pretty drunk and made his way to the bed my bag was located on.

“Where the hell is she?” JB mutters out loud

“Y/N!” he raises his voice a little more. I could see him getting nervous that my drunk self could’ve run off somewhere. So I decided to finally give in and snuck up behind him.

“Boo!” I hit him on his back. I could see him jump and freeze up slightly. He turns around and relaxes seeing it was only me. He lunges at me as I try to run away, but captures me and closes his arms around me from my back. I’m giggling at the silly moment and the scared face he made.

“You think you’re funny scaring me like that huh?” he whispers in my ear

“It was funny though. Found a moment and took it. Could you blame a girl?” I giggle back

“Well I can’t let that go unpunished now can I?” he continues, but this time his tone is so much more darker. I let out a slight gasp as he slowly wrapped one of his hands around the front of my neck. He didn’t squeeze, but just the thought of it had me already soaking wet. I turned around and smashed my lips into his and wrapped my arms around his neck while he pulled my waist towards his. He walked me backwards until the back of my knees hit the bed and he slightly pushed me down. He sits up and rids himself of his shirt and I do the same to myself. 

He leans back down to connect our lips and tries to fondle my boobs, but my bra became yet another obstacle to him. He reaches back and fumbles, but manages to unhook my bra which brings up my question,

“For being drunk, you’re quite skilled in unhooking a bra” I slightly mock

“Oh baby, I’m not as innocent as some fans make me seem. Don’t worry, you’ll find out in a little bit” he remarks slyly. The comment alone got me heated and excited. I don’t doubt that JB is hella experienced like some fans make him out to be, but just how experienced can he be. That was the goal I set to find out. 

After discarding my bra elsewhere, JB leans back down to connect our lips yet again, but makes sure to make his hands busy with my boobs. He massaged them then started rolling my nipples, pulling, and tugging them which elicited moans from me. I reached up and rubbed my hands on his chest slowly making my way down to the rim of his pants. The gaze we held was nothing short of exhilarating and hungry. His eyes alone were saying everything he wasn’t and like I knew my hands made their way down to the thick bulge already evident through his pants.

I saw his eye close at the slightest touch of my fingers on his bugle. He took his bottom lip between his teeth so I decided to take it one step further and shoved my hand down his pants to bring out his member. Now I knew this man radiated big dick energy, but let’s just say that he had the right to. I start to slowly pump his length and I see his breathing start to increase. Unknowingst to me, his arms were suddenly becoming too weak. So when he stopped me, I was a bit taken back but for only a moment.

“What’s wrong, feels too good” I say with a smirk. He leans down and gives me another peck. He grabs my shoulders and jerks to the side flipping us over so I end up on top. He pushes my head back and down

“Now do me a favor beautiful and suck me off” he says with a commanding tone

“Anything for you” I winked and proceeded to wrap my lips around his shaft. I start to bob my head up and down every now and then letting it hit the back of my throat. Whenever I did that though, he let out a slight moan. That only encouraged me to go faster, his hips bucking up as I kept up the pace.

“Ugh, your mouth feels so good” he seethes through his teeth. The compliment is what gave me encouragement to go faster and suck harder. His moans became louder and bucking more rapid and that’s when I knew he was getting close. 

“I’m so fucking close” he pants out. I could feel him twitching inside of my mouth. Only after a few bobs was he suddenly shooting what would’ve possibly been our future kids down my esophagus. Jutting the last few drops down my throat, I swallow leaving nothing behind

“Oh my god, I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have cum in your mouth” he says worryingly in a rush. Before he could keep going, I sat up on my knees and stuck out my tongue showing the nonexistence of what he expected would have been in my mouth.

“My god you’re sexy, like fuck” he says in amazement 

My hand goes up to his cheek and I lovingly caress it with my thumb and in almost a mocking way I reply,

“Oh sweetie, I know” and retrieved my hand back. I get up and head to the head of the bed. I slip under the sheets and look up at JB.

“Babe, what are you doing?” he questions

“Getting in bed and I love the nickname” I giggle slightly tiredly 

“But what about you? I got my pleasure?” he continues worriedly

“I’m fine, we’ve both had a long night of entertainment” I smirked. JB hops on the empty spot beside me on the bed and wraps his arms around my waist. 

“Well I hope you enjoyed the show then, but are you really sure you’re ok? It doesn’t seem fair at all” 

“Really I’m fine, what I am going to do is take a shwer because I honestly feel really gross” I laugh as I get up to head to the shower

“Well, do you mind if I join. I can wash your back for you” he says sitting up already heading to the bathroom.

“Haha whynot” I replied, walking into the bathroom and him following.

Once in the shower JB made statements how I must be a devil because the water was hotter than hell. He was only partially successful in restoring himself by saying that 

I was at least a sexy devil. The water poured over us as my back was to his chest and his arms were wrapped around me. It was comfortable and the feeling was indescribable. My head rested on his shoulder then I suddenly felt kisses on my neck. I would’ve melted right then and there and though I told him earlier that I was ok, that was a lie. I was so needy for him it almost made me dizzy, but I knew he needed some rest. I’m really glad he came into the shower with me. 

He continued his charades on my neck then down to my shoulder and I knew there would be proof of our escapades tomorrow. One of his hands slowly made their way down my body and found my clit almost instantly. He rubbed slowly which elicited a moan from me. With that he saw it as a sign to slide a finger in. His pumps were slow and steady but also picking up speed. More moans escaped from my mouth that I had no want to retain. 

JB added a second finger and began to pump faster and faster,

“Fuck JB” I  moaned out 

“Does that feel good baby?” he whispers in my ear. 

“Mmmhhmm fuck yes” I heave out. I felt my orgasm building up and I think he knew it too.

“Fuck I’m so close daddy” I moan out. I shouldn’t have said that. His fingers picked up the speed and his thumb found my clit, rubbing and pumping quickly. More moans slipped out along with a string of curses and daddy’s screams. I hit my climax hard and had my only support being JB’s other arm and the bathroom wall. 

My legs were shaking and I found it hard to barely hold myself up. It had been so long since I’d been fingered and on top of that fingered to the point I felt like I had been fucked decently. I turn around and we share a long heated kiss with my arms around his neck and his around my waist. We separate and catch our breaths while staring longingly into his eyes. 

“Fuck that was amazing” I laugh

“If you think that was amazing, wait until we get back in bed” he whispers lowly into my ear. This boy really knows how to make a woman wet.

“I’ll be looking forward to it…daddy” I whisper seducingly back.

“I don’t think you know how much I love you calling me that” he hums 

“Well…you can always show me” 

“Now that is something I can do” he winks, but continues on,

“But first let’s finish up, I did promise to wash your back for you” he laughs 

“I’ll wash yours if you’ll wash mine” I reply laughing

“Deal” he concludes. We finish up in the shower, get dressed, and head back to bed. The little shenanigans we got up to paired on top of the day’s events had us a lot more exhausted than we thought we were. Once we got under the sheets, falling asleep came fast and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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Pairing: Jinyoung X Yugyeom

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 1,000

Summary: Yugyeom panic calls his boyfriend in the middle of the night

Warning(s): pepigyeom being soft, jinyoung being on his phone while driving

[a/n]: This fic was written as an early birthday present for my one true love @birbdae​​. Happy birthday, love. It also deals with some of my own anxieties with the recent events with GOT7 and their contracts. Also Happy 7th anniversary, GOT7 and IGOT7



One word, that’s all it takes for Jinyoung to know that something is wrong. He sits up immediately, resting his back against the headboard of his bed, the blanket pooling around his waist as he clutches the phone tighter, as if that would help him figure out the issue.

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And so it came! The day I feared yet hoped for, the day that GOT7 finally gets to say: goodbye and fuck you to JYP.

I’m so happy for them. So proud. So grateful that I had those seven idiots who couldn’t even manage to form a heart on stage wonderful people who helped me so much, right when I needed them the most. They really worked like a coping mechanism for me, a support system for when I felt like the world stood on my neck with full force. Im sure im not the only one.

I know this isn’t a real goodbye, I believe in Jinyoung and what he said, but I also know that GOT7 as we knew them is over now. For the better maybe, but it obviously still hurts.

So I’d like to say:

Thank you Jaebeom, Thank you Jinyoung, Thank you Mark, Thank you Jackson, Thank you Yugyeom, Thank you Bambam and Thank you Youngjae.

Wherever they may go, whatever they decide is best for them, I hope we can all support them equally. They deserve it so much.

(Mark we are waiting for that first video and the song you teased us with and Yugyeom the absolute legend signing a contract with AOMG, a bigger fuck you to jyp isn’t possible imo)

So yeah. THANK YOU. I love you. Cheers to first group I ever loved and one of the realest kgroups ever, there will be nothing alike ever again.

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As I finally watch GDA performances, Youngjae will only be known as Angel Voice from now on.

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Thank you, GOT7. You’re beyond amazing.


We, Ahgases, will always be by your side, trusting every decision you make, and supporting every step you take.


Thank you for the wonderful years you’ve given us.


Thank you, GOT7.

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hi guys, my mental health did a lil tankaroo so i’ve been absent. i’m gonna be in bed like all day, and hopefully i’ll finds the motivation to write something. love you! see you soon!

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