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scenes that changed the game forever
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oz in the rain (ft. umbrella + ed) request for @spectregreen
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labcoatlad · 2 days ago
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. all the tags ..that’s right We’re serious
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annah-kitathryne · a day ago
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Part 2 of my Batfam Social Media AU.
Most parts will be losly connected for now. However there are references to previous parts that would help to know.
First / Previous / Next
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estuporious · a day ago
Edward: so.. ¿do you come here a lot?
You: this is work-
Edward: ¿can i have your number?
You: yeah, i guess. *starts dictating their phone number*
Edward: *writes it in a calculator*
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masteroffoolhardyplans · 18 hours ago
Jason Todd runs Gotham's most active Red Hood Thirst™ account because 1. No one appreciates him enough and 2. Nothing secures your identity as Definitely Not The Guy like publicly tweeting that Red Hood could "crush my skull with his thighs and I wouldn't even care, I'd thank him probably it'd be a privilege to be between them in any capacity" but also 3. He knows NO ONE in the family has the guts to challenge him on this or try it themselves
Tim hates it more than anyone especially because the last thing he wants is to attempt to trawl the depths of Red Robin Internet Thirst ("how the fuck do you read that shit, Todd") and has retaliated by hacking the account to make a "RED HOOD IS OUT, GREEN LANTERN 4 SEXIEST HERO ACTUALLY" post on Jason's account. It stays up for all of 20 minutes, which is the time it takes for Jason to find Tim, and for Dick to stop Jason from strangling him for "ruining my hard fucking work by dragging fucking HAL JORDAN into this you son of a-"
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sketchinclined · a day ago
⚔ my savior ⚔
Tumblr media
Summary: When a waitress from the Iceberg Lounge is attacked, but the one and only Batman comes to save her, and she finds out that he’s the love of her life.
Word Count: 1,474
Warnings: Cursing, harassment, and violence.
The air was frigid, and the sky was jet black. The music from the Iceberg Lounge rang in my ears, even after I left the building. Click, click, click. My heels pounded against the cobblestone road. I reached for my purse and flipped it open. I pulled out my phone and was met with the brightness of my lock screen.
2:04 AM
“Shit,” I muttered. Fear began to run through my veins as I recounted all of the stories I had heard about creeps at this hour. I kept my head down and tried to keep walking. I only got so far before I deep, gruff voice brought me to a halt.
“What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ out here so late?” His words were slurred, and he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. The floodgates opened in my brain, and panic began to wash over me. Was tonight the night that would scar me forever? Would I become another statistic for murder in Gotham? I pretended I did not hear him and tried to keep walking, but he yanked out his hand and grabbed my arm. I yelped, terrified. His hand was rough and dry and sent chills down my spine.
“I know you can hear me, sweetheart.” I slowly brought my gaze up to him, and I was horrified. Dried blood pooled from the top of his head, as a black eye rest on his left side, and he had a busted lip that was slightly bleeding. Not to mention he was hideous. His hair was extremely disheveled, and he was wearing what looked like torn rags. His eyes threw me into a feeling of terror, and I knew that this was not going to end well.
“I... I’m sorry... who are you?” My voice came out quiet, small. He gave me an awful grin, revealing his yellow, crooked teeth, before slowly leaning closer to me. Instinctively, I took a step back, but I was too late.
The strange man grabbed my free arm and started to push me towards a wall. I tried to fight, I truly did, but it was not enough. He was bigger than me and far stronger. Horror, anxiety, dread, all of it was running rampant. My heartbeat was significantly faster, and sweat began to bead on my forehead. I wanted to scream, yell, plead, beg, anything, but my voice was stuck in my throat.
I was pressed against cold, damp bricks. I froze and looked up at him with wide eyes as he pinned my arms up. Finally, I gathered a bit of strength to yell. “HEL-” yet a sharp sting in my cheek silenced me immediately. He began to try to unfasten the buttons of my shirt, but thankfully, he was a sort of idiot, so he was struggling.
“Stop...” I managed to croak out, before hopelessly looking up at the sky. But then it hit me.
The bat signal was shining in the sky, bright as all hell.
A glimmer of hope began to shimmer inside of me before I was brought back to the harsh reality of what was happening to me. The man has successfully been able to undo one button and was hungrily continuing down the line. Disgust filled me as I felt his hot breath against my skin. I lazily kicked my leg out, hoping that something would help me, but it didn’t. I was doomed.
The man fell to the road, a scream escaping his body. “What?” I mumbled to myself, looking at the man now laying on the ground. I looked left and right, but all I saw was darkness until I looked back. 
Batman stood in front of me. I saw his mouth moving, but I couldn’t hear anything. All I could do was feel immensely relieved. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. “Are you okay?” I was met with a low voice, and he said it almost as a statement instead of a question. “No, not really, I’m kind of a mess here...” my voice trailed off as I looked down at my slightly unbuttoned blouse. I looked back up at him, and heat began to rise in my cheeks. “I... sorry.” The masked figure said before turning away to let me fix myself up. Other than a couple of buttons, I didn’t figure that there was much damage.
I cleared my throat, and he slowly turned back around. “...Batman?” I quietly inquired. He only replied with a small nod, before directing his attention at the man on the ground, who was now beginning to stand back up. “You bastard...” he muttered, rubbing his head. “I’ll kill you!” 
A gasp escaped my mouth as the man lunged at Batman. Unfortunately for him, that was a horrible mistake. Batman swiftly moved out of the way and then picked the man up. And in one sharp motion, he threw him against a wall with such force that the ground shook. The man, now laying on the ground, coughed up blood and groaned. Batman crouched down to him before delivering one final blow to the head.
He stood up, looked at me, and then walked my way. Naturally, I began to babble. “Thank you so much, you have no idea. I can’t imagine the things he was planning on doing to me... can I repay you? I want to, I mean you practically saved my lif-”
“There is no need.” He said gruffly, cutting me off. I analyzed his face, and he looked almost, familiar. “I should probably call my boyfriend Bruce...” I whispered, beginning to open my purse. At this, his eyes widened. “What?” He asked, his voice now seeming much more quiet and nervous. Confused, I looked up at him.
“I... said I would call my boyfriend Bruce.” He slightly reached out his hand, but immediately pulled it back. “Is there something wrong?” I asked. “No. I must go.” He quickly blurted, before quickly walking away.
I sighed and rubbed my forehead, confused. Had I done something to upset him? I quickly slipped my phone out of my pocket and dialed Bruce. I know he would be upset that I was out this late, but I’m sure he’d be- wait... what’s that?
To my far right, I heard a... ringtone? One very similar to the one Bruce uses for me, I’ll say that. Confused, I slowly (and cautiously) walked toward the sound to see... “Excuse me? Batman?”
I exclaimed, holding my phone out in front of me. I got a glance at his phone, as it read, “Y/n” before he snapped it away from me. Click. It all makes sense. “Bruce?” I mumbled, almost to myself. He sighed, and reluctantly gazed over at me. He slowly extended his arm to show me his phone and pressed “accept”. Immediately, both of our phones connected to a phone call. A small gasp escaped my lips before I quickly hung up.
“You know, I always had a feeling,” I muttered, looking up at him whilst beaming. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, but he quickly suppressed it. My smile shifted into a small frown. What had gotten into him? I placed my hand on his cheek and cupped it softly.
“If you are justice, don’t hide, my love.” I swiftly reached for his mask and snatched it off. He was shocked, surely, but he looked relieved more than anything. “I didn’t know how to tell you...” his voice trailed off, and his threatening demeanor morphed back into his quiet one. “Are you okay?” He asked gruffly, cupping my cheek in his hand. I felt heat rise to my face. No matter how long we’ve been together, he always makes me swoon.
“I’m fine, love. You saved me.” The smallest of smiles formed on his face as he drew circles on my right cheek. “We better get home, though,” I added, slowly pulling my hand away from his face, and his hand from mine. He nodded in response, before taking my arm and leading me to his Batmobile.
As soon as I sat down, I was simply staring at the vehicle in absolute wonder. All of the minute details somebody could think of adding to a superhero’s car were just... there. It was beautiful. “Y/n...” he whispered. “Yes, love?” I crooned. “I think I should show you where I live,” Bruce mumbled. “I figured you didn’t live in an apartment, Bruce. There was always something off. The leaving at midnight, the having almost nothing in the damn place? I’m not that stupid, love.”
He smirked at me. “I know.” He started the ignition, almost scaring me out of my seat. I couldn’t hear well, as it was loud, but I swear he said, 
“That’s why I love you.”
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mordredllewelynjones · a day ago
I was thinking about Hallucination Oswald and how Ed has already seen him (presumably multiple times) before we do, judging by the dialogue. This means there are conversations between the two that we don't know about.
Anyway; I wonder if once the boys reconcile Oswald says something that the hallucination did and Ed casually comments on it without thinking, thus accidentally revealing the past existence of hallucination Oswald.
Ed: *Rolls eyes.* Yes, I know. You have told me that before.
Oswald: No, I haven't. I have never said that before in my life. What gave you that idea?
Ed: *Nervous sweating because he just realised he was thinking of hallucination Oswald.*
Oswald: ED?! What did you mean by that?
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You're telling me Isabella figured out Oswald was in love with Ed in like 2 mins
But this info wouldn't have gone out without that maid telling it to Barbara?
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nefarious-nightjar · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
finished season 3 of gotham ten minuets ago and my brain decided to go feral and draw these two idiots in my notes app
heavily inspired by this post, 
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imposterogers · 21 hours ago
I honestly can’t be normal about the bruce / alfred dynamic in gotham (2014) bc it explored so many nuances of their relationship it’s honestly incredible. how alfred wasn’t ready to be a father but was forced into the role. him navigating how to balance being “hired help” and bruce’s parental figure. bruce calling alfred family and always thinking of him first in any emergency/running to the safety of alfred’s arms whenever he’s scared or upset. bruce learning how to fight from alfred, how to make bombs from alfred, how to be the most dangerous room from alfred, but also how to seem unassuming and convince everyone you aren’t a threat. bruce firing alfred but realizing he can’t/won’t be ok without him. alfred constantly risking his life for bruce bc he’s the most important person to him, always. despite the rough patches it’s always completely obvious that they love each other so much and idk to me it’s the best live action bruce / alfred dynamic we’ve seen
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shyjusticewarrior · a day ago
Underrated Moment
I'm obsessed with this part of S2: E9 "A Bitter Pill to Shallow." Ed's goofing around and he looks up at Oswald and sees that he's staring at him and smiling, and this brings Ed to a stop for a moment. We've all been so focused on them killing a man together, as we should, but this moment is everything to me.
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dianagrayson · 2 days ago
Diana is the best part of this wfa episode.
Also...as much as I love it, I have to strain an incredible amount of credulity to to believe that Bruce doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Like, yes, Alfred always does it but still... He’s the Batman. He knows everything lol. I’d like to think if he went down to the Batcave and put on the suit he’d be like “grrr this is how to do it. But this is the way villains of Gotham tie ties. And villains are stupid. Let’s start over.”
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angelofthenight · 2 days ago
Jervis: Hey guys... I just got beat up for trying to steal Mr. Crane’s lover (y/n)
Jerome, sounding concerned: Oh my god you got a black eye
Jerome, bursts out laughing: That’s hilarious!
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annah-kitathryne · 2 days ago
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This is part one of an ongoing series.
/ Next
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · 19 hours ago
Gothamite calling outsiders "Daywalker" because the sun is uncivilized and so does people walk under it
And no, they will not hear any arguments to the contrary
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dorianmustdie · 20 hours ago
ok so this is probably going to be rlly ramble-ly and incomprehensible and its definitely embarrassing how long it took me to work this out but here we go.
in how the riddler got his name, ed interupts hamlet, specifically the ghost scene. when i first saw it i was confused as to why they didnt go for the scene in macbeth with banquos ghost, assuming they were trying to compare ed to the title character for the whole ghost - seeing thing.
However, after an embarrassing amount of thinking, i remembered a very important part of hamlet.
ophelia drowns after hamlet tells her he dosent love her (and, if i remember correctly, hes lying)
ed thinks oswald drowned after telling him he didnt love him.
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labcoatlad · a day ago
i really enjoy shows that have sooo much complicated content twists and turns going on that even being the fact and information consumer autistic that i am, i cannot for the life of me tell you anything that happened in gotham fox 2014.
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