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#gotham boy

hey!! i am a new acc and i want follow people so if you post/reblog

- marvel

- dc

- star wars (especially movies)

- star trek (tos, aos)

- chris pine

- shameless

- the boys

- gotham

- tv shows in general

- movies in general

- brie larson

- zendaya

that’s all i can think at the moment

like/reblog so i can check out your blog! <3

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hi i haven’t been terribly active here’s a quick and dirty list of metas i want to eventually write:

  • darlene’s bpd+bipolar and with god as my witness this woman Does go to therapy and gets a diagnosis
    • including notes on her compliance with therapy and possible medication ( spoiler alert: she is not the most compliant patient lmao )
  • the ✨religious trauma✨ and the religious abuse inflicted by magda
  • all the conwork she was probably up to between high school and getting into cahoots with elliot again
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tag dump / bruce

#this is the first thing i should have done here cursed, #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽general. 聽/ 聽obsidian., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽study. 聽/ 聽even good men have their secrets., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽aesthetic. 聽/ 聽you can鈥檛 have both happiness and the truth., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽mirror. 聽/ 聽it鈥檚 not who i am underneath; but what i do that defines me., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽development. 聽/ 聽i don鈥檛 want revenge. i want to understand., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽headcanons. 聽/ 聽the best liars always tell the truth., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽longings. 聽/ 聽bend my arm; i won鈥檛 be far at all., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽arc: the boy. 聽/ 聽the wayne name still has meaning., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽arc: the brat. 聽/ 聽a callous youth; what a way to lose all of you., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽arc: the wanderer. 聽/ 聽but oh; the whole world is still on my string., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽arc: the bat. 聽/ 聽what chance does gotham have if the good people do nothing?, #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽verse: hogwarts. 聽/ 聽don鈥檛 need no roads; in fact they follow me., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽verse: aglionby academy. 聽/ 聽fake as you can; tell 鈥榚m all why you started this panic., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽re: zach ( vorhersage ) 聽/ 聽i could be alright if you could rewrite my life., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽re: delphi ( sinisteraugurey ) 聽/ 聽find me a way; i鈥檒l be yours in a landslide., #鈽 聽BRUCE WAYNE. 聽/ 聽re: selina kyle ( girlstray ) 聽/ 聽you鈥檙e not my homeland anymore; so what am i defending now?
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