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From Fanon to Canon. ☺️

Disclaimer: While Bat In The Sun’s modified Green Ranger design is confirmed to be adapted into Boom! Studios’ official comic canon, there’s no confirmation to whether or not Gotham Knights’ Nightwing is modeled after Aaron Schoenke’s likeness when he portrayed the character in the SPBD episode, “Nightwing Vs. Winter Solider.”

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I am sooo excited at the chance to play as some of the batfamily is the new game “Gotham Knights”. The charcters look amazing and the game play is something completely new. I can’t wait for it to come out.

Run down of the game, Bruce wayne is said to be dead after blowing up the BatCave and left a message to his children basically saying protect Gotham. Not much is known about Bruces situation other than confirming he is not a playable character. The Court of Owls will feature in this game and some other common Batman Villians.

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Tim: I have a stick. What do you guys have?

Jason, brandishing two guns: Pfft. Like you don’t already know. 

Dick, holding up his escrimas: I’ve got two sticks. Babs?

Babs, taking out her tonfa: I’ve got two sticks with two even smaller sticks on top.

Jason, looking incredibly unimpressed: Uh-huh. Yeah. So what I’m hearing is that I’m the only one who’s going to survive this thing. How’s that for irony?

Dick, rolling his eyes: There he goes again pretending like he’s the only one who’s died even though Bruce is literally dead right now. 

Tim, shrugging: I still don’t think he’s dead dead. 

Jason, shoving past all of them: No one asked you, stick boy number one. 

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