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#gotham memes
imjusthereforbatfam · 6 months ago
The only reason Poison Ivy isn't on that list is cuz she's Harley's right hand, supporting her wife 1000%
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catboybatman · 6 months ago
Gothamite: I had to drop out of school in the 4th grade to run a drugcartel to support my nan
Metropolitian: that means you never experienced the highs and lows of highschool football
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idunnodudeijustwokeup · 9 months ago
Honestly the amount of bullshit Gordon must have put up with from the batfam is incredible.
- Batman’s dissaperings acts
- so many kids angst
- furries
- clowns obsessed with bombs and said furries
- the costumes TM
- Huge light (the bat signal)that needs very specific lightbulbs that is only sold in 1 out of 7 Costco’s but they keep changing which ones
- so many pranks
- having to look the judge in the eyes and tell them that a guy dressed as a scarecrow was taken down by a weapon called a ‘batarang’
- having a literal child telling you that they took down the Russians and that they should clean up the goons
- having a literal child tell you in great detail why the blood splatter clearly indicates that they were killed by a trident, not a pitchfork and then being called an idiot for not figuring it out
- adult man dresses up as a bat and makes his voice deeper only to go around and say shit like ‘I am the night’ and ‘for justice’
- knowing that there are literally gods and people with powers corespondent to gods out there but nun of them will help you bc a middle age man dressed up like a bat told them to stay out of his city.
- yet another LITERAL CHILD breaking into his office and goes through his files and marks out spelling mistakes
- what ever the fuck red hood did this week
- having to hear all these idiots talk about something called ‘the batcow’ but non of them sound sarcastic when they say it
And we are not even touching the things the Wayne’s put him through....
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