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Jonathan Crane:

It’s been mentioned before, but Jonathan has the uncanny ability to eat his weight in food and never gain anything. Needless to say, there are hardly ever leftovers in your household, considering that man would lick his plate clean if he could. Simply put, he loves your cooking.

Edward Nygma:

Jokes on you, Edward also loves to cook! The two of you make each other dinner all the time, and Eddie’s meals are always the flashiest, fanciest dishes you can think of. Though when it comes down to choosing between his own cooking and yours, he’d always choose yours.

Jervis Tetch:

Jervis is a surprisingly good cook, but there’s just something about coming home to see what you’ve cooked for the day that makes his whole body just brim with warmth and happiness. Honestly, you could probably fry a shoe and he’d eat it. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s true.

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The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot):

Well, that’s no problem at all! He’d be more than happy to share some of his personal favorite outfits with you, if you needed any inspiration. He really likes suits, with fancy fabrics and adornments that show off his wealth and status. Oh! And he prefers dark colors, but black-and-white are always a classic combo, as far as he’s concerned.

The Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch):

Then allow him to assist you! He might primarily make and collect hats, but Jervis still has a sizeable knowledge and collection of fashion-based resources at his (and now your) disposal. Aside from using his own wardrobe for ideas, he’d be more than happy to help you come up with some possible designs. Two heads are better than one, as they say!

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■ - bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

His personal living quarters are limited to a washroom, a bedroom and his workspace/basement which are all furnished in a small, abandoned warehouse which it far enough off the main grid that any escaped test subjects can be pacified before discovery. The washroom is basic and houses little more than soap and shaving cream most of the time alongside other basic necessities.

The bedroom is also somewhat basic and acts as a place for him to collapse into after working himself ragged. The bed is comfortable enough and he owns a particularly thick duvet to compensate for his lack of natural warmth and heating. On the nightstand are his glasses and a few books or psychology journals, whichever he is reading at the time. The workspace would require its own ask to describe lmao.

∇ - old age/aging headcanon

I don’t image Crane views himself as being likely to reach a ripe old age. Ideally, I think he would like it as it would mean he could continue his research for longer but I think he’s at peace with the fact that he’s probably going to die in either a chemical related accident or through his ties with the Gotham criminal underbelly.

He’s not a vain individual so he would grow old gracefully and accept whatever time has to throw at him. In his old age, should he get there, he would focus on ensuring that his lives work was properly catalogued and written up so it can outlive him.

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Did you mean: Batman

Jonathan Crane:

  • The worst part of hearing those words coming out of The Batman’s mouth is that he knows that they’re true. It’s not safe for you to be with him.
  • And part of him is scared that, after hearing it said out loud, you’ll finally make the smart decision and leave him. 
  • Of course, it would hurt him, if you did leave. But at the same time, he knows that it’d be for the best for the both of you, if you did.

Edward Nygma:

  • Oh, please. Eddie can’t even count how many people The Batman has gotten hurt. He, on the other hand, hasn’t hurt anyone–not anyone important, anyway.
  • Besides, you know that he’d never hurt you. He might be an egotistical megalomaniac, but he still has a heart, you know.
  • Truthfully, after that, he’s a little more anxious about your relationship. He’s worried that, deep down, you might actually be considering it.

Jervis Tetch:

  • That’s not true! He’d never hurt you. He loves you, more than anything! And he’d kill anyone who would ever try to hurt you!
  • He says that, but…he hurt Alice, after claiming to love her, didn’t he? Is your situation really so different?
  • He gets really depressed, after that. Even if you do want to stay with him, he’s sure that you really would be better off without him.
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Eliza does not hate easily, it’s just not in her nature. I think I made a post of people she doesn’t like but that’s not the same. Let me think now…

Eliza hates Joker for trying to kill her, Victor Zsasz for the same reason, Professor Pyg for what he does to people. She would call all three of them her enemy.

Now she surprisingly doesn’t hate Poison Ivy, even though she’s tried to kill her multiple times. However, she would call Ivy an enemy even though she doesn’t wish any harm on her.

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