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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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The year is 2042; the Pandemic is still in full swing. The weekly Amazon Supply Drone drops off your ration of food and toiletries. There is no reason to go outside. You are not permitted to go outside.

The national death count continues to rise. None of your family or your friends or your friends’ friends or their family have succumbed. You wonder who the deaths are. Your country does not have this many people to lose.

The President and his administrative team still hold daily press conferences. You join your neighborhood’s mandatory Zoom call to watch the broadcast. The President died 10 years ago. The press conferences continue.

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In May of 1816 Mary Shelley and her friends went away to Lake Geneva, Switzerland, for a holiday. The weather was so dreadful during that time however- most of Europe was experiencing a “Year Without Summer”- that the friends chose to remain indoors and have a little writing challenge among themselves.

It was during this time that Shelley created her classic gothic-horror many consider as the beginnings of modern sci-fi: “Frankenstein”

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hey everyone! quarantine can absolutely suck my dick and since we’re out here staying home and not dressing up or loitering around graveyards, its super easy to feel alienated from the community. but theres a heap you can do to still feel like a part of the community from home!

  • check out a bunch of those obscure goth bands on your To Listen list that you never got the chance to do!
  • DIY the fuck out of some clothes. paint a jacket, embroider a skirt, make yourself some cool ass shit to wear when youre finally out of quarantine
  • read that fucking edgar allen poe book youve kept on your bookshelf for the aesthetic and only skimmed through. youre not fooling anyone. we know you havent fucking read it
  • read the rest of those gothic novels youve kept on your bookshelf for the aesthetic
  • do all the goth DIYs youve saved to your pinterest board never to be seen again
  • watch a bunch of spooky movies
  • scroll through goth meme pages till your little fingers bleed
  • research obscure but spooky topics to casually bring up in conversation so you seem scary and weird and like an estranged member of the addams family (we all know you do this. and we all know u aint fooling anyone. its still fun though!)
  • learn how to taxidermy if thats something youve been waiting to do
  • the youtube channel Ask a Mortician is so fucking morbid, a mortician answers death questions and talks about bodies, i previously didnt know all the stages of decomposition but now i do, and you can too!

have fun you spooky fuckers, wash your grubby little motherfucking hands

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i’m back, after a long hiatus from goth in which i regretably and accidentally became an eboy and then went through this weird dark academia/slutty poet phase, i am here to announce that i am hauling ass back to the smouldering dumpster fire that is the goth community in the year of our lord 2020

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