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my sister is pretty adamant to get her own pokémon partner, she's, however, a bit of a dreamer, easily distracted and gets lost in thought quite often; I want to get her the perfect pokémon companion, what pokémon do you recommend for her?

I would recommend Gothita. They are pretty self-sufficient and do not need tons of laborious care but the whole evolutionary line possesses traits that make them compatible with your sister. Namely, they are known to stargaze and interact with forces that humans can’t always see, but they are known to be very protective of their trainers.


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A bun boi I completely forgot to do a feral version as well…atleast his normal version already had one, I prefer Alois’s alter version more over the original,seeing as when time pass on,he himself becomes somewhat more of a dread character compared to his former chatty and more cheerful self.
His scarf pretty much goes from passive to aggresive whenever he’s feeling on edge, using it as a way to defend himself to anything threatening

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Requested by anon

I cannot stress how immoral it is to hunt Gothita. For one, they have little to no meat, and the only resource they have is their psychically charged ribbons, which are valued by psychic type hunters and people who believe they increase the wearer’s intelligence. Which they don’t. If you absolutely need some of those ribbons, perhaps for a set of psychic-resisting armor, don’t hunt the young ones. Hunt Gothitelle, the adults of the species.

It’s evolution, however, makes a strong partner, and is a valuable asset when hunting pokemon.

overall, 1/10 difficulty ITS A CHILD, and 0/10 taste because guilt tastes awful 10/10 for resources, however.

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