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#gotta reblog again
lucy--chen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ free choice
first and last scene (for now)
#the rookie#lucy chen#tim bradford#chenford#chenfordweek21#chenfordedit#mine: gifs#mine: the rookie#HAPPY ROOKIE DAY!!! (hopefully lol)#jackson west better be okay!!!#just something simple today :)#I HAD A BLAST THIS WEEK even though my sleep schedule and schoolwork hella suffered lmao#THANK YOU ALL FOR SHOWING ME AND MY STUFF SO MUCH LOVE THIS WEEK! IT’S MEANT THE WORLD TO ME🥺💕🥰#IM SO GLAD I DID THIS AND I LOVED EVERYONE'S WORKS SO! MUCH!!#ALL THE TALENT you guys have gave me lots and lots of heart attacks lmao#and i even made friends! shoutout to lena and sara for talking to me and making me feel welcome here. love you guys!😊💕#i have something queued to post tomorrow but after that i think i’m done posting my own stuff for a while because i gotta focus on school😬#but will for sure keep reblogging when i have time :)#and again thank you all so much! i couldn't have asked for a better fandom to be in <3#ahh i’m feeling a little bittersweet that this week is over#but maybe temptation will overcome me and i’ll keep making gifs instead of doing schoolwork lmao#the gifs are supposed to be in sync...#i made sure lucy and tim had the same number of frames in each one but it seems that the longer it plays the more out of sync it gets :/#i tried combining the scenes onto one canvas but the colors and overall quality got really bad#i will post the other version though if anyone is interested#and sorry for horrendously long tags again💀#did not know there was a tag limit before this post😂😬#the rookie 1x01#the rookie 3x14
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whump-it-like-its-hot · 5 months ago
A whumpee who overworks themselves to absolute exhaustion, telling themselves they deserve it.
They want nothing more than to rest, close their eyes and sleep for a day and a half through - But there’s people that have gone for longer than they did, and they don’t even need it that much anyways. They just need to learn to suck it up.
Suck up the way their head pounds and buzzes with every move, suck up the way their muscles ache after days and days of labor.
There’s nothing stopping them from taking a day off, giving in - Nothing except the guilt hanging over them and suffocating them like a weight after their eyes close involuntarily when they sit down for a minute too long. They haven’t earned it yet.
But will they ever?
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quillandink-tmblr · 21 days ago
QuillAndInk’s Amazon Wishlist
I don’t mention this super often in my tumblr but hellooo I’m homeless (living in a longterm youth shelter) and don’t have a bank account nor will I be able to get one for at least another month or two, can’t work most jobs due to a shitty wheelchair in a very unsafe (wet, uneven, etc) environment plus fatigue and no car or license, and just generally can’t earn money or buy things for myself.
That said, I have a lot of things I need despite having no way to by them for myself, so I’ve set up an Amazon wishlist with anything I can think of, be it wheelchair accessories (maybe even better tires or a better wheelchair if i can find them/get fitted) or stim toys (yee I’m Autistic and ADHD too) or other disability aids or fun things to make me happier! There’s a lot of diversity between items, both in terms of use and in cost. Some things cost up to... $40? Maybe? Tops? While the cheapest is $3 iirc, and most are around $10-20 iirc.
I’m going to reblog this post with the link in order to avoid this one getting hidden from people, it would mean so much if y’all could share or contribute to this. Pls consider this wishlist my equivalent of a k*o-fi or c*ashapp or something until I can get those, I’ll say the exact same thing a lot of content creators on here say and basically just say that if you enjoy my ao3 works you can support me directly through buying something small (or large, or any size) off my wishlist!
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katierosefun · 9 months ago
Perhaps "careful care" with anyone you want? :)))
of course!! thank you for the prompt, emma!! // from these prompts 
careful care: it’s hard for obi-wan to accept help. anakin knows which care methods are “acceptable”.
Anakin knew that it would be bad—he just hadn’t thought this bad, especially with Obi-Wan flinching at too-bright lights, anything that sounded even remotely like a hiss.
Just a few days—that was what a few days did.
Anakin listened to Obi-Wan cough and heave from the refresher. Whatever the Zygerrians had given their prisoners—slaves—couldn’t have been good, and now, after a few days, it seemed that Obi-Wan and everyone else was puking it back up.
Anakin walked to the refresher door. Knocked on it once, just to let Obi-Wan know he was coming in.
The heaving didn’t stop, and when Anakin opened the door, he found—not to his surprise—that the light had been dimmed at least by half. It didn’t matter—that was fine.
Obi-Wan looked up unsteadily. “Anakin,” he started.
“Yeah.” Anakin said. “Me.”
He turned to the sink. Pulled up a towel, ran it through with water.
He turned back around to Obi-Wan, who wasn’t making eye contact with him.
Anakin swallowed back a sigh. He sat down across from Obi-Wan and extended the towel to him. “Let me know if you want it warmer or colder,” Anakin said as Obi-Wan took it. “I know you can do it yourself, but—just in case—”
Obi-Wan’s eyebrows drew together briefly, and then he nodded.
Anakin focused on tiled floor as Obi-Wan wiped at his mouth. He noticed the slightest twitch in Obi-Wan’s leg. He wondered how long Obi-Wan had been in here—probably for longer than either of them would have liked.
Anakin walked out of the refresher. He walked into the living room, snagged two cushions off the couch. He returned, held them out for Obi-Wan. “Which one?”
When Obi-Wan stared at him blankly, Anakin nodded to the floor. “It’s hard,” he said. “And cold. So which one?”
“You don’t…” Obi-Wan’s voice was rough.
Anakin kept the pillows extended.
Obi-Wan sighed, then pointed to the one in Anakin’s right.
Anakin passed the pillow over.
Obi-Wan took it.
Neither of them moved for a while, but that was okay.
“Thank you.”
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bajisbabe · 16 days ago
Uhm.. thanks. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I just wanted to drop in and thank you all for tolerating me. I know it’s hard because I’m obnoxious and loud, and suprisingly inactive. But honestly, you guys are really one of the best things that have happened to me in a minute so I can do nothing more than thank you. :D
Tumblr media
If you’ve got any ideas for an event, lemme know because my head is ✨empty✨
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casenergies · 5 months ago
#okay i totally understand that the tinhatty post that went around was generally not taken by those in my circles to be like#ooohh misha is gonna send us secret messages#and more along the lines of 'misha perceives people here and loves to troll'#although i personally am doubtful it was on purpose#i understand people just want to have fun#and at the heart of it op was genuinely just trying to be well-meaning#it was one of those instances where i felt i needed to step back and reassess how i talk about jenmish here#i adore all of my cockles mutuals and i understand those who reblogged it did it all in good fun and more as an 'wtf misha'#i just think no matter how removed the direct contact is - any semblance of asking actors directly about cockles is just. not. it.#so yes i do count texting about cockles to that number as similar to tagging the actors on twitter#if you don't then - we just disagree there i guess.#and it's a slippery slope from there#anyway my take is if you reblogged that this is not an attack on you#but for me it veered far too close to conspiratorial and breaking of the One Sacred Rule of rps#and. i gotta be honest. it didn't vibe with me at all and i felt a bit estranged from this community for a moment#one of the reasons i feel comfortable here in the first place is that people here don't veer into conspiracies#keep each other accountable with strict boundaries#and most of all keep a cool head and stay rational about how much we supposedly 'know' in relation to these people#once again: this is not an attack on people who reblogged that because it WAS meant to be well-meaning and i KNOW it was just#taken as classic misha trolling#but all those things considered it was still a shock to my system#and made me want to step back from all of this from a bit
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