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My grandparents’ home in the country was fixed between two cornfields.
When my gpa got sick + they decided to sell their property so that they could move into an apartment in town, they ended up selling the property back to the family they had purchased it from decades + decades + decades ago.
With no need for another home, the family turned that piece of property in the middle into farmland as well.
If you didn’t know where to look (or, maybe, even if you did), you wouldn’t even know a home had stood there for generations.
Still, even as it is, it was nice to visit it today.

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Is this how grading actually works in the UK?? How can you pass at 50%????
Cause I’m having a hard time believing it. I found another one that went even lower on the D, but I figured that had to be wrong.

  • A: best possible grade, excellent (around 75% and above)
  • B: above average grade, very good (around 65% and above)
  • C: below average grade, improvement needed (around 55% and above)
  • D: almost pass (around 45–50%)
  • No Award: Less than 45%
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Started crying because several of my friends received Honors Day cords via mail (a sweet gesture by my school tbh!!) and they all posted it on social media… And I feel sad because I’m never going to get that lol. I h*te the emphasis on merit and grades as like, a measure of my worth. It is so ingrained in me and I feel worthless when I don’t get an honor like that. 

I also don’t want to feel jealous of the people I care about. For the most part, I am proud of them!!! But it makes me sad too. It just sucks that I am my own worst critic – the things I tell myself make me ache for days. 

And the sucky thing is that I will continue doing this because I want to go to graduate school. I need a high GPA to get into a grad school that’s a good fit and match and whatnot. I don’t know…

My grades don’t determine my worth. I will succeed in life. (All I want is to make my family proud of me).

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so this morning I went to Krogers (grocery store in the us) to pick up a new med. Not really happy about it and I thought I was going to pay 51usd for it but it turns out that I didnt have to. the insurance paid it for me. Good for me cause its alot of money, 51 may seem chump change but its a lot considering that I save money. So yea, afterwards I went over to the medical centre to see a nurse but also get my blood drawn again. The nurse had to show me how to use the new med. Yep, I now take insulin, but its not like the old way. The ones that I got is pens, so its already mixed and ready to be used. I now officially on insulin…Tomorrow morning is when I will start taking it as by the time I got back to the house, it was near lunch time. Doctor says to take it in the morning, and every morning after that. So that’s how my morning went.

it’s late afternoon now and I have taken a nap then came downstairs to the living room. started a movie then took the dog, Carma out for a short walk. its cloudy and at 61F so it was a nice time to walk to dog. Keh both of us is out of shape so I guess we be doing lots of walks soon. Anyhow i should get back to my main assignment for class. Currently trying to make a darft of my assignment to get a feedback about it. Apperently my GPA for the class wasnt 94 but a 97.82… nearly an A+ so I’m doing very well in class.

Better get back to work now.

- Alex
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I have a 2.3 GPA right now and I’m so sad that by the time I graduate in ‘22, I might only be able to graduate with a 3.33 GPA.. Who tf would hire someone with that type of GPA? Ig it’s time I take multiple minors as a backup career.. bc I don’t think medicine would accept me with that type of GPA in all honesty.. 

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Thanks to the covid-19 grading policy and professors just being nicer with rounding and bonus points, I finished the semester with a 3.734 GPA for a cummulative GPA of 3.576.

I was supposed to have so many more Bs and like at least 1 C. But that C wouldn’t have existed if we actually took the exams in class and weren’t made way harder for the electronic versions.

So. I’ll take it. (I wasn’t procrastinating, a friend asked what the new different columns meant on the grades list. Now I’m procrastinating.)

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Disclaimer: This advise is based from my experience in a Biological graduate program in the US.

Okay so there’s a lot of things that go into answering this question: 1) what field you’re studying, 2) what school/program (and country) you’re applying to, and 3) if you have any previous experience (research/internship).

The GPA requirement depends on the university and department you apply but usually >3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is recommended. More prestigious schools require higher GPAs so keep that in mind. If you are applying to a science field, graduate admissions committees will look at your science GPA over core classes. One thing I would advice that would work in your favor is having an upward trend in your GPA, as this will show that you are capable of handling your class work (especially higher level classes). It’s best to take a look at individual universities and programs about their requirements. Also, don’t be shy to ask what their average matriculant GPA was for the year as this will you give you a good idea of your chances of getting into the school.

Believe it or not, graduate schools do look at their applicants in a holistic manner, so you are more than your GPA. You should complement it with other things such as research experience/internship, strong letters of recommendation, a competitive GRE score, and a strong personal statement, as these will increase your chances of acceptance. These can tip in your favor and increase your likelihood of getting accepted. For example, a lot of biological graduate programs look for research experience in their applicants.

I hope this was helpful, and let me know if you have anymore questions.

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Thinking about how badly I don’t want to write this essay. It’s only 1-2 pages. But I feel so so tired. And honestly, it feels like there is absolutely no point to it. Like, who cares??? The world isn’t going to be better just because I turn in ONE essay. But there is that awful looming threat called applying to graduate school and my GPA. FVCK THAT. I literally don’t see the point. 

Except I don’t think I can/want to get a “real” job so if I don’t go to graduate school I will be absolutely screwed. And I NEED something reliable and safe like the backing of an institution to fund the next 7 years of my life because I am so so worried about my family. 

God, this is awful. I care about things (my research included). But not this essay. 

And I feel awful because I truly don’t feel like connecting with anybody right now, much less a professor for some future LoR as if my world is not crumbling even more than usual. Like, are you kidding me!? A LoR !!!!????? That’s the worst thing I have ever heard. (Second to the GRE). I need 3-5. I barely know any of my professor’s and they probably think I’m a piece of shit student or worse, some token poor Mexican kid who they can “save” with this letter of rec. (Ignore that last part, I know most of my professors don’t think that, but it’s so hard to not think that about myself).

I am absolute scum. 

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