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So I was going to save this for SMITE Selfie Day, but I figured why not just share it now.

Uhhh… it me. A self portrait I did recently to practice realism. My mom calls me handsome, but being the only ndn within 300 miles and looking Asian before it was cool in a hick town on top of being gay wasn’t great. It’s probably attributed to my RBF ;)

I’m posting this because I have gotten a lot of requests for actual pics. But I say a lot of freethinking [see horny] stuff on here that I don’t wanna get attached to my dna. So just think of this pic when you think of me ☺️🍆

I’m 6’, Aries, and 27. I’m an only child, raised as by a single mom, who I love very much. Also, I love Loki, but you all already knew that..

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I was tagged by @perf-me to post a selfie, I’m a little under the weather so have this older one of me from a couple of weeks back (it was this or one that’s slightly more risqué, so be grateful that I went with this)

Any who, you know the deal! My time to tag folks so let me see you’re beautiful faces @elitefourkylewantstobattle, @state-issued-boyfriend, @glitternymph, @iwant—tobelieve and heck, anyone else who wants to be part of something, you can say I tagged you even if I didn’t ✌🏼

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