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#grace chasity
whatsshakinbanana · a month ago
hey can i just like. throw my hat in the ring or whatever? as an ace person? i don’t like ace grace chasity.
like i know the deal, it’s not my cup of tea so i’ll just look the other way and it’s fine. but like. it feels like people are forgetting like the Whole Thing about celibacy and asexuality not being the same thing. like that’s genuinely an important distinction.
conflating them is how you get people saying that we aren’t real. ace people can and do have sex. celibacy is a choice. sexuality is not.
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Friendly reminder Grace Chasity is Tim Houston's regular babysitter
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enby-chaos-fox · 3 months ago
Hear me out:
Ace/aro Grace Chasity who is on the autism spectrum.
She has never dated anyone, never shown interest in dating anyone, and is uncomfortable around the idea of s*x, so people have labelled her a 'prude'. Her special interests are science and technology so she gets labelled a 'nerd'.
But she is just kinda there chilling with her science textbooks from the library and a notebook filled with hundreds of different experiment ideas and little doodles of robotic frogs in the margins.
She really likes robotics out of all the different STEAM pathways, and plans to go into that in the future. And she just likes frogs- so robotic frog doodles.
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awigglycultist · 29 days ago
Boy Jerry: tell Peter about the birds and the bees
Grace: They're disappearing at an alarming rate
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superstarlimo · a month ago
Tumblr media
hatchetfields feeling more and more conservative by the second.......
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setzappersto-pew · a month ago
Abstinence Camp
Tumblr media
"Some kids dread it. Others look forward to it all year. That's right... Abstinence Camp. Where Hatchetfield's youth are sent to "Just. Say. No!" When nerdy prude Grace Chasity inadvertently starts a rumor about cool & popular Stephanie Lauter, the two find themselves stuck together for the summer. Along with a cast if kooky counselors and fellow campers, they discover the terrible secret of these woods. That something... or someone watches over them. Someone who punishes those that do not abstain. Someone who lumbers. Someone... with an axe!"
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starkmaiden · a month ago
I knew Grace Chasity was a terrible person, called that back after TGWDLM.
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incorrect-hatchetfield · a month ago
Emma: (defending Perky’s Buds) Making a plant illegal is basically like saying that God was wrong
Grace: Making a plant illegal was the first thing God ever did!!!
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abiimaryy · 7 months ago
So we're in agreement that Alice was projecting her insecurities onto Grace Chasity yes? Like Grace may be a Nerdy Prude but deep down Alice is too and she's trying so hard to fit in with Deb and the smoke club cos she genuinely loves Deb and as a result of that's shes projecting onto Grace
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pokotho · a month ago
grace really wants to be steph's friend and to genuinely help her make good choices poor baby is just brainwashed by her liberal-hating mom
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awigglycultist · a month ago
Us with Grace Chasity: she's not actually gonna be a a big nerdy prude, Alice was probably just being mean
Grace: is a HUGE nerdy prude
Us with HCB/Peter: He's gonna be such an obnoxious teen! A total nerdy prude!
Peter: Not at all obnoxious or a prude, apparently really nerdy but we don't ever seem him being super nerdy
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