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#gracie kramer

Gracie Kramer of the UCLA Bruins competes on floor exercise during a meet against the Utah Utes at Pauley Pavilion on February 23, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)

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Listen, I LOVE this years UCLA class. So so many contributors everywhere and one of the best NCAA gymnast ever in Kyla, the only world /Olympic/ncaa champs in Kyla & Maddie, a boss vaulter& fx in fish, the Glenn’s but especially the amazing grace on beam, and Gracie Kramer who went from being a vault recruit who struggled on floor to being legit one of the top floor workers in the country.

BUT next years class coming in also will be legendary!! (Well obvi because of the post Olympic elite ncaa rush) but thank god they have a ton of potential high level contributors coming in!

Brooklyn moors singing today just made me really excited y’all. Her with malabuyo, Ana paridau, Chiles and chae Campbell woooof could be incredible.

Maybe they will even have some 10.0 vaults. (I kid, but no actual UCLA plz prioritize this I fell like you may have forgotten).

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Based on Instagram stories, UCLA has:

Gracie Kramer - training a 1.5Y layout (last year she trained a tucked 1.5Y)

Pauline Tratz - training a 1.5Y (last year did a FTY)

Kyla Ross - training a 1.5Y (last year did a FTY)

Felicia Hano - training 1.5Y (which she did last year)

Nia Dennis - training a 1.5Y (last year did a FTY)

Kendal Poston - training a front handspring pike ½ off (the vault Rachel Slocum did)

Margzetta Frazier - training a DTY (which she did in elite)

I might have missed some people, but if most of these come to fruition, then UCLA’s vault lineup is stacked this year.

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