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The professors on stage are so bored. They’re like wandering around and talking amongst themselves. I’m entertained by this.

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  • My name is Patricia or Pati (it’s sweeter). She/Her.
  • Turned 23 last November, such a powerful Fire Rat.
  • Intersectional feminist, queer and pansexual.
  • Completely Latina, Ecuadorian by blood, Costa Rican by place of birth.
  • I live with atopic dermatitis, IBS, anxiety and depression.
  • Half ravenclow, half slytherin
  • Brigg-Myers said I’m ENTP, an introvert with pints of socialization all over


  • Art, cooking, baking and animals.
  • I love languages and studying about different cultures. I am fluent in Spanish (native) and English, currently learning German and Korean. I have an special interest in Etymology, rules of language and grammar.
  • My pets WILL appear in this studyblr; I love them and they help me a lot, they shower me with love all the time and I want to shower them back with love. (My kitten Frida Sophia is the one in the title)
  • Learning about politics, because:

If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor” 

                                                                                                     Desmond Tutu

  • Reading (fantasy, supernatural, mistery, fanfics, …).
  • Opening a hundred tabs and reading only a few, then bookmarking the rest for later.
  • I love meeting new people and talking, so hit up my inbox, anon or not.
  • I love TV Shows that deal with: fantasy, mystery and supernatural, History and random stuff, some PBS Specials, deeper stuff in life, and some comedy. I do talk about a lot of these in my side blogs


  • Finished my bachelor in Electrical Engineering, in the middle of my academic masters.
  • I love creating stuff, programming, playing around with microcontrollers and stuff.
  • I’m in the middle of writing my thesis in bioinformatics, bioengineering, for my academic masters degree.
  • Again, aspiring polylingual, currently learning German and Korean.


  • I want to meet new people, with same and different interests, making friends is nice.
  • Being sincere, I am in a valley of depression at the moment, but can’t afford to stop, so I really need to be functional at the moment.
  • I am an expert procrastinator, which brings me high stress and anxiety + anxiety attacks. I want to get better and the pandemic ongoing isn’t helping, my first appointment with the therapist was cancelled because of this, so I really need something to ground me even if it gets hard, a way to improve my mental health.
  • I want to be a better student, a better polylingual and a better investigator, and overall a better human being.
  • I’ve used bullet journals since the second half of 2016, but it hasn’t been perfect or constant.
  • I want to live in brazenness, unrestrained by a sense of shame, as I’ve noticed it stops me and deprives me of experiences in life.

And lastly studyblrs that inspired me:


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Mum: What are you up to?

Me: Abstract for an edited volume.

Mum: Which journal?

Me: The…[several attempts at pronunciation]…I can’t pronounce it but it’s in Poland.

Mum: [giving me the side eye] Where do you find these?

Me: Internet.

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oh anon. 😔 i’m so, so sorry you’re feeling this way. grad school period was incredibly difficult for me, too, so speaking from that experience, i’m just really proud of you for deciding to do it at all. especially since nowadays it’s so easy to feel like higher education is completely pointless. i hope you manage to find your working rhythm while going through this 💪 fighting not to lose focus can be really draining, so i hope you manage to squeeze those moments out completely whenever they happen. 💞 remember, it’ll take however long it takes. do it at your own pace, and please don’t compare yourself to other people 💖 i know it’s hard not to, sometimes, but just try to pay attention to yourself only. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! you CAN do it. even if it’s just an hour of work a day sometimes, or even less, it’s still progress. you’ll get there! you WILL. good luck, my friend 💐 and i hope you feel better asap In General 💞

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Today is the day! “Walking” across the virtual stage on zoom today, ha. Celebrating with my family :) 

Congratulations to my fellow class of 2020 studyblr friends, be that from law school or anywhere else! You freaking did it! And in the middle of a global pandemic no less!! 

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The good news is that I’m going back to school! Kind of. I’m working on a certification on getting licensure to be a middle school teacher! I’m even looking at various Master’s programs in Political Science or History. Since I’d rather go to school online (since I’m 24. I do have a career to build and this whole COVID - 19 mess) I’m having to dig through legit online schools that would give a high quality education. (Suggestions ALWAYS welcome)

All that to say, I’m back in business!! Get ready for mildly pleasing images and not - so - funny jokes to appear back on your feed, along with some Praxis 2 tips and study materials I’ve found. Two months until I take the Social Studies Praxis!

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finally finished up all my schoolwork, so I can’t wait to dive into some personal projects for the next few weeks until I start my job. my current list:

  • learn how to make data visualizations in tableau
  • continue working on my two independent data projects
  • catch up on my reading (i have a virtual book club this weekend to read for and am 50 pages into two books i need to finish)
  • practice piano 30-45 minutes a day
  • restart the chloe ting two week challenge (i got to day 4 and then got sidetracked with school stuff)
  • get back on my instagram and document my transition from school into work
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Today: Tired but still want to get these posts going.


Hmmm, pitch black coffee in the morning in a big big mug and scrolling through tumblr, procrastinating and not wanting to look at the revisions your supervisor sent to you last night. That sounds like a great morning!


But then of course, I had to prepare the meeting that we had at 10 am. He asked me whether I was shocked or not happy about his changes… I don’t know, what should I’ve said? “Oh no, great, everything is perfect, I will just change the paragraph-like, Thomas-Mann-like LONG sentences.” I didn’t read it completely but I needed to re-readed some stuff because I just didn’t get some sentences. But he was fine with my “opinions” and of course I am going  to do the final revisions which I really prefer and like. But today I was just not feeling it.

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