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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I don’t have a pretty space or a scenic view from my window or the right stationery or neat handwriting. Yet scrolling through study blogs on this website has stirred some feelings in me, maybe some aspiration and motivation. Like every grad student, I’ve come to a point in my studies where the motivation has dissipated, the procrastination has reached new extremes, and the guilt has set in. But also like every student, I want to do good work that I can be proud of, and succeed and get an education and help myself, my family, and others. I’ve been stuck in a rut, feeling rudderless, for months. I’ve reached a breaking point, and I think it’s time to exercise some self-discipline. All this to say: I hope this is a shift in the right direction, reader. 

Something about blogging into the void creates a weird sense of pseudo-accountability and energy and agency. Well whatever it is, I’ll take it.

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To whomever in the apartment complex is undertaking home improvement this fine morning,

I’m trying to study. Even with my headphones on and music up, I can hear you sawing, drilling, and hammering. You made the floor shake with your nonsense. I barely managed the six lines of Latin translation I have, and learning vocab will be hell. What is wrong with you.

Further, it’s Sunday, you raging bastards. Stop disrespecting city ordinances.

Spitefully yours,

Dyllan Owlglass

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On May 29 in the year of our Lord 2020, Shield got so high while watching Thor: Ragnatok that she vibed 30 years into the future and watched the movie from the present and the future simultaneously. I think I might have just recently read a dissertation on cinematic imagery in parallel with 80s cult cinema because I was immersed in that shit yo up to and including naming 80s cult film basically shot to shot. So whichever of you motherfuckers writes that dissertation, you are DOPE AS FUCK and likely the reason I’m high enough to vibe across space and time. And thank you: I got to feel the presence of my future kids at the same time as my friends in the present moment because your analysis is TRIPPY AS SHIT.

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How to make friends as a grad student.

1. Speak and move in a calm way. Don’t yell or make sudden movements.

2. If your local bylaws allow it, leave food and presents out.

3. Establish yourself as the source of the food/presents. Sit quietly a ways away from them, but still visible.

4. On hot day fill a shallow tub full of fresh clean water for them to drink and bath in. Change this water often and clean the tub.

This works for crows, I haven’t tried it out with people yet.

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