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passed my second and final round of comps and wanted to document the moment here ☽

i am filled with joy and exhaustion. it’s been a trying year and i am so glad i was able to get through.

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i’m looking at one of the more difficult assignments we had during my master’s and i remember how much we all whined about it and complained that it was pointless. it’s been a year since then and all i can say is thank god that professor gave us that assignment.

it didn’t make any sense at the time since it wasn’t an essay like every other professor gave us, it was a collection of questions based on all the reading we did, all of which had a limit of 500 to 800 words - for students who were used to writing well over 2k words per essay in order to make, defend, and prove a point, that limit was incomprehensible. it felt as if there was no space to properly develop any idea or to answer any of the questions. it felt as if the professor had it out for us or maybe wanted to make his job a little easier by having everyone write on the same issues.

it turned out, no two students had the same answer to any of the questions and most of us went way beyond the mandatory reading list and even beyond the supplemental reading in order to make complex yet succinct answers.

out of all the assignments i had during my master’s degree, i can honestly say this one pushed my limits way past what i thought was possible and helped me grow as an academic the most - which wouldn’t have happened if i hadn’t dedicated so much time and attention to it. i’m just saying: maybe sometimes the professor knows something you as a student don’t.

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25 november 2020

not sure anyone is interested in these life update things, and it feels weird to document a day spent entirely in front of the computer. I’ve been getting up way late these days bc I’m having some trouble sleeping, but I’m trying to adapt instead of feeling demotivated by it. here’s my breakfast (chickpea omelet wrap) and dinner (salad and wine), with a solid thesis writing session in between (not sponsored by dove).

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25 november 2020

i had a pretty rough day yesterday and spent most of trying to distract myself. i have a decent idea of why i got so overwhelmed, but i also gave up on the day at a certain point, which is what i’m trying hard not to do! i’m working on my resilience!

but today’s a new day, and i’m motivating myself with bubble tea this afternoon if i can keep making progress on today’s tasks :)

  • work on homework before office hours today
  • spend 15 minutes cleaning inbox(es)
  • section 9 review and practice problems
  • housekeeping: shower, empty dishwasher, dishes, clean table, laundry
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its at that point in the semester where i really only have final projects left,, but also its before thanksgiving so i don’t want to work on them,, so i’m just sorta fucking around until the december panic sets in

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Can someone please tell me why I always get the major pain in the ass students. I received three plagiarized essays yesterday. THREE. Why do all of my students always suck so much? Why did I ever think I wanted to teach university students? Why did I ever think I wanted to teach at all?

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More old spreads from October!

11.23.2020 • 74/100

  • Worked on another section of my research paper
  • Watched the review podcast for the last module of my tech class
  • Worked on my bujo spread for the week

11.24.2020 • 75/100

  • Searched for two additional articles to use in my research paper, read through and highlighted them
  • Finished writing my research paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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24.11.20// grad school is a lot cozier and pet friendly these days. Still the same amount of reading which isn’t great but hey, endless coffee is just steps away from my desk.
Zoom school might have its cons but it definitely has its pros as well! We all miss the library and physically being on campus but who isn’t loving waking up 10 mins before 8am lectures??

IG: flatneedledistillery

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