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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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07.04.20 // sent off my most recent manuscript draft to my PI this morning–hopefully it’s just one more revision away from being submitted! i’m debating what to work on for the rest of the day: my next manuscript, or my dissertation intro? or maybe a little bit of both–when i get tired of writing one, i’ll just switch over to the other. 

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I have two jobs that add up to almost fulltime on its own and I work extra shifts, I’m a fulltime grad student, and I already need more hours of sleep than the average person. I cry just from the thought of having to go back to work sometimes, not because I hate my job (I mean, sometimes) but because I am so. tired.

And I still feel lazy…

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03.07.2020 | 12/100 days of productivity

I did some more activities for the Academic Writing class, but I just got stressed. Every module there’s an assignment with a system problem where you can’t submit your answer or it’s just a reading activity but the system says there should be an assignment and they grade you a zero because you didn’t complete the nonexistent assignment… There’s an email where we can send doubts and stuff like this and I already did it twice and I still got no answer from them. I’m worried about my final grade, there are nine weeks left yet, how many more activities will be a problem?

I never want to take online classes in my life ever again. But unfortunately, I’ll probably have to until this pandemic ends.


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Grad school woes strike again.

My experiment is an epic 4-part monstrosity, with like 3 different kinds of tasks that I’ve meticulously crafted with my meagre coding skills in PsyToolKit. I’ve hovered over them like mama-hen for weeks, figuring out how to make it do what I want (way beyond PTK’s normal capacities), catching all the bugs and typos, perfecting the timing, etc.

It was like a glowing gem. It worked. I launched the study. It was even usable on other people’s computers. Nobody got confused.

And now, 1/3 of data collection later, I notice that the most important task, the one that actually answers the fucking research question, got launched with only ½ of the trials that it needs.



I’m yet to see how much of a disaster this will wreak on my data after I run it through the exclusion criteria, and I’m lucky I designed the study with a fair bit of overkill in terms of trial numbers, but.

Fuuuuck this is such a dumb mistake.

Fuck why.

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Any Master degree student in their late 20s aroundbhere?

I love seeing all the Gradblrs around but can’t help but feeling old. I know each person’s journey is different, but I’ll love to see other people starting their masters later than average, like me! 😊

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Started to get it together today and organized some articles for my thesis. I read one and took notes in the margins.

A great tip I’ve gotten from a professor is, after reading a book or article, to write a very short summary of the main points and create the citation for it. By the time I’ve read through my sources and done this for each one, I’ll have an annotated bibliography! It’s also great to have these summaries to refresh your memory when you go back to look at a source, without rereading the whole thing.

Just finished writing a short point-form summary for this article, and I included points of interest that might be relevant for my thesis. Also worked for about 20 minutes on the layout of my teaching dossier. Hoping to do a bit each day before meeting with my coordinator next week. God help me keep this energy up!

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Day 3/100 Days of Productivity

I finally have a desk again after a whole year of not having one and sitting on the floor at my low coffee table to study!

After a meeting with my PI, I have a much clearer idea now of what I need to do for my literature review. That and assembling this desk count as my productive activities for the day.

Hope you all had a good one as well!

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07.03.20 // pretty cell culture plates and an even prettier post-rainstorm sky. happy 4th of july and remember black lives matter!

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To put it mildly, I’m going fucking bonkers studying in my house with my parents. They have taken over both living rooms individually and spread out projects over all the tables and the kitchen??? So my options are my bedroom, which I’ve been studying boards in consistently since February or outside (or the bathroom I guess). They just hired someone to redo the front porch so I figured I’d make use of that space. Metal roof in July, heat index of 118 F. I lasted like an hour. About 1/3 of the first optics chapter re-read.

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