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I had a supremely unproductive day yesterday, and today doesn’t seem much better + I have D&D in the evening so that’s about 4hrs out of my life, so I’m gonna make a deal. If I get a decent chunk of the actual proposal written, and finish editing either CV or the cover letter, I can get a new binder and give myself some time to read a book.

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28 may 2020. Day 18/100

Wrote a decent chunk of prose for one of my Methods sections. (If you can’t tell by all the red text and highlights, it be rough 😅).

Also had a GREAT phone call with a woman who worked for years at a company I’m interested in. She said I “sounded like I’d fit in” there, not like she has any hiring authority, but it was incredibly validating.

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today’s to-do list

  • buy/order a new bullet journal
  • chloe ting summer shred workouts
  • grocery shopping (can maybe wait until tomorrow)
  • edit half of chapter one
  • write ~500 words for chapter four
  • make a list of books i need to find for intro
  • water plants
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29/05/2020 I received an unconditional offer from the University of Westminster! This is amazing. I can’t believe all of the hard work on the applications paid off so well. 

I guess this is becoming a postgrad studyblr! I will probably be making a studygram closer to the time! xxx Emily 

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Yesterday I took it slow, I only read through my Esaay again and than submitted it. Afterwards I read some texts for my lecture. Also, I read the rest of a book about the history of racism that I need for the theoretical framework of my M.A. thesis. 



As it is firday, it was time for my online lecture about the history of Rock and Roll again. Today it was about the final years of the Beatles. Also My goal for today is finally finishing “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, because it is the book I need to finish for my 2020 Reading Challenge. 

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i finally caved and started typing the notes. I normally like to write them but that takes a long time. Digital has its undeniable advantages (like i dont have to draw vertebrae).

this evening i finally started the pomodoro technique, taking 15 min study sessions with 5 min breaks. i edited the times a little bit because i was already tired out. i finished a section from this week’s lectures! yay!!! (still playing catch up, but im very proud to have completed a thing!)

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that awkward moment when you’re trying to vent about how your current friends keep making a big deal of how bad you make them feel for working faster than then to an old friend and your old friend is like “yeah you make a habit of that” and I’m like 🥺🥺🥺 I don’t MEAN to!!! and my friend is like I know you’re just exceptional! WHaT do I even say to that!!! I don’t feel like it!!! I just do my work! That I love! I can’t do anything about how I work!!! I never want to make people feel bad so I bend over backwards to try and make people feel better and just end up feeling shitty about myself either way!!!!

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Over the past few days I have been feeling pretty down about the amount of ‘work’ I have been doing. For example: I wanted to squeeze in 1-2 more hours of coding today, but I just didn’t have it in me. I couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand. 

But then I realized that I was only considering work that was tied to a physical product. Hours of taking notes, writing papers, coding, etc. I wasn’t counting all of the hours that I spent thinking about work or planning out projects. Once I included those hours I realized that I have actually been doing quite a bit of work!

I’m going to make a reminder in my planner that mental work is valid work. Thinking counts as work! Making plans counts as work! Taking time to sit on ideas is work! I’m doing a good job! 

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So an update on the study front:

🔸I’m really nervous about this and I don’t know if I even have half a shot at being accepted…

🔸I looked at this course years ago and it’s basically my dream course but it’s in a different state. (I’m just not in the position to move away from supports etc)

🔸 well I looked again the other day and it seemed to have the option of ‘intensive mode’ where you spend two weeks per semester on campus

🔸emailed to confirm

🔸 yep, it’s possible to do it by flying in for little blocks!! (Plus it’s in my favourite city so I’d get little trips without the stress of moving permanently ha)

🔸 but. Since I don’t have a relevant undergrad, I would need to write an application talking about why I’m interested.

🔸 also would need to take a chemistry bridging course, which is happening pretty soon and they’ve said to wait until I’m accepted into the degree to enrol in the chem course.

🔹 oh and I’ve realised I haven’t mentioned what the course actually is 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s a course about conservation of art work/cultural materials. I think you learn a bit about restoration as well but the focus seems to be on preventing damage now. So like an awesome collision of art and science!! Plus there are opportunities to study some of the course overseas (bali!!) and it just sounds absolutely amazing. Today I’m going to be reading and watching as many documentaries as I can do that I have a better understanding and points for my essay. Honestly just seems perfect though!!!

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