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It’s been a while since I posted something original so I thought why not.

I went to my online class in the morning and then I took a nap. Half-assed my chemistry exercises and took another nap.. today wasn’t productive at ALL but even if I’m not productive, maybe I’ll inspire someone else to work hard today!

See you all soon! Stay healthy, stay positive.

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10.  Prague, Czech Republic 

I haven’t spent as much time in Prague as I would have liked to, but it always strikes me as a very sophisticated city with incredibly rich history. 


9. Chicago, Illinois 

I visited Chicago for the first time only a year ago and my immediate reaction was “I want to live here”. Absolutely stunning!


8. Barcelona, Spain

The architecture in this city is breathtaking and the vibrant culture  captivating. You just never want to leave.


7. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

While my experiences with the city are limited, what struck me was that it is incredibly clean and well kept, which makes it an incredible sight to behold.


6. New Orleans, Louisiana 

It’s like going to Europe without leaving the States. Magnificent!


5. Venice, Italy

Beautiful. Very unique. Hard to describe. 


4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Also known as Kings Landing from game or thrones. It feels like travelling back in time - there’s so much history in one place.


3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Very different from other cities on this list. If Dubrovnik is a trip to the past, Dubai can be described as a trip to the future.


2. San Francisco, California 

Where I want to move to when I’m older. There’s something captivating about this place.


1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Small, beautiful, clean, and everything is in walking distance. This underrated city is a definite must on everyone’s travel list.

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Is this how grading actually works in the UK?? How can you pass at 50%????
Cause I’m having a hard time believing it. I found another one that went even lower on the D, but I figured that had to be wrong.

  • A: best possible grade, excellent (around 75% and above)
  • B: above average grade, very good (around 65% and above)
  • C: below average grade, improvement needed (around 55% and above)
  • D: almost pass (around 45–50%)
  • No Award: Less than 45%
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okay, i can’t share this with my law school friends because it’s bad taste to brag about your grades when you’re graded on the same curve, but GUESS WHO HAS A 3.0

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Day 18: hey, it’s been a while since I post anything here. I’ve been working on my final essay about Disney Company so I didn’t have time to post here🌻 By the way, I passed my Law exam!!! Yay!✨ I was nervous because my internet failed in the last minute but it seems like nothing bad happened😅

Pd: the third photo is my last purchase from Stradivarius

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It’s been a weird 5 days, I guess. I have this yearning to write more and do more. I want to make art again. I haven’t tried for real since maybe my one university art class, or maybe freshman year? This past year, I realized that my life is definitely sadder without art–without color. It’s just dull and repetitive and stressful. I used to do timeboxing so I can alot time to all my tasks but it got harder over time. I started wanting rest, and well, needing rest.

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another self portrait, this one made as a commentary on overachieving, expectations, personal standards, and school performance - “vous n'êtes pas vos notes” (2016)

[image description: a mixed media painting of the artist, painted in acrylics with grey undertones and a neutral expression in the foreground. the background of the portrait is a collage of graded essays, scantrons, and worksheets from various high school classes / end image description]

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Imagine you’re trying to get a place at a university and the judges (?) look at the average of your grades. Let’s say you want to study a language but your average is not that good because you were bad in one of the final exams. It will only be seen that you seem like a “not-perfect” student but the subjects that actually would show how good you are at languages and not that one specific other subject are ignored because only the average counts. This does not make any sense!

Some could also just choose “easy” subjects like art or PE to get better averages (please excuse me, I know art and sports isn’t easy but some people just use this because they see an opportunity). Then they are the ones to get the good places at universities fast, even though others have the actual competencies. The average is taking away the entire purpose of what grades are supposed to say (not that they do). So besides, why are grades still a thing? In my country, universities are not even allowed to go after grades, not to mention their averages, when it comes to a medicine study (it should be more than just that) because they know about the fake image of a perfect candidate through the choice of subjects that have nothing to do with the one they later study.

(And if the focus is on “easy” subjects always to get the good grades, then again, do students not care about learning itself.)

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Started crying because several of my friends received Honors Day cords via mail (a sweet gesture by my school tbh!!) and they all posted it on social media… And I feel sad because I’m never going to get that lol. I h*te the emphasis on merit and grades as like, a measure of my worth. It is so ingrained in me and I feel worthless when I don’t get an honor like that. 

I also don’t want to feel jealous of the people I care about. For the most part, I am proud of them!!! But it makes me sad too. It just sucks that I am my own worst critic – the things I tell myself make me ache for days. 

And the sucky thing is that I will continue doing this because I want to go to graduate school. I need a high GPA to get into a grad school that’s a good fit and match and whatnot. I don’t know…

My grades don’t determine my worth. I will succeed in life. (All I want is to make my family proud of me).

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