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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has stolen my gay ass heart. I will never forget it, and the pure validation and representation it holds. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a series more in my life.

I don’t think I’ve felt this amount of happiness in a long fucking time…

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Why not be grateful right now?

  1. Im home alone with no one to bother me
  2. I’ve made new friends and gotten close to my bestfriend
  3. I’ve had time to listen and make more music

Try it?

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I love my current living situation & am so grateful. 2 lovely roommates, a cute house with a garden, hardwood floors, the cheapest rent in the city, & an historical cemetery across the street.

Yet there’s always a part of me that dreams of a place of my own. A mortgage. Somewhere I can paint my bathroom pastel pink & replace my lawn with wildflowers. I support myself & am independent, grown. My spare room is a studio, I can work whenever I want without being in anyone’s way, or having anyone in mine. I grow my own weed. If there’s no balcony when I move in, my mom and I will build one.

But the grass is always greener I suppose. For now, I’m focusing on gratitude. Not everyone can share 1 bathroom with 2 other grown ass adults during a pandemic and still get along enough to make each other laugh every day.

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ITS YOUUUUUU!!!!! Holy moly I never would have expected! I just!! Love!!! You!!! even though I’ve never met you lol. Your fics broke my heart and also made me wake up my siblings in the middle of the night with laughter. There is a list of fanfic writers who have inspired me to get into writing them myself and YOU, my friend, are on that list. Thank you for what you’ve given the very tiny Clone High fandom because every word is priceless! I’m glad to hear you’re alive, and I hope you’re doing well :)

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Strange days. Uncertain times. taking a break, social distancing from my socials as well as people. getting a dose of perspective up in here.

the closer I get to that little universe inside me the less I panic, the more I trust. starting to really see how connected everything is and the knock on effect every action has.

feeling the collective frequency and trying to figure out what part of it is my contribution and where I am taking on fears and anxieties that aren’t mine.

the air is so full right now and I can feel it in my chest, my heart says let it go. remember when nothing mattered except for what was right in front of you in every moment? your intuition already lives in the future and whispers softly everything you need to know, your job is to fully exist and breathe in the present so it has something useful to say.

I wish I had spent more time learning to grow gardens in the city, I wish I had researched how to purify the air in my home, I wish I never bought a phone.

These wishes are like the airplanes that used to pass over this city every hour of every day. the important thing is they do pass. as this too shall.

I wish I had traveled more. I will remember next time.

Now is a good time as any to really hone my craft, I want to be one of those artists whose art finds those rare souls that don’t often get to feel understood. I want to connect those specific dots.

I want to be a yoga queen bending my body like rules, getting comfy in the fresh new perspectives of every pose.

I want to eat healthy and take care of my temple more than ever, God give me the fucking strength because a part of me is so damn addicted to trash. 

I want to talk less and only when needed.

maybe now is a good time to practice being more kind and understanding to myself and others.

I want to spend more time living breathing and bathing in love. I will start now.

I love dancing

I love music

I love the spiritual universe surrounding me

I love the feeling of a summer breeze

I love a good trip

I love melancholy

I love animals , humans too

I love nature; flowers, trees, rivers, oceans, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, meadows, and forests   

I love science

i love magic

I love when people’s judgments don’t bother me at all

I love the mystical world of my dreams

I love speaking from the soul

I love the Goosebumps on my skin when a moment is shared without words

I love words strung together to describe a complex feeling, the simplicity of how its done makes it even more magical

I love disappearing for a while to spend time in my essence

I love singing

I love when all I have are the things I need and nothing more.

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Taylor always has an overwhelming amount of gratitude towards the people she’s worked with weather it’s on a new album, a world tour, or a new music video. She makes certain that everyone gets acknowledged and recognized for there hard work. She didn’t have to do that but she does from the bottom of her heart. More people should follow her good example.

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there are cloudy days, there are sunny days 

there are days when everything goes wrong 

there are rainy days, there are snowy days

there are days that should be made into a song

some days i can take on the world

some days i can’t take on myself 

most days are okay days 

most days I can get through

but every day, every day 

I’m glad I get to share with you

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Firing from the hip

Awake , my mind is reeling from emotions.

Today is when My Bull leaves for Victoria and our new lives start. It is a bit counter intuitive that our paths of growth and togetherness diverge at the beginning of the year but it is only temporary. I am so excited and proud that he has found a job that seems like a ideal fit for him. I love the neighborhood we are in. Feels like a fusion of Denver and San Francisco in good ways. It is weird not being there with him for all the new experiences but I am happy for him and excited to here all of his stories. And excited for us and the times we will have.

This week is going to be ruff, I am so use to him always being around and going to miss him. Excitement turns to anxieties real quick. I know it is only four months but my PTSD isn’t going to let me see it that way at first. Instead ,due to the enlargement if my amygdala ( responsible for memories and negative stimulus) im going to feel the emotions of every single break up and separation over my life piggybacking on this short time apart .

It fucking blows some awful.

All the rational thoughts in the world doesn’t curb the emotions or intrusive thoughts and memories. Of course i wouldn’t be able to ,it’s brain damage . So my inner voice just have to out yell over all of the bullshit . Which is normally a shouting match in my head. Fortunately I am better prepared this thanks to Bryce going down for week a month ago but not looking forward to it.

Once the emotions run out though I be able to focus on the good things. Like how we are able to live comfortably in two places. I will be able focus on my healthy habits and school. I will develop a few new hobbies. Will be able to form an new identity within our relationship , an opportunity I never had before. An opportunity that I am excited for and grateful for. Be able to socialize again For I can learn Samuel Fenix without the American trauma . Wonder what that will look like.


That is what my psychologist told me find and foster, Joy. For I have survive , lived and bear witness to some shit , neat, but it is time to thrive. I never thought I would hear those words from a shrink,” be joyful ,you earned it.” I have been so use to growth being mess , ugly and painful. That suffering is growth. Joy is not that. Joy isn’t suffering can I still grow from it? Feels like lifetimes have gone by since I have been truly joyful. But I feel like this is the year.

So that is the theme of the this year “joy” and doing things that bring joy and foster joy. Daily gratitudes are great start but it time to evolve it, not quite sure what that looks like but feel there is a room to grow.

With America losing it is fucking minds and trying out to be “the worlds next bad guy”, I do feel some cognitive dissonance. Trying to be joyful and happy while the world is on fire is a joking phase I used to say but never figured I would actually have to do it. Lol.

I cannot unseen all that I have seen and know nor do I want to. But hard to post happy feel goods when there is great pain and sickness that needs to be address. So there will be a better balance.

I am grateful for today. I am grateful for the opportunities I have. I am for

Grateful my partner and my life and our life.

Thank you for your time,


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Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. you are you, and I am I.
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My birthday is on Wednesday and words cannot even express how loved I’ve been feeling. This weekend trip was just pure expression of care and joy. This year has had its extreme downs but also the most amazing ups. I have so many wonderful people around me who love and care for me unconditionally. I have worked so incredibly hard and finally found a career path a truly enjoy.

I could not be more blessed.

Cheers to another year.

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