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How to make friends as a grad student.

1. Speak and move in a calm way. Don’t yell or make sudden movements.

2. If your local bylaws allow it, leave food and presents out.

3. Establish yourself as the source of the food/presents. Sit quietly a ways away from them, but still visible.

4. On hot day fill a shallow tub full of fresh clean water for them to drink and bath in. Change this water often and clean the tub.

This works for crows, I haven’t tried it out with people yet.

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Seems to be the tradition to introduce yourself on here, so here we go.

Hello! My name is Z.

I’m currently working on my Masters in Criminology and Criminal Psychology having completed my Bachelors in History. I’m also working full time in a civilian police role.

My interests vary widely, and currently encompass everything from studying to equestrian, from history to ice hockey. Though this seems to change daily.

Anyone wants to chat, hit me up.

Hope everyone is having the best day they can, and are keeping their chins up! 😊☀️

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Guess who just signed some ‘consent to publish’ papers? This gal! Hopefully you’ll be able to read my article about Rebecca Belmore soon.

I also had a hard family therapy session with my Dad this morning. It’s hard work but it’s good work.

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5 March 2020, 7:25pm

Ramblings of the day.

I’m working on some research for work and I have a slew of work emails to deal with.

After one week of travel, I went back to the gym this morning. Damn, it kicked my ass. As much as I appreciate not waking up at the crack of dawn while I was traveling getting back into my gym routine was a pain.

I’ve also been incredibly lazy this week. I’m just not in the mood to really go to campus. I really should do that tomorrow for paperwork reasons but, ehhh, I’m not in the mood to go.

I’m also procrastinating right now. Not good.

Some good news? I have a brand new door lock that makes a nice snap when I lock it. It really helps my minor OCD anxitey. I know to most people this is pretty basic but to me and my anxiety it is HUGE.

Anyway, enough rambling and procrastinating.

Back to work……


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