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Congratulations @teamkorie and the Class of 2020

#Repost @teamkorie
This morning, I was supposed to walk across the stage and graduate from my PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University.
COVID-19 prevented that, but I’m gonna wear this well-earned robe and cap no matter what! #wipeitdownchallenge #yougogirl
Doctor Grayson loaded. 🍾
* I do not own the rights to this music*
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It has come to our attention that Purdue University is seeking federal protection from students who opt for legal recourse if they contract COVID-19 in the Fall semester when the university plans to allow students back on campus. GROW believes that if Purdue expects its students to contract COVID-19 when in-person classes resume in the Fall, to the extent that the administration is worried about legal liability, then this presents clear evidence that the university is anticipating a significant risk to its students on being infected. At the same time, Purdue has not provided sufficient clarity about the measures it is currently implementing and plans to in the near future to enable its students and staff members to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Thus, it is important to ask if the Purdue campus is going to be a safe environment for work, research, and learning in the Fall; or does Purdue need legal protections? The two cannot go hand in hand. 

Purdue has a responsibility towards its students and staff to provide them with information on what options are being considered for resuming in-person classes in the Fall, how those options were selected, and what criteria are being used to judge safety. Our society has, for generations, expected schools and workplaces to provide a safe environment for both work and learning. The right of workers to a safe workplace was guaranteed by labor activism following a series of fatal disasters. Workplace safety law exists so that these disasters do not occur again. When universities seek to avoid legal penalties for failing to provide a safe workplace, it is tantamount to asking for legal protection to avoid the consequences of providing an unsafe workplace.

Individuals must have clear information about a situation in order to make informed choices about their own well-being. However, it is impossible for individuals to make responsible choices for themselves or their families when they do not have access to information about the relative benefits and costs of those choices. This is why universities, during these uncertain times, must be especially transparent. Universities can either choose to provide a safe learning, research, and work environment for their students and workers - in which case they should not need extra legal protections - or they can allow students and workers returning to campus to be at risk of infection, in which case the university will need legal protections. If the case is the latter at Purdue, the working conditions are clearly not adequately safe for in-person classes to resume in the Fall. GROW demands that Purdue should provide answers to thef following key questions before moving forward with resuming in-person classes in the Fall:

  1. What, exactly, is the relationship between the Safe Campus Task Force (SCTF) and the Board of Trustees, especially given that the SCTF report is not yet available to the broader campus community and yet the Board of Trustees and President Daniels are already making decisions?
  2. What does the interaction between local public health agencies, the SCTF, and the Board of Trustees look like?
  3. What assumptions and limitations are the SCTF and the Board of Trustees working under in their decision-making?

Furthermore, it is Purdue’s responsibility to communicate clearly to its employees and students. This must occur before any representative of the university makes statements to the press. We believe that this use of national media, most notably by President Daniels, is unfair to those who will be most affected by the decisions; it prevents members of the Purdue and Greater Lafayette communities from weighing in on those decisions, which are presented as a fait accompli with little to no input from the community. Thus, we call on the Purdue Board of Trustees and President Daniels to respond to our requests outlined above and to answer concerns related to the decision making processes pertaining to the restarting of in-person classes in Fall 2020. 

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Grad Students going back to school this Fall!

What has your university told you about the upcoming term with COVID? Will you be on campus? Online? 

Mine (North America) has not made any final decisions yet, but it looks like undergrad will be online and grad school students will be on campus? Thoughts?

Edit** 5/27 update: We were sent a housing application yesterday

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Little homework corner in my office at work🌼

It’s a lot harder to find time and MOTIVATION to study, review and fill out applications for Grad school now that I’m working for the health department full time; especially with a pandemic.

But…. still keeping joy around by choosing colors that make me happy, listening to music that I love and taking it one step a time.

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Often academia & life in general puts you in some mentally tough situations. What are some ways in which you’ve struggled? How did you manage? What came afterwards? Listen to us chat about our difficulties in academia on Episode 3!
#idigitpodcast #podcast #academia #mentalhealth #education #highereducation #research #gradschool #grad #archaeology #fulbright #anthropology #archaeologist #archaeologists

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I’ve been going to school back to back. No breaks from high school and all the way to my masters.  Now I’ve just finished my last assignment! I’m finally done being a student! 

I’m so grateful it’s all over, and I’m so proud of myself. 

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