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week 1, March 26:  how are you keeping active?

I walk my 9 ½-year-old husky malamute mix, Angel, 2 times per day. I never have exercised regularly, with the exception of walking. Whether it be through a job or my dogs, I’ve always walked daily. Lifting weights and going to the gym never were for me, and I’m okay with that!

Whose ready for green, green grass, the sound of leaves, and blooming flowers? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Winter for me has always been a time of review and studying. I mentioned that I am trying to learn Japanese in 6 months, and I am preparing to start down that path in May. I plan on making an upcoming post as to why. Lord knows I have the time now 🙄🌸🌸🌸

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studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge

week 1, March 23: have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

Well, I’ve never really been able to keep a strict schedule since I’ve always worked alongside of school. However, I’ve always studied when I found myself watching television. Especially things I’ve seen 10 times, like Always Sunny and Terrace House lol Taking 15 minute breaks every hour is helpful for me, too.

week 1, March 24: how are you being taught your lessons?

I have no more classes, thankfully! But I am in the process of completing my 500-hour internship (called a practicum), and my program director has advised us to do it from a distance. So I currently review psychosocial interviews on my computer and send them back to my boss, and all of my supervision takes place over Zoom. 

week 1, March 25: what’s your favorite study snack?

I’m trying to improve my eating habits. I used to love having a grilled cheese and sweet tea. In the past few months though, I’ve moved onto hot tea or coffee with cream. If I’m hungry, I try to satiate it with nuts and cheese or a protein shake. 🌸🌸🌸
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Hey guys does anyone know of other websites that have virtual dissections other than froguts? I’m trying to find perch, clam, crayfish dissections for my students and I haven’t been having much luck.

I have been using Scishow, Animalogic, and TED talks on YouTube videos for fun information to try and make it more interesting also.

If anyone else has suggestions and links I would forever grateful :)

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i’ve been doing ok in light of the covid-19 developments. being in the thesis-writing stage of my graduate work and doing qualitative work is definitely a privilege. my thoughts go out to any grad students dealing with being separated from their labs, having to pause data collection, or no longer being able to access archives. that being said, i want to echo what i have been seeing on many academia-related media platforms and say that this is also not a time to throw oneself into being defined by productivity. you are more than your work and you deserve to take care of yourself and focus on other things than graduate school demands in these trying times.

in the spirit of that, myself and my partner went for a drive today to enjoy the exceptionally nice weather we had today (its been a shite winter, weather-wise, here). there are many things i don’t love about living on this island but the proximity to the ocean isn’t one of them. the sun actually felt warm for once and the sky was such a beautiful wide blue expanse. i had been getting cabin-feverish and anxious spending so much time inside and traipsing through the woods and smelling the clean ocean air definitely cleared my head.

i also came home and found 2 scholarship letters waiting for me. while my conferences for the year have been postponed indefinitely this was such a good nugget of news. i wasn’t feasibly going to be able to self-fund to travel to present my work so its nice to know that whenever the world does return to normal i can have these conferences to look forward to.

hoping you’re all well xx

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I’ve talked before about me not liking group work, but I also just want to take the time to add that OT school is ALL group work. Every assignment we do is group work, even when we’re practicing writing documentation. This gets on my nerves because I personally don’t learn anything from group work. We have so many group assignments, projects, and presentations that the only way to get it done is to split up the work, despite our professors saying that we should meet outside of class and all go through the assignment together step by step. There is simply no time for that. We spend so much time in class which isn’t used productively, profs drag on lecture for the full three hours when they could have covered the material in one hour or one and a half hours tops. The amount of time spent in class makes it impossible to meet outside of class time unless it’s absolutely necessary for the assignment, not to mention that we also are required to meet with our research groups and faculty mentor each week. With so many groups project with different groups members, coordinating schedules just doesn’t happen so we split up the work, do it through google drive, and hope that everyone does it on time and produces quality work.

Honestly, the amount of group work makes me feel like I’m being jipped out of my education (a $200,000 education) because the reality is when I go on fieldwork, I’m on my own. It’s not going to be me and five other students from class treating one patient or writing one progress note. It’s going to be me alone that has to the work, the planning, and have ALL of the clinical skills required of me.

The professors always justify the amount of group work with “oh, but health care professionals work in teams, it’ll help you.” Health care professionals may work in teams, but the interactions are not the same as in an academic group project. In health care, for the most part, the extent of team work is “Oh, PT evaluated this patient this morning, let me ask the PT what their FIM levels were and read the PT note to get the information on the home environment so I can focus my questions on something else so as not to have the patient repeating the same information to three different therapists in one day.” This is what makes group work frustrating to me, not to mention the work ethic, quality of work, procrastination, and other characteristics of classmates that makes group work all the more infuriating.

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#30. If you, like me are stuck at home due to school or your museum closing because of COVID-19, a great exercise in relieving boredom is creating exhibits out of a collection of items in your own home, like funko pops, collector spoons, shot glasses etc. 

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Ok, now I’m freaked. My university extended the suspension of in person classes until the end of the semester, and that isn’t a huge deal for the classes themselves, but were supposed to start our surgery lab this semester. Were supposed to be ready to start clinics in October…I’m really worried about how this is gonna impact that. I already have too much debt, I dont need another semester hanging over my head because of everything shutting down. I dont want my graduation delayed.

On the upside, my fiance’s job has the infrastructure for him to work from home if necessary so worst case we dont need to worry about him being out of a job.

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the worst thing about grad school in my country is that it doesn’t matter that the world is living a pandemic that is killing people, if you’re alive then you still have to hand in your thesis by the same deadline (24 months after you’ve entered the program, which is 9 months away for me)

So here I am, and even though my country haven’t declared that people shouldn’t be going out, I’m still leaving home as little as I can (specially because my grandma lives with me and I don’t wanna risk passing anything to her, that stays indoors almost all the time). I don’t have a lab that I need to go to and my advisor was meeting me through Skype anyway, so I was already working from home.

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I do definitely overall prefer living in a smaller town, but I do miss having a bigger Jewish community around. Here most of the other Jews are undergraduate students, so it’s just harder to really to develop a bond. I have one close Jewish friend my age, but they’re moving in a few months. Spiritually, I’ve been feeling kinda isolated. The only way I really get to connect to my Judaism nowadays is through my research.

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