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Today was the end of May. On the last the of a month I always take some time to reflect. I go over the list of my monthly goal, try to understand why I could not reach some of them. I also take time to write a new list of things I want to reach the coming month. So I wrote a list of long term goals for June and tried to figure out what goals are reachable and which ones I should probably break down into smaller tasks and goals that are achieveable within a month. I also kept reading “Becoming”. I don’t know why it takes me so much time to get through it, especially because I find it extremely inspiring because I find myself in the same situation as early parts of the book describe. So I will keep on reading even though I already missed the point of reading it in May (which was actually part of the reading challenge I am doing). Speaking of the reading challenge I also reserved the book for June from the library, so that I only have to go and check it out next week.



I decided that today it was time to leave the house again. So I went to a coffee shop near my home. Actually I wanted to check out a book from the library but half way there I realized that I forgot my ID at home. So I will check out the book tomorrow. To not lose time that is needed a lot today I went straight to the coffee shop to start working. 

To Do for today: 

1. Read chapter for class 

2. Finish reading book for M.A. theoretical framework 

3. Research more on chapter for theoretical framework 

4. If I have time left, finish writing chapter of own book 

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30/May/2020 - Saturday morning

Hello my loves,

I wanted to write a long blog post but when I looked at the pictures that I didn’t take this week I realised that it would be boring. I still want to share some bits and bobs.

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Yesterday I took it slow, I only read through my Esaay again and than submitted it. Afterwards I read some texts for my lecture. Also, I read the rest of a book about the history of racism that I need for the theoretical framework of my M.A. thesis. 



As it is firday, it was time for my online lecture about the history of Rock and Roll again. Today it was about the final years of the Beatles. Also My goal for today is finally finishing “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, because it is the book I need to finish for my 2020 Reading Challenge. 

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just a little thing i wanted to share, im officially graduating this year and im so happy that i finally made it. i crossed out my birth name because i hate it, but this is what i looked like a couple months ago. anyway, ion know if this’ll get any recognition but if there are any 2020 graduates out there on here, just know that im proud of all of you, and all of you are amazing. you guys made it, even if you guys are making it in a pandemic.

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After a productive and happy Saturday, I was ready for Sunday, looking forward to staying focused and actually enjoying what I do and study. And I did.



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There are so many pictures I have taken the past few days that I haven’t uploaded. I may drop some in the next few days. I hope that you are doing well!


This picture was taken yesterday, when we explored two lakes close to our home. I haven’t explored nature  in months and we were so happy to finally stop working and go outside. The sun felt amazing.

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