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#graham hill
k-ky · 2 days ago
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DONT forget the real OG British f1 driver that defied gender expectations fashion wise: Graham Hill
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frenchcurious · 4 months ago
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Graham Hill and Jim Clark : 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1968. (ph. Pinterest). - source UK Racing History.
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crownedstoat · 25 days ago
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Graham Hill in the BRM P83 with the H16 engine
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blackswaneuroparedux · 5 months ago
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I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush.
- Graham Hill, winner of the Formula One race at Monaco 1968
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patresetribute · 18 days ago
For vintage F1 fans... Just some guys enjoying a drink in Silverstone (1968)
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1337wtfomgbbq · a month ago
Niki: What is the most usefull lie you ever told your kids?
Graham: I told my kids that every time they lie a star appears on their forehead that only a grownup can see. So every time they lie to me they cover up their forehead.
Niki: You're a damn genius.
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f1-blog-posts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Graham Hill, Brabham-Ford BT34, 1971 German GP, Nürburgring
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k-ky · 2 months ago
Cameos of other drivers in Rush (2013)
I love retro F1 sm and when I saw Rush I was trying to identify all the drivers in the background. And then I really put in the effort and did so much research on trying to identify the drivers lol bc I love them sm. So here are the drivers from the 1976 grid that I spotted so far! If I missed any or you think I got someone wrong, don't hesitate to tell me!
I tried so hard lmao it got a bit inconsistent later on bc drivers back then would change their overalls halfway through their season lol.
Drivers featured are: Tom Pyrce, Jody Scheckter, Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi, Patrick Depailler, Graham Hill, Jochen Mass, John Watson, Jacques Laffite, Gunnar Nilsson, Carlos Reutemann, Guy Edwards, Michel Leclere, Ronnie Peterson, Bob Evans, Harald Ertl, Chris Amon, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Arturo Merzario, Jean Pierre Jarier,
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wheelsgoroundincircles · 2 months ago
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Pedro Rodriguez (Cooper-Maserati T81) Graham Hill (Lotus-BRM 33), Monaco, 1967.
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frenchcurious · 3 months ago
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Jim Clark discute avec Graham Hill au Grand Prix De Belgique - Spa-Francorchamps 1967 (ph. © Jangoux). - source UK Racing History.
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blackswaneuroparedux · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For a driver, the excitement of racing is controlling the car within very fine limits. It's a great big balancing act, motor racing. It's having the car broken away and drifting and doing exactly as you want it to do and getting around the corner as quickly as you can, and knowing that you've done it, and hoping that it is better than anyone else has done. You are aiming at perfection and never actually getting it. Now and then you say, "That's it. That's how I want to do that corner. Now beat that, you bastards." This is the essence of racing, and at this, Jimmy, in his era, was unsurpassed.
- Graham Hill (two time F1 World Champion) on his team mate and rival Jim Clark (two time F1 World Champion)
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hurricanewindattack · 3 months ago
Nine days in summer! Shame that this is only available for free on vimeo at 360p, but man what a watch. (shameless self-plug for my paper model of the subject of this series, the Lotus 49)
The subject: crisp docu about the 1967 F1 season and Ford-Cosworth's trials and tribulations in developing the world-beating DFV engine! It's not technical at all though, it's more focused on the 9 races they entered the then-new Lotus 49 in, with Jim and Graham driving (hence the name). Works as a fantastic season overview with a specific focus on Team Lotus.
The footage: my oh my the footage is fantastic even at 360p! From the absolutely creative transitions to the cool opening sequence to the beautiful period race footage. What's fantastic is that this wasn't made like an afterthought with footage collected from the season thrown together. There are what seems like enacted sequences of boardroom discussions with Colin Chapman and Keith Duckworth (I refuse to believe the meetings were actually that whimsical) and there is the narration. I will someday buy it and watch it in HD, that's for sure!
The music: aggressively '60s and absolutely delightful!
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teenagedirtstache · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
L’Uomo Vogue photo archive from the 2005 summer sport issue
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gufettogrigio · 2 months ago
Of tiny Scotts, illegible menus and Graham's patience
When you shove together a mismatch of larger-than-life-personalities, all with their odd quirks and idiosyncrasies and often running more on adrenaline than rationality...well, things are bound to go horribly wrong from time to time.
The concerning part is that things don’t usually go wrong between Jim and Jackie.
“See if A help ye wi choosin yer clothes again.” - Jackie is screaming by the time Graham is summoned to the scene - “Ye can gae oot nakit for aw A care!”
Jim looks mortally offended. Or as mortally offended as someone who seems to be trying to disappear under the table can look. “It was once! It's not my fault you canae read.”
“It's no ma fault ye canae make a decision tae save yerself.”
Graham winches. “Have you people tried to stop them?”
Jochen nods. “Tried, yes. We gave up when the only words we could understand were ‘fucking wank-stain’.”
"Please tell me that was Jackie."
Piers, Jochen and Jacky look panickedly at each other. Then at the floor. Jacky shakes his head.
Oh, well - Graham thinks as he plasters his best Mr Monaco smile on his face. They could always get the restaurant staff to call the police. For murder or attempted murder...mostly depending on how fast he can get the menu out of Jackie's hands.
Tiny Scotts are vicious creatures. But they are tiny. And fairly sturdy. So Graham plucks the menu away from Jackie and shoulders him unceremoniously into the booth. The element of surprise is on his side - so he has about thirty seconds before Jackie realizes that he is the closest to the complementary water and Jim that Graham is not tall enough for his feet to reach all the way across the booth so he could, theoretically, still kick Jackie in a shin.
“Can I get in on whatever this is?” - Graham asks, pleasantly. There’s an exchange of glares then Jackie flips open the menu while Jim finishes merging with the booth’s upholstery.
Jackie points to the menu. “Is this a p or a b?”
“I think it’s a q.” - Graham says, squinting at the menu. He is starting to see the problem.
He flip the page. Then he flips the following one. Then the one after that. He squints again at the third page - the double, flowery cursive on the page is positively giving him a headache. The red and light orange palette on marbled creamy background isn’t helping. Nor is it the fact that by page five of the bloody thing Graham has yet to reach the desserts. Who needs this much choice in their life? Not him.
He snaps the menu close, flagging down a waitress.
“Can we get the three least ordered items on the menu, please?” - he asks, smiling warmly at the terrified woman. The two squirming Scotts freeze.
“Graham…” - Jim whimpers - “Please no.”
Jackie nods, frantically. “Last time ye did that the cheese was alive.”
Graham grins, handing the menus back to the waitress. “You make your bed, you lie in it. What can be worse than a poor sheep’s stomach filled with its own entrails, after all?”
What he doesn't say as two murderous stares train on him, it's that he doesn't exactly plan to stick around long enought to find out, though.
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1337wtfomgbbq · a month ago
The kids staying at Graham's turned out quite amazing right. Especially considering that just one mistake would have ended in desaster.
Like, imagine if Graham hadn't gotten Jim involved as his back up:
At the spa, five hours after leaving the kids at Graham's:
Niki and James are having a grand old time. So far they were swimming, soaked in a hot tub and had a massage.
But Niki won't be Niki if he wouldn't worry about Graham's safety.
Niki: Let me just check if he called.
James: Niki, I will bash your phone so help me.
Niki: Just let me check, okay.
James huffs: Fine.
Niki checks his phone and sees that he has three missed calls.
First one, from Ronnie: Hey guys, just wanted to check in and let you know that Patrick ended up at my place if you're wondering. He just turned up on my doorstep soaking wet, with a blanket. *voices in the background * Well, no you can't really- Hold on. Anyways, call me when you get back.
Niki looks bewildered, and even James lifts his head.
The second message if from François: Ey Niki, just to let you know but two of you and James' kids are here and soaking wet. I don't know which ones-
Jackie's voice: Pretty sure Alain and Ayrton with the way they're yelling at each other.
François: Alain and Ayrton. Anyways, call us when you guys get back.
The last call was from Jacky, who sounds totally frantic: I got your kids in my house. I don't know how they got inside. My doors are locked, my windows are shut, and I'm pretty sure I heard something break. *grumbles * You're gonna pay for that by the way. *children screaming in the background *
They head to Jacky's first because his call sounded like a straight up hostage situation. They find him in the kitchen, being forced to bake René a cake who holds him at super-soaker-point.
In the end James and Niki are also forced to help bake the cake, and only after its completion does René allow them to leave for Jackie and Francois place.
It turns out that François managed to stop Alain and Ayrton from fighting by trying to teach them to play something, anything, on the piano.
As they're heading to Ronnie's place they come across Jochen and a sopping wet Riccardo, Jochen admitting that he almost hit Riccardo with his car, while Riccardo holds his hand and mumbles that he was just looking for Jochen.
Finally at Ronnie's, they find him in a deep technical conversation with Patrick.
Having seen enough Niki and James take their kids, and their kids victims, and head to Graham's house.
At Graham's place they are greeted by the afore mentioned driver opening the door to them and a surprisingly clean house.
Niki actually sees Nelson frantically cleaning a window, Elio watering plants and Jacques mopping the kitchen floor.
James: Okay, what's going on here.
Graham: Oh, we're just playing among us in real life.
All the other grown ups: ???
Graham explains that he found the idea online after agreeing to watch the kids for the day.
He would have the kids all pick a little paper slip that told them if they were a crew mate or an imposter, and set their tasks as being the chores he wanted to have done around the house.
Every kid would also get a blanket or towell they would lay under once they were killed.
And every kid that was voted out by the others would get tossed into the pool, before revealing if they were an imposter or not.
Which explained why Riccardo, Alain and Patrick were all soaking wet.
Graham: Okay, I'll admit I didn't really thought about what to do with the kids once they became 'ghosts'.
Jackie, François, Jacky and Ronnie: *glaring at him *
Graham: Come on, they weren't that bad.
Jacky: That one *points at René * broke my patio door and threatened me with a super soaker into baking him a cake.
François: Riccardo? *looks at Jackie for confirmation * Riccardo was almost run over by Jochen.
Graham: But he was ultimately looking for Jochen so...-
Niki, James, Jackie, François, Jacky, Ronnie and Jochen glare at him and Graham quickly shuts up.
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f1-blog-posts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Graham Hill, Lotus-Ford 49B, 1968 Monaco Grand Prix
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