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#grain faces
deep-dark-fears · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Wallflowers. A fear submitted by Jasper to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!
You can find signed books and original artwork in my Etsy store!
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389 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Thibaut Grevet
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larryreceipts · 9 months ago
i have friends in the music industry and ive heard through a stunted, broken teleophone grapevine (so take it with a massive grain of salt) that harry and louis host a board game night once a month ish with their friends and people they want to get to know and louis and harry play charades and they (as a team) ALWAYS win because they have ten years of inside jokes and references under the belt and they demolish everybody else at this game
this sounds so much like them
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solareidolon · 5 months ago
thinking about how michael’s corridors were an inexplicable maze of curves and twists while helen’s looked like a vaguely unassuming hotel
thinking about how michael focused more on years long campaigns of hallucination-based terror while helen’s specialty was convincing her enemies she was a friend and a safe place
thinking about how michael’s becoming was a much more violent and devastating affair, completely stripping him of his autonomy while helen made her choice within the distortion to open that door
thinking about how the very effects applied to the voices within the podcast reflect michael’s conflicted nature in contrast to helen’s steady goals
thinking about how each of the faces of the distortion have a unique perspective within the fear and it shows
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u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum · 2 months ago
you know what’s an instant turn off? messy eaters. like sir pls wipe that sauce off your lips or i will throw this tissue box at you 😐
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infinitewarden · 6 months ago
I've got my own thoughts on the supposed "leak" but I'm not going to share them here or anywhere public until the plot progresses real time
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bmpmp3 · 2 months ago
so i was watching the new mlp movie and with kids movies and kids media in general, one thing i like to do as an adult is try to view it from the perspective of: “would i like this if i was a kid” ‘cause like, obviously i also think about if adult me likes it too or if i think its well made but a kids movie is made for kids so it should be appealing to them first and foremost right? in my opinion at least
anyway yeah i always like to keep in the back of my mind the opinions of my 10 year old self while watching childrens movies but like also. if i was 3rd grader in 2021 and i saw A New Generation i absolutely would have watched this movie a lot but specifically so i could play out a way more serious and melodramatic high stakes version of the story and worldbuilding with my toys as i was watching. i would have made the antagonist some big menacing shadowy king of whatever and there would be at least 4 main character death fakeouts (possibly an actually death but maybe they got brought back through the magic of pokemon tears or something). the main character would have been replaced with a talking cat with fairy wings (dont worry about it) who solves all the problems and gets all the magic powers ever.
so maybe i should take my 10 year old self’s opinions with a grain of salt? or maybe that kid was right. maybe that is what childrens media should be like
#i wrote a disney fairies fanfic exactly like that when i was like 9. talking cat main character included. she had every talent.#i think i still have the word doc somewhere jdksfjfsds i dont think i got past 1 'chapter' (2 paragraphs in 72 size font) tho#girl my tastes as a kid were so like dramatic. stop being quirky and cute mr cartoon character the evil lord is coming to kill us all#i didnt want any grounded in reality low stakes shit i wanted high concept high fantasy i wanted drama i wanted BLOOD#straight up i think the reason i liked bratz rock angelz more than any other doll based movies was cause the like climax?#in the subway with evil simon cowell was pretty intense so it like bumped it up for me despite it being relatively grounded. sorta#i dont remember a lot of specifics of that movie sorry fsdkjfk#anyway my thoughts on the new mlp movie: it seems fine#it feels incredibly dated like both musically and conceptually like a relic from 2018 and im not so sure about the character designs still#(i like it mostly but i dunno about the lips and how forward facing the eyes are. the heart hooves are great)#(the toy designs look okay but i wouldntve liked them if i was a kid. i didnt like g3 as a kid tho so like)#(take child me's opinion with a grain of salt lol i woulda liked g2 a lot and maybe g4... only the small ones (lps kid))#(also i think hitch should have been a different colour or maybe a more green shade of yellow rn he looks too much like sunny imo)#it leans kind of heavy on g4 lore and im not so sure about that but maybe in the age of streaming it aint too bad#i know i definitely woulda found that fun as a kid like ooouuugh same world but like hundreds of years apart ouuuughhhhhh yes#what ruins will we explore....familiar ruins......loved that shit as a kid (and also now tbh)#the plot was pretty rushed since they were doing so much to set everything up in 90 minutes but eh its not the worst#the plot itself....not so sure about all these prejudice allegory fantasy stories chief. im sure they can be done well but man.#it is very easy to fumble the ball with this kinda thing. this one specifically didnt feel like the worst one ive seen at least#like i said i would have watched this movie a lot as a kid tho so yknow hdjklfjdskldf#like the thing is i would have noticed its a little weak in a lot of areas and i think because of that i would watch it specifically to#play out my own stories with my toys and flesh out the weaker parts with the little nuggets of worldbuilding they gave us#thats what happened with the first tinkerbell movie (its not a bad movie by any means but you gotta admit its the weakest)#(its like a tv pilot episode plot in movie form) when i was 8 like i knew it was flawed#kids can tell. but sometimes they like flawed stuff anyway dlksjfkdlsfd#and on the opposite end theres lots of kids media i think is very good and maybe i even like it now as an adult but like i would have HATED#as a kid like i did not like courage the cowardly dog as a kid. i didnt get it. i think its good now (although it still doesnt grab me orz)#and like i liked adventure time as a kid but i didnt like the direction it went it it was too mature for me#and man. steven universe is great. i would have loathed it as a kid jdksjfds too introspective for little me qwq#i dunno its interesting to think about sometimes! kids tastes can be complicated
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