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#grammarly insights
thebibliosphere · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, that’s a pleasant milestone to reach!
I know I said it was my goal to write less than a million words this year and take better care of my hands, but uhm, yeah. Sort of ballsed that up. In my defence, lots of folks with long-covid have been emailing me looking for resources and uh, yeah. Didn’t really know how to say no to any of that :/
The good news is my ring splints are doing a good job of protecting my fingers, and typing is no longer complete agony. Still hurts if I'm not careful, but I’m getting better at learning my limits and also recognizing the signs that I’m disassociating to avoid pain. So that is good.
Anyway, back to writing the fun stuff :D
Image ID: Two screencaps taken from Grammarly. The top one is on a green background, the letter “G” embedded in a golden square with the numbers 104 to denote 104 weeks of tracked writing. The top white text reads, “Gutenbergian,” while the bottom white text reads, “Two years of nonstop writing is an achievement to marvel. Keep this up and you may just change the world.”
The bottom sreencap is white with purple text, and the stalled image of a bread sandwich being pressed together. The text reads: 5,993,036 total words checked by Grammarly since Sep 15, 2019 (48,018 last week)
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galaxythreads · a month ago
Me: *happily working on a chapter* 
Grammarly, after correcting me wrongly A LOT: 
Tumblr media
Me: It’s a freaking chapter, you stupid program. It’s supposed to be 24 pages, you cretin, LEAVE ME ALONE. 
Tumblr media
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nanowrimo · 4 months ago
5 Tips for Finishing Your Novel
Tumblr media
April’s session of Camp NaNoWriMo is drawing to a close, and you might find yourself nearing the end of your novel. If you need some tips on writing and polishing the ending of your story, author Derek Murphy is here to share a few! Plus, you can check out the rest of our novel-finishing resources on our #NaNoFinMo page. 
You won NaNoWriMo and have a 50k collection of scenes and sentences, but how do you clean it up and get it done? How do you make sure it’s finished, satisfying and enjoyable? Here are 5 powerful strategies for finishing your novel and some helpful writing tips that will push you past the finish line.
1. Give it a satisfying resolution.
In order to have a powerful story, your book should probably focus on a main character’s change or transformation. There’s an inner war, a.k.a. the character’s emotional healing, and an outer war: the conflict that forced the reckoning. If it’s a purely symbolic internal realization, you can mirror that with actual conflict in the real scene: the breaking of a dish, a fit of rage, a sudden ray of sunlight (or a storm… this should not be pleasant; It’s a breaking point and spiritual death/rebirth).
You can clarify the moment of change by setting up an illustrative contrast, a before and after, that shows how those internal changes have resulted in real-world consequences or benefits. Each character’s unique challenge will match their personal weakness or fear. The price for victory is the one thing they have so far refused to do, or something they cannot give up or bear to lose.
Make sure your protagonist has gone through a transformative struggle to arrive at deep insights, knowledge or awareness. Find a way to deepen the incidental scenes so that they become instrumental to a deeper purpose, leading towards an identity-shifting event.
The plot is what happens, and it’s important. But you can make it more dramatic and meaningful by making sure you demonstrate how hard it was and what it cost. It matters, it is remarkable, because it forced your protagonist to change.
Your conclusion might include:
Physical tension as allies perform a tug-of-war battle against resistance, that shows how difficult this struggle is, and how much force is required.
The consideration phase, as characters are tempted last minute or the price for victory is revealed: the sweet memories that give them awareness that this fight is worth the cost or risk (you need to show them making the choice, knowing what they will lose).
The final flashback, as the full backstory is revealed so we can see exactly why this conflict is so difficult or meaningful for the main character.
2. Add (unresolved) conflict.
Your story is made up of the events and scenes, where something happens. Each new event will push the characters further into the plot. Slow scenes where nothing is really happening can be red flags, so the first thing to focus on is increasing conflict, drama, suspense and intrigue. This is what creates urgency. The full reveal, demonstrating why THIS challenge is so difficult and powerful, should happen just before the final battle or resolution.
You want to make sure every scene, especially in your conclusion, has enough conflict. I recommend these three:
Outer Conflict (threats): Challenges or obstacles that prevent the character from achieving goals.
Inner Conflict (doubts): Moral struggles, decisions, guilt or shame, anger.
Friendly Fire (betrayal): Strong disagreements between allies or supporting characters. 
You want to extend and deepen the potential conflict, without resolving it too easily. The biggest destroyer of conflict is conversation: when your characters just sit around and talk to each other. Most conflict involves a lack of information, and a desire for clarity. A lot of conflict is perceived or imagined.
The most important information needs to come last, and come at a great price. The information that has an emotional impact, and influences their actions and decisions, should be big reveals at dramatic peaks. A surprise or twist should be treated as an event: each scene is leading towards a change or new piece of information that provokes the protagonist to respond.
3. Fill plot holes with character motivation.
After you’ve made sure that “what actually happens” is intriguing (opening questions and raising tensions without resolving them) you can focus on making sure the plot holes are filled, and characters are properly motivated – these two things are usually adjacent.
You can find and fill plot holes by asking:
Why are the characters doing this?
Why does any of it matter?
Basically, readers need to respect the main characters enough to care what happens to them, so their choices and actions need to make sense within the given information. If there’s a simpler, easier solution, readers will get stuck up on “why didn’t they just…”? To fix plot holes and gaps in logic or continuity, or make the story go where you need it to, you can add urgency, fix the mood of the scene (bigger stakes require bigger justifications), show characters in a weakened mental state, or raise concerns but have them dismissed, with an excuse or justification.
You need rational characters to make plausible choices that lead to dire consequences. You need show why they don’t do something easier, or nothing at all, or why they face clear challenges, despite potential obstacles.
They’ll also require a deeper motivation, for why they’re willing to put themselves in identity-destroying conflict, rather than just giving up or running away. Why do they stay in THIS fight, when they’ve run from similar ones? If they weren’t ready at the beginning, why are the ready now – what changed in them, as a result of your story’s journey?
Your protagonist needs to have a strong, consistent internal compass, and it needs to be revealed through incidents that establish their character. This is who they are. Without this reliable core identity, we won’t be able to tell a story that forces them to change. 
4. Let readers picture your story with detailed description.
In the final stages of revision, you can begin improving the description with specific details.
It’s smart to start – or end – a chapter with a vivid, immediate scene. You want to leave readers with an image they can see in their minds, hopefully connected to the feeling you aim to evoke. You can close a chapter with a reference back to a motif or image, with a deeper or more reflective context; applying meaning to the metaphor. This will help readers feel engaged, be moved, and leave a lasting impact.
Vivid scenes are mostly a matter of detailed description, so add the specifics about the story environment. Be precise, not vague. Instead of “she put a plate of tea and snacks on the table” you can write “she gently placed an antique porcelain teapot on the table. I could smell it was Earl Grey from the scent of bergamot. The half-sleeve of Oreos and can of onion-flavored Pringles seemed incongruous with the fancy dishes, but I knew she was making an effort to welcome me.”
Focus on the sensations and feelings; but also zero-in on any potential sources of conflict or internal emotions or states of mind. In my example above, the host might be nervous or ashamed of her spread; or perhaps she has a degenerative brain disease and doesn’t notice the incongruity. Tensions are unspoken, potential sources of negative feelings. They hover in the background of your description.
Readers will remember the pictures you put in their heads, not the words on the page.
Description should serve and be bound to the story, not distract from it.
It should be squeezed into and around the scene action, when the protagonist is using or exploring.
Show what’s different, not what’s the same.
Leave space for readers to fill in the gaps, but get them started in the right direction so they aren’t surprised later.
Sidenote: be careful about your metaphors, analogies and similes. Each one will put a picture into readers’ minds, and it can quickly get overcrowded with imagery. You’re asking them to ignore your real scene and think of something else. Use them to confirm and amplify the scene you have, and limit distractions.
5. Prepare to publish.
Typos are bad, but perfectionism will ruin you. This section is about editing and proofreading, but I don’t have time for all that, and you don’t either. The real problem with a story is rarely the number of typos. A very clean book isn’t better if people stop reading.
You can solve a lot of common writing problems, with my big list of 25 common writing mistakes, and self-edit your manuscript to make it as good as possible. After that, a copyeditor or proofreader isn’t always the best investment (and it can also be the biggest publishing cost).
Instead, use an editing software (I like Grammarly) to root out obvious mistakes, but don’t dwell on the small stuff like perfecting every word or rearranging the commas. Spending a very long time wrestling a poorly-written manuscript in shape is less effective than getting something (actually) done to the point where you’re comfortable sharing it.
This may be difficult at first, but you can’t learn and improve without genuine reader feedback (from people who aren’t your mom or best friend; nor the short-sighted opinions of a self-proclaimed literature enthusiast). You need to find readers who enjoy your particular genre, and the sooner you find them, the more valuable feedback you can get.
Shorten the feedback loop: Get over the fear and focus on learning by getting feedback early and often. However, this doesn’t just mean joining a writer’s club: writers are brutal and might focus on trivial things. The safest bet is to make it public, on Wattpad at least. Or get a cheap cover and throw it up on Kindle, Draft2Digital or even your own blog.
Making it public is scary and vulnerable, but it’s better than letting the fear of messing up keep you from the brutal, necessary experience of allowing readers to tell you what they liked and disliked about your writing. Will some people be critical? Yes! But guess what, you’ll get negative reviews even if you’re a brilliant, famous writer. Those are inevitable. And the first negative reviews may teach you more about writing than 10 years attempting to self-edit, afraid of putting your book out into the world.
PS. You can use resources, like my 24-chapter plot outline, as a way to spot story gaps in your manuscript and improve the structure (especially if your book suffers from a “soggy middle.)
Tumblr media
Derek Murphy has a PhD in Literature, writes urban fantasy and is the founder of the alliance of young adult authors. More recently, he’s started sharing writing tips on
Top photo by Adegbenro Emmanuel Dipo on Unsplash.
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thoughts-ofawriter · 4 months ago
“i write for the escape” sounds very fancy and it’s true but i also write so that i get my weekly insights email from grammarly
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ajrblog-com · 2 days ago
Best way to correct spelling in online
How to improve grammar online free?
The best way to improve grammar online is Grammarly tools and software.
What Does Grammarly Do?
Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you check for several types of errors.
Grammar and punctuation
It detects grammar and punctuation mistakes – basic to advanced. It also provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes, for example, errant commas.
Spell check
It’s also a robust spell-check tool that keeps your writing mistake-free.
Grammarly detects plagiarism, by comparing your writing to billions of web pages across the web. This is useful for anyone writing essays, freelance writers, editors, and content publishers.
Writing style
It will also help you self-edit your work by providing real-time insights about your Grammarly readability score, sentence length, and so on. This is extremely helpful for adapting your genre-specific writing style for a particular audience.
Grammarly scans clunky sentences, paragraphs and passages. Then, using AI technology it will propose rewrites that are more concise and clearer for the reader. I’ve yet to find a comparable feature in another writing tool.
## Who Is This Grammar Checker Good For?
Grammarly is useful for both native English speakers and those who don't write in the English language that often. People who use Grammarly include:
Bloggers-Content marketers and copywriters
Authors-Academics interested in plagiarism detection
Any business professional who wants to draft an accurate report, presentation, email or social media post.
Students-Anyone who writes in English often
For details you can read this blog-Grammarly Review: how to improve grammar online free (2021)
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tickly-trashcan · 29 days ago
my current motivation: grammarly insights telling me i’m productive
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pastelbear12 · 4 months ago
@bee-s-honey asked : Hii, If I could play the f/os game:
looks wise: I'm a 5'2 brunette and my hair is naturally really curly but still goes down to the end of my back mostly. It normally has color in it. Anything from purple to green or pink, maybe blue or red. I have a really fast metabolism so I have nothing curves wise at all. My eyes are green with a dark green circle around the more Foresty color, and I normally wear skimpy versions of dark academia clothing I guess. I like wearing thigh high socks and normally my favorite high waisted brown plaid shorts that look like a skirt, and I love jewelry like necklaces or rings!
Personality: My personality type is INFP but I was this close 🤏 to putting that in the mental illness section really. I'm very very passionate about when I have a goal or like something (which conflicts horribly with adhd and. Everything else about me). I'm kind of an impulsive people pleaser, and I don't normally plan to be until I'm faced with something. I get Interested in random topics and end up filling notebooks with them and studying them. Certain things like astrology, color theory, herbology, literature analysing, and psychology- mainly in the mental disorder area. I love to talk about the things I love and you'd think my obsessive oversharing would make me prone to manipulation but no it's definitely the people pleasing. I romanticize everything ever and get really happy when one particular thing I like happens, like when the moon looks good or if it's summer and it's finally g r e e n again instead of ugly winter. I end up getting all giddy like a kid. This also includes any act of kindness. My love language is technically EVERYTHING (but really words of affirmation are at least necessary). I'm simultaneously the most confident person in my identity ever and also the one who seems to have the least knowledge on it. I sometimes seem to have many unless you've known me long enough to connect all of them into one.
Mental illness or "quirks": I have ADHD and undiagnosed but definitely present Maladaptive daydreaming disorder. Due to the RSD and way ADHD affects experience I have a lot of odd trauma things. Some are more self-esteem wise and just never feeling good enough at all or whatever, other things is like authority hatred and paranoia about house noises and cars I don't know coming to close to my only place of un-masking. I have many turmoils I have to face but I think one of the worst for doing my goals or hobbies at all is turning something that was supposed to be fun into something I have to be perfect at every time, and I end up giving up because it looses everything and makes me feel tired. My mind never stops and I'm constantly thinking of ideas and more ideas, which paired with my studying habit makes me seem like a know-it-all dick even though I really just want to be able to talk. I don't get enough time to share my thoughts, so when I do I end up spilling everything out at once. Like right now.
Random facts about me that change nothing: I LOVE pickles and salt and vinegar chips because I'm just slightly allergic and it makes me face hot without the redness it's lowkey good. My unhealthy addiction is redbull and I was doing so good until I started liking myself again and decided I'd rather die fast with a good taste than wait a long time without that horrible amazing crack drink. My favorite color is any shade of purple, and my favorite number is 3.
I just want to love and talk and create all the types of art, and I want to have fun, and I like a lot of praise.
And I'm wondering what Kurapika, Hisoka, and Chrollo would think of me 🤔 I'm so sorry if this was too long!
Tumblr media
WHOA- HEY!!! Of course you could!! I didn't expect someone would describe themself this detailed!! 🤎 don't be sorry, the more details the better 😙 *drumrolls*
Kurapika would find your competitiveness, curiosity and perfectionism as something admirable
Hisoka would consider you as an absurd person (semi-complimentary)
Chrollo would find you endearing and interesting
Kurapika would be amazed by how you could enthusiastically find out and even spent so much time finding out something that made you curious. You would have the opportunity to hang out and chat for a long time with him if you knew a lot about the things Kurapika likes, but unfortunately Kurapika wouldn't bother and would immediately leave if you start to veer away from the main topic or ramble a lot when talking to him. Kurapika prefers someone to just say their intentions and desires in the shortest yet detailed possible way (grammarly can help lmao), so don't be surprised if he cut you off in the middle when you start to veer away from the original topic. But he wouldn't change to dislike you and would certainly consider you as someone who deserved thumbs up because of your persistence in finding out about something. He would get upset if he saw you not taking care of yourself though, considers things like eating food that is completely unhealthy or will even make you sick and uncomfortable as something strange and useless, childish even
Whereas Hisoka would think of you as a little absurd, judging by you who often think of something that should only be enjoyed as something fun as something you should do perfectly, because he acts the opposite way, taking things that should be taken seriously as something he only does for fun. He honestly wouldn't really care about you being easily attracted to random topics and would just leave you just like that, not bothering to hear you talking about something you like. Even so he would simply consider yourself a perfectionist as one of the strengths in yourself, curious about how far you would sacrifice your effort and time to make something that you are doing as perfect as possible.
Lastly, Chrollo would see himself in you. Chrollo himself is easily attracted to many things, thirsty for new knowledge and experiences, so when he saw that you are happy to find out many things, and wouldn't even hesitate to talk about it to other people as something adorable and cool. He wouldn't refuse to hear you chatter, and add his own thoughts to the topic. He would also definitely fall for your appearance, but a large part of the reason he was genuinely attracted to you was because of your broad insights. Praises would come out of Chrollo's mouth every time, so don't worry too much 😙😙
Pastel games
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bakugosbreathmint · 2 months ago
ooo congrats on 100! do you mind doing no.12 with atsushi nakajima?
Request #4
Follower Event: #12, Atsushi
Hey bestie!!, I totally got excited about this because Atsushi’s so cute! He’s a baby that needs to be protected >:(. I hope you have a good day!!
Tumblr media
#12, Atsushi
“And I was crying on the staircase, begging you please don’t go,” - Love Story, Taylor Swift
Atsushi was a servant of the Royal Family
And you were the son of the king and queen
A little bit of a backstory for ‘Sushi
The Royal Family always got their servants from the orphanages, only getting them from the ages of 7 to 12, when they’re impressionable and won’t talk back
Poor Atsushi was recently orphaned after the people who adopted him realized they couldn’t take care of him
So the Royal Advisor that went to adopt new servants looked at the depressed, traumatized ten-year-old and was like “score!”
When Atsushi was brought back to the palace, he was surprised to see a royal right as he walked through the big, looming doors
You were reading on the huge, elaborately detailed, staircase that separated and headed off into two different ones at the top
Atsushi was instantly curious, wanting to get to know you
Atsushi stood in your doorway. He was angry, sad, confused, and more than all, devastated. Hot tears streamed down his red flushed cheeks. His hands clenched and unclenched as he looked down, closing his eyes.
“Atsushi..” You stand up from your bed. You slowly approached the crying boy. Putting a hand on his shoulder, not missing the subtle flinch, you pull him into the room. You then closed the door.
“Why…?” Atsushi paused, his voice cracking as he turned to look at you, “Why is this happening to you? To us?”
You felt your own tears prick your eyes as you shook your head, “It’s tradition-”
“Screw tradition!” Atsushi lashed out, putting his palms to his eyes.
Blinking in slight shock, you knew Atsushi didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. On that note, Atsushi was always good to you. He was helpful, going far out of his way to help you with you stressful life. He always lent an ear during stressful times, or when you didn’t have any control of your life.
\You frowned, walking up to him. You grabbed each of his wrists, gently taking them away from his face.
“This is because I’m going to be set for an arranged marriage, right?” You ask, noticing tears in Atsushi’s still shut eyes. They were glistening, like the morning dew off of a leaf in the morning. Silently, he nodded. ‘Do you happen to have feelings for me?”
At that question, Atsushi stiffened. A punk flush overtook his face as he opened his eyes.
“W-well…” Atsushi stuttered and trailed off, not able to look you in the eye.
Biting you lip, you sigh, “I see.”
A few days later you found Atsushi sitting on the staircase outside of the stalls. He had his head in his hands, leaning on his knees.
It was well after dinner, and the sun was setting. It illuminated Atsushi’s gray hair, and the illumination ended when you stepped in front of him.
You guess he noticed your presence because he looked up, his yellow and magenta eyes glistened from previously shed tears. He was grieving for a relationship that was too one-sided, and you felt guilt. Because, truly, it wasn’t so one-sided.
“Atushi,” you crouch down in front of him. “I talked to my parents.”
The boy looked up, confusion in his eyes.
“They said that we could try out being together, would you like that?”
He looked frozen, tears stopping as the light reflected on his rosy cheeks.
“What I’m asking is, will you be my betrothed?”
07/16/21, Grammarly's insights; worried, nervous, and sad
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winedad16 · 6 months ago
So my grammarly insights came in for the next chapter of my story...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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awco · 5 months ago
that boba shit was expired istg 😐😐@peedrop made me drink it if you dont hear from me in 24 hours im dead asf like who tf makes their friend eat expired shit like litterally this is my 13th reason why bro no cap and worst of all peedrop is cosmi now??? like chill ik im hot and cool and all but you dont need to be me... peedrop also made a fucking dad joke like who tf still does that it was this:what do spritners eat before they run nothing they fast. like bruh that is the worst attempt to make yours truly or anyone laugh. you honestly must be stopped. peedrop always does that k-i-s-s-i-n-g 🤞🤞🤞with me and keith. like tf. i dont even like him THAT much. only a littlw. bit. i swear. like imagine simping for someone on discord. nywasysfxh. ily keith. but anyways again. like u sound like a fucking 3rd grader rn. 🌂🌂🌂just stfu. im honestly glad that my last words are going to be ranting about you bcuz ur annoying as fuck. worst of all you spam any one insight. like saying. SAY YOU ARE MY BAKA 😈🔥❗️like stfu. ik i am ur baka but no need too shove it on me. you also use heart emojis way too much. ur like. GOODMORINING BESTIESWEEEE 💕💕💕💕💕💖💞💖💓💖💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💖💞💖 and yes i appreciate that but thats way to many hearts dude. ur so sus. like no one types with that much hearts. another thing is that you Type Like This With Me. bro. just stfu and chill. wait brb i need to piss. ok back. (I DIDNT MEAN FOR THAT TO SOUND INTENSE AND MEAN SORRY DRYSFTG)idgaf that ur not a texan. so just shut up sjsjhsjzb. in cockusion id like to state that ur annoying. thank you for reading. lol jk. i have more. anyways. peedrop should get grammarly. he fucking says “uwu” . that is grammatically incorrect.its actually supposed to be owo lol. peedrop is just so irritateifsjg.
@cassandra who doesnt have tumblr
Tumblr media
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toastyyghostie · a day ago
Editing takes me so long for a few reasons:
1. Initial edit (reworking, cutting).
2. Second edit (more cutting, spell checking).
3. Grammarly edit
4. Final check through.
(1 & 2 take a few days each, 3 & 4 can be done in one day)
And you’d think that after the final check I’d be done, right? Haha.
Bc I write my drafts on Evernote, I have to transfer them over to Wattpad (I used to use Wattpad but my drafts kept disappearing).
But when I transfer over to Wattpad, any italics, bold text, etc, all gets reverted to plain text.
So I have to go through the chapter again to add it all back in.
Then I have to repeat this process for both Ao3 & FF.Net.
And writing on Ao3 and FF.Net is absolute hell. Like, Ao3’s fine, I guess, but writing on FF.Net is like deepthroating a cactus.
Like. I once edited a chapter on FF.Net, saved it, and I checked it and it just reverted the edit.
I write on 3 platforms bc views. But I have literally 11 views on Wattpad lol, and on FF.Net I have something like 700 views? So yeah, that’s why I go through the FF.Net hell.
Ao3’s kinda just that mid-tier site for me. Like, views are decent, writing system’s bearable. Ppl on ao3 are way more likely to engage tho, which is great. It doesn’t let u have covers tho, and I rly like the ALI cover I designed 🥲
FF.Net has great views, it lets u have covers, but that’s abt it. Wattpad has a great writing system and covers but that’s abt it.
Anyway. Ik I don’t have to justify myself with writing length or anything, just wanted to give insight.
And yes I am very obsessive over editing. I just like to feel like what I’m putting out is of a quality I’m proud of. I wouldn’t publish something I’m not saturated with.
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thebibliosphere · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Writing update for the last week. 
My writing goal was to do less than a million words this year. Given we’re six months in and I’ve done roughly 450,000 since January, I’m going to say I’m probably not resting my hands as much as I should be.
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intellijuice · a month ago
Poetry thoughts - on my phone so errors are the phones fault. Thats right I'm passing the blame
Poems and what they mean how they make people feel give us insights into our human minds. In high school poems confused me. The only ones i liked where in fantasy books. Still i never understood them. And so naturally i liked them. The possibility if understanding something is a force as strong as the desire to love someone. Sometimes it is even greater
That said it certainly wasn't a hobby. I was good at it. My english teachers loved my work from primary school till the end of high school. The entire time I was oblivious to this of course and didn't even consider poetry as anything other then an old english thing or even something I was talented at. But every time it came up in english it was my time to shine because grammar was no longer an obstacle. I even now wonder had I not been gifted in creative writing if could if even passed english at all. The best i ever performed at high school and in university was in creative writing and poetry. And this was completely lost on me.
I have wanted to write a book from about the age I learnt how to read. So by that stage i thinking could write my name and that's it. To be in the process of turning that dream if professionally writing that I never believed was actually possible is terrifying. Because most jobs are relatable. People write emails, letters, and product descriptions. They write campaigns, descriptions, terms and conditions, essays, reports, requests, and so on and so on. And a lot of these forms of writing are becoming more and more automated. Grammarly for example is an app that I love, but often have to either compromise it disagree with. And so how many people actually write creatively for a living? And to be critical, how many of those creative writers have hit a creative roadblock?
Most people cannot relate to someone moving through a creative process. It just does not compute. Most artists will know this and share this frustration. That nagging for attention that leaves the air so still you swear you could hear their thoughts drowning out your own if that didn't mean you where crazy. That said we are all guilty of it. Especially struggling artists.
The worst part is it is not their fault. And yet it is not your fault either. You are not a clown for hire. You are not their jester. And so we play the fool, often out of fear of losing ourselves completely to our own art. A sacrifice that will always go unnoticed. Its a cruel world but we are not alone. And so to seek "quite company" is to be around people who can hear you even if they are not listening. Who can see you when you are not watching and can feel you without touching.
These poems i have been writing. They are often refer to you. You are people associated with the feelings. They could be anyone. Unless i am referring ti something that would be personally recognised by the individual. Something only they would know. Otherwise it is about the collection of entities I know.
This is a great way to write. Its efficient. Poetry is in a way all about efficiency. Poetry is telling an entire novel in sentence. It is about more then just the subject. The greatest poems are not written between lovers in vanity. They do not obsess about their desire for self reflection. They are universal and they teach us something unique about being human and where we are in world around us. They do not feed on our emotions without feeding us first.
And since I decided to take poetry seriously and i have been able to understand poems better. I guess as a child they use to mean a lot because your imagination is bigger. And while i like to think that hasn't changed, it is experience that has given me more clarity or insight into what the author was feeling. But we poets need to know that what we write can be interpreted in more ways then we can possibly imagine. And that is not to say that we will not try as that is exactly what we are doing by writing poems. Interpreting one concept within another and. Saying more then just the definition if the words and sentences.
A few nights ago I wrote a poem panel by panel playing around with my new iPad while i wait for the pen. I cannot type or write as fast as I can think and maybe that's the way it is for everyone. But if the ipad can learn my near impossible to decipher handwriting it might be the closest i have ever come.
So i wrote this poem in panels and discovered that the panels say the exact same thing if you read them one way or another. My next experiment will be to shuffle the panels
One if my favourite teachers showed us a technique where you flip to random pages in many different random books. Pick a paragraph or sentence and use them to build a poem. I feel like this applies by the same strange law that we are yet to realize . How does out brain out together abstract concepts and despite a specific meaning being given we understand it even more completely then if we had one because we already accepted the mystery.
I hope this gives some valuable insights and context to my work. I also hope your well and I am always somewhere for you.
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myinklings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Thought I should share some really #FREE resources for you guys to get your hands on and enjoy.
1. CANVA 🖌
This sooper dooper software is totally free, you can edit tons of pictures and make resumes and flyers etc. They do offer a premium account but the free version also serves many purposes.
A grear tool for you SEO things from key words to domain authority, you xan find a lot of insights about data here.
Totally free Video Editing tools, you can almost do all the cool stuff abd animation that a GOOD youtube video has.
Something very benificial while writing as it gives suggestion for correct grammar and let you tone be professional.
This is an awesome one, you can create your own BOOK over here and even publish it with different publishers.
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gallickingun · a year ago
Any tips for new writers you wish you knew when you started posting fanfiction? I’m writing a one shot and I just feel really nervous about putting it up. also love your writing btw! 💕
I can’t eloquently say all of this right now haha but! I’ll do some tips in like bullet format! And thank you, I really appreciate it! Tag me if you want, I’d love to read it! 
Write for characters you love first. It takes some time to get comfortable, and I find that I’m most comfortable when writing about the characters I love most. In BNHA, I started only writing for Bakugou and eventually branched into Kirishima and Todoroki once I felt more confident and secure!
Reach out to people you want to read it. Don’t be shy! If you have favorite writers that you’d love feedback from, send them a DM! I will say that I’ve noticed writers don’t like being tagged in fics unless you’ve interacted with them, so maybe stick to DM’ing in the beginning! Personally, I don’t mind, but I know some people fear that you might be only using them for notes/their follower count. 
Just. Keep. Writing. When you get stumped, when you don’t know what to write, when you don’t know who to write. Just write! I sometimes will actually not know who a certain story is geared for until I start writing, and I use generic pronouns. Once I figure it all out, then I go back and add the details for the specific character the fic is going to be about. It helps me word vomit out my ideas so they’re not stuck in my head!
Make friends! The best thing I did was to have other people to “thirst” with, to talk about my ideas as they popped in my head. It helps you expand on a simple thought and turn it into a whole fic. There are tons of fandom servers, so maybe find one that’s geared toward the fics you want to write, and join! 
Use the proper tags and warning systems. This is kind of self-explanatory, but just make sure you put trigger warnings and warnings of certain themes if you’re going to post anything that isn’t strictly fluffy sfw, even if it’s angst because some people don’t enjoy angst! I would say maybe model your warnings/tags around the AO3 tag system - death, explicit content, certain types of kinks, certain genres, etc. It can keep your readers organized and safe!
Be patient with yourself. Everything you write is an improvement, even if you can’t see it. There will be road blocks and steps backwards, but that only means you have more room to grow and learn. 
Read, read, read. I get better by reading from other writers! There are phrases I never would have thought of to use, descriptors I would have never imagined, had I not read things! It’s important to have your own style, but also be willing to absorb the intellect from other writer’s and adapt your style according to what you liked/didn’t like that they might have done. (With that being said, don’t copy.)
Beta readers! Have someone read over your in process fics and even your finished things to look for grammar mistakes, plot holes, etc. This will not only boost your confidence in the fic, but also allow you to learn to start taking critiques, which is important because anon messages are very empowering to those who might not otherwise “confront” you about your content. 
Take breaks. Writing is supposed to be fun, enjoyable! If you find that it is more of a job, take a step back and take a breather. Write for yourself, write for your friends, and don’t post it, just to give yourself a break from trying to please others.
Use programs like Grammarly in addition to beta readers! It’s a great program that highlights what you want to adjust and change based on personal goals that you set. 
I hope this gave you some insight and/or help! And my inbox/DMs are always open to chat about writing tips and tricks and questions!
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deaddropfred · 10 months ago
Me: I don’t know if it’s worth it to purchase Grammarly Premium. I mean, how much insight could an app really have into my writing?
Tumblr media
Me: Oh damn.
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treefrog203 · 9 months ago
sometimes... sometimes you don’t delete the grammarly insights because they ARE a small form of validation. even if it’s just telling you the vocabulary you used more unique words than 91% of other grammarly users
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vinayakgupta1 · 5 months ago
Grammarly Review 2021
Do you feel humiliated when anybody calls attention to any error in your works? Do you realize how to talk and compose wonderful English? 
Is it true that you are confused about whether your content is ideal for distributing on an online stage? On the off chance that you are additionally one of the individuals who consider such inquiries, you should realize a valuable device to take care of every one of your issues. 
In this review, we will examine the Grammarly Review 2021 in detail. A huge number of individuals are utilizing this application to alter, right, and improve their compositions so it looks proficient. 
Anybody can utilize this application on various stages to get the ideal composing style without committing any errors. On the off chance that you are bad or conversant in English, this device likewise gives fabulous ideas that will improve your language and defeat every one of the linguistic issues.
Overview Of Grammarly
You can find out about this application by its name. It is an awesome instrument that assists you with looking at and editing your substance or text. 
This application checks everything, which makes it amazing in language, spelling, accentuation, and substantially more. There are different choices in dialects to set your data in a particular language. In the event that you are uninformed of strategies to compose amazing English, you can utilize it. 
You can test any content like formal or casual letters, visits, news, expositions, web journals, articles, research papers, messages, or other expert substance. This stage offers different progress capacities to check and address your content to make it blunder free.
Highlights Of Grammarly
Release us through some energizing highlights of this stage that you should think about this application. 
Language structure Mistakes: When you check your content utilizing this instrument, it calls attention to all the punctuation and syntax issues. It can likewise distinguish excess words, dynamic and detached voice, sentence section, subject-action word arrangement, and so forth It gives the best idea to make your substance Grammarly right. On the off chance that you need to know the purposes behind the issues, you can likewise check how your composing disregards English language rules. 
Changes in Punctuation: Sometimes, we miss full stops, commas, illustrative imprints, and substantially more, which needs accentuation in our substance. It is hard to feel the feeling of the composition on the off chance that we miss such things. This device is very useful in giving ideas any place accentuations are absent. 
Checking of Spellings: When we type rapidly, in some cases we compose the erroneous spelling of a word. Some of the time, it is trying to recall intense spellings. This application works extraordinary in light of the fact that it likewise checks your spellings and remedies them consequently. 
Distinguishing Plagiarism: It is important to check the guile of SEO, site, and writing for a blog content. We as a whole take data from different web sources, and it is an absolute necessity to check if it is something very similar or copy sentences. 
Improvement in Vocabulary: If you rehash a similar word more than once and, it doesn't look great. It is fundamental to supplant those words with different words to give a similar significance to the sentence. The application gives each jargon idea that is needed in your substance. 
Check Your Writing Style: There is an alternate style for each kind of substance. The device helps in understanding your style and makes it right. It checks what is absent in your substance and gives ideas to better composition. 
Get Score for Readability: When you utilize this product, you will know how simple or troublesome your substance is for perusers. You can get a score out of 100. You need to accomplish high scores to improve it clear for a wide range of perusers.
Advantages and disadvantages Of Grammarly
Redresses: It is an awesome editor to identify and address every one of the issues. In the event that you are composing a letter to your chief, it ought to be proficient and mistake free. You can utilize this application to set up an ideal letter or other substance. In each business, content is fundamental, which can be proficient just when you utilize a helpful apparatus to make every one of the redresses. 
Give Explanations and Insights: The application is ideal for fixing and cleaning the punctuation botches and giving responses to such issues. You can get different ideas and tips to improve your substance and cause it to compose in an unexpected way. It isn't obligatory to have great information and aptitude in English to comprehend ideas for your slip-ups. You can without much of a stretch comprehend things that aren't right in your content. 
Content Optimization: It is not difficult to set your objectives and enhance your content consummately. There is an element in this device that helps in defining up your objectives. You can chip away at different boundaries like focused on perusers, conditioning and styling of text, purpose, and substantially more. You can undoubtedly decide if your composing is meeting its motivation or not. Grammarly helps in giving ideas to alter punctuation and sentences as wanted. 
Simple to Use: Grammarly is an easy to-utilize apparatus with easy to use interface and functionalities. There is no should be a PC master to work this application. Anybody can comprehend this instrument and check their limitless substance. 
Viable on Different Platforms: This computerized language structure checker device is an astonishing exhaustive application that is flexible and viable. You can utilize Grammarly module on any online stage just as on any gadget. It very well may be MS Word, PCs, cell phones, Google Chrome, and so forth 
Precision: This product can identify and address botches precisely. It is straightforward your missteps by understanding clarifications and remedying them through ideas. The precision is one of the compelling motivations to choose Grammarly.
Doesn't Test Everything: If you use Google Docs to compose content, Grammarly doesn't viably deal with it. At the point when you empower the augmentation, it can check spellings, syntax issues, language, and so forth, however don't recognize copy words and other progressed parts. The Beta-testing in Grammarly isn't yet accessible for Google Docs, and you need to sit tight for quite a while to empower that include. 
Limites Features in Free Version: You can utilize Grammarly's free form, yet it accompanies restricted highlights. You can address punctuation issues yet can't right commitment, clearness, and different issues. In the Premium variant, you can distinguish and address every one of the issues that is impossible in the free form. You should buy the exceptional variant to appreciate every one of the highlights. 
Incredible Advertisements: Grammarly promotes their exceptional rendition so that anybody can get it. There are a predetermined number of highlights in the free form, and you need to spend more to get to them all. Anybody that logins the application can get messages and spam advertisements to change to the exceptional form. 
Misdirecting Content Suggestions: Sometimes, you can get off-base ideas in the event that you test any substance utilizing Grammarly. It is important to go through tips cautiously prior to adjusting your substance.
In our Grammarly review, we have examined this application in detail. Presently, you find out about how you can make your substance connecting with, linguistically right, and liberated from counterfeiting. 
Numerous individuals think about utilizing this instrument, yet they are unconscious of their high level highlights and how it can help them become great scholars. 
It is important to go through the application totally to know each element of it. Numerous devices are accessible that work correspondingly to Grammarly, however they are valuable instruments that one should attempt to test their substance. 
In the wake of perusing this article, you know about the upsides and downsides of the product. Check what your prerequisites are and get the ideal arrangement. 
Utilizing this device, you can improve your abilities and set yourself up for better works. Assuming you need to develop your business, it is one of the vital devices. Think about Grammarly to distinguish and address every one of the potential slip-ups and win the hearts of your focused on crowd.
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threeletterslife · a year ago
hi! I'm a small writer on wattpad and I was just wondering if you had any useful writing tips for me and other writers? I love your works and I would really love to know how you write so well! ♡
i’d love to give writing tips! thank you so much for your kind words! but i’d say most of my writing skills come from trial and error and experience LOL but here’s what i really have to say:
i’m a huge grammar freak when it comes to writing and nothing’s a bigger turn off than reading a supposed emotional scene and spotting a huge ass grammar error lol
i’d suggest (if you aren’t already familiar with grammar) to study up on it
OR you can use sites such as grammarly and hemingway to catch mistakes for you (but they’re not always 100% accurate)
i feel like grammar is over-looked a lot in writing or maybe i’m just sensitive
even the simple wrong usage of the em dash triggers me these days lol (remember, it’s not ‘--’ it’s ‘—’ THERE’S A DIFFERENCE)
immaculate grammar means there’s one less thing that you have to worry about when putting your thoughts on-screen (or paper)
i studied grammar by buying an ACT test prep book LOL but you can probably learn it for free online
i think inspiration is really, REALLY important when it comes to writing
it’s always a struggle to come up with an original idea and to flesh it out is even harder at times
world-building is particularly a challenge (especially if that world is set in a futuristic dystopian world)
so i suggest you take time to get inspired (listen to music, get some fresh air, spend time with your loved ones, watch a movie, read a book etc)
writing always comes easier when you feel like doing it
once inspiration hits, don’t hesitate, DON’T DOUBT YOURSELF, just write
write first, edit later (that’s the #1 rule tbh)
gaining confidence through your inspiration is just as important as your writing itself
the writer is only as good as she thinks she is
if you get an idea, DO NOT WAIT TO FIND A NOTEBOOK TO WRITE IT DOWN. 85% of the time, you’ll forget the idea and that is the WORST MF feeling in the world. so please, write it on your phone, piece of scratch paper, on your hand—literally anything
my FAVORITE part!! i absolutely love coming up with characters
my biggest rule of thumb is to make a character that would actually fucking exist in the world LOL
well, i guess it depends on the plot or your story, but most times, your story will work better when the characters are realistic
remember, people want to connect to your characters (why else would they want to read about them??)
your characters should be balanced. there is no such thing as a perfect person. (also no such thing as an evil person,,, unless they’re psychologically damaged.) good traits come with bad traits. in fact, their good traits may even BE their bad traits!!
i.e. diligence. let’s say your character is diligent. it’s a good thing, perhaps. they may have a stable job and high income because they work very hard. but, in the end, their diligence turns them into a workaholic and that may cause problems with their relationships with loved ones
i always tell people who are starting off as writers to try to base characters off of the people around them (without making it insanely obvious, of course)—it’s more like picking and choosing traits from a personality pool LOL
if you’re writing romance, the character chemistry should be the plot of the story, which means you’ll have to make sure their personalities don’t exactly clash too much
here’s a character template i made that you can use (i actually use this character template for EVERY story)
if you’re starting off as a writer, i can’t emphasize enough how important it is to PLOT
your story will literally flop if you don’t plot (cough cough that one wp ff after)
filler chapters or scenes are ALL RIGHT!! (that’s a common misconception) but they’re only okay IF they offer some insight about the characters’ personalities OR if they deepen the relationship between two characters (probably the future romantic couple)
i personally bullet plot (which means i just sit down and just word-vomit the contents of the story in a bullet-point form)
but the way people plot really differs, so i’ll leave it up to you
here’s a plot template i made that you can use (i don’t use this template very often anymore—only for longer stories, but it helps for beginners!)
sometimes, it works to leave the ending of your story unplotted (but only if you haven’t yet a single clue on how to end your story)
i find that once you write your characters a bit, it becomes easier to figure out what they would do in the future (and thus configure the ending)
your characters MAKE the plot
their choices will DEFINE the plot
if you had different characters, your story would turn out very differently
so always make sure your characters are CONSISTENT (unless they have subtle character development)
i.e. say you have a character who is sort of a curmudgeon lol and they’re living as a recluse and they hate people and romance. you can’t suddenly have them fall in love with the hot neighbor next door. you have to shape the plot so that the story is about the main character learning to understand others and willing to love someone who’s not herself
i.e. but say that you have a character who is a romantic-freak and idealizes romance. when the hot neighbor next door moves in, she’d be all over him (and planning the wedding the moment she sees him lol). the story would probably be about her learning how to be level-headed and lose just a few of her unrealistic ideals. the story would be about maturity, overall. there is such a huge difference in the plot just by switching ONE character
i just felt like dialogue had to be addressed because i think it’s SOOO important
dialogue makes up the relationship between two characters. you can REALLY tell where they lie on the line of friendship/relationship just by reading the way they talk to each other
a rule of thumb is to READ the dialogue out loud as you type it out
if you can read it out loud without thinking ‘well that’s not fucking realistic’ or ‘that sounds like a robot not a human’ then you’re usually good
there’s nothing wrong with repeating the word ‘said’ or ‘say(s)’
i’d actually say use other descriptions such as ‘yells,’ ‘whispers,’ ‘sighs’ sparingly. because no one on planet earth sighs 47 times in one conversation
i.e. “you’re not dead yet,” she says.
this is simple. it works. but you can make it better
i.e. “you’re not dead yet, huh?” she scoffs.
even better
i.e. “you’re not dead yet, huh?” she scoffs, shooting him a disdainful look before turning the other way in disgust
try to split up long quotes!!
i.e. “it was always blue outside where i’m from. sometimes we had scheduled rainy days for the private gardens and stuff. you know, at least the food there was good. way better than the crap we're forced to eat here,” he says
it’s just a huge quote block right now
the words blend in with each other
and honestly, if you skim through it, you probably forgot what he’s even talking about lol
but we can fix that
i.e. “it was always blue outside where i’m from,” he says, gazing up rather sadly at the darkened gray skies of the run-down city. “sometimes we had scheduled rainy days for the private gardens and stuff.” he shakes his head in disbelief as if he can’t accept how desolate his home had deteriorated into over the past few years. “you know, at least the food there was good. way better than the crap we’re forced to eat here.” he glares at the muddy bowl of mystery soup he had neglected to touch since it was served
the paragraph is significantly longer, but you’re able to visualize what is happening in this scene much better!!
dialogue is my favorite part of any story LOL so i’m always open to giving more advice if you need it! 
oh god this is so fucking important
i write in 2nd pov PRESENT tense and i’ve been consistent with this for over a year now
it’s important to probably choose a tense to write in; you typically have two options: present or past tense
i personally prefer present tense because it gives the feel of the story unfolding right before your eyes in a very linear way
past tense kind of means things have ALREADY happened, so you have more leeway to jump around on the timeline of your story
i recommend writing present tense if you’re writing action, especially, but otherwise, it’s completely up to you
just STICK to one tense. nothing is more confusing than reading a sentence with two different tenses lol
i.e. he sighed as he looks over at the fireplace with deep sorrow in his eyes. “now i’ll never fucking qualify for the championships,” he gripes as he rubbed his hand frustratingly over his forehead
like... what?? pick one and GO WITH IT
i.e. he sighed as he looked over at the fireplace with deep sorrow in his eyes. “now i’ll never fucking qualify for the championships,” he griped as he rubbed his hand frustratingly over his forehead
i.e. he sighs as he looks over at the fireplace with deep sorrow in his eyes. “now i’ll never fucking qualify for the championships,” he gripes as he rubs his hand frustratingly over his forehead
i cannot emphasize this enough
READ. like literally if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write periodt
reading is so SO important when you write
if you haven’t yet found your writing style, reading will SAVE you
you need to read your favorite works, analyze why you love them so much and try to emulate that writing style
after you’ve tried emulating the writing style, try to tweak things to YOUR taste until you’ve developed your very own style
it’s not easy developing your writing style. i’ve been writing for a decade give or take and i refound my writing style like two years ago LOL
the process takes patience and diligence
you don’t even always have to read good books, either
literally sometimes pick up a bad book just to see why it’s so bad and make sure you don’t make that mistake in YOUR writing lol
also, you get better at writing when you begin to edit others’ writings—it makes you self aware of the mistakes that YOU might make
if you’re writing about territory you’re unfamiliar with, RESEARCH IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND
please don’t write about heavy concepts involving mental health, gang violence etc. without either researching it or experiencing it
your job as a writer is NOT to relay false, unrealistic information to your readers
sure, your story is FICTIONAL, but that gives you no right to romanticize something dark/serious for your pure enjoyment
it doesn’t matter if it’s fictional or not. some things are not meant to be written about in a light-hearted, romanticized way
there’s no such thing as enough research
i’ve underresearched a lot of topics that i’ve written, and i actually regret it looking back because i know for sure that if i wrote it with a little bit more knowledge, it’d become better and more realistic and OVERALL MORE READABLE
there is always more research available online. it’s fucking 2020. use your resources online lol 
it takes time to become a good writer
no one fucking wakes up one day and can write like a god
so you can always be in peace when you’re not satisfied with your writing
because 1) there is someone who is worse than you out there lol 2) you will IMPROVE (only if you put in the effort) 3) you may not be in the mood to write today, so take a break!! (it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t write; you just need time and inspo)
confidence comes with experience
experience comes with perseverance
keep that in mind
you will become a great writer one day, and when that day comes, you will know it. you’ll feel it
the day will come when you’ll be able to sit down and write advice for others. if you can teach it, that’s when you know you know it (:
so keep writing and you’ll get there!
idk if this rambling even helped, but my shorter writing advice post is here! wish you a good time on wp!
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