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tx-828 · 2 months ago
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apparently old tcw action figures used to come with “clone cash” coupons to use to buy more toys
but this just looks like rex’s version of “mom bucks”, where he gives out clone cash to the troopers who do a good job and when they save up enough they get to pick out a prize
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howtheworldcouldb · 3 months ago
look sometimes it's about the fact that Star Wars is a tragedy and a war and the genocide of so many peoples and sometimes it's about a mentally ill college kid, his funky little mentee, and their three million brother figures with varying impulse control
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cloneslut · 3 months ago
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The last thing you see when you get in a bar fight with Fives at 79s
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capthowzer · 8 months ago
my last one did pretty well so here's another shitpost
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rebekadjarin · 8 months ago
That time Hunter thought Rex and Anakin were✨fruity✨
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jethroholy · a year ago
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Well there’s only 3 million other characters he could be playing
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derpymidnight · 2 months ago
I think Echo should be allowed to punch Tarkin at least once. As a treat.
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darthbooks · a month ago
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star-wars-forever · a month ago
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kenobiclonetalk · 24 days ago
In the second episode we got a clone veteran, but yet
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undisciplinedcowboys · a year ago
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“Nose art concept for the Coruscant Guard from The Clone Wars season 8, featuring Senator Riyo Chuchi from earlier seasons. Text reads “Always Ready for Action.” Note that the description reflects Commander Fox’s promotion to Rear Marshal Commander after episode 11.”
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uppyrr · 10 months ago
groggy fox
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seems like being the head of the coruscant guard is a tough job
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2stepconor · a year ago
Continuing in my ‘what if Obi-wan survived the Death Star’ scenarios: imagine old Ben when he figures out that Han and Leia are completely in love with each other.
Like, picture him on a mission with Han and Leia two weeks after the Death Star is destroyed, and at this point, he hasn’t interacted with both of them together very much, and almost immediately after the Falcon takes off, Han and Leia start bickering over how the Falcon isn’t very clean or something small, and at first, he’s just thinking, “well, she was raised as a princess and is probably used to things being neater than this smuggler ship, and he’s got professional pride as a smuggler, and an egocentric one at that, so it’s only natural that this would be an area of contention for them,” and doesn’t think anything of it until Chewie gets up and heads to the hold. Ben goes after to see if Chewie’s alright, having sensed some discomfort in the Wookiee.
When Ben finds Chewie, he basically just says, “yeah, I’m fine, I just need a break from those two and their endless arguments,” and Ben is confused and asks if they argue a lot, causing Chewie to laugh and explain that roughly 68.561% of their interaction is just bickering (Chewie actually got the number from C-3PO, who actually did the math as a point of curiosity). And Obi wan chuckles and says something like, “wow, they bicker like two people completely in love and incapable of showing it,” and then it hits him.
And Ben. Is. Just. Floored. Like, he is completely unsure of what to do. On one hand, he cares about Leia and her happiness and he actually kind of likes Han, and plus, once he starts thinking about him, he realizes that Anakin would probably have liked Han as well. But on the other hand, there is Bail Organa To consider. Bail is of course dead at this point, but Obi-Wan knows that Bail probably would not have approved of his adopted daughter running around with a former pirate and Ben feels that he owes it to his friends memory to at least consider that. Plus, Ben knows from Force Skype that Yoda wanted Leia trained as well or instead of Luke, and while Ben doesn’t think that a romance would necessarily endanger that, Yoda would definitely disagree.
In the end, Obi wan decided not to act and just let things play out on their own, A decision he ultimately regrets when he finds out firsthand exactly how much these to Baker. It gets to the point where he debates breaking the ice with both of them just to see if it would cause them to argue less. At one point, while the Falcon is being pursued by a star destroyer, Han and Leia are arguing about who’s fault it is, the only thing that stops him from spilling the beans is the knowledge that these two would freeze and start making googly eyes at each other which would probably get them all killed if he did so.
Ben gets so frustrated that at one point, he starts venting to Luke about how irritating these two are and how he wishes they would just fess up to their feelings, at which point, sweet, oblivious Luke just goes, “wait, Leia and Han are in love with each other? But they’re always fighting,” and Ben realizes that Luke has a whole lot to learn about more than just being a Jedi. “Yes, Luke, they’re always fighting because they can’t admit it to each other. They’re too proud.” Ben says.
Two days later, Luke asks Ben why can’t they tell Leia and Han that their feelings are both mutual, and Ben explains that it could cause issues if they don’t figure it out for themselves. At which point, R2 whistles something smug sounding, causing 3PO to comment, “I’m sorry, General Kenobi, but R2 is insistently and rather rudely asking about someone called Satine,” which causes Obi-Wan to threaten R2 with a memory wipe and to angrily say, “their father was bad enough about that, I don’t need you to start it up again,” just as Han and Leia walk in, who note Obi-Wan’s use of the word ‘they,’ and long story short, that is the day that Luke and Leia learn that they are twins, and that R2 used to belong to Anakin. It’s also the day that Han gleefully learns that he can irritate Obi-Wan by asking about Satine in response to any and all pointed comments about the Falcon.
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cloneslut · 9 days ago
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Alpha-17. It’s big boi szn.
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capthowzer · 8 months ago
here you go
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rebekadjarin · 8 months ago
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Underrated duo | Crosshair and Tech
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canichangemyblogname · 4 months ago
any headcanons as to why you think rex was never promoted to commander?
We only see him promoted to Commander at the end of the war and while I have some thoughts on that, I ultimately have no idea why.
For Background:
The clone officer ranking system seems to work something like this:
Marshal Commander or General—leads a corps of 16 regiments
Commander—leads a regiment of 16 companies
Captain—leads a company of 4 platoons
Lieutenant—leads a platoon of 4 squads
Sergeant—leads a squad of 8+ troopers
The 501st was originally a battalion and, canonically, made up of more than one company.
A regiment was composed of 4 battalions
A battalions was made up of 4 companies
The 501st would be reorganized from the 501st Clone Battalion into the 501st Legion. I am assuming that a Legion is larger than a battalion given there was more than one battalion within the 501st. I do not know how large a Legion is in relation to a Regiment.
When Rex served as Captain, the 501st--canonically--had at least two battalions within it and at least 3 brigades. I am unaware of how large a brigade is, but it seems that a brigade contains more than one battalion. I am unaware of exactly how many battalions comprised the 501st, but it had to be more than 2 if there are 3 brigades with at least one battalion each.
This means:
Rex seemed to have way more responsibilities than the average Captain, serving as Anakin Skywalker's first in Command. He would have overseen at least 3 brigades, 3 battalions, 12 companies, 48 platoons, and 192 squads. That is at least 1,536 men (there were probably more).
Maybe the difference was that the 501st was a specific elite group of troopers. So, it might be that they're specialized and aren't an entire regiment, so he didn't technically oversee a regiment. Unfortunately, the break down of the GAR is not as straightforward as our own militaries in real life.
Or... maybe the GAR's organization needs to work in conjunction with the Jedi's system of masters and apprentices. So, Ahsoka was maybe technically the Commander of the 501st. She was a Jedi Commander, but still the Commander. That might be why he was Anakin's first in command but not technically a Commander despite having Commander-sized responsibilities. However, we see that Caleb is referred to as a Commander and he serves alongside Commander Grey. So, it really seems inconsistent.
I honestly have no idea. Maybe the writers were afraid of retconning Commander Appo's existence (although, he was promoted at the same time as Rex)? Maybe they just didn't keep the lore consistent? Maybe they got attached to the title "Captain" for Rex? Maybe they didn't' want to technically change the name of a reoccurring character because maybe it'd cause confusion for kids? Or maybe they had the intention to make the Jedi Commander-Clone Captain dynamic more common, but then didn't follow through? I don't know.
Whatever the reason, he should have been promoted earlier (not like they were being paid for a promotion to result in anything besides more responsibilities).
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derpymidnight · 3 months ago
Clones I'd let hold my drink - 501st/Clone Force 99
They would guard my drink diligently - Hunter, Echo, Rex, Kix
No bc they'd drink it - Fives, Hardcase
Wouldn't even watch it - Tech, Crosshair
Would probably walk away and forget about the drink - Jesse, Wrecker
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kamino-coruscant · a year ago
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Clone Navy Officer emotes (Battlefront II): flirty, roger roger, peekaboo, uh oh, may the force be with you, & tired
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thekraftcryptid · 19 days ago
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Alright! Say hello to Test Tube!
She's an OC clone medic to the 212th battallion under Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. She features heavily in the works of my 'Ori-Vod', @deadstarsrisingsblog.
Her bandana was a gift from her general :D.
If you would like to see more of her, she features in "Tripping Forward, Turning Back", alongside her fellow medic gang, Helix, Stitch, and eventually the baby of the group found in a different fic, X-ray.
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