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Treat you better - (Pierre Gasly x reader) ⭐️
Pairing: Pierre Gasly x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Summary: Your best friend Pierre being mad at your now Ex for cheating on you because he loves you and thinks you should be treated better.
Warnings: Bestfriend!Pierre, Fluffy!Pierre, Pierre is in love with reader, Shy!Pierre, Cheating!Ex, Mad!Pierre, Alex Albon being a good friend.
Let me know if you want a part 2 for this one
Tumblr media
"He did what now?!", you heard Pierre's voice through the phone and wiped away the tears that still spilled from your eyes.
"He had Linda in bed. In our bed. I... I came home early to surprise him and saw them and... and he said he... they had an affaire for weeks...", you cried while pulling your suitcase behind you through London. You had quickly thrown your most important items in it and left the shared flat without looking back.
"Where are you now love?", he asked after taking a deep breath to keep calm.
"I don't know... Somewhere close to the flat... I... I just wanted to get away. I don't... I don't know what I should do... Gosh I'm so stupid aren't it?", you rambled but heard him shush you carefully.
"You are not stupid okay? You are amazing and you deserve so much better. You remember Alex right?", Pierre spoke softly and you frowned.
"Uhm... yes?", you replied confused.
"He lives in London. He will come and get you. I'll take the first flight out and help you with your things and then you'll fly to Milan with me and we will figure it all out. Does that sound like a good plan?", he suggested already setting his plan in motion by texting Alex your current location that the two of you shared with each other online.
"You... I don't deserve you Pierre!", you cried again and heard him sigh.
"You deserve everything darling. Alex is on his way now, he'll be there in about 20 minutes. I'll stay on the phone till then, but then I'll have to head to the airport because my flight leaves at 8.20.", Pierre spoke making you tear up yet again.
"Gosh, why am I crying all the time today? Thats so bad!", you mumbled annoyed at yourself and sat down on the curb with your suitcase beside you.
"You've just had a traumatic event, don't be so hard on yourself okay love?", he mumbled and you heard him moving around in the background.
He of course kept his promise and stayed on the phone with you until Alex arrived and pulled you into a hug.
"Pierre, I've got her. Go get to the airport and let me know when you arrive at Heathrow, I'll come and get you.", you heard him speak into your phone after taking it from you gently and then ending the call. "Come on Y/N, Pierre told me what happened. Let's get you to my place so you can have some hot chocolate and cat cuddles okay?"
"That sounds wonderful. Thank you Alex. For getting me and all.", you sighed with a little smile just when he grabbed your suitcase to load it into the trunk.
"Of course! You are Pierre's best friend so you're my friend as well.", Alex spoke as if it was the most natural thing to say.
"Do you... Do you think I could come and get him from the airport with you later?", you asked him once you sat in the car and he had started driving back to his place.
"Of course! What about this, you take a quick shower and get ready while I'll make some hot chocolate, then we drink that and by then I assume we'll have to leave to the airport? Does that sound good?", he suggested and you nodded with a smile.
"That sounds wonderful, thank you."
You felt significantly better after your shower. Alex had called his girlfriend and explained the situation and she had immediately offered some of her comfiest clothes since you had mainly grabbed the important documents and electronics when you left your flat in a hurry. You were about to step into the kitchen to thank her when you heard Pierre's voice over the phone speaker instead of Lily's.
"He fucking cheated Alex! Do you have any idea what that did to her? He fucking knew that her father and the ex before him had done that too!", Pierre spoke and you swallowed while hiding behind the corner.
"I can't imagine that Pierre, but please, calm down. I know you are mad and you have every right to be, but I also know you love her as more than a friend and that she needs you, as her best friend, right now. A mad you won't help her right now, she needs you.", Alex spoke and you heard your best friend sigh.
"I know Alex... Thats why I'm telling you that. I really want to punch him right now, but I can't, so I need to at least vent. How is she doing?", Pierre asked and you heard an announcement in the background, so he had to be at the airport already.
"She's really unsure and down, but having you here will help. I'm making her hot chocolate right now and she's taking a shower. Lily offered her some of her clothes and she asked if she can come along to get you from the airport. I'm sure she'll be fine once you're here.", Alex explained and you chose that moment to make some noise and then enter the room with a towel wrapped around your head still.
"Thank you Alex and can you please extend it to Lily? Those pants are so freaking comfy! I definitely need the company name!", you smiled walking up to Alex and took the cup he held out for you.
"Hey love. Heard you're gonna come to the airport to get me?", Pierre spoke through the phone and you nodded smiling widely.
"Yes! I will! I can't believe you're flying here only for me!", you replied after taking a sip of your drink. "Alex! This chocolate is amazing!"
"Of course I'll fly there for you! Okay, I have to leave now, boarding starts and I don't want to miss my flight. Save me some hot chocolate, will you?", Pierre spoke and soon ended the call to head to his gate.
An hour thirty later you were waiting for Pierre at the arrival gate he had given you. You were early though, his flight was only scheduled to land in half an hour.
"Alex? Do you want some donuts? Or a coffee?", you asked him and pointed towards the Dunkin' Donuts right behind you.
"Oh Donuts sound good right now! What do you want? I'll go and get some.", he offered and got up.
"Hey no no! I'm gonna invite you! Because of all you've done for me today! Plus we can eat and drink them there, we have some time left.", you argued and followed him towards the shop.
Twenty-five minutes later you were back at the gate after hearing that the flight had touched down early. Once the door opened you stood up and waiting for your best friend.
"Pierre!", you yelled and ran towards him. He immediately caught you and held you close to himself in a hug.
"I'm so so sorry love. You didn't deserve this. He was an asshole, okay? This is not because of you.", he rambled and stroked your hair gently while you cried.
Without you noticing Alex took his suitcase and Pierre carried you while following his friend. When you looked up next you sat besides Pierre on the backset of Alex's car with your best friends arms still holding you close.
"There you are beautiful. I was worried we've lost you.", Pierre whispered against your head and you yawned quietly.
"Sorry... I was just really tired from all the crying apparently.", you apologized immediately and he kissed your cheek.
"No need to apologize love. Sleep some more if you want. I'll wake you when we are at Alex's place, hm?", he offered and you smiled at him before leaning against his should again.
"Why wake her? You can carry her inside and I'll get your suitcase.", Alex suggested quietly thinking you were asleep again already.
"Thats nice, but no thank you. She doesn't like not being woken up. It makes her feel as if she has no control you know? Past trauma. Learned that the hard way and she definitely doesn't need that today.", you best friend explained in almost a whisper although he knew you weren't asleep again yet. "Thats all I'll say, its her story and I don't have the right to tell it.", he then added while stroking your back gently making you grateful to have such a wonderful best friend. Before you could fall asleep you remembered Alex's word from earlier though. I also know you love her as more than a friend. Thats what he said to Pierre on the phone. But was that really the truth? He obviously didn't deny it in reply to Alex, but that sure wasn't true. He couldn't love you, well not like that, not like you loved him.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
utena utena utena utena utena utena utena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvEreEA_EJ0&t=305s
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Tumblr media
Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.
- Enzo Ferrari.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1927 Delage 15 S8 Grand Prix
© Courtney Frisk
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Tumblr media
Drivers of the day 😅👍🏻
F1 Australian Grand Prix best memes 🏁🇦🇺
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yuri (Yuuri) Katsuki
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Tumblr media
Poster for the 23rd Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix (1965). Artwork by Michael Turner. The race was held on 30 May 1965 and the winner was Graham Hill of British Racing Motors (BRM).
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Françoise Hardy in "Grand Prix" (dir. John Frankenheimer - 1966)
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see this design and more on my instagram
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Charles is young, he's still at the beginning of his career as an F1 driver.
He's world champion material and one day he'll win the championship.
But at this point, I'm starting to believe it won't be with Ferrari.
Let's be honest, had Charles been in another top team in the past years, he would most likely have a championship already.
"Charles Leclerc's heart is at Ferrari!", "Charles Leclerc's blood is Ferrari red!"
Ok, but how many times does he have to bleed and tear his heart out for this team, before he gets what he deserves?
Ferrari keeps talking about "il predestinato", but at the end of the day, a driver is just a driver for them. No matter how much they love him, he's just an employee. Binotto has made it very clear he doesn't want to hear about winning the championship, even though that's Charles' biggest dream. Binotto has made it very clear what he and the team care about is to make Ferrari competitive again. They will keep experimenting with the car and engine until that happens and Ferrari becomes consistently competitive.
And if they sacrifice the mental health of a few drivers on the road, so be it. It's the nature of the sport, right?
But listen, I understand where Binotto is coming from. Consistency is key, in this sport. Competitiveness is key, in this sport.
But don't give your driver false hope. Don't tell him you'll come back stronger and fix the issues, and then keep making the same mistakes.
This is the third GP that was ruined for Charles through no fault of his own.
Charles and Perez's contract expire the same year... And it makes me nervous.
I think having both Charles and Verstappen in the same team would be a disaster, a Rosberg/Hamilton rivalry times 10... But still...
A top athlete can only take so much frustration and betrayed expectations.
Ferrari needs to get their shit together, or they'll lose him.
Niki Lauda's heart belonged to Ferrari as well, and he was buried in his Ferrari racing suit for that reason.
But he still changed team.
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Tumblr media
With  driving a motor car, the danger is a very necessary ingredient. Like if  you're cooking, you need salt. You can cook without salt, but it  doesn't have the flavour.
- Sir Stirling Moss (1929-2020)
Stirling Moss drives the Maserati 250F in the first of three victories at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1956. He will be forever remembered as oneof the greatest drivers on the track never to have won a world championship.
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Bestiessss 🧡
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Tumblr media
Lesson 1: tire management 😂
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Jessica Walter in Grand Prix, 1966.
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Spanigh Gp so far:
Tumblr media
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Max Verstappen and Lando Norris on the podium at Imola 2022
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Some of my favourite pictures from the race today in Imola 🇮🇹🧡
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