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Cottagecore Fantasy #2

I just want to be tucked away on a property where people need me to give them specific instructions on where to park and where to go to find my little witch cottage. I want to make a path to follow outlined with stones or flowers all the way to my front door. I can’t decide if I want a fence or not in order for my pets to have room to roam without going too far. But maybe if I do have a fence and I have a dog, I’ll have a bucket of treats on the door for guests to use to coax my little furry rascal to stay away from the door as they come in. Like you’d either throw the treat far from the door as a distraction or you’d use a hand signal to keep the dog from coming close. And then I’d hear the sound of the gate and come to greet whomever my guest is. I’d have drinks and snacks prepared all the time to entertain. I’d wanna bake something fresh every day too and invite the other people on the property to come try my latest recipe. I’d love to have my own space but to also be part of a community as well.

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i still remember the smell of the fresh baked jelly doughnuts my grandmother just made when i was a little child.

oh and the taste. that wonderful taste.

it was like heaven.

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