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#grandmaster of demonic cultivation

by Anonymous

What do you get when you combine five great clans of cultivators each trying to hide that they have some mythical blood?

Chaos is the short answer.
Something perfectly balanced and catastrophic in its cosmic irony is the long answer.

(Additonal TW in the notes, not graphic just precautious)

Words: 3792, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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by Anonymous

Combine a hand/finger kink with young Wei Wuxian’s distracting sexiness, and repressed-and-worked-up Lan Wangji is in serious trouble.

Thank you, prompter!! This was a naughty and awkward yet also kind of sweet and innocent idea, the exact kind of thing I like writing. xoxo.

Words: 7241, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Wei Wuxian, the unofficial third prince of the Wen sect, sauntered into the first Sunshot Campaign meeting. As a peace offering (and to get Nie Mingjue to stop brandishing his saber), he held out a qiankun pouch full of the disciples’ lost swords.

He stated his goal quite plainly: he wanted to stop Wen Ruohan, same as anyone present. But he had no intention of destroying the sect he grew up in, the sect he loved despite its flaws.

To him, the “Wen dogs” the others sneered at were people he knew by face and name, by their laughter and sorrows and stories. Many would fight only due to Wen Ruohan’s intimidation, and many would break free if given an alternative. None of them deserved to lose themselves to a senseless war.

Wei Wuxian wasn’t there to shoot down the sun, but to cut out a sunspot: a dark stain, a small but prominent part of the whole, that threatened to consume the rest of its own light.

It would prove a difficult task, taking a precarious position that wanted good for both sides, not quite belonging to either. But together with friends and family both old and new, maybe he could save a few lives, and achieve a more peaceful timeline.

(Featuring: Lan Wangji standing up for Wei Wuxian, attesting to his character in front of the others, using the most words any of them have ever heard him say in a row. Wei Wuxian being surprised, thinking, I thought this guy hated me??? Slow burn misunderstandings-to-friendship-to-Everyday, set against the backdrop of urgent conflict. Love and friendship–and not just Wangxian’s–affecting the choices people make, steering the course of cultivation history.)

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Things that fanfics pretty much always get wrong about WangXian.

  1. Lan Wangji is gay. Um, no. He’s actually demisexual pan, and demi romantic. I know people don’t understand this and are almost never willing to think of this demography as a part of the wheel, but yeah. They (we) exist. There are people who’ve never felt any sort of romantic or sexual attraction to people, except for maybe one person? Or two? The whole thing about Lan WangJi was how he was famously ascetic. That’s literally his arc, breaking his untouchable-ness for that one person. His one person. And the proof of this is how he never thinks twice about the body Wei WuXian was in. It could’ve been a girl that resurrected Wei WuXian, and the moment Lan WangJi knew, he would’ve shifted his perception to that and dragged Wei WuXian back to Gusu. I’ll even go as far as to say that he might even be a sapiosexual, which as one myself I totally feel like he is, because he is almost always, completely turned on when Wei WuXian is being a smart ass.
  2. Wei WuXian is almost always a flamboyant gay or bi. Um.. No? I mean his entire arc was literally flirting with girls and then there is Lan Zhan. Like literally he’s like I wanna travel with Lan Zhan like my parents did, and we’d live in one house and he’d do the weaving and I’d do the farming, and we’d spend our retirement like that, and then holy shit this body has turned me gay! How does that translate into being gay? Or bi? He’s actually always shown to be very flirty with girls, but never holding any attraction or romantic feelings for anyone? Also why do fan fics always make him flamboyant? Don’t get me wrong, but except for when he’s actively attempting to act like a lunatic cut-sleeve, he’s actually a very simple guy? Even when he was under Jiang Cheng, he was very dramatic with his gestures, yes, but he was still dressed very practically and simply? That’s literally his whole, ya know, aesthetic?
  3. Wei WuXian crying. I get this. Trust me, we all want to see characters who are more emotional, but canonically, unless like he was a baby who was facing down dogs larger than him, he cries twice in the whole book: once after YunmengJiang burns down, and second after Jiang YanLi dies. And I won’t lie, I hate when I see fictions where he just you know, cries at the drop of a hat. I totally click out of it. I’m always like why are you butchering his fucking character! Why is it so hard to show that a person is angry or sad without them crying? Between Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian, I’d say Lan WangJi is the one who cries, because he totally cried after Wei WuXian confessed. Wei WuXian on the other hand was just very emotional? But not crying? I just wanna tell the fan fic authors, there are so many other ways to show that the character is feeling something very powerful without them crying. Explore.
  4. Wei WuXian is tiny compared to Lan WangJi. Um. No. This is a factual no. In his original body, Wei WuXian was 2cm shorter than Lan WangJi, which is a negligible height difference, and in the Mo XuanYu body, he was 8cm shorter than Lan WangJi, which is like about 3/4th of a head difference depending on the head size. So if you’re writing a fanfic where either Wei WuXian doesn’t die, or is a modern fanfic, don’t make him fucking tiny! Don’t call him the shorter man or Lan WangJi the taller man, or that he looked up to Lan WangJi or Lan WangJi bent down to kiss him. None of that is needed for that height difference!
  5. Jiang Cheng needs therapy and cuddles after the book ends. Which, I won’t lie, I won’t deny entirely, because every single one of the cast needs therapy after that, but yeah no, Jiang Cheng is literally one of the last people I’m sympathetic towards. And I have good reason for that. Hear me out. Since we’re reading the book from Wei WuXian’s perspective, we don’t feel the passage of time, but it was 13 years for the rest of the people. 13 years to move on from that whole shitz of the Nightless city massacre, and almost everyone does. To a great extent. Even Lan WangJi. They all move on with their lives without hanging on to dead people, because that’s the thing about living. But not Jiang Cheng. Even 13 years later he defines his life by Wei WuXian, and that is so fucking unhealthy I can’t even. And I cannot feel sympathy for that. For obsessing so hard over one person who has died, in one of the most brutal of ways, more than a decade ago. He CHOSE to hold on to that. To that hatred. When Wei WuXian says after the second siege, what else can I give you. I have died once, and not even my body remained on this earth, its not a plea to ask for forgiveness. It’s literally him pointing at the fact that he died and their all consuming hatred should have died with him. Because after that, he’s not responsible. When Jiang Cheng ruined relationships in his life after Wei WuXian’s death, it wasn’t Wei WuXian’s fault, because then, moving on was his duty. Blaming Wei WuXian for all the miseries in his life 13 years after everything ended is literally pathetic. And I won’t apologise for thinking that. Yes, Jiang Cheng is painfully human, but he’s the extremity of humanity that we’re all warned against. The fandom collectively condemns the father of the Twin Jades of Lan, for obsessing over his wife a decade after her death, and still do not think of how Jiang Cheng is the repetition of that in the present life. The emotion may have been different, the method and behaviour different, but the outcome the same.
  6. Wei WuXian is insecure and believes the worst about himself. Okay this we need to have a conversation about, because yes, this is something that most people think is canonical, but like the whole “thirteen years of inquiry”, is not. And if you believe in this, I can’t blame you either. But here’s a reason why I believe it’s not.
  • After the whole slaughtering the fake XuanWu of slaughter, when Jiang FengMian and Yu ZiYuan have the fight and Jiang Cheng is like, my father hates me, Wei WuXian responds with “my parents are real people in this world, and I don’t want anyone assigning me to their households.” Which to me just sounds very confident and proud of his blood and family. And a lot of that credit for that confidence should go to Jiang FengMian, who took a broken street boy and taught him how to be comfortable in who he is and comfortable in his place in the world. And when he did not have something, he was taught that he could fight for it to get it. Yu ZiYuan did not teach Wei WuXian that. The streets did not teach Wei WuXian that. Jiang FengMian did. And its doing disservice to that teaching about self-worth if you think anything otherwise.
  • Everytime people blame Wei WuXian, he fights against them. Be it verbally or physically. Wei WuXian is very aware of his actions, and he takes them knowing the consequences they could give rise to. Example, saving the Wen remnants and defecting from the Jiang sect. But never once, not even after his resurrection, does he ever think he was wrong. Yes he knows he crossed a line when Jin ZiXuan died and then the Nightless city massacre followed with the death of Jiang YanLi, and he feels guilty and responsible, but never once does he think he was wrong in saving and standing up for the Wen sect remnants. His whole thing is the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Like literally. Saying that he believes the worst about himself is casting a doubt in his believe in doing good.
  • After they get married, when they overhear how Lan Qiren is gonna lose it if Lan WangJi doesn’t return, Wei WuXian is the one who suggests that they should go back to the GusuLan, and that Lan WangJi should smuggle him in and hide him with the jars of emperor smiles, and if that doesn’t work then they can just leave. What we’re supposed to take from that is that he’s so confident in his relationship with Lan WangJi that he knows, push come to shove, Lan WangJi would chose him. Saying that he is insecure, is literally making a mockery of their relationship, which did not happen overnight. It grew gradually. During the second siege, when he asked Lan WangJi to stay with him, that was him, from his perspective being like let’s fight, if we die, we die together. And then for readers to go on and say that he could be insecure in a relationship with a guy who was willing to die with him and willingly ruined his reputation for him is so ridiculous to me.

Um I feel like I should apologise if I offended any of the fanfics writers, you guys are great! But I just felt like these are things that needed to be out there in case someone forgot what the actual book feels like.

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Closer Than Eternity by Netrixie

Modern AU - Reincarnation AU (Modern Cultivation) STATUS: Completed  Chapters: 4 
♥ Pairing:   Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian (Immortal/Cultivator!Lan Wangji x College Student!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s Summary: Wei Ying just wants to graduate, figure out what he’s doing with his life, and make sure there’s a Starbucks within twenty feet of him at all times. 

It would be a lot easier to accomplish if he wasn’t being stared at by worryingly familiar golden eyes every time he opened up his social media accounts.

In a world where immortals keep to themselves, one of them has decided to let himself be seen.

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Here’s some cute appreciation post for our director Nie Huiasang! This photo is from MDSZ Q. Without this Mr. “I-DON’T-KNOW”, “Head Shaker”, we won’t have any happy endings. Thanks to him, Lan Wangji had his happy ending as well as for Wei Wuxian’s reputation, it was all clarified.


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Wangxian as A-yuan’s Parents

I appreciate the chibi donghua for creating this scene. For The Untamed/CQL’s fans and MDZS or TGDC’s, we all know that this is our favorite scene. This is so cute and adorable. And of course, not to mention that this is our first encounter with Lan Shizui as a child. In this scene, it was so light and a very cheerful atmosphere unlike what we’ve experienced in the past episodes. In this scene, we are all rested and finally healing our hearts.

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian’s encounter with A-Yuan

Here’s the thing. Lan Wangji or Hanguang-Jun is roaming around the Yiling and hoping to see Wei Wuxian there. Coincidentally, Wei Wuxian is also roaming around there together with Wen Yuan. Wei Wuxian had an argument with the potato vendor to have some cheap potatoes. Meanwhile, Wen Yuan, as a kid, he freely roam around and saw Young master Lan (Lan Wangji), it is said that A-Yuan likes to hug people whom he likes. So he hugged Lan Wangji’s feet. He was frozen and stunned because it was an unfamiliar child. Because of his icy facial expression, A-yuan felt scared and cried. Meanwhile, the crowd had witnessed the scenario and however misunderstood everything.

“Poor child! He must be his father. They have the same nose!”

“How can the father be so cruel to his child?”

“He seems so young, this might be his first time as a father.”

“Where’s the mother of this child?”

Hearing this commotion, Wei Wuxian got distracted and found out that A-yuan was missing already. He panicked immediately. After witnessing a large crowd, he found out that A-yuan is hugging Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian laughed after seeing the scenario. ’How could the young Lan Wangji be the father of such child? How would he react on this?’ Wei Wuxian thought. So he broke the commotion by saying, “I am the father,” in some translations, especially in the series, Wei Wuxian said, “I bore this child.” To tease Lan Wangji.

After that, the commotion suddenly vanished into thin air. Lan Wangji’s eyes is full of happiness after reuniting with the Yiling Partriarch or Wei Wuxian again. Wei Wuxian was shocked as well after seeing Lan Wangji and thought that nothing changed. “What are you doing here in Yiling, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked. “Night Hunting.” Lan Zhan lied. Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji if they could have a dinner together before he proceed to night hunting since it’s been long since they have last met. Meanwhile, In order to comfort the crying A-Yuan, he tried showing some toys and A-Yuan’s eyes are changed in delight. Then, after showing the toys, Wei Wuxian dragged A-Yuan away, seeing this by Lan Wangji, he asked Wei Wuxian why did he not buy some toys to A-Yuan.

Wei Wuxian is poor, we all know that. So, that’s why Lan Wangji bought the toys to A-Yuan.

Lan Wangji as A-Yuan’s Father

Since A-Yuan is someone special to Wei Wuxian whom he cares and loves for, he decided to look for A-Yuan after the death of Yiling Partriarch in the Burial Mounds. So, A-Yuan was been adopted by Lan Wangji since A-Yuan is the only one left whom he had memories with Wei Wuxian. In his secluded meditation, he barely see A-Yuan but he gave his best to raise this kid. It is also said that Lan Wangji used to put him in the fields of rabbits and feed him carrots like what does the rabbit do. (CUTE XD)

In the Yiling City, when Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji had a dinner together, Lan Wangji also let A-Yuan sit on his lap and even taught him manners just like how fathers discipline their child. “No talking while eating,” he said. After saying these things, A-Yuan obediently followed what Lan Wangji had said. Wei Wuxian reacted after this.

In the present, A-Yuan or Wen Yuan became Lan Yuan and called as Lan Shizui, or Shizui. Shizui means yearning and it was a love story that Lan Wangji had for Wei Wuxian. He named A-yuan “Shizui” because he is longing for Wei Wuxian for the past 13 years. Shizui, despite of being an adopted and not blood related to Gusu Lan Sect, he was taught Inquiry by Lan Wangji. Inquiry is a method of calling or talking to spirits or souls by using their instrument Guqin. Lan Wangji thought that Shizui might be able to talk to Wei Wuxian’s soul that he’s been trying to call for many years but still gets no respond.

Despite of being a naughty kid in the past when he’s still with Wei Wuxian, he grew up a calm, dependable, and even responsible person. He’s good in sword fights and also was taught to use some tactful methods or spells that was taught or inherited by the Yiling Partriarch.

The Gusu Lan Sect juniors as well are taught by these methods. We also have some spotlight to Lan Jingyi, who’s often called by the fans as “Wei Wuxian if he was a Lan”. He is naughty and free spoken. This means that Lan Wangji raised his juniors and together with Shizui in a free way yet disciplined.

Overall, Lan Wangji is not only a sugar daddy but a perfect dad to everyone. XD

Wei Wuxian as a Parent

We all know that Wei Wuxian is a naughty guy but despite of that he has a pure soul and heart. Though Shizui said that he remembered he was taught some dirty tricks by Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian is actually sincere and good at parenting. He is indeed poor, but worry not, he has Lan Wangji on his side, our best sugar daddy. He is free to use his pocket money anytime he desires. In the novel, there are some scenarios that Wei Wuxian woild treat the juniors to a restaurant by Lan Wangji’s money and even taught them how to cultivate properly. In this act, he is indeed a good parent who cares for his child to grow properly and to grow independently.

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by Anonymous

When they get back from the latest night-hunt—if being herded swordless into the path of demonic beasts can be called a night-hunt—there’s no food.

When morning arrives with no breakfast, it’s clear that this is just another means of humiliation.

(Nie Huaisang slaughters a pig.)

Words: 2287, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of mdzs prompt fills

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