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Okay I just read about this man who stole an octopus and decided the most reasonable place to hide it would be in his pants and I dunno this looks like something Grantaire and Bossuet would do while smashed.

Imagine the morning after when they find out there’s an octopus swimming in the bath tube.

“How is that thing even breathing?”

“I think we put salt in the water”


“I’m never going out with you again”

“yeah, sure.”

Why the hell we decided to steal an octopus anyway?!”

“they wanted to eat him!”

“and so you put it in your pants”


“… Unbelievable ”

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The list is here!

  • Grantaire is kidnapped as a small prince and forced to grow his hair extremely long in order to keep his kidnappers young and healthy
  • He paints all the walls in his tower and stews in his boredom until Enjolras arrives, being chased by the police
  • Enjolras scales the tower before R hits him with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious
  • In exchange for the stolen crown, Enj promises to take R to see the outside world
  • R’s hair proves to be some trouble, constantly tripping them up, but it’s useful when Enj gets a cut on his face
  • When they arrive at town, the little street urchins braid R’s hair, adding lots of flowers, and Enj can’t get over how lovely he looks like that
  • Enj brings them to the lake to watch the lanterns, but as much as R wanted to see them, he can only watch Enj’s face lit up in the darkness
  • R gets re-kidnapped after believing Enj betrayed him when he gets caught by the police
  • Gagged and restrained back in the tower, R can only watch in dismay as Enj tries to save him, getting injured in return
  • Enjolras eventually cuts Grantaire’s hair to stop their enemies, gets healed by R’s tears, and reunites him with his true family before R pulls him into an enthusiastic kiss
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I’ve tried my best! I hope you’ll like it, and thank you so much for the prompt! <3


Enjolras woke up alone.

As unpleasant as it was to wake up in cold sheets and an empty bed, even more so after tumbling in said bed while in his boyfriend’s arms, Enjolras was soon able to locate the aforementioned boyfriend’s location in their apartment – their apartment

The soft music floating through the air, the buzzing noise of their old stereo and the rich smell of amber incense revealed that Grantaire had retired to his studio – Well, not entirely his. Not yet, at least. The white, empty room was nothing like the old one, but ehy, the had moved in only a month earlier, and Grantaire was already leaving his mark inside the room, splattering paint and scribbling notes on the walls, his old desk and library due to arrive in a week or so.

They were still working to make the little apartment their own, to make it feel like a home, and just the thought of it – Their apartment, their home, their life together – had Enjolras giddy, squirming between the sheets on their bed.

 The faintest sigh escaped his lips and he rolled on his front, his face ending up in Grantaire’s pillow.

He sighed again. A quick glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand told him it was time to get up and start his day. It was Monday and, thus, his turn to go grocery shopping – Yes, they worked like that.

 On his way to the kitchen, Enjolras let his knuckles scrape lightly on the studio’s door, amused at Grantaire’s choice in music. He pressed his forehead on the door, smiling softly at Grantaire’s half- singed “Good morning”.

“Good morning. Are you really listening to Bryan Adams in there?”

The door cracked open and Grantaire’s smiling face peeked out to mock-glare at him, “There won’t be any Bryan Adams shaming in this household, young man.” Grantaire leaned in to steal a kiss, “You’re lucky I love you. I’ve lost friendships because of Bryan Adams Shaming, you know?”

Enjolras grinned, “Oh, really?”, he pecked Grantaire’s cheek, rubbing his lips on his stubble, “How lucky I am, then.”

Grantaire stepped out in the hallway, clicking the door closed behind him to lean against, “very lucky indeed.”

Enjolras flicked his nose, “You dummy, do you have time for a cup of coffee with me, before I Jump in the shower?” 

Grantaire gasped, and his hand flew to his chest. “You wound me! And here I thought you’d want me in the shower as well!”

Enjolras tilted his chin, pondering, “Maybe, if you’re good to me”.

 In the end, Enjolras showered alone, Grantaire slipping back in his studio shortly after their kiss-filled-breakfast.

Bryan Adams was still running in the background, and by the time Enjolras came out of the bathroom he had lost count of how many times he had to listen to the same song – Oh, yeah, It wasn’t the whole album, Just the same song playing on repeat-

It was still easy to shrug it off, Grantaire had his antics just as much as Enjolras had his owns.

 Grantaire had his antics, sure, but, as Enjolras opened the front door, hands full of bags filled to the brim, the same song was still playing in the studio.

Between grocery shopping and meeting up with Combeferre, the whole morning had gone away. Enjolras was a bit concerned at that point.

He disposed his shopping items and went to knock on the studio’s door, refraining from entering the room. Not that Grantaire would be angry, but more often than not it felt like intruding in such a personal progress that Enjolras tried not to step in, if Grantaire was in the middle of a painting.

“Grantaire?” he called, listening for an answer that didn’t came. “Grantaire? Have you morphed into a Bryan Adams clone yet?”

Grantaire’s head popped once again from behind the door, paint- stained and grinning widely, “not yet, but I think I’m almost there”

Enjolras huffed, “Grantaire, how are you seriously still listening to this song? I was gone for four hours!”

“It’s doing wonders for my work! You know, sets the perfect mood and all that.”

Enjolras smiled softly at him, eyes crackling, “You’re ridiculous”.

“And you’re adorable. Want to come in and see?” Grantaire moved aside, opening the door a bit more.

“You don’t mind?”

“Of course not, my querido,” Grantaire took Enjolras’s hand, “come in”

 In the studio, the curtains were pulled tight, Grantaire acting like the most faithful of Friedrich’s students, and Enjolras still couldn’t understand how Grantaire painted so well in such little light. Bryan Adams was still singing as Grantaire guided him to stand in front of his easel.

Enjolras’s breath caught as soon as his eyes landed on the canvas , heart swelling almost painfully in his chest. Grantaire came to rest behind him, hugging his waist with his chin on Enjolras’s shoulder.

“Is that…?”


Before them, Pont Ferret’s wild beach lived in quick strokes on the canvas, so real Enjolras could almost feel the wind on his face. He turned around in Grantaire ’s arms, hugging him tightly.


“Well,” Grantaire said, “I know how much you love that place. I know how much it means to you. And, we’ve been trying to make this place our home but, you’re my home and, and, well, I thought it would’ve been nice to gift you something that could make you feel the way I feel when I look at you, when I hold you in my arms.”

Enjolras didn’t mean to start crying, he really didn’t but still, fat tears were falling down his cheeks. Grantaire brushed them away with his thumbs, smiling sadly down at him, “I didn’t mean to upset you”.

“You didn’t, you berk! You made me so happy, I can’t even- but,” he took Grantaire’s cheeks between his palms, “Grantaire, you must know that you, too, are my home.”


“Of course, you are.”

Grantaire hugged him tightly, crushing him on his chest. “God, I love you so much.”

“Grantaire, Grantaire, can I kiss you?”

 That night, as they snuggled on the couch, Enjolras poked Grantaire’s cheek with his nose.



“You didn’t tell me why you were listening to that song.”

Grantaire grinned down at him, “well, my dear” and Enjolras groaned, waiting for the pun that was about to come, “that’s because, everything I do, I do it for you, too.” Enjolras blushed and smashed his face in Grantaire’s neck, “Oh my God, you’re so cheesy!”

“Only for you, my querido.”

Enjolras just snuggled closer, forcefully moving Grantaire’s arm to wrap around his waist.

“Just cuddle me, you oaf.”

“Aye-aye, captain.”

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Fandom : les Misérables

Modern!AU, Grantaire x Enjolras, 3501 words

Next part of the thrilling adventures of Grantaire with his downstairs guitar-playing neighbor ! Complete with foot-in-mouth disease.

Warning : some allusions to depression nothing really graphic, but still. 

Contains some harsh opinions about protests ; that part has been written before the current events, and do not represent my views on the subject.

Beta-ed by the amazing @kujaku-myoo and read by the amazing-too @jesvisfarovche !

Also on AO3

When he opened his windows next afternoon, Grantaire was met with silence. Of course. He should have expected it. The rally was over, and Enjolras didn’t need to practice guitar anymore. Good, now he could focus on his work without any disturbances, and finally finish his assignement. Nothing but peace and quiet, at last.

Of course, he couldn’t fool anyone, him least of all. He perfectly knew that he was going to miss the music, due to the pretty blond that was the source of it. But what could he do  He’d missed the opportunity to record his playing and use it as background music. He should get down, ask Enjolras to start playing again, maybe offer to teach him another song, They could sit on the balcony again, on those ricketty metal chairs that squeaked each time they moved, Enjolras’ head so close to his, the blond curls tickling his cheeks….

Grantaire shook his head, trying to get rid of the pictures that kept flashing in front of his eyes. No, he was not going to step down for such a flimsy excuse, he was going to stay here, sitting on his stool, working of his painting, and nothing else. This was going to be a great day for his workload ! He could do it, he could totally do it !

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Sorry it took so long for me to get to this😬

My headcanons aren’t great but here’s some Les Mis and Leverage crossover headcanons (I apologise if you haven’t seen Leverage)

  • Modern AU Bahorel is a close friend to Eliot
  • Eliot meets Les Amis and Les Amis meet the leverage team
  • Enjolras really likes the team
  • Yeah this is basically it but can’t you totally see this??
  • Especially Bahorel and Eliot being friends
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Les Amis de l’ABC as ask challenges:

That means you guys can send asks.

Enjolras: Make a list of at least five headcanons for a Les Mis character.

Grantaire: Attempt to draw a Les Mis character.

Courfeyrac: Find and explain a piece of music that fits a Les Mis character.

Combeferre: Make a character diagram for a Les Mis character.

Joly: Make a funny meme for a Les Mis character.

Bossuet: Fancast a Les Mis character.

Feuilly: Make a moodboard or aesthetic for a Les Mis character.

Bahorel: Design a wardrobe in collage format for a Les Mis character.

Jehan: Write a poem about a Les Mis character.

Send a name and then another character or I’ll choose one. (Example: “Joly + Jean Valjean” means I’d make a meme of Jean Valjean.)

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There’s a split second when Enjolras takes off from the ice in which Grantaire wonders what he would do if he actually landed the damn thing. But then, he crashes, and Grantaire watches with a resigned sort of expression as the blonde pulls himself up and tries again.

Grantaire sighs, leans against the barrier and pulls his flask out of his pocket, just in time for Enjolras to fall flat on his face. Again.

“Let me know when you’re done cutting up the ice with your cheekbones, yeah?” he calls, and takes a swig.

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i bet it was something like The Proposal. the two of them are trying to hide their tears at first but then enjolras sniffs really loudly and the next second they’re holding each other and sobbing and courf usually cries at the ending but this time his tears are from laughter because they’re ridiculous

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