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Hey, all! Sorry if this post is giving you deja vu. We’re only a week into the challenge, but in addition to some great fics, art, moodboards, and more, I’ve also received a lot of great questions! While I do have a FAQ tag, I thought it might be beneficial to make a new, updated rules post. If you already read the original rules post and are wondering what’s changed: Rules 2, 5-7, and 11 are the amendments.

A fun, stress-free Wolfstar mini-fest!

They’re sold by many companies and known by many names: Candy Hearts, Conversation Hearts, Sweethearts, and Love Hearts. Whatever the brand and whatever you call them, they’re the signature sweet of the season. Sure, you could buy your beloved a box of chocolates, but that’s an option any time of year! Good luck finding these bad boys in November!

Not that candy hearts are bad! Sure, they’re kinda chalky… and they taste stale no matter how fresh you bought them… but it’s not about the taste with candy hearts, it’s about the pastel, the experience, and above all else: the sayings! Who doesn’t remember going through a pack with friends, trying to find the kookiest message? Digging through a box to find one that was just the right level of romantic to give a certain special someone? (And maybe the heartbreak when you received one in turn where the message was just a big, pink smudge?)

Now, candy hearts have been around for a long time. And with a constant rotation of messages so we always got fun variety in a box, they’ve had a lot of sayings.

Through a great deal of internet sleuthing, I’ve collected over four hundred of them.

Some are a little raunchy (TEASE ME), and some are outright rude (EW NO). They range from classic (BE MINE) to contemporary (SWIPE RIGHT) to were-at-one-point-contemporary (FAX ME). Some of them are, quite frankly so hyper specific it’s a wonder they made it into circulation at all (ME JULIE BEST MUM).

And they are all, even the weird ones, ripe with potential as fic prompts!

So here’s what we’re gonna do!

  1. Starting January 15th and until 11:59pm EST February 14th , drop me an ask with these emojis in it: 🍬💕
  2. If you don’t want to be associated with this challenge on your main tumblr account or don’t have a tumblr, you can still ask for a candy heart anonymously, but you need to make mention of your sideblog/AO3 username in the ask so I can keep track of who received which heart.
  3. I will shake my great big box of candy hearts and pull out a unique candy heart for you and only you.
  4. With your message in hand, create whatever that candy heart inspires and your own heart desires! Fanfic, art, graphics, playlists, head canons, shit posts, interpretive dances, cosplay, meta essays, it’s all great as long as its central focus is on wolfstar, the relationship between Remus Lupin and Sirius Black!
  5. You can either directly quote your candy heart message in your work or use it as a broader inspiration.
  6. You are allowed to use the same candy heart as inspiration for multiple unrelated works and submit all of them to the fest.
  7. You do not need a beta before submitting your work, but I strongly encourage you get one. I want this to be as stress-free an event as it can possibly be, and in my personal experience, it reduces stress to have someone else look over your completed work for at least spelling and grammar so you don’t have to reread your own stuff and psych yourself out before posting. If you don’t have any fandom friends with whom you feel comfortable sharing your fanfiction, there are also online resources to find a friendly stranger such as the Beta Boutique discord. But if ultimately, you’d rather be your own editor, I certainly won’t reject your work
  8. If posting on Tumblr, @-mention me (eg. @goodboylupin) and include your candy heart message in the caption, and tag the work with #RSCandyHearts (preferably within your first five tags)
  9. If posting on AO3, post your work to the collection and include #RSCandyHearts in your tags (it will probably not be common enough to be a drop-down option, just type the whole thing out and hit enter)
  10. Works are expected by March 1st, but this is a low-stakes, self-posting challenge! If you need more time, just message me or drop an ask. And if you want to drop out, that’s totally fine! I’ll even delete your first ask where you requested a candy heart. I only need to know for the sake of my own record-keeping. Let’s all just be honest, considerate, and try to have a good time!
  11. If, after completing your first work, you want another helping of candy hearts, that’s more than welcome! Since I don’t want anyone to get a sugar crash, there is a two-day wait period between submitting a work and getting a second (or third or fourth or wherever you are) candy heart. You can send the ask earlier, but I will wait two days before answering it.
  12. I will reblog all works and keep a masterlist of works pinned on my blog until March 7th.
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